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Cattle farming's impact on climate change. Nov 11, 2021 999
UK Commits New Support To African-Led Projects To Protect Vulnerable Communities At Frontline Of Climate Change. Nov 3, 2021 469
Bible's message on climate change. Oct 30, 2021 371
MINDANAO: Dealing with climate change is the challenge of the generation. Oct 24, 2021 579
ED: Empowering women in the fight against climate change. Oct 23, 2021 281
Green Campus Project of IUB. Dr. Abid Rasheed Gill Oct 23, 2021 847
Environmental migration and climate change in the Indian Ocean littoral. Oct 22, 2021 980
UK hopes Thailand will announce net-zero emissions target date soon, identifies 3 challenges to overcome. Oct 22, 2021 356
Real Estate: Zero time for actions against climate change. CM Guest Columnist Oct 11, 2021 921
Green groups ask world leaders to act with 'greater ambition, speed' on climate change. Sep 25, 2021 570
Boost climate change fight. Sep 25, 2021 313
Weather Extremes. Sep 22, 2021 777
The global climate change and its impact on Pakistan. Sep 5, 2021 1940
Feeling Hot Hot Hospitalised; Climate change could see cases of heat and sunstroke become more frequent in the UK. TOMMY LUMBY Sep 1, 2021 487
The Need for Systematic Assessment of Loss and Damage Due to Climate Change. Sep 1, 2021 1609
Feeling Hot Hot Hospitalised; Climate change could see cases of heat and sunstroke become more frequent in the UK. TOMMY LUMBY Aug 27, 2021 487
Climate change is real, and it requires us to act. Aug 25, 2021 413
Climate change toll seen to hit $20 million a year. Aug 25, 2021 595
Climate change is real, and it requires us to act. Aug 20, 2021 413
Home surveys should include risk of climate change, say experts; It comes after a summer of floods and fires across Europe. By, Neil Shaw Aug 20, 2021 424
Climate Change and Bedouin Communities in the Jordan Valley. Aug 20, 2021 430
Climate Change and Bedouin Communities in the Jordan Valley. Aug 20, 2021 420
Climate change is real and it requires all of us to act. Aug 18, 2021 413
Climate change is here And the impact is going to grow increasingly more devastating if we fail to respond now. Aug 15, 2021 457
'Young people around the world share the desire for urgent climate action'; As part of The Mirror's NextGen International project, a student from Sheffield spoke to teens in the Solomon Islands about how climate change is affecting their lives. By, Jodie Osborne, 17 Aug 11, 2021 418
Small climate changes can have devastating local consequences - it happened in the Little Ice Age. Jul 27, 2021 1175
UK's Aviva Calls for Urgent Action to Protect Homes, Businesses from Climate Change. Jul 21, 2021 267
PM's green initiatives bring laurels for Pakistan. Jun 7, 2021 867
PM's green initiatives bring laurels for Pakistan. Jun 7, 2021 867
British cuppa put at risk by climate change. May 10, 2021 226
British cuppa put at risk by climate change. May 10, 2021 226
Climate change is putting the much-loved British cuppa at risk; The UK and Ireland drink more tea per person than any other countries in the world. By, Victoria Jones May 10, 2021 616
Tea under threat as climate change will cut production by 39%; A changing climate could hit the taste of tea, as increasing amounts of rain produce inferior quality leaves, and reduce the compounds that make the brew beneficial to health. By, Neil Shaw May 10, 2021 614
THE AGE OF MEGACITIES: Curbing emissions in a few big cities could have an outsize impact on climate change. Mexite, Gabrielle May 1, 2021 253
Support grows for putting a price on carbon pollution. Dan Probst and Robin Weaver Guest columnists Apr 22, 2021 720
Experts warn of 'relentless, continuing' climate change. EMILY BEAMENT Apr 20, 2021 540
Warning of relentless climate change in 2020. Apr 20, 2021 237
