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Fishing equipment is '10% of ocean plastic waste', says report. Nov 9, 2019 193
Green honour for chipper. Nov 9, 2019 136
Lake Issyk-Kul cleared from fishing nets and waste. Oct 31, 2019 119
Another Casualty of Climate Change? Recreational Fishing. Oct 7, 2019 799
United States : EPA to Provide Relief for Lobster Fishing and Pilot Boat Builders, Engine Manufacturers. Aug 27, 2019 461
All hands on deck to tackle effects of climate change; FISHING. Jul 22, 2019 216
Enjoy boating, camping at Fox River Forest Preserve. Jun 27, 2019 737
GEF aids fishing communities in adapting to climate change. Jun 19, 2019 422
MIKAEL FRODIN is a Swedish-born professional fly fisherman turned environmental activist. In 2019 he appeared in the film, Artifishal, to highlight the dangers of open-net salmon farms. Jun 1, 2019 871
Canada : Government of Canada opens 2019 Asian Carp Program field season to detect invasive species in the Great Lakes. May 30, 2019 453
Pollution the focus of plastic fishing boat tour; CHARITY. May 7, 2019 158
Fishing in Rawal Lake under approved rights, no environmental risk: ICT Fisheries. Nov 14, 2018 693
Toxic puffer fish sold in Tripoli's Mina despite ban. Aug 27, 2018 420
Curbing illegal fishing through environmental stewardship. Aug 8, 2018 231
Why environmentalists should leave lead fishing tackle alone. May 16, 2018 414
When conservation can keep up with development's pace: Health status of coral ecosystems in the North Pacific of Costa Rica/Cuando la conservacion no puede seguir el ritmo del desarrollo: Estado de salud de los ecosistemas coralinos del Pacifico Norte de Costa Rica. Alvarado, Juan Jose; Beita-Jimenez, Andres; Mena, Sebastian; Fernandez-Garcia, Cindy; Cortes, Jorge; Apr 1, 2018 17004
Bias in estimates of growth when selectivity in models includes effects of gear and availability of fish. Piner, Kevin R.; Lee, Hui-Hua; Thomas, Lennon R. Report Jan 1, 2018 3313
FISHING FOR THE TRUTH: Faced with various economic and environmental pressures, the indigenous Sami people of Swedish Lapland have found it increasingly difficult to maintain their nomadic way of life. New initiatives now aim to restore their traditional ties with the land. Allen, Daniel; Blythe, Cain Dec 1, 2017 1627
Red Sea hotel serves endangered Napoleon fish, authorities to investigate. Nov 25, 2017 392
United States : Sport Fishing Is Orleans Countys #1 Tourism Draw, but With Great Lakes Fish Populations Like Salmon & Trout Under Threat From Loss of Habitat. Oct 11, 2017 879
The physiological stress response, postrelease behavior, and mortality of blacktip sharks (Carcharhinus limbatus) caught on circle and J-hooks in the Florida recreational fishery. Whitney, Nicholas M.; White, Connor F.; Anderson, Paul A.; Hueter, Robert E.; Skomal, Gregory B. Report Oct 1, 2017 8884
United Kingdom : Environment Secretary meets Scottish industry leaders on the future of UK farming and fishing. Sep 16, 2017 348
Philippines : ECOFISH cites champions of marine biodiversity areas. May 24, 2017 502
Pollution, squatting, industries hasten death of Laguna de Bay. Jan 5, 2017 1967
Reeling in uncertainty: adapting marine fisheries management to cope with climate effects on ocean ecosystems. Gourlie, Don Jan 1, 2017 23395
Canada : High seas fisheries management could recoup losses due to climate change. Aug 31, 2016 389
Perfect days in the The Great North Woods region. Aug 19, 2016 5112
Australia : Fish habitats and the environment win in new Queensland Government initiative. Jul 29, 2016 440
Pollution upends fishers' livelihood in Vietnam. Pham, Joachim Jul 29, 2016 853
United Kingdom : UN Environment Head Backs Call to End Harmful Fishing Subsidies. Jul 21, 2016 582
Loss of biodiversity in a conservation unit of the Brazilian Atlantic Forest: the effect of introducing non-native fish species/Perda de biodiversidade em uma unidade de conservacao da Mata Atlantica brasileira: efeitos da introducao de especies nao nativas de peixes. Fragoso-Moura, E.N.; Oporto, L.T.; Maia-Barbosa, P.M.; Barbosa, F.A.R. Feb 1, 2016 5455
PH argues environmental, fishing claims vs China. Jul 9, 2015 418
