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AEROSOL-CLOUD-METEOROLOGY INTERACTION AIRBORNE FIELD INVESTIGATIONS: Using Lessons Learned from the U.S. West Coast in the Design of ACTIVATE off the U.S. East Coast. Sorooshian, Armin; Anderson, Bruce; Bauer, Susanne E.; Braun, Rachel A.; Cairns, Brian; Crosbie, Ewa Report Aug 1, 2019 10977
OVERVIEW OF THE NOAA/ESRL FEDERATED AEROSOL NETWORK: The cooperative nature of NOAA's Federated Aerosol Network allows for collection of consistent datasets for evaluating regionally representative aerosol climatologies, trends, and radiative forcing at 30 sites around the world. Andrews, Elisabeth; Sheridan, Patrick J.; Ogren, John A.; Hageman, Derek; Jefferson, Anne; Wendell, Report Jan 1, 2019 8291
CESMI(WACCM) STRATOSPHERIC AEROSOL GEOENGINEERING LARGE ENSEMBLE PROJECT: An overview is presented of the GLENS project, a community-wide effort enabling analyses of global and regional changes from stratospheric aerosol geoengineering in the presence of internal climate variability. Tilmes, Simone; Richter, Jadwiga H.; Kravitz, Ben; MacMartin, Douglas G.; Mills, Michael J.; Simpson Technical report Nov 1, 2018 6548
THE NEXUS BETWEEN SEA ICE AND POLAR EMISSIONS OF MARINE BIOGENIC AEROSOLS: We examine the relationship between sea ice dynamics, phytoplankton biomass, and emissions of marine biogenic aerosols in both the Arctic and Southern Oceans. Gabric, Albert; Matrai, Patricia; Jones, Graham; Middleton, Julia Report Jan 1, 2018 11346
The convection, aerosol, and synoptic-effects in the tropics (CAST) experiment: building an understanding of multiscale impacts on Caribbean weather via field campaigns. Hosannah, N.; Gonzalez, J.; Rodriguez-Sous, R.; Parsiani, H.; Moshary, F.; Aponte, L.; Armstrong, R. Report Aug 1, 2017 3486
Scientists Consider Possibility of Adding Aerosols or Modifying Clouds to Slow Global Warming. Jul 24, 2017 435
The Saharan aerosol long-range transport and aerosol-cloud-interaction experiment overview and selected highlights. Weinzierl, Bernadett; Prospero, A. Ansmann.J. M.; Althausen, D.; Benker, N.; Chouza, F.; Dollner, M. Report Jul 1, 2017 15009
The Green Ocean Amazon experiment (GoAmazon2014/5) observes pollution affecting gases, aerosols, clouds, and rainfall over the rain forest: the susceptibility of air quality, weather, terrestrial ecosystems, and climate to human activities was investigated in a tropical environment. May 1, 2017 10178
Comparison of Chebyshev and Legendre Polynomial Expansion of Phase Function of Cloud and Aerosol Particles. Zhang, Feng; Liu, Kun; Yang, Quan; Wu, Kun; Zhao, Jian-Qi Report Jan 1, 2017 3390
Classifying Aerosols Based on Fuzzy Clustering and Their Optical and Microphysical Properties Study in Beijing, China. Zhang, Wenhao; Xu, Hui; Zheng, Fengjie Report Jan 1, 2017 8673
Statistical Comparison of Cloud and Aerosol Vertical Properties between Two Eastern China Regions Based on CloudSat/CALIPSO Data. Qiu, Yujun; Wang, Jing; Yang, Keran Report Jan 1, 2017 5986
How Wildfire Smoke Affects Clouds. Jan 1, 2017 362
BAECC a field campaign to elucidate the impact of biogenic aerosols on clouds and climate. Petaja, Tuukka; O'Connor, Ewan J.; Moisseev, Dmitri; Sinclair, Victoria A.; Manninen, Antti J.; Vaan Report Oct 1, 2016 11102
Constipated clouds. Sep 22, 2016 381
HOLE LOTTA LOVE; Ozone layer repairs itself after aerosols are banned. Jul 1, 2016 346
Aerosol geoengineering deployment and fairness. Svoboda, Toby Report Feb 1, 2016 8736
Marine organisms a significant source of cloud aerosols. Nov 1, 2015 640
Sunlight plays key role in airborne aerosol gases. Lougheed, Tim Sep 1, 2015 377
A Connection between river flow and aerosols. Brief article Jan 1, 2015 259
AEROgui: a graphical user interface for the optical properties of aerosols: a tool that simulates realistic aerosol scenarios for climatic applications is presented and discussed. Pedros, R.; Gomez-Amo, J.L.; Marcos, C.R.; Utrillas, M.P.; Gandia, S.; Tena, F.; Lozano, J.A. Martin Report Dec 1, 2014 6004
Arctic air pollution: new insights from POLARCAT-IPY: POLARCAT provided a wealth of data on the concentrations and sources of short-lived climate pollutants (aerosols, ozone) and their precursors in the Arctic. Law, Katharine S.; Stohl, Andreas; Quinn, Patricia K.; Brock, Charles A.; Burkhart, John F.; Paris, Report Dec 1, 2014 13661
African dust affects India's rainfall. Rustad, Harley Brief article May 1, 2014 203
The evaluation of the properties of alkylammonium carboxylates and their effects on the atmospheric aerosol. Author abstract Apr 1, 2014 207