Poverty driven by climate change linked to suicide spike in Pakistani desert region. Zulfiqar Kunbhar Apr 16, 2021 695
For all our sakes, we have to get rid of our dependency on cars; Wales needs a transport rethink in the face of climate change, argues Sustrans Cymru director Christine Boston. Feb 8, 2021 922
Rethink climate change, conflicts for sustainable future. Oct 26, 2020 1012
'Ofel' brings heavy rains, floods likely. Oct 14, 2020 548
Climate change getting harder to predict. Oct 11, 2020 745
Climate change. Imtaiz Javid - Awaran Oct 7, 2020 171
Call for government to protect network from climate change. KIERAN BEATTIE UNION Sep 11, 2020 260
Experts: Floods will get worse. We are all at risk; Specialists warn climate change will bring more flooding grief for Scots as we revisit mining village after devastation. Krissy Storrar Sep 6, 2020 409
Endless Cyprus heatwaves signal climate change. fm Aug 19, 2020 506
Scorching temperature in US's Death Valley could be global high. Aug 18, 2020 675
African youth voices rising in environmental discourse. Aug 12, 2020 1073
Legarda bats for green COVID-19 recovery plan to promote economy, climate resilience. Aug 6, 2020 531
Relation between climate change and infectious diseases. Jul 26, 2020 952
Climate change 'fuelling deadly India lightning strikes'. Jul 6, 2020 292
CLIMATE CHANGE ATTRIBUTION; Researchers can now spot climate change's role in extreme weather. Temple, James Mar 1, 2020 282
DAVOS 2020 AND CLIMATE CHANGE: HOW INVESTMENT RISKS HAVE SHIFTED; SCHRODERS TALK Emma Stevenson discusses the World Economic Forum's top investment risks and their implications for investors. Emma Stevenson discusses Economic Forum's Jan 30, 2020 597
Our emissions are being cut through direct action and investment. Cllr MIKE SMITH Stockton Council cabinet member for environment and transport Jan 22, 2020 427
Plea for government help to save roads from climate change effects; REPAIRS. ALISTAIR MUNRO Jan 17, 2020 360
Leaders fear for planet as they pack for 'green' Davos. Reuters News Service Jan 15, 2020 598
Saeed Al Abbar: Urban planning design can mitigate weather impact. Ranju Warrier Jan 15, 2020 311
Pond scum could be next big food trend replacing meat and helping to save the planet; As the population of the world increases and more extreme weather patterns -- like droughts, floods and heatwaves -- become more frequent thanks to climate change, land for farming will get more sparse. So, the need to find new ways to boost food production is essential. By, Nada Farhoud Jan 12, 2020 433
The rise of young, bold climate change activists. Jan 10, 2020 1174
Rising cost of climate change; The staggering cost of 2019's climate-related disasters, which include severe drought, heat, fires, floods and storms right across the world, has been revealed in a new report out today. Dec 27, 2019 1027
Climate change. Dec 25, 2019 229
Socially responsible and environmentally friendly green Islamic Banking. Shahid Samad Khan Dec 21, 2019 898
Extreme Weather Now Showing More Effects Of Climate Change. Jan Cortes Dec 11, 2019 353
Climate change triggers widespread Pakistan migration. Dec 9, 2019 1270
Climate change triggers widespread migration in Pakistan. Dec 8, 2019 1372
UN Chief Warns of 'Point of No Return' on Climate Change. Dec 2, 2019 486
Climate change. Muhammad Ahtesham Hameed Dec 2, 2019 210
US regulators become more receptive to climate change. Nov 19, 2019 147
US regulators become more receptive to climate change. Nov 19, 2019 145
Experts urge action to tackle climate change and conserve wildlife. Nov 9, 2019 706
GC and TC parties agree on need to combat climate change. Source: Cyprus News Agency Oct 30, 2019 413
