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An Ecology that Conserves: Environmentalism on the right from the Ash memo to Trump's EPA. Meadowcroft, Micah Mar 1, 2021 2933
Big changes coming in US energy program. Feb 3, 2021 551
Climate agenda reflects Laudato Si' Biden administration offering us a sliver of hope in climate change. Jan 8, 2021 1103
The World Wants the U.S. to Get Serious on Climate. Gurley, Gabrielle Jan 1, 2021 2243
AMERICA LAST. Jan 1, 2021 604
A change in Climate Change policy. Nov 9, 2020 764
High stakes for Earth's climate future in US vote. Oct 19, 2020 844
Trump tramples environment, years of progress. Editorial May 1, 2020 664
NY Billionaires Battle over Coal. Sep 22, 2019 360
WHAT'S IN A NAME? Brief article Mar 22, 2019 284
The LAST DINOSAUR. Steffen, Alex Nov 1, 2018 2258
Rollbacks Could Kill. Sep 22, 2018 310
The Trump administration's attack on nature far exceeds its efforts to open up protected wilderness to oil drilling. Gajewski, Karen Ann Brief article Sep 1, 2018 138
IMMP / EII ADVOCATES / SHARK STEWARDS: Protecting the Pacific Remote Islands from Trump. Palmer, Mark J.; McGuire, David Jun 22, 2018 1091
Monumental Downsizing. Miller, Jeremy Mar 22, 2018 453
President Obama's War on Coal? Some Historical Perspective. Herrick, Charles N. Jan 1, 2018 950
No More Kicking Climate Change Down the Road. Mosko, Sarah (Steve) Jan 1, 2018 930
Paris: "We're Still In!"--WHY? Jasper, William F. Dec 18, 2017 865
Who Holds the Trump Cards? Cox, Robert Conference notes Oct 5, 2017 4240
California legislators voted fifty-five to twenty-one to extend a California law that would cut greenhouse gases by 40 percent from 1990 levels by 2030. Gajewski, Karen Ann Brief article Sep 1, 2017 101
News alert: world will not end over Trump's "climate" decision. Hoar, William P. Correction notice Jul 24, 2017 2192
Theologians blast Paris Agreement withdrawal, call for creation care. Schlumpf, Heidi Jun 30, 2017 1302
'A backward and immoral action': Trump's decision to withdraw from Paris agreement on climate change draws catholic criticism. Roewe, Brian Jun 16, 2017 2964
How California hopes to undo Trump: America's mega-state is now clearly its leftmost, too--and on social insurance, climate change, and immigrant rights, it has more capacity and desire to defeat republican reaction than any other institution. Meyerson, Harold Mar 22, 2017 3735
Saving the planet goes local: the Trump administration plans to decimate environmental safeguards-so blue states and cities are stepping up their efforts to arrest climate change. Abler, Ben Essay Mar 22, 2017 4048
Catholics continue to press Trump on climate change. Roewe, Brian Mar 10, 2017 422
U.S Creates World's Largest Marine Refuge. Sep 18, 2016 635
Campaign against climate-change skeptics. Hoar, William P. Correction notice Aug 8, 2016 1995
Obama signing makes it national mammal. Jun 1, 2016 939
High court puts Clean Power Plan on hold. Roewe, Brian Feb 26, 2016 1141
Obama lines up crony capitalist support for climate pact. Dec 7, 2015 336
Obama refuses permit for pipeline from Canada. Roewe, Brian Nov 20, 2015 382
Clean power plan delivers pain, omits gain. Hoar, William P. Sep 7, 2015 2828
A Highway Fit For A Monarch! Jun 6, 2015 607
With latest round of climate hysteria, UN simply lies. Dec 1, 2014 331
U.S, China Agree To Control Pollution. Nov 17, 2014 535
President Obama's November 2014 visit to China: the bilateral agreements. Lawrence, Susan V.; Leggett, Jane A.; Morrison, Wayne M. Nov 1, 2014 1016
President Obama's climate action plan. Leggett, Jane A. Report May 1, 2014 7150
Kerry vents; president pushes climate slush fund. Hoar, William P. Mar 24, 2014 2078
Climate diplomacy: President Obama must focus on getting other nations to cut their emissions. Victor, David G. Sep 1, 2013 537
The bee's needs. Belanger, Julie; Pathberiya, Semini; Williamson, Ben Brief article Jul 1, 2013 229
Dear Earthtalk: what is the gist of President Obama's new plan to tackle global warming and how does the green community feel about what the White House is proposing? Kemp, Bill Jun 30, 2013 562
Dear EarthTalk: What are the environmental implications of the road ahead as laid out by President Obama in his recent State of the Union? Pike, Marilyn Feb 12, 2012 577
Salience over sustainability: environmental rhetoric of President Barack Obama. Bricker, Brett Report Jan 1, 2012 8616
Ethics claim on slippery slope. Cockburn, Lyn Jan 1, 2012 764
Solyndra. Hoar, William P. Nov 7, 2011 1425