United States : Climate Change in Peru Seen Affecting the Fishing, High Andes Livestock and Agricultural Sectors the Most. Dec 12, 2014 417
Privatizing recreational fisheries. Olausen, Michael; Block, Walter E. Report Dec 1, 2014 4718
Release mortality in the red snapper (Lutjanus campechanus) fishery: a meta-analysis of 3 decades of research. Campbell, Matthew D.; Driggers, William B., III; Sauls, Beverly; Walter, John F. Report Oct 1, 2014 9426
Hunting, fishing, and environmental virtue; reconnecting sportsmanship and conservation. Brief article Dec 1, 2013 239
OFF THE HOOK; Anglers' fury at ongoing Llyn Padarn pollution row. Oct 28, 2013 474
Tide corrections. Aug 1, 2013 747
Offshore fireworks. Weakley, Jeff Brief article Jul 1, 2013 191
Gag season finally opens. Allen, Ralph Jul 1, 2013 749
Go deep. Greer, Bill Jul 1, 2013 754
Panama - Mainstreaming biodiversity conservation in the operation of the tourism and fishing in the archipelagos of Panama. Jun 15, 2013 284
Taking the temperature: how to use water temp data to improve your fishing. Herum, Al Feb 1, 2013 725
Dear EarthTalk: what's the big deal about lead in hunting ammunition and fishing tackle? If an animal is going to die anyway, it's not going to get lead poisoning, right? Joyce, Bill Oct 14, 2012 619
A lifeline for gamefish. Bullock, Roger May 1, 2012 371
Be ready to ride. Sutton, Jim Dec 1, 2011 609
Bringing science to the shore: NY Sea Grant celebrates first 40 years. Branca, Barbara Ann Dec 1, 2011 1757
Dear EarthTalk: What is shark finning and why have several U.S. states outlawed it? Nov 6, 2011 582
Grounded fishing boat raises pollution concerns. Oct 24, 2011 245
Log it: notes will keep you honest, and put you on more fish season after season. Decker, Corky Oct 1, 2011 631
Caught in time: on the Boyoma Falls in the Democratic Republic of the Congo, the Wagenia tribe have been fishing in the same way for hundreds of years. Their technique of wedging wooden fish traps into the water-eroded rocks was first described during the 19th century by Henry Morton Stanley, and remains exactly the same today. McConnell, Andrew Sep 1, 2011 756
Dear EarthTalk: I heard of a practice called cyanide fishing, which is used mostly to collect aquarium specimens, but I understand it is also used to catch fish we eat. Isn't this very unhealthy? Scheer, Roddy; Moss, Doug Aug 7, 2011 548
Best days. Brief article Mar 1, 2011 142
When the offshore window opens. Sherman, Alan Dec 1, 2010 1188
The kings of December. Preeg, John Dec 1, 2010 964
Yule tidings and tides. Conner, Mike Dec 1, 2010 1262
Inshore grouper stack up. Markham, Ray Dec 1, 2010 1224
Take cues from the temps. Greer, Bill Dec 1, 2010 1076
Compensatory restoration in a random utility model of Recreation demand. Parsons, George R.; Kang, Ami K. Report Oct 1, 2010 6885
August in the Islands. Aug 1, 2010 1012
Blowout backlash: Florida: anglers and fisheries officials grapple with uncertainty. Weakley, Jeff Jul 1, 2010 1150
Fins and tails. Sherman, Alan Jul 1, 2010 1003
The tarpon coast. Markham, Ray Jul 1, 2010 1126
Environmental researcher calls for banning fishing near Boubyan Island. Jun 4, 2010 190
From even a road can memories be made. Stange, Doug Viewpoint essay Jun 1, 2010 884
Anglers fear pollution threat to fish stocks. May 26, 2010 442
Capital bassin'; The return of water spells good news for Tallahassee anglers. Christian, Chris May 1, 2010 1321
The sweet spot offshore. Herum, Al May 1, 2010 950
The real cost of fishing. Sherman, Alan May 1, 2010 958
May dreams come true. Preeg, John Viewpoint essay May 1, 2010 987
Options wide open. Markham, Ray May 1, 2010 1100
Redfish rocks. Thompson, Tommy May 1, 2010 1036
One fish-rich cut. Sargent, Bill May 1, 2010 1059
Fry'em up! Anderson, Jim Travel narrative May 1, 2010 1049
A feast of plenty. Greer, Bill May 1, 2010 1147
Sport and grill. Hall, Buck Viewpoint essay May 1, 2010 1062
Twitch up a redfish. Lacoss, Terry May 1, 2010 368
2010: winter of sails: extraordinary weather, incredible angling. Fitzgerald, Brett Apr 1, 2010 677
Modify ineffective manatee creep zones. Mar 1, 2010 381
Pollution fine of EUR1 for council; FISHING. Feb 24, 2010 110
Hooking mortality of walleye from deep water. Quinn, Steve Brief article Oct 1, 2009 204