Faces of 16 incredible kids behind unprecedented climate change legal action; Greta Thunberg and 15 other children, aged between eight to 17, from all over the world have launched unprecedented legal action at the UN. By, Dave Burke Oct 2, 2019 1529
UN General Assembly to Spotlight Climate Change: Guterres. Sep 26, 2019 560
South Africa committed to climate change interventions. Sep 24, 2019 818
Global warming accelerates worst impact feared. Sep 23, 2019 1016
Fighting Climate Change Offers 'Good Return On Investment'. Darwin Malicdem Sep 21, 2019 376
TikTok and the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies (IFRC) partner to inspire action against climate change. Sep 19, 2019 438
Climate change harming Great Lakes, threatening health, environment. Pollack, Emily Sep 1, 2019 360
Climate Change Blamed for Europe's Latest Heatwave. Jul 26, 2019 1045
Recent global warming is 'unprecedented'. Jul 25, 2019 201
New research shows scale of climate change. Jul 25, 2019 270
HOW CLIMATE CHANGE COULD LEAD: To A Mental Health Crisis. Mbewe, Masiyaleti Jul 1, 2019 1133
UN: Climate Change Will Push 120 million People Into Poverty by 2030. Jun 27, 2019 261
We must all work to reduce climate change; VIEWFROM WESTMINSTER. Jun 20, 2019 355
Time For US Senate To Take On Climate Change. Jun 18, 2019 550
Climate change affects crops in India: Study. Jun 18, 2019 466
Climate change can have devastating impact on water resources, human health, agriculture. Jun 17, 2019 881
Trump Discusses Climate Change With Prince Charles. Jun 5, 2019 498
Climate change interlocks with urbanization, degradation. May 29, 2019 514
STRONG COFFEE: Researchers working on new breeds of coffee have chanced upon varieties that might withstand the extreme weather caused by climate change. Ortiz, Diego Arguedas May 1, 2019 937
Cities To Overheat As Planners Choose Between Climate Change, Quality Of Life -Research. Apr 2, 2019 817
Don't be Met Despairann on climate change; Forecasters told use positive words. Feb 25, 2019 249
Climate change is shrinking chips. Feb 6, 2019 432
Activists claim climate change could mean end of great British favourite. Feb 5, 2019 678
Chips at risk as 'climate change threatens UK potato harvest'. Feb 5, 2019 234
Loss of wetlands could be devastating: experts. Feb 4, 2019 1057
Clarity and Clouds: Progress in Understanding Arctic Influences on Mid-Latitude Weather. Francis, Jennifer A. Report Jan 1, 2019 2529
Future's hotter for Manchester; climate change will push up temperature by 5.4% by 2070, say forecasters. Dec 10, 2018 214
Pakistan suffered losses worth $384m because of climate change. Dec 7, 2018 198
Asian countries worst hit by climate change, China's ranking improves. Dec 7, 2018 483
Research highlights. Crowder, Lucien Report Dec 1, 2018 2790
To Lessen Climate Change, Educate The Public. Nov 23, 2018 719
Federal report: Hurricane Harvey was a climate change harbinger. Nov 23, 2018 683
Stefan Nystrom: Follow Sweden's example on climate change. Oct 20, 2018 686
Global warming: Why Kenya is among countries at crossroads. Oct 10, 2018 1128
Landmark UN report on climate change has put the world on notice. Oct 9, 2018 774
Climate change fight needs local front. Aug 10, 2018 904
IRISH HEATWAVES WILL BE THE NORM; Climate change experts warn of baking summers and winter storms. Jul 27, 2018 293
DENR pushing defense system vs climate change. Jul 18, 2018 742
Climate change adaptation plans must prepare citizens for impacts. Jun 18, 2018 712
Don't Get Beat by Summer Heat. Shipphilts, Asante; Nayak, Seema Jun 1, 2018 1258
Weather condition to further worsen as mercury to rise. May 21, 2018 385
Pentagon revises report, removes 'climate change' and some effects. May 11, 2018 483
Pentagon revised Obama-era report to remove risks from climate change. May 11, 2018 1273
you are more vulnerable to climate change than you think. May 8, 2018 982
