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Lopez-led EDC named as Asia's "top sustainability" advocate. Nov 27, 2020 526
House pursues regulation of environmental engineering practice. Nov 24, 2020 534
Ericsson Named One of World's Most Sustainable Companies in Latest WSJ Ranking. Nov 23, 2020 390
Covid hits firms' efforts to go green. Nov 21, 2020 200
Coca-Cola on track with energy efficiency initiatives in the PH. Nov 13, 2020 924
Coke PH on track for its energy efficiency goals. Nov 12, 2020 692
Lawmakers seek better pay, benefits for environmental workers. Nov 8, 2020 436
GlaxoSmithKline Unveils New Environmental Goals To Achieve By 2030. Nov 3, 2020 320
Dubai Ruler approves 'Green' projects worth $1.8 billion. Angitha Pradeep Nov 2, 2020 708
Dubai Ruler approves 'Green' projects worth $1.8 billion. Angitha Pradeep Nov 2, 2020 708
First Cobalt releasesAaresults of a life cycle assessment affirming the low carbon footprint of its Canadian refinery. Oct 30, 2020 842
Beauty breakthrough: cassava bags replace plastic packaging. Oct 29, 2020 559
Our health depends on a healthy environment - Rupert Hough; A vast windswept sky rolls to the horizon in a remote corner of the North East. Further down the howe permanent pastures give way to barley and potatoes. In the distance turbines turn to face the wind, shining white in the sun. A landscape with palpable connections to the past and a strong drive towards the future. The view from a lockdown window. Rupert Hough Oct 27, 2020 615
Groups tout climate-resilient environment following pandemic. Oct 22, 2020 638
Why We Launched Electric Buses - Sahara Group. Oct 15, 2020 347
OP-ED: Can the fashion industry ever be sustainable? Oct 7, 2020 1144
Demand for Biomaterials to Increase in Europe: There is a growing preference among consumers for greater use of biomaterials and/or renewables in products. Milmo, Sean Oct 1, 2020 1172
Need stressed for green technologies to control industrial pollution. Sep 25, 2020 566
Call to revive natural waterways. Sep 23, 2020 519
The Operationalization of the Principle of Free, Prior and Informed Consent: A Duty to Obtain Consent or Simply a Duty to Consult? Iseli, Claudia Sep 22, 2020 7352
Private sector gets serious about a sustainable future. Sep 21, 2020 785
Protecting the planet is the highest priority for Walgreens. Turenne, Alain Sep 21, 2020 561
CVS provides the groundwork for a greener, healthier future. Sep 21, 2020 650
UK HC offers British govt's all-out support to Green Recovery Initiatives, afforestation programme. Sep 15, 2020 850
PwC Cyprus: Environmental protection at the centre of our actions. Press Release Sep 10, 2020 283
Zulal Wellness Resort, EPR ink sustainable environment deal. Sep 8, 2020 344
Performance Polypropylene: New Grades Tackle 'Engineering' Applications & Sustainability: New versions of this ultra-versatile material compete with more expensive 'engineering' resins and enhance sustainability in applications from automotive and E&E to packaging, consumer goods and building construction. Sherman, Lilli Manolis Sep 1, 2020 2432
Green Thermoforming: Materials suppliers and converters embrace biobased options to meet market demands for sustainable products. Lamontagne, Nancy D. Sep 1, 2020 1430
Tarform Pushes Sustainable e-Motorcycles: A Brooklyn-based startup finds novel ways to use eco-friendly materials in two-wheeled vehicles. Grace, Robert Sep 1, 2020 1254
Effects of Fertilization Management under WSPI on Soil Nitrogen Distribution and Nitrogen Absorption in Apple Orchard in Loess Plateau. Cheng, Qiyun; Ma, Juanjuan; Ren, Rong; Zheng, Lijian; Guo, Xianghong; Sun, Xihuan Sep 1, 2020 5143
Effect of Biochar Diet Supplementation on Chicken Broilers Performance, N[H.sub.3] and Odor Emissions and Meat Consumer Acceptance. Kalus, Kajetan; Konkol, Damian; Korczynski, Mariusz; Koziel, Jacek A. Sep 1, 2020 5799
Tetra Pak's sustainability report highlights its commitment to food, people and futures. Aug 28, 2020 366
PM's Clean and Green Pakistan vision to wipe out global challenges: Amin. Aug 28, 2020 217
PM's Clean & Green Pakistan vision to wipe out global challenges: Amin. Aug 28, 2020 173
Environmentalists' plea for sustainable fisheries; Policy: Appeal ahead of Bill returning to the House of Commons next week. KEITH FINDLAY Aug 26, 2020 482
Action plan to reduce carbon footprint; UNIVERSITY. Aug 25, 2020 165
Industries 'can help save marine wealth'. Aug 22, 2020 460
Campaign launched to sustain electricity conservation culture in Oman. ONA Aug 16, 2020 356
Niama Daima. Aug 16, 2020 402
Environmental campaigner Colin passes away at 63. Obituary Aug 13, 2020 605
Mastercard pushes payments industry toward a more sustainable future. Aug 12, 2020 881
CIT funds teaching garden construction at Tarzana Community/Cultural Center. Aug 10, 2020 196
FinVolution releases environmental, social, and governance report for 2019. Aug 10, 2020 155
CIT funds teaching garden construction at Tarzana Community/Cultural Center. Aug 10, 2020 194
FinVolution releases environmental, social, and governance report for 2019. Aug 10, 2020 153
Engaging youth in green initiatives PMs priority: Amin. Aug 9, 2020 448
SUSTAINABILITY IN ACTION: An experiential learning approach helps students understand how to address environmental sustainability issues in accounting. Lee, W. Eric Aug 1, 2020 2503
Maroon Group Acquires Holland Chemicals. Aug 1, 2020 2108
Evaluation of In-Season Management Zones from High-Resolution Soil and Plant Sensors. Corti, Martina; Gallina, Pietro Marino; Cavalli, Daniele; Ortuani, Bianca; Cabassi, Giovanni; Cola, Aug 1, 2020 8336
In Mecca, dreams of a 'green hajj'. Aug 1, 2020 701
EU expresses desire to contribute to Pakistan's green sector through enhanced investment. Jul 23, 2020 163
EU expresses desire to contribute to Pakistan's green sector through enhanced investment. Jul 23, 2020 155
Delayed and downsized, but will Tokyo Olympics be greener? Jul 22, 2020 614
Two new Airbus A321neoLRs for Air Transat. Jul 20, 2020 594
DENR pushes plant-based diet to fight climate change. Jul 14, 2020 559
Planning, environment ministers probe mechanisms of green economy transformation. MENA Jul 13, 2020 255
Plant-based diet vs climate change pushed. Jul 13, 2020 343
Gombe Plants 1.2M Trees As Inuwa Yahaya Launches Second Phase Of 3G Project. Jul 11, 2020 864
DENR urges Filipinos to switch to plant-based diet. Jul 11, 2020 238
Egypt allocates EGP 36.7bn to 691 green projects in FY 2020/21. Daily News Egypt Jul 5, 2020 220
LIFE CYCLE SUSTAINABILITY ASSESSMENT FOR MULTI-CRITERIA DECISION MAKING IN BRIDGE DESIGN: A REVIEW. Navarro, Ignacio Javier; Penades-Pla, Vicent; Martinez-Munoz, David; Rempling, Rasmus; Yepes, Victor Report Jul 1, 2020 9995
$188m Accord Reached with World Bank for Environment Protection. Jun 30, 2020 377
Elite Paper Recycling and Servcorp join hands to protect environment. Jun 30, 2020 385
UK Government Suffers Lords Defeat Over Post-Brexit Fishing Policy. Jun 23, 2020 444
Mazoon Electricity and Be'ah ink LAB disposal deal. Jason Saundalkar Jun 16, 2020 247
Mazoon Electricity, Be'ah reach deal on LAB safe disposal. Jun 14, 2020 276
Integrating energy and environment is fundamental: DoE Chairman. Jun 7, 2020 423
Abu Dhabi eyes clean, renewable energy to meet growing demand. Jun 7, 2020 431
Integrating energy with environmental efforts is fundamental to preserving nature. Baset Asaba Jun 6, 2020 381
Chevron reiterates commitment to mitigate environmental hazards. Jun 5, 2020 309
$188m accord reached with World Bank for environment protection. Jun 2, 2020 378
An Assessment of Fans' Willingness to Pay for Team's Environmental Sustainability Initiatives. Greenhalgh, Greg; Drayer, Joris Report Jun 1, 2020 8404
Can Smart Cities Be Environmentally Sustainable? Urban Big Data Analytics and the Citizen-driven Internet of Things. Morgan, Christine Jun 1, 2020 2324
The Economics of the Carbon Tax: Environmental Performance, Sustainable Energy, and Green Financial Behavior. Ionescu, Luminita Jun 1, 2020 2539
K Electric : reports increased earnings for FY 2019 but Mounting Govt. receivables, COVID-19 Shutdown Threaten Operational Sustainability - Press Release issued by K-Electric. Financial report May 31, 2020 1246
POSCO gears up CSR activities for marine environment. May 31, 2020 446
Globe taps stakeholders to decarbonize PHL's economy. May 29, 2020 525
Vatican office invites church on journey to 'total sustainability'. Roewe, Brian May 29, 2020 1360
Laudato Si' at five: past time to step up. Editorial May 29, 2020 507
Turn up the pressure on carbon; the saturday essay. Gee, Patrick Column May 23, 2020 535
Coronavirus pandemic threatens Saudi progress on energy transition, says WEF. Frank Kane May 13, 2020 461
Azerbaijan's oil giant sets up environmental regional organization. May 5, 2020 364
How Green is your Data Center? May 1, 2020 339
Analysis of the Spatial and Temporal Differences of China's Power Carbon Footprint. Zhao, Zhen-Yu; Yuan, Shu-Guang; Fu, Yu; Wang, Ying; Li, Heng Apr 30, 2020 7515
Current Advances of Polymer Composites for Water Treatment and Desalination. Berber, Mohamed R. Apr 30, 2020 9741
Dubai plan to reduce environmental footprint of aviation industry. Khitam Al Amir, Senior Staff Writer Apr 30, 2020 221
IMF calls on governments to make COVID-19 recovery environmentally sustainable. Hagar Omran Apr 29, 2020 396
Everledger: New Climate-Conscious Tech to Mobilise Carbon Footprint Offsetting In Diamond Industry. Apr 28, 2020 700
LAWMA Makes Case For Cleaner Environment On World Earth Day. Apr 26, 2020 380
Singtel accelerates shift to renewable energy with solar energy installation at Bedok Data Centre. Apr 22, 2020 429
K-Electric Reports increased earnings for FY 2019 but mounting govt. receivables, COVID-19 shutdown threaten operational sustainability. Financial report Apr 10, 2020 1235
Indisposable: Disposable plastics drive disposable relationships, says this environmental studies professor. Adkins, Sasha Apr 1, 2020 2562
IT'S EASY BEING GREEN. Waller, Jessica D'Argenio Apr 1, 2020 1256
The place of pallets in the world of sustainability: When Barron's named CHEP's parent company Brambles the most sustainable company globally we wanted to hear more. Apr 1, 2020 535
China and the Accountability Politics of Hydropower Development: How Effective are Transnational Advocacy Networks in the Mekong Region? Yeophantong, Pichamon Apr 1, 2020 12519
A Detailed Study of Rainbow Trout (Onchorhynchus mykiss) Intestine Revealed That Digestive and Absorptive Functions Are Not Linearly Distributed along Its Length. Verdile, Nicole; Pasquariello, Rolando; Scolari, Marco; Scire, Giulia; Brevini, Tiziana A.L.; Gandol Apr 1, 2020 7510
COVID-19: Buhari Appoints Osinbajo As Chairman, Economic Sustainability Committee. Mar 30, 2020 636
NEHA Celebrates the 50th Anniversary of Earth Day. Gustafson, Maddie; Gelestin, Kaylan Mar 26, 2020 235
Dramatic reduction of carbon footprint has long been Diageo's goal. IAN FORSYTH Mar 16, 2020 530
Cardinal Resources receives approval for Resettlement Action Plan. Concert review Mar 11, 2020 344
GAJ says work on Arcadia's secondary school focuses on sustainable building methods. Angitha Pradeep Mar 1, 2020 523
The Potential for Improving Rice Yield and Nitrogen Use Efficiency in Smallholder Farmers: A Case Study of Jiangsu, China. Xie, Kailiu; Guo, Junjie; Ward, Katie; Luo, Gongwen; Shen, Qirong; Guo, Shiwei Mar 1, 2020 9083
Comparison of Greenhouse Energy Requirements for Rose Cultivation in Europe and North Africa. Cola, Gabriele; Mariani, Luigi; Toscano, Stefania; Romano, Daniela; Ferrante, Antonio Report Mar 1, 2020 5480
Gerald Group--Impact investing. Mar 1, 2020 849
Creating Corporate Sustainability. Book review Mar 1, 2020 300
SMALLER CARROT FOR GREEN REHAB: Apartment owners are still spending money to save water and energy, even though lenders don't offer the same incentives they used to. Anderson, Bendix Mar 1, 2020 605
Feature - World's first C2C Platinum for Rajby Textiles. Feb 29, 2020 808
How The B Corp movement Is Puttin Down Roots; The B Corp movement - certifying businesses that balance profit with purpose - is taking hold in the UK. And food and drink brands are proving enthusiastic adopters. Here's how. Vallely, Lois Feb 29, 2020 2584
Can carbon labelling fi nd its feet? Until now, carbon footprint labelling attempts have fallen flat in grocery. Now companies such as Oatly and Quorn are trying to forge their own path. David Burrows Feb 29, 2020 2310
MME takes part in one million tree planting campaign. Feb 23, 2020 316
Region's first plant-based water bottle unveiled. Hotelier Middle East Staff Feb 19, 2020 247
Tarsheed Carnival 2020 kicks off at Kahramaa Awareness Park. Feb 19, 2020 427
Tarsheed Carnival 2020 starts at Kahramaa Awareness Park. Feb 19, 2020 336
Climate Ministry launch conservation drive in Abu Dhabi. Anwar Ahmad, Staff Reporter Feb 18, 2020 602
QF's GU-Q & QUBE introduce 'upcycling' to curb food wastage. Feb 16, 2020 382
Upcycling tackles foodwaste challenge, raises awareness at GU-Q. Feb 15, 2020 383
A UNIVERSITY VIEW. Feb 6, 2020 686
Coca-Cola prioritises environment and health to appease customers. Stephan Shakespeare Feb 5, 2020 264
Climate change facts for dairy farms. GEMMA MACKENZIE Feb 5, 2020 186
Partially Defatted Tenebrio molitor Larva Meal in Diets for Grow-Out Rainbow Trout, Oncorhynchus mykiss (Walbaum): Effects on Growth Performance, Diet Digestibility and Metabolic Responses. Chemello, Giulia; Renna, Manuela; Caimi, Christian; Guerreiro, Ines; Oliva-Teles, Aires; Enes, Paula Report Feb 1, 2020 8587
Qatar Chamber backs Education City's tree planting programme. Jan 30, 2020 224
Qatar Chamber to support Education City's 'Park & Plant' initiative. Jan 29, 2020 234
Saudi environmental art exhibition opens in Jeddah. Arab News Jan 28, 2020 170
Zurich North America Is Latest Insurer to Name Sustainability Officer. Jan 23, 2020 347
The Latest Food Companies To Announce Ambitious Green Goals. Jayson Derrick Jan 23, 2020 527
Symrise receives top score of A in international climate protection rating. Jan 21, 2020 590
Helping restore our environment; Commercial feature. Jan 21, 2020 289
Thales leverages new technologies to boost biometric matching performance whilst halving environmental impact. Jan 21, 2020 472
DoE launches new innovation platform. Jan 16, 2020 413
Blackrock to go green in new strategy; Blackrock to remove coal from its active portfolios. ANNA MENIN @annafmenin Jan 15, 2020 540
BlackRock CEO Larry Fink Says Climate Change Means Capital Markets Will Shift 'Sooner Than Most Anticipate'. Elizabeth Balboa Jan 14, 2020 509
Taiwan Futures Exchange to launch sustainability indices in 2020. Jan 13, 2020 388
Youth are ultimate renewable power, can fuel way to sustainable future: Al Zeyoudi. Jan 10, 2020 460
Al Zeyoudi: UAE youth the ultimate renewable power, fueling way to sustainable future. Staff Report Jan 10, 2020 428
Scotland could be about to miss a historic opportunity to live within its means -- Dr Richard Dixon. Jan 7, 2020 661
'Live Green' activities reach Egypt's Delta. Egypt Today staff Jan 4, 2020 316
Enteric Methane Emissions of Dairy Cows Predicted from Fatty Acid Profiles of Milk, Cream, Cheese, Ricotta, Whey, and Scotta. Bittante, Giovanni; Bergamaschi, Matteo Report Jan 1, 2020 6595
Determination of land degradation according to land use types: a case study from the Gulf of Edremit, Turkey./Arazi bozulumunun arazi kullanim turlerine gore degerlendirilmesi: Edremit Korfezi ornegi, Turkiye. Alevkayali, Cagan iD; Tagil, Sermin iD Report Jan 1, 2020 6350
Environmental Performance, Environmental Innovation, Corporate Environmental Strategies and Financial Performance. Suleman, Areeba; Bokhari, Ijaz Hussain; Haseeb, Muhammad Jan 1, 2020 8255
Rose City Label: The family-owned label manufacturer continues to evolve with digital printing and sustainable practices. Hrinya, Greg Jan 1, 2020 2155
Photovoltaic Solar Technologies: Solution to Affordable, Sustainable, and Reliable Energy Access for All in Rwanda. Bimenyimana, Samuel; Asemota, Godwin Norense Osarumwense; Niyonteze, Jean de Dieu; Nsengimana, Cypri Dec 31, 2019 17510
Redefinition of Cost-Benefit Efficiency of Land-Use Projects: Focusing on Environmental Cost. Chen, Xu; Du, Qianyi; Xiong, Xueyan; Zhong, Deliang; Deng, Na; Liu, Shudong; Li, Yipeng Dec 31, 2019 8068
Allstate Reduces Greenhouse Gas Emissions. Dec 24, 2019 372
Senator draws attention to climate change's challenges for women. Dec 15, 2019 483
Access Bank Named Most Outstanding Company In Sustainability In Africa. Dec 9, 2019 397
How Scientists Are Cutting Their Own Carbon Footprints. Jan Cortes Dec 9, 2019 378
How adopting a circular economy can create a sustainable future for the GCC. Dec 9, 2019 1065
Green Canopy Project aims to plant 12 million trees. Dec 5, 2019 625
Moldovan Embassy joins Elite Paper's growing 'Green Embassies' network. Dec 3, 2019 394
Moldova embassy signs MoU to promote recycling. Dec 3, 2019 240
Performances of Durum Wheat Varieties Under Conventional and No-Chemical Input Management Systems in a Semiarid Mediterranean Environment. Anastasi, Umberto; Corinzia, Sebastiano Andrea; Cosentino, Salvatore Luciano; Scordia, Danilo Dec 1, 2019 9103
Influence of Tropical Climate Parameters on Properties of Acid Sulfate Soils for Sustainable Oil Palm Cultivation. Sasirat, Pattamit; Kheoruenromne, Irb; Suddhiprakarn, Anchalee; Anusontpornperm, Somchai Nov 30, 2019 10014
Dynamic vs. Static Wholesale Pricing Strategies in a Dual-Channel Green Supply Chain. Wang, Yongzhao; Sun, Xiaojie Nov 30, 2019 9610
Clean, green Pakistan? Nov 27, 2019 442
An environmentally sustainable method found to block dengue virus transmission. Nov 25, 2019 488
CARIBBEAN-ENVIRONMENT-OECS joins South-Korea based Global Green Growth Institute. Nov 23, 2019 855
BSP bats for environmentally sustainable banking. Nov 23, 2019 482
Breaking Waves Conference 2019: Keynote speech "The future of shipping, challenges and possibilities" by the CEO Mr Emanuele Grimaldi. Conference news Nov 21, 2019 2020
Etihad, Boeing to launch more fuel-efficient plane. Nov 18, 2019 524
Environment minister participates in 17th AMCEN session in S.Africa. MENA Nov 13, 2019 235
We should target to conserve the environment by mass motivation, not compliance enforcement. Nov 12, 2019 757
Youth Love Egypt participates in 17th Session of AMCEN 2019 conference in South Africa. Egypt Today staff Conference news Nov 11, 2019 449
President for joint action of world leaders to save planet from environmental degradation. Nov 9, 2019 595
President for joint action of world leaders to save planet from environmental degradation. Nov 9, 2019 332
More support for schools to reduce energy consumption and environmental impact. Nov 6, 2019 476
APL Apollo launches countrywide 'Steel for Green' initiative at star-studded Event. ANI Nov 5, 2019 549
The Nation's Smartest Fire Station Opens in Kansas City, Missouri. Nov 5, 2019 559
ADB's Support to Indonesia Needs to Focus on Inclusive and Environmentally Sustainable Growth and Financial Inclusion. Nov 4, 2019 807
MALAGA, THE SMART DESTINATION; Malaga has been named European Capital of Smart Tourism 2020, thanks to its innovative projects in sustainability, accessibility, digitalisation and cultural heritage and creativity SUR. Nov 4, 2019 461
Duterte to Asean: Don't sacrifice environment for progress. Nov 3, 2019 233
Carbon Neutral Coffee in Costa Rica: While many coffee producers are still struggling to implement sustainable practices, smallholder producers in the Coopedota cooperative in Costa Rica have been producing certified carbon neutral coffee for nearly a decade. Northrop, Rachel Nov 1, 2019 778
Genotypic Variation in Cotton Genotypes for Phosphorus-Use Efficiency. Iqbal, Asif; Gui, Huiping; Zhang, Hengheng; Wang, Xiangru; Pang, Nianchang; Dong, Qiang; Song, Meizh Nov 1, 2019 10376
Principles of Green Bioethics. Nov 1, 2019 320
Environmental Fiscal Challenges for Cities and Transport. Nov 1, 2019 418
