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Climate change is not an emergency; NEWSLETTER. Nov 29, 2021 336
PH commits to reverse forest loss and land degradation by 2030. Nov 27, 2021 513
Faith groups united on climate change fight. Nov 25, 2021 261
'Youth Love Egypt' Foundation plants 2000 trees to adapt to Climate Change. Egypt Today staff Nov 25, 2021 213
Flying in the face of climate change; Campaigners have slammed plans to make domestic flights cheaper. TOMMY LUMBY Nov 24, 2021 678
Food security should be at heart of climate change mitigation: Environment Minister. Daily News Egypt Nov 23, 2021 280
Egypt's Green Corner project: Raising awareness on climate change. Egypt Today staff Nov 20, 2021 234
Nations might pledge climate action, but cities will deliver it; Coun NICK FORBES, Leader of Newcastle City Council, attended the COP26 climate summit in Glasgow, speaking to delegates on the role of local government in delivering action on climate change. Here, he reflects on the learnings and outcomes of the two-week summit and what action needs to be taken. Nov 20, 2021 945
Call to stop sewage discharge into Sound; one of three environmental proposals to be discussed at city council meