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Environmental noise in colour.

Casella CEL, the UK's specialist provider of environmental monitoring solutions has developed an all-new model in its CEL-600 Series of digital sound level meters.

The Casella CEL-621 represents the smallest 1/3rd octave-band noise analyser in the world and includes statistical (Ln%) values making it the perfect tool for short-term, hand-held, environmental noise assessments. Casella CEL is renowned for making instruments easy to use, which has been a fundamental design goal in the development of this instrument. So, from simple baseline surveys to full 1/3rd octave band analysis, all measurements can be performed quickly and easily through a simple, intuitive menu driven system. The high resolution display assists the user by presenting results in a simple colour-coded format that minimises the risk of misinterpreting data collected, quite literally, in the field. On board memory and simple USB download allow data to be included in reports, once back in the office without any specialist software.

The CEL-621 uses all-digital technology that can measure in just one span up to 140dB, negating the need for range adjustment and thus eliminating errors which may otherwise result. Digital tech nology also means that measurements are inherently stable and repeatable unlike older generations of analogue instruments, still on the market. Yet another unique feature is that it measures all broadband and octave measurement parameters simultaneously so the user does not have to worry if the instrument has been set up properly; all parameters may be chosen retrospectively.

"The CEL-621 is truly pocket-sized and compact, yet packed full of technology," said Product Manager, Tim Turney. "It is fully upgradeable without the need to even return the instrument to Casella. This allows new features to be added as they become available or as budgets allow". The CEL-621 is supplied as a kit in a rugged briefcase, which also includes an acoustic calibrator, windshield, software and USB download cable. Both instrument and calibrators come with calibration certificates as standard, documenting compliance with the latest IEC 61672 Sound Level Meter standard.


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Publication:Food Trade Review
Date:Apr 1, 2009
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