'Climate change to have heavy impact on Cyprus'. May 3, 2018 511
Study suggests UAE residents health to be affected by climate change. Apr 23, 2018 508
Government interventions mitigated ill effects of climate change on agriculture, poverty-study. Apr 18, 2018 696
Pakistan among four Asian countries on list of most vulnerable to climate change. Mar 22, 2018 405
Climate change vulnerability: Philippines ranks 3rd. Mar 21, 2018 491
Pakistan among most vulnerable countries to climate change: HSBC report. Mar 20, 2018 288
Belarusian forest sector to adapt to storms, climate change and pests. Mar 15, 2018 176
FEELING THE HEAT. Cohen, Julie Mar 1, 2018 509
Climate Change in Human History: Prehistory to the Present. Book review Mar 1, 2018 102
Climate change to be included in new education curriculum. Feb 26, 2018 378
Climate change will put region at high risk of flooding; WARNINGS AND ACTION PLAN ISSUED IN CAMPAIGN BY AGENCY. Feb 17, 2018 461
Warning: Climate change to cause more intense flooding in the North East; The Environment Agency is warning young people that they must be more prepared for flooding. Feb 17, 2018 447
Clock is ticking on climate change; time to act now. Feb 17, 2018 520
Climate change to see more intense flooding in UK. Feb 16, 2018 277
New UAE project to reduce climate change risks. Feb 11, 2018 836
Intense Weather Sweeps The US. Jan 15, 2018 538
2017: The year climate change hit. Dec 28, 2017 576
Global warming boosted Hurricane Harvey's rainfall by at least 15 percent, studies find. Dec 14, 2017 1415
3,900 Uruguayan farmers to better face climate change. Dec 12, 2017 207
Farmers urged to shift to climate change-ready rice varieties. Dec 2, 2017 401
Extreme weather must spur fight against climate change. Sep 23, 2017 307
Believe in climate change or not, wild weather is coming to get us. Sep 1, 2017 680
Q&A with David Kitchen: human health at risk from extreme weather caused by climate change: impacts of extreme weather on environmental, public health. Haskins, Julia Interview Sep 1, 2017 1411
Climate change may turn Africa's arid Sahel green - researchers. Jul 6, 2017 314
Defining a new normal for extremes in a warming world. Lewis, Sophie C.; King, Andrew D.; Perkins-Kirkpatrick, Sarah E. Report Jun 1, 2017 6663
Oceans drive weather and climate extremes. Jun 1, 2017 342
10 incredible things climate change will do. May 5, 2017 1151
Climate Change Proof: These Photos And Videos Show The Real Results Of Climate Change. Apr 5, 2017 420
Climate Change Harms Mental Health, Report Says. Mar 30, 2017 512
Response of Extreme Precipitation to Solar Activity and El Nino Events in Typical Regions of the Loess Plateau. Li, H.J.; Gao, J.E.; Zhang, H.C.; Zhang, Y.X.; Zhang, Y.Y. Report Jan 1, 2017 4869
Pakistan 7th most vulnerable country to climate change. Dec 31, 2016 790
Extreme-weather winters more common. Brief article Dec 1, 2016 463
2016 hottest year ever; Climate change putting world in danger of 'extreme weather hell'. Nov 15, 2016 150
ICT exposed to erratic behaviour accelerating climate change impacts: Study. Oct 16, 2016 289
ICT exposed to erratic behaviour accelerating climate change impacts: Study. Oct 14, 2016 288
Group call on government to do more against climate change. Oct 10, 2016 149
Intelligence Report Links Climate Change To National Security. Sep 22, 2016 290
Global warming amplified death toll in 2003 heat wave. Summer, Thomas Brief article Sep 3, 2016 171
Stormy seas: protecting shipping operations from extreme weather. Storrs-Fox, Peregrine May 1, 2016 1268
Changing climate: 10 years after An Inconvenient Truth. Sumner, Thomas Apr 16, 2016 4897
Businesses urged to help communities adapt to climate change. Dec 8, 2015 646
World Bank Unveils $16B Climate Change Plan For Africa. Nov 25, 2015 511
Global warming could push 100-M more into poverty: World Bank. Nov 9, 2015 495