Emirates Flight Catering cuts packaging waste. Oct 29, 2019 466
Schneider Sustainability Impact 2018-2020 Achieves 2019 7/10 Target a Quarter in Advance With a 7.08/10 Score. Oct 29, 2019 1067
BSP invests US$150-M in green bonds. Oct 29, 2019 278
Emirates Flight Catering to reduce package waste by 750 tonnes/year. Anup Oommen Oct 28, 2019 299
Gord to launch Qatar's first EcoLab soon. Oct 20, 2019 528
Celebrating Entotrust Growth for Next Level Insect Food: Certified & Sustainable. Oct 17, 2019 462
ON Semiconductor - ON Semiconductor Named to Dow Jones Sustainability Index for a Second Year in a Row -- 7/10/2019. Oct 16, 2019 475
ON Semiconductor - ON Semiconductor Named to Dow Jones Sustainability Index for a Second Year in a Row -- 7/10/2019. Oct 10, 2019 475
Sustainable Packaging Industry 2019: Global Trends, Industry Size, Growth, Market Report, Analysis By Top Key Players, Share, Revenue, Business Overview, Competitive Landscape and Forecast to 2023. Report Oct 10, 2019 1079
Zero single-use plastic bottles, other sustainable hotel practices. Oct 10, 2019 537
Bill on Kyrgyzstan's accession to agreement on creation of Global Green Growth Institute passes second reading at parliament committee. Oct 8, 2019 147
Republic Cement Supports Environmental Education for Children at Servathon 2019. Oct 8, 2019 279
Ecologist Terry Chapin, creator of the concept of Earth Stewardship, receives the Volvo Environment Prize 2019. Oct 7, 2019 893
Post-BMP Bapco to double earnings, says Chairman. Financial report Oct 1, 2019 2185
Sustainable and Profitable Nitrogen Fertilization Management of Potato. Ierna, Anita; Mauromicale, Giovanni Oct 1, 2019 8631
FOREWORD. Epure, Manuela Oct 1, 2019 586
Al Hamra Golf Club 'first golf club in ME to go plastic-free'. Sep 29, 2019 625
Al Meera places recycling machines at 8 branches. Sep 29, 2019 355
Al Hamra becomes first golf club in the Middle East to go plastic-free. Claudia De Brito Sep 28, 2019 430
Al Meera launches recycling initiative across its branches in Doha. Sep 28, 2019 359
LUX South Ari Atoll invests in sustainable energy solution. Claudia De Brito Sep 27, 2019 368
Estedama's new unit to launch firm into age of technology. Sep 26, 2019 1543
The H Dubai Hotel earns Green Globe certification. Sep 24, 2019 222
Environmentally sustainable Punjab discussed. Sep 20, 2019 542
Remembering. Sep 20, 2019 821
Sisters: Create sustainable cities. Sep 20, 2019 113
Top GECF official sees Qatar's green initiative expand further. Sep 19, 2019 540
Unilever launches new 'sustainable' cosmetics range. Sep 17, 2019 388
Pegasus Airlines takes delivery of its first A321neo. Sep 16, 2019 759
Empire State Realty names Dana R Schneider as SVP and director of Energy and Sustainability. Sep 12, 2019 249
Cardiff half marathon's international team-up. Sep 11, 2019 299
Agriculture minister says enlarging green areas 'gov't priority'. Sep 9, 2019 217
Coca-Cola and LDA pledge to plant over 10,000 trees to support govt's Clean and Green Pakistan program. Sep 6, 2019 218
The H Dubai Hotel earns green globe certification. Priyanka Praveen Sep 6, 2019 484
Ecological footprint reduction key in mining. Sep 1, 2019 292
Energy Systems Integration: Economics of a New Paradigm. Jamasb, Tooraj; Llorca, Manuel Sep 1, 2019 11392
A Quick Guide to Building a Local Food System and Reducing Carbon Footprint. Hartling, Xu (Cissy) Sep 1, 2019 3775
Council motoring to cut environmental impact. Aug 31, 2019 669
'Meat vs plant'? Move on; second opinion. Blythman, Joanna Aug 31, 2019 359
Birds Eye launches Follow the Fish oer. Aug 31, 2019 114
Electric Scooters Scrutinized For Environmental Impact. Aug 28, 2019 793
Sheepskins turn green as Skye craft firm turns to tree bark to tan hides. Aug 27, 2019 391
Badger challenges employees to eat sustainably. Aug 16, 2019 402
Iloilo holds first ever bamboo congress. Aug 14, 2019 480
Shared E-Scooters Aren't Always as Green as Other Transport Options. Aug 5, 2019 998
Shared E-Scooters Aren't Always as Green as Other Transport Options. Aug 2, 2019 1002
