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Ecology and Use of Lantana camara in India. Negi, Girish C.S.; Sharma, Subrat; Vishvakarma, Subash C.R.; Samant, Sher S.; Maikhuri, Rakesh K.; P Report Jun 1, 2019 12664
Botany & Plant Ecology. Bibliography Sep 22, 2017 1739
The introduction of Japanese plants into North America. Del Tredici, Peter Report Sep 1, 2017 14747
Assessing the relevance of herbarium collections as tools for conservation biology. Nualart, Neus; Ibanez, Neus; Soriano, Ignasi; Lopez-Pujol, Jordi Report Sep 1, 2017 11824
Cyanide two-step: Fruits lead and seeds follow in the chemical phenology of a subtropical cherry. Heiling, Jacob M.; Gilbert, Lawrence E. Report Mar 1, 2016 1787
Arizona plants heading upslope. Brief article Oct 1, 2013 182
Arctic plants at risk. Brief article May 1, 2012 110
Occurrence of sprouts and seedlings of pinyon pines, alligator junipers, and gray oaks following harvest of fuelwood and prescribed burning. Wood, M. Karl; Scanlon, Roxanne; Cram, Douglas S. Report Mar 1, 2012 4163
Meeting of the council: Indiana University--Kokomo: 17 April 2009. Bruns, Heather A. Aug 31, 2010 1145
Avian seed dispersal on Virginia barrier islands: potential influence on vegetation community structure and patch dynamics. Shiflett, Sheri A.; Young, Donald R. Report Jul 1, 2010 6774
Tolerance to sand burial, trampling, and drought of two subarctic coastal plant species (Leymus mollis and Trisetum spicatum). Boudreau, Stephane; Faure-Lacroix, Julie Report Dec 1, 2009 6797
Chapter 11: The control of growth and development. Jan 1, 2009 10365
Geographic variation in flowering responses to fire and season of clipping in a fire-adapted plant. Brewer, J. Stephen Report Jul 1, 2008 7729
Floristic richness and affinities in the West Indies. Acevedo-Rodriguez, Pedro; Strong, Mark T. Report May 1, 2008 9671
The impact of ecology and biogeography on legume diversity, endemism, and phylogeny in the Caribbean region: a new direction in historical biogeography. Lavin, Matt; Matos, Angela Beyra Report May 1, 2008 6863
Multiple objectives achieved with a germination experiment in a science education biology class. Bergwerff, Ken; Warners, David Nov 1, 2007 3341
Effects of leaf litter on establishment, growth and survival of invasive plant seedlings in a deciduous forest. Bartuszevige, Anne M.; Gorchov, Rikki L.; Hrenko David L. Report Oct 1, 2007 3925
Chapter 9 plants and their environment. Arteca, Richard N. Jan 1, 2006 6284
Chapter 16 nursery site selection, development, and facilities. Arteca, Richard N. Jan 1, 2006 3468
Biology: homeopathy demand threatens Africa's plant life. Brief Article Mar 1, 2004 128
Symbionts affect coral's chemistry. (Earth Science). Brief Article May 4, 2002 301
Wild gerbils pollinate African desert lily. Milius, S. Brief Article Oct 13, 2001 490
Herbaceous vegetation diversity and abundance beneath honey mesquite (Prosopis glandulosa) in the South Texas Plains. Ruthven, Donald C., III May 1, 2001 6016
Botany & Plant Ecology. Critical Essay Mar 22, 2001 3685
Rhizosphere activity of cattail (Typha latifolia) and spike rush (Eleocharis tuberculosa) inhabiting an oil spill. Allen, Chris A.; Wagner, Stephen C. Nov 1, 2000 3716
Mercury Toxicity in Plants. PATRA, MANOMITA; SHARMA, ARCHANA Jul 1, 2000 24089
A variation of line intercept sampling: comparing long transects to short transects. Jorgensen, Eric E.; Demarais, Stephen; Monasmith, Tony Feb 1, 2000 1810
Succession, Sapling Density and Growth in Canopy Gaps Along a Topographic Gradient in a Second Growth East Tennessee Forest. Wilder, Christine M.; Holtzclaw, Fred W. Jr.; Clebsch, Edward E. C. Oct 1, 1999 5114
Early vs. asymptotic growth responses of herbaceous plants to elevated CO2. Thomas, S.C.; Jasienski, M.; Bazzaz, F.A. Jul 1, 1999 9200
Whole-plant consequences of Crassulacean acid metabolism for a tropical forest understory plant. Skillman, John B.; Garcia, Milton; Winter, Klaus Jul 1, 1999 6332
Blade abandonment/proliferation: a novel mechanism for rapid epiphyte control in marine macrophytes. Littler, Mark M.; Littler, Diane S. Jul 1, 1999 6937