Estimation of biomass burning influence on air pollution around Beijing from an aerosol retrieval model. Mukai, Sonoyo; Yasumoto, Masayoshi; Nakata, Makiko Report Jan 1, 2014 4695
Carbonaceous aerosols in fine particulate matter of Santiago Metropolitan Area, Chile. Araya, Richard Toro; Flocchini, Robert; Segura, Raul G.E. Morales; Guzman, Manuel A. Leiva Report Jan 1, 2014 7869
On the role of climate forcing by volcanic sulphate and volcanic ash. Langmann, Baerbel Report Jan 1, 2014 15627
Aerosol effects on instability, circulations, clouds, and precipitation. Lee, Seoung-Soo; Tao, Wei-Kuo; Jung, Chang-Hoon Report Jan 1, 2014 5156
Impacts of aerosol particle size distribution and land cover land use on precipitation in a coastal urban environment using a cloud-resolving mesoscale model. Hosannah, Nathan; Gonzalez, Jorge E. Report Jan 1, 2014 6674
Ocean warming linked to declining atmospheric aerosols. Rustad, Harley Brief article Sep 1, 2013 202
Pollution Hurricanes: Use of Aerosols, Fossil Fuels Results in Fewer North Atlantic Hurricanes Says Study. Jun 24, 2013 325
Research into the influence of the acoustic field on the efficiency of removing aerosols/Akustinio lauko itakos aerozolio salinimo efektyvumui tyrimas. Stukaite, Laura; Tetsman, Ina; Vekteris, Vladas Report Dec 1, 2012 1205
Newly discovered atmospheric oxidant contributes to climate change, sulfuric acid production. Seltenrich, Nate Report Nov 1, 2012 847
Warming slowdown. Witze, Alexandra Brief article Dec 31, 2011 183
CFCs go from craze, to controversy, to conge. Quill, Elizabeth Brief article Jun 18, 2011 209
Semi-empirical model of the simulation of traffic pollution dispersion near roadways/Keliu tarsos pernasos aplinkoje pusiau empirinis modelis/Semiempiriskais imitacijas modelis satiksmes radita piesarnojuma izkliedes novertesanai pie autoceliem/Poolempiiriline simulatsioonimudel liiklussaastele teeaarel. Martinenas, Bronislovas; Spakauskas, Valdas; Jasaitis, Dainius Report Mar 1, 2011 4115
The final climate frontiers: scientists aim to improve and localize their predictions. Witze, Alexandra Dec 4, 2010 2943
First time isolated aerosols give better understanding of climate change. Sep 20, 2010 332
The influence of aerosol concentration on changes in the volumetric activities of indoor radon short-term decay products/Aerozolio koncentracijos itaka trumpaamziu radono skilimo produktu turiniu aktyvum pokyciams patalpose. Politova, Diana; Jasaitis, Dainius Report Sep 1, 2010 2983
'Aerosols can only temporary fix global warming'. Jul 19, 2010 371
Research on the efficiency of side exhausters/Soniniu siurbtuvu efektyvumo tyrimas. Tetsman, Ina; Striska, Vytautas Report Jul 1, 2010 1539
The influence of HVAC systems on indoor secondary organic aerosol formation. Waring, Michael S.; Siegel, Jeffrey A. Report Jan 1, 2010 12937
Back story: players in the troposphere. Brief article Nov 21, 2009 80
Northern pollution may affect southern rainfall. Brief article Oct 1, 2009 212
Dust in the wind could be toxic in the sea. Brief article Oct 1, 2009 233
Aerosols alter global warming less than previously thought. Brief article Aug 1, 2009 166
Aerosols may have boosted carbon uptake: plant productivity could drop as skies continue to clear. Perkins, Sid May 23, 2009 475
Clear(er) skies ahead: new websites take the mystery out of planning your deep-sky observing sessions. Creed, Philip J. Aug 1, 2008 2182
Characterization of seasonal indoor and outdoor bioaerosols in the arid environment of El Paso, Texas. Mota, Linda C.; Gibbs, Shawn G.; Green, Christopher F.; Payan, Fernanda; Tarwater, Patrick M.; Melch Report Jun 1, 2008 4750
Pollution changing the weather. Brief article Apr 1, 2008 161
Growth acceleration of Pinus sylvestris in bog stands due to intensified nutrient influx from the atmosphere. Kaasik, M.; Ploompuu, T.; Ots, R.; Meier, E.; Ohvril, H.; Okulov, O.; Teral, H.; Neiman, L.; Russak, Report Mar 1, 2008 6192
... And faster still if the air is cleaner. Brief Article Jan 1, 2005 168
Solving hazy mysteries: new research plumbs the chemical evolution and climatic effect of aerosols. Perkins, Sid Dec 7, 2002 1710
The Role of Qualifying Language on Consumer Perceptions of Environmental Claims. MARONICK, THOMAS J.; ANDREWS, J. CRAIG Dec 22, 1999 7593
Cool clouds shade our view of global warming. Jan 1, 1999 814
Dust bunnies in the sky. Sep 1, 1998 183
A smoke screen for greenhouse warming? Monastersky, Richard May 23, 1992 706
Aerosols: critical questions for climate. Monastersky, Richard Aug 25, 1990 595
Ship exhaust provides cloud experiment. Sep 12, 1987 140

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