Shared e-scooters aren't as environmentally friendly as other transport options. Aug 2, 2019 551
Sphera Signs Agreement to Acquire thinkstep, a Prominent Sustainability & Product Stewardship Software Company. Aug 1, 2019 233
building for the FUTURE: Sustainable Trails Help Visitors Leave No Trace. Raffaldi, Jane; Burnham, Mccrea Aug 1, 2019 1717
Uruguay embassy in Doha joins 'Green Embassies' in Qatar. Jul 30, 2019 374
Citizens urged to join hands with govt for environmental protection: Zartaj Gul. Jul 29, 2019 552
Kedah launches master plan on green energy. Jul 22, 2019 316
BB&T Corp. Inc. (NYSE: BBT)--BB&T Highlights Corporate Social Responsibility Commitments in New Report--9/7/2019. Report Jul 16, 2019 447
Riyadh unveils integrated waste management, recycling plan. Jul 15, 2019 631
Riyadh unveils integrated waste management, recycling plan. Jul 14, 2019 633
Corporations' Long-Term Success Hinges on Their Business Model Supporting Humanity's Prosperity. Jul 9, 2019 826
Enviromena completes rooftop solar project at Chalhoub facility. Jul 1, 2019 533
THE FOODIES. Jul 1, 2019 1335
Study clarifies the resource use and greenhouse gas emissions of U.S. beef production. Jul 1, 2019 752
Green Trailblazers: CELEBRATING LEADERS IN SUSTAINABLE REAL ESTATE. Feist, Todd Jul 1, 2019 527
Green human resource management and firm's environmental performance: Mediating role of employee commitment, green involvement and eco-friendly behaviour. Fahim, Faryal; Khan, Naveed R.; Ahmad, Aqeel; Ali, Akbar Jul 1, 2019 5422
IML makes hummus packaging sustainable. Jul 1, 2019 488
Genetic parameters to production characters of palm heart in half-sibs progenies of palm peach/Parametros geneticos para caracteres de producao de palmito em progenies de meio-irmaos de pupunheira. Bergo, Celso Luis; Miqueloni, Daniela Popim; Pedrozo, Cassia Angela; de Resende, Marcos Deon Vilela Jul 1, 2019 5804
New Horizons in Powder Coatings. Challener, Cynthia Report Jul 1, 2019 4104
Pepsi Limits Use Of Plastic For Environment, Opts For Aluminum Cans. Jul 1, 2019 485
Green business and local economies: Advancing an environmental agenda at local level is challenging--but possible. Sitkin, Alan Jun 22, 2019 4552
Dell's approach to environment consciousness goes beyond recycling. Jun 18, 2019 647
Dr Phoebe Cochrane: Let's make sustainable products that last - or the planet won't. Jun 11, 2019 653
Group wants greener policies. Jun 8, 2019 129
Suntory Limited (2587: JP)--Suntory Group Announces New Policy toward 100 Percent Sustainable Plastic Bottles--31/5/2019. Jun 6, 2019 291
LAWMA Begins 'Lagos At 4am' Initiative To Tackle Improper Waste Disposal. Jun 4, 2019 309
BICICLETTA rules in Asmara. Belloni, Milena; Jeffrey, James Essay Jun 1, 2019 1712
Starbucks Makes A Deeper Commitment To Going Green. May 15, 2019 653
EU Using Earth's Resources At A Dangerous Rate, Environmental Groups Warn. May 13, 2019 493
Green lifestyle goes trending. May 12, 2019 634
Economy and ecology's precarious balancing act. May 1, 2019 780
Handbook on Growth and Sustainability. Buhle, Willis M. Book review May 1, 2019 453
Frameworks for Simplifying Sustainability: EASILY INCORPORATE GREEN INITIATIVES WITH A FEW HELPFUL TIPS AND RESOURCES. Feist, Todd May 1, 2019 523
PeoplesBank issues 2019 corporate green report with 3 LEED-certified offices. Apr 24, 2019 277
PeoplesBank issues 2019 corporate green report with 3 LEED-certified offices. Apr 24, 2019 275
Etihad to operate single-use plastic free flight on Earth Day. Apr 17, 2019 679
Is sustainable business on your radar screen? Apr 16, 2019 865
Can sustainable energy really be sustained? Apr 14, 2019 875
SUSTAINABLE SEWING: Part 2: Mindful Making. Ng, Kate Apr 1, 2019 1881
Measuring National Environmental Health Association Member Attitudes, Awareness, and Behaviors on Climate Change: Results From Three Consecutive Annual Surveys. McAdams, Jennie W.; Rehr, Rebecca; Kobayashi, Natalie; DeArman, Vanessa Apr 1, 2019 2153