Ph invests P100B for climate change adaptation, mitigation. Oct 23, 2015 327
Australia: climate change the silent killer: in his latest book, Atmosphere of Hope, 2007 Australian of the Year Tim Flannery argues that the health implications of extreme weather resulting from climate change are not future scenarios, but a reality happening here and now. Brief article Oct 1, 2015 222
Torrential rains, prolonged drought -- climate change causing more extreme weather. Aug 21, 2015 722
MP links climate change to little ice age before industrialisation. Jun 12, 2015 509
EU grants. Brief article Oct 30, 2014 138
Ready for the big one: extreme weather may be changing attitudes about disaster reporting, making editors and the public more receptive to stories questioning preparedness. Dyer, John Jun 22, 2014 2860
Keep climate change on radar. May 1, 2014 761
Wildlife camera ace with keen eye for climate change; Wildlife cameraman Doug Allan talks to BARBARA HODGSON about his globe-travelling job and the impact of the planet's extreme weather systems. Apr 5, 2014 1271
Extreme heat still on the rise: peak high temps on land climb despite stalled global average. Mole, Beth Apr 5, 2014 382
Global warning; Extreme weather threat to all, says UN; West faces climate change refugee surge; Higher food prices heatwaves to come. Apr 1, 2014 571
GLOBAL WARNING; Extreme weather threat to all, says UN; West faces climate change refugee surge; Higher food prices & heatwaves to come. Apr 1, 2014 564
Dear EarthTalk: does the fact that we've had such a cold and snowy winter mean that global warming might not be such a big problem after all? L., Lacey Feb 2, 2014 645
Ask a climate scientist-Extreme weather and global warming. Nov 9, 2013 308
Adaptation is job one: businesses need to prepare for the impacts of extreme weather and disruptive climate change. Schrottke, Joerg; Niewiem, Sandra; Weber, Thomas; Hoffmann, Wiebke Nov 1, 2013 1301
Climate Change: Five Billion to Experience Extreme Weather by 2050. Oct 9, 2013 477
US small businesses vulnerable to extreme weather and climate change. Oct 1, 2013 499
Extreme Weather: Atmospheric CO2 in Vicious Circle of Climate Change. Aug 14, 2013 489
How's the weather? You don't want to know. Brief article Mar 1, 2013 278
Dear EarthTalk: what is the scientific consensus on all the extreme weather we've been having--from monster tornadoes to massive floods and wildfires? Sep 23, 2012 546
Extreme heat rising worldwide: temperature records reveal increased odds of swelter. Raloff, Janet Sep 8, 2012 420
Extreme weather 'fuelled by global warming and human activities'. Aug 21, 2012 349
Man-made climate change blamed for extreme weather. Jul 28, 2012 517
Bracing for Climate Change. Jul 26, 2012 789
Weather Extremes Leave Parts Of US Grid Buckling. Wald, Matthew L.; Schwartz, John Brief article Jul 26, 2012 239
NOAA Chief: Climate Change Belief Increases In U.S. McGuirk, Rod Brief article Jul 12, 2012 182
Climate change 'behind extreme weather conditions'. Mar 29, 2012 285
Conservation in the extremes. Springer, Craig Dec 22, 2011 992
Extreme weather due to global warming pushes millions into 'hunger, poverty', says Oxfam. Nov 28, 2011 298
Brace yourself for extreme weather; Scientists blame climate change. Nov 19, 2011 425
Columbus' arrival linked to C[O.sub.2] drop: depopulation of Americas may have spurred Little Ice Age. Powell, Devin Nov 5, 2011 437
Climate change likely to spawn further extreme weather: report. Nov 2, 2011 969
Extreme conditions. Brief article Oct 1, 2010 142
Vole population dynamics: influence of weather extremes on stoppage of population growth. Getz, Lowell L.; Hofmann, Joyce E.; Oli, Madam K.; McGuire, Betty Report Oct 1, 2007 3772

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