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A Review of Aircraft-Subsistence Harvester Conflict in Arctic Alaska. Stinchcomb, Taylor R.; Brinkman, Todd J.; Fritz, Stacey A. Report Jun 1, 2019 13875
Mountain Flying: Training Required: When the rocks and the density altitude are high, special operating techniques are required. We recommend ground and flight training before going. Durden, Rick Jan 1, 2018 3089
Inadvertent near Whidbey. Adams, Robert Nov 1, 2013 673
Bravo Zulu. Jan 1, 2013 373
Mag course mismatches: how many direct magnetic courses can there be between two points? Sometimes the answer is three. How many can possibly be right? Actually, all of them. Miller, Jordan Oct 1, 2012 1253
A rogue gust in IMC? A pilot encounters violent, unforecast winds on an approach and the aircraft is lost. A mistake was made, but was it by the forecaster or the pilot? You might be surprised. Dennstaedt, Scott Jun 1, 2011 1894
Lapse-rate fundamentals: it's the foundation of what makes clouds benign or vicious, and explains much of the turbulence you'll find in clear air. If you want to take your WX savvy to a new level, start here. Dennstaedt, Scott Apr 1, 2011 1861
Convection on the Skew-T: thunderstorms are predicted for your route, but how likely are they to pop up at your destination? A Skew-T might help you know. Dennstaedt, Scott C. Mar 1, 2009 1807
Using en route alternates: making good continue/don't-continue decisions would be a lot easier if you weren't flying at the time. So, just stop flying. Van West, Jeff Mar 1, 2009 923
Prep'd for the pop-up: when VFR is no longer an option, you may be ready to hit the gauges, but you've got to sing the right tune for ATC to play along. Pestal, Mark Jan 1, 2009 2012
Graphical turbulence: turbulence-predicting tools aren't as good as ones for icing or thunderstorms, but they're getting better and worth a look. Dennstaedt, Scott C. Jan 1, 2009 1433
Old-school storm flying: satellite-smart avionics are great, but storm savvy and level-headed resolve are equally important tools for the T-storm season. Rozendaal, Doug Aug 1, 2008 2161
Pump up your web WX: we all use the internet as a key factor in our go/no-go call, but few of us truly have a clue. Here's a game plan that works. Dennstaedt, Scott C. Jan 1, 2007 2535
When ice kills: think horsepower and experience are the medicine you need for in-flight icing? We have some bad news. Garvey, Jane Jan 1, 2007 2124
Tweener weather. Gastrell, Andrew Nov 1, 2006 1032
Cold-weather prep: as winter sets in, it's time to change our thinking to accommodate the weather. We can start with prepping for cold-weather flying. Leis, Ray Nov 1, 2006 2672
Getting better with weather. Van West, Jeff Editorial Sep 1, 2006 529
Using winds aloft: winds aloft forecasts are one of your best tools for flight planning and fuel saving, but you need to know the whole story. Dennstaedt, Scott C. Aug 1, 2006 1896
Zero-zero departures: clear air is only seconds away above the damn fog. Now the question is: Do you have the right stuff to get there? Rozendaal, Doug Jun 1, 2006 1399
Bad feelings and the NTSB. Van West, Jeff May 1, 2006 535
Talking about ice. Burnside, Jeb Jan 1, 2006 475
A little ice? 'Tis the season-time to stop thinking thunderstorms and start thinking ice. And while you're thinking, ask yourself-how much ice is too much? Leis, Ray Jan 1, 2006 2497

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