Imdaad Shines a Light on Environmental Responsibility in Support of #Earthhourdubai on March 30. Apr 1, 2019 295
FEELING THE HEAT. Brief article Apr 1, 2019 125
Keystone Bank Restates Commitment To Sustainable Environment. Mar 30, 2019 493
Towards a clean and green Pakistan. Mar 25, 2019 988
ADM announces board nomination of Dr Lei Zhang Schlitz and new creation of Sustainability and Corporate Responsibility Committee. Mar 25, 2019 242
Canadian Biodiversity (Canadian Science: Technology and Sustainability). Book review Mar 22, 2019 110
ARAMCO - Petro Environment 2019: balancing energy sustainability with environmental protection -- 13/3/2019. Mar 21, 2019 550
Italian embassy, Qatari firm sign pact to preserve nature. Mar 18, 2019 491
Uni makes commitment not to invest in fossil fuel firms. Mar 8, 2019 183
JOBS [up arrow] POVERTY [down arrow] CARBON =. Brief article Mar 1, 2019 206
Sustaining Health ... For People & Planet: Innovative products and partnerships can help rebuild systems that have degraded the environment and public well-being. Moloughney, Sean Mar 1, 2019 3114
'Qatar making efforts to preserve, sustain and protect environment'. Feb 27, 2019 289
Eco-Waste Coalition calls for 'green' campaign. Feb 10, 2019 501
Food manufacturer converts wastewater into a sustainable resource. Norris, Maya Feb 1, 2019 1187
CONSTRUCTION AND DEMOLITION WASTE - A CHALLENGE FOR THE EUROPEAN UNION? Iacoboaea, Cristina; Aldea, Mihaela; Petrescu, Florian Report Feb 1, 2019 6656
Here's why we need to raise an earth-friendly generation. Jan 30, 2019 810
Growing dispenser market faces challenges. Jan 17, 2019 324
Emaar Hospitality Group Takes 'the Pearl Pledge' to Conserve Water and Marine Resources. Jan 6, 2019 873
The Law of the Corporation as Environmental Law. Light, Sarah E. Jan 1, 2019 7150
Effects of environmental enrichment on behaviour, physiology and performance of pigs--A review. Mkwanazi, Mbusiseni Vusumuzi; Ncobela, Cypril Ndumiso; Kanengoni, Arnold Tapera; Chimonyo, Michael Report Jan 1, 2019 10012
ESG, ESG, ESG. Rock, Robert H. Jan 1, 2019 496
Mud, value and welfare. An economic estimation of the impact in the Anchicaya river basin/Lodo, valor y bienestar. Una estimacion economica del impacto en la cuenca del rio Anchicaya/Boue, valeur et bien-etre. Une estimation economique de l'impact sur le bassin de l'Anchicaya. Landazury, Raul Cortes; Lopez, Alejandra Riascos; Salazar, Willian Idrobo Jan 1, 2019 6405
Farming the Sea, a False Solution to a Real Problem: Critical Reflections on Canada's Aquaculture Regulations. Lee, Angela; de Repentigny, Pierre Cloutier Dec 22, 2018 13627
The Need for Sustainable Information Governace. Comb, Tara Dec 22, 2018 1545
What We Are Reading Today: The New Ecology. Dec 15, 2018 173
A Framework of Resource Provisioning and Customized Energy-Efficiency Optimization in Virtualized Small Cell Networks. Sun, Guolin; Clement, Addo Prince; Boateng, Gordon Owusu; Jiang, Wei Report Dec 1, 2018 8898
The Protection of the Environment as Applied to the Environmental Education Programme of the Holy Monastery of Chrysopigi, Crete. Theosemni, Sister Dec 1, 2018 1920
AHPA Launches Sustainability Subcommittee, Formalizing Ongoing Efforts. Dec 1, 2018 483
Deconstructing the Palm Oil Industry Narrative in Indonesia: Evidence from Riau Province. Tyson, Adam; Varkkey, Helena; Choiruzzad, Shofwan Al Banna Report Dec 1, 2018 10176
Environmental Footprint Calculators. Brief article Dec 1, 2018 257
Law & Ethics in the Business Environment, 9th Edition. Brief article Dec 1, 2018 138
THE CONSUMER IN THE XXI CENTURY AND THE RELATION BETWEEN NEED - UTILITY. Moise, Elena; Grigorescu, Ioana Gabriela Report Dec 1, 2018 3373
National Taiwan Normal University launches multidisciplinary show about sustainable environment. Nov 29, 2018 400
Campaign launched against plastic pollution in Saudi Arabia. Nov 16, 2018 125
Jiminy's Selected as Winner of 2018 SEAL Business Sustainability Awards. Nov 16, 2018 364

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