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[PM.sub.2.5] POLLUTION IN CHINA AND HOW IT HAS BEEN EXACERBATED BY TERRAIN AND METEOROLOGICAL CONDITIONS: Frequent air stagnation events due to the interaction of meteorological conditions and terrain in China exacerbate its severe air pollution. Wang, Xiaoyan; Dickinson, Robert E.; Su, Liangyuan; Zhou, Chunlue; Wang, Kaicun Report Jan 1, 2018 9409
Ice ages boost production of ocean crust. Sumner, Thomas Brief article Mar 7, 2015 201
Western drought causing earth's crust to rise. Dec 1, 2014 434
Evaluation of levelling data for use in vertical crustal movements model in Poland. Kowalczyk, Kamil; Rapinski, Jacek Report Oct 1, 2013 3761
Titanite geochronology from the mid to lower crust of the Pamir plateau, eastern Tajikistan. Author abstract Dec 31, 2011 307
Determination of three-dimensional in situ stresses from anelastic strain recovery (ASR) of Wenchuan Earthquake Fault Scientific Drilling-1 (WFSD-1). Report Dec 31, 2011 546
A new result of the crustal structure and variation of the Moho in central Tibet-revealed by the 300 km long deep seismic reflection profile. Author abstract Dec 31, 2011 678
The thermal structure and composition of Tibetan crust and upper mantle. Author abstract Dec 31, 2011 589
Quantifying crustal flow in Tibet with magnetotelluric data. Author abstract Dec 31, 2011 1111
Crustal-Lithospheric structure, geological evolution and continental extrusion of Tibet. Author abstract Dec 31, 2011 251
Structure and permeability of deep-seated rocks in the Kola Superdeep Borehole section (SG-3). Gorbatsevich, Felix F.; Ikorsky, Serafim V.; Zharikov, Andrey V. Report Apr 1, 2010 5016
Estimation of crustal structure in Horonobe area, Hokkaido, Japan, using multiplet-clustering analysis. Moriya, Hirokazu; Asamori, Koichi; Kitamura, Itaru; Hotta, Hikaru; Ohara, Hidefumi; Niizato, Tadafum Report Jan 1, 2010 2528
Estimation of the generalized characteristics of spatial movements of the Earth crust using the data of GPS measurements/ Erdviniu Zemes plutos judesiu apibendrintuju charakteristiku nustatymas pagal GPS matavimu duomenis. Zakarevicius, Algimantas; Aksamitauskas, Vladislovas Ceslovas; Stanionis, Arminas; Levinskaite, Daiv Report Dec 1, 2009 2629
Shallow crustal structure of the Central Bohemian Pluton, Czech Republic, inferred from refraction measurements. Malek, Jiri; Novotny, Oldrich; Zanda, Libor Report Apr 1, 2009 5508
New map of Lithuanian vertical Earth's crust movements/ Naujas Lietuvos teritorijos vertikaliuju Zemes plutos judesiu zemelapis. Zakarevicius, Algimantas; Sliaupa, Saulius; Anikeniene, Asta Report Mar 1, 2009 3355
The research on the Earth's surface movement measured on the first class levelling lines correlations with geological factors in the territory of Lithuanian Republic/ Pirmosios klases niveliaciju linijose Lietuvos teritorijoje ismatuotu Zemes pavirsiaus judesiu sasaju su geologiniais rodikliais tyrimas. Zakarevicius, Algimantas; Puziene, Ruta Report Mar 1, 2009 3685
Regional geodynamic network HIGHLANDS, the Bohemian Massif. Schenkova, Zdenka; Schenk, Vladimir; Mantlik, Frantisek; Gracova, Milada Report Oct 1, 2007 2151
Moho reflections from strong near quarry blasts: an example for the central Ore Mountains, Czech Republic. Kampfova, Hana; Malek, Jiri; Novotny, Oldfich Report Jul 1, 2007 3388
Determining a 1-D velocity model of the uppermost crust from P and S arrival times using the neighbourhood algorithm: synthetic test. Jansky, Jaromir; Plicka, Vladimir; Novotny, Oldrich Report Apr 1, 2007 3923
Crust deformation monitoring in the Polish part of Snieznik Massif-continuing researches. Jamroz, Olgierd; Kaplon, Jan Report Jul 1, 2005 1273
The Ramzova tectonic zone: the contact between Lugicum and Silesicum. Opletal, Mojmir; Pecina, Vratislav Report Jul 1, 2004 3403
Deformation analysis of the upper part of the earth crust in the Snieznik Massif (Polish and Czech sides between 1993 and 2003). Cacon, Stefan; Svabensky, Otakar; Kontny, Bernard; Weigel, Josef; Jamroz, O.; Cmielewski, Kazimierz; Report Jul 1, 2004 3053
The analysis of GPS measurements in Tatra Mountain. Mojzes, Marcel; Papco, Juraj Report Jul 1, 2004 2623
Integration of epoch-wise GPS measurement campaigns into a permanent reference frame. Hefty, Jan; Kovac, Marian; Igondova, Miroslava Report Jul 1, 2004 2484
Some aspects of the application of the Wiechert-Herglotz method to refraction data from western Bohemia. Novotny, Oldrich; Jansky, Jaromir; Malek, Jiri Report Apr 1, 2004 3582

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