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Environmental modernization.

An Inter-American Development Bank loan is for a Program of Modernization of the Environmental Effort for Competitiveness (No. 1912/OC-PN). Bids are invited by June 29 for supply, installation and operation of 14 Hydrometric Stations in 10 Priority Basins (BIEN08-L). Details: Autoridad Nacional del Ambiente, Unidad Planificacion Operativa. Edif 804, Albrook. Ciudad de Panama, Panama. Tel: 500-0855 Ext. 6865. Fax: 315-1194. E-mail: Note: The Govt. on May 8 announced that the above bid announcement has been canceled, for reevaluation, but will likely be reissued in near future. For more information, check with the above contact sources.

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Title Annotation:PANAMA
Publication:Caribbean Update
Date:Jun 1, 2009
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