Wooley Booger wahoo. Anderson, Jim Oct 1, 2009 1028
High water, higher expectations. Herum, Al Sep 1, 2009 1048
Paradise regained: the tolls if loss, storms and time on a great place. Kinder, Larry E. Sep 1, 2009 566
Cycles of St. Johns seatrout: trout numbers are booming in this famed Northeast Florida river. McNally, Bob Jun 1, 2009 1858
Train wreck. Allen, Ralph Jun 1, 2009 877
South for sailfish: a tale of two boats and a late-season cold front. Weakley, Jeff Apr 1, 2009 1082
Your statewide tide charts: April 2009. Statistical table Apr 1, 2009 765
Bringing fish back up to size. Ornes, Stephen Mar 25, 2009 666
Best days to fish & plant? Brief article Mar 1, 2009 131
From bait shops to the forest floor: earthworm use and disposal by anglers. Keller, Reuben P.; Cox, Annie N.; Van Loon, Christine; Lodge, David M.; Herborg, Leif-Matthias; Roth Report Oct 1, 2007 4114
Sensitivity of angler benefit estimates from a model of recreational demand to the definition of the substitute sites considered by the angler. Gentner, Brad Apr 1, 2007 5768
Biological characteristics and mortality of western butterfish (Pentapodus vitta), an abundant bycatch species of prawn trawling and recreational fishing in a large subtropical embayment. Mant, Jason C.; Moran, Michael J.; Newman, Stephen J. Oct 1, 2006 5309
The statistical properties of recreational catch rate data for some fish stocks off the northeast U.S. coast. Terceiro, Mark Jul 1, 2003 10753
Hooked on New York: after just one visit, you'll discover why anglers around the globe are. (An I[love]NY Special Feature). Cordes, Terri Jun 1, 2003 866
Impact of hatchery releases on the recreational fishery for Pacific threadfin (Polydactylus sexfilis) in Hawaii. Friedlander, Alan M.; Ziemann, David A. Jan 1, 2003 5843
Stock-rebuilding time isopleths and constant-F stock-rebuilding plans for overfished stocks. Jacobson, Larry D.; Cadrin, Steven X. Statistical Data Included Jul 1, 2002 9344
Recovery of the Gulf of Maine--Georges Bank Atlantic herring (Clupea harengus) complex: perspectives based on bottom trawl survey data. Overholtz, William J.; Friedland, Kevin D. Statistical Data Included Jul 1, 2002 4397
Fishy data hid decline in global catch. Harder, B. Brief Article Dec 1, 2001 567
Pesticide fishing spreads in Mexico. Brief Article Sep 1, 2001 489
A Fish Tale. Rancourt, Linda M. Brief Article Jul 1, 2001 268
Indonesia's Coral Reefs on the Line. Ryan, John C. May 1, 2001 4290
Bycatch: innocent victims. May 1, 2001 479
A study of catches in a fleet of "ghost-fishing" pots. Bullimore, Blaise A.; Newman, Philip B.; Kaiser, Michael J.; Gilbert, Susanne E.; Lock, Kate M. Statistical Data Included Apr 1, 2001 5049
Yield-per-recruit analysis for black drum, Pogonias cromis, along the East Coast of the United States and management strategies for Chesapeake Bay. Jones, Cynthia M.; Wells, Brian K. Statistical Data Included Apr 1, 2001 6691
Responding to Climate Change in Northern Communities: Impacts and Adaptations. Riedlinger, Dyanna Mar 1, 2001 2200
BATTENKILL WOES. RANDOLPH, JOHN Brief Article Sep 1, 1999 979
DOGMA AND DEATH. MEADE, TOM Statistical Data Included Sep 1, 1999 1192
Shrimp Industry Greenwashing. O'Pod, Brachy Jan 1, 1999 499
Shell game: white abalone were fished to near extinction 20 years ago. Today, they have yet to recover. La Pierre, Yvette Brief Article Sep 1, 1998 554
As urban fishing catches on, people care more about pollution. May 25, 1998 504
Scorched-earth fishing. Safina, Carl Mar 22, 1998 2153
Fishing for clues; can we help the Marlin slip the hook? Johnson, Katherine Dec 22, 1997 1626
A private-sector sustainable fishing initiative. McGinn, Anne Platt Sep 1, 1996 517
I love to go fishing, and my motto is "catch and release." But I'm worried. Do the fish I let go die anyway? Sep 1, 1995 178
Species trends in sport fisheries, Monterey Bay, Calif., 1959-86. Mason, Janet E. Jan 1, 1995 11256
U.N. envoys fear new cod wars as fish dwindle. Pitt, David E. Apr 1, 1994 658
Where have all the fishes gone? Safina, Carl Mar 22, 1994 4044
Taking stock. La Pierre, Yvette May 1, 1993 2713

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