Indirect facilitation: evidence and predictions from a riparian community. Levine, Jonathan M. Jul 1, 1999 5196
Using Geographic Information to Acquire Wild Crop Germplasm for Ex Situ Collections: I. Map Development and Field Use. Greene, Stephanie L.; Hart, Thomas C.; Afonin, Alexandr May 1, 1999 6113
Plant hybrid zones affect biodiversity: tools for a genetic-based understanding of community structure. Whitham, Thomas G.; Martinsen, Gregory D.; Floate, Kevin D.; Dungey, Heidi S.; Potts, Brad M.; Keim, Mar 1, 1999 6900
Plant density determines species richness along an experimental fertility gradient. Stevens, M. Henry H.; Carson, Walter P. Mar 1, 1999 7368
Reducing predation through chemically mediated camouflage: indirect effects of plant defenses on herbivores. Stachowicz, John J.; Hay, Mark E. Mar 1, 1999 11034
Pollen dispersal models in quaternary plant ecology: assumptions, parameters, and prescriptions. Jackson, Stephen T.; Lyford, Mark E. Jan 1, 1999 12275
Forest colonization and developmental growth of the invasive shrub Lonicera maackii. Deering, Ryan H.; Vankat, John L. Jan 1, 1999 3651
Plant succession on pumice at Mount St. Helens, Washington. Moral, Roger del Jan 1, 1999 6273
Leaf fluctuating asymmetry increases with hybridization and elevation in tree-line birches. Wilsey, Brian J.; Haukioja, Erkki; Koricheva, Julia; Sulkinoja, Matti Sep 1, 1998 4860
Habitat associations of the small-mammal community in the Grand Prairie of north-central Texas. Hanchey, Matthew F.; Wilkins, Kenneth T. May 1, 1998 6005
Are biotic factors significant in influencing the distribution of halophytes in saline habitats? Ungar, Irwin A. Apr 1, 1998 12414
Plant species richness in riparian wetlands - a test of biodiversity theory. Pollock, Michael M.; Naiman, Robert J.; Hanley, Thomas A. Jan 1, 1998 7646
Floral characters link herbivores, pollinators, and plant fitness. Strauss, Sharon Y. Sep 1, 1997 4292
Communism in trees goes underground. Strauss, Evelyn Brief Article Aug 9, 1997 533
A simplified forest model to study species composition along climate gradients. Bugmann, Harald K.M. Oct 1, 1996 12823
Seed banks in desert annuals: implications for persistence and coexistence in variable environments. Pake, Catherine E.; Venable, D. Lawrence Jul 1, 1996 5721
Impacts of geophysical seismic survey vehicles on Padre Island National Seashore vegetation. Drawe, D. Lynn; Ortega, Isaac M. May 1, 1996 3604
On quantifying the intensity of competition across gradients. Miller, Thomas E. Apr 1, 1996 2495
Plant phenolics in allelopathy. Apr 1, 1996 9056
Environmental factors affecting understory diversity in second-growth deciduous forests. Huebner, Cynthia D.; Randolph, J.C.; Parker, G.R. Jul 1, 1995 4564
Sexual dimorphism masks life history trade-offs in the dioecious plant Silene latifolia. Delph, Lynda F.; Meagher, Thomas R. Apr 1, 1995 6814
Is coexistence of Sonoran Desert annuals mediated by temporal variability in reproductive success? Pake, Catherine E.; Venable, D. Lawrence Jan 1, 1995 8087
Greenery filters PAH-lution from skies. Raloff, Janet Brief Article Jul 9, 1994 382
Size distribution patterns and potential population change of some dominant woody species of the Edwards Plateau region of Texas. Van Auken, O.W. Aug 1, 1993 3988
Vegetation classifications of Big Bend National Park, Texas. Plumb, Gregory A. Nov 1, 1992 4563
Woody vegetation of the dry, sandy uplands of eastern Texas. Ward, John R.; Nixon, Elray S. Aug 1, 1992 4195
Root words: scientists strengthen the case for subterranean signals among plants. Weiss, Rick Mar 23, 1991 896
Preliminary description of the vegetation of South Texas exclusive of coastal saline zones. McLendon, Terry Feb 1, 1991 6306
Plants bite back: insect-infested hosts starve out unwanted guests, and may even warn their neighbors. Chen, Ingfei Dec 22, 1990 2259
Costa Rica's patchwork diversity. Cowen, Ron Aug 18, 1990 178
Plant phenology in the lower Rio Grande Valley, Texas. Vora, Robin S. May 1, 1990 1779
Changes in native vegetation following different disturbances in the lower Rio Grande Valley, Texas. Vora, Robin S.; Messerly, John F. May 1, 1990 3567

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