Oil drilling ban continues. Brief article Apr 1, 2011 110
Strengthening connections: why our connection to the forests can never be overlooked. Steen, Scott Editorial Mar 22, 2011 785
The Black Gulf: as the world reacts to the images of the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico, the full ramifications of this disaster have yet to be seen or understood. Sep 1, 2010 1977
BP is the new WMD. Jul 2, 2010 415
Transitions. Jul 1, 2010 785
China's view of climate change. Ma, Ying Essay Jun 1, 2010 7030
Measuring Obama's environmental record. Jenkins, David Mar 22, 2010 1850
A new moon rising: critical funding could help shed light on a deadly bat disease. Marquis, Amy Leinbach Brief article Jan 1, 2010 243
Obama budget cuts Yucca Mountain funds. Currie, Donya May 1, 2009 183
Sea of surprises: a newly protected tropical paradise has a deep, dark secret. Honovich, Nancy Cover story May 1, 2009 1145
President for the planet: Obama's assembled the green team, but they can't solve this crisis alone. Belli, Brita Apr 13, 2009 879
Pivotal moments. Kiernan, Thomas C. Mar 22, 2009 467
After midnight: a quick look at the current status of President Bush's midnight regulations. Kirkwood, Scott Mar 22, 2009 507
A united front: as the nation faces a variety of problems, we look for solutions that address the whole, instead of its independent parts. Gangloff, Deborah Editorial Mar 22, 2009 655
Washington outlook. Gray, Gerry Mar 22, 2009 837
Obama restores scientific review. Scheer, Roddy Brief article Mar 9, 2009 195
Trading up: how Obama can fix the climate, raise billions for clean tech, and send you a fat check. Drum, Kevin Mar 1, 2009 4033
President Obama. Moss, Doug Mar 1, 2009 505
President for the planet: Obama's assembled the green team, but they can't solve this crisis alone. Belli, Brita Cover story Mar 1, 2009 880
The green roadmap: environmental groups present the president with a shared vision. Madden, Jenifer Joy Mar 1, 2009 937
Forest watch: the future of the country's public forests is far from clear. MacDonald, Christine Mar 1, 2009 1440
Obama flexes his "green" muscles. Feb 16, 2009 532
Bush's quiet environmental triumph? Scheer, Roddy Feb 3, 2009 248
Obama making good on green promises. Scheer, Roddy Feb 3, 2009 334
Bush designates new marine sanctuaries. Brief article Feb 2, 2009 228
Obama stops Bush's last-minute rollbacks. Scheer, Roddy Brief article Jan 25, 2009 214
Blue is the new green: some wise water moves from Obama, and a blue summit ahead. Helvarg, David Jan 12, 2009 565
Washington outlook. Gray, Gerry Jan 1, 2009 717
Obama cap-and-trade plan uncaps federal power. Jasper, William F. Dec 22, 2008 1482
Bush opens parks to mountain bikes. Scheer, Roddy Oct 17, 2008 156
Taking back the EPA: fixing the agency that bush broke. Lewis, Jori Oct 17, 2008 1394
To dare mighty things: Theodore Roosevelt's intense passion for politics and the natural world helped shape America's national parks. Shteir, Seth Cover story Sep 22, 2008 1943
Presidential science lessons: Bush made an enemy of scientists. The next president needs them to help set a new course for American exploration. McDaniel, Josh Sep 1, 2008 2362
Washington outlook. Gray, Gerry; Schweitzer, Laura Jun 22, 2008 1170
Greens bash new White House climate plan. Scheer, Roddy Brief article Apr 21, 2008 307
Rushing the border fence. Scheer, Roddy Brief article Apr 8, 2008 261
Bush's Chainsaw Massacre. Scheer, Roddy Brief article Feb 1, 2008 312
This will mean the world to us: how the next president can get America to stop dragging its feet, confront global warming, and save the planet. Mooney, Chris Jan 1, 2008 3215
Warmed over. Brief article Mar 1, 2007 160
EU/UNITED STATES:US pushes climate change technologies: BUSH INSISTS ON NEW TECHNOLOGIES TO SOLVE CLIMATE CHANGE PROBLEM. Brief Article Feb 23, 2005 304
Blackening the skies: the Bush administration pushes dirty coal plants. Schneider, Keith Jul 1, 2004 984
Bench marks: the Bush administration packs the courts with anti-environmental judges. Reese, April Jan 1, 2004 1258
Pink slips in the parks: the Bush administration privatizes our public treasures. Tremain, Kerry Sep 1, 2003 3251
Proposed budget falls short for parks: budget proposal does not reflect Bush's promise to protect parks. (Funding). May 1, 2003 476
Charade. (& Word). Moss, Doug May 1, 2003 527
Feet to the fire. (Updates). Motavalli, Jim Brief Article May 1, 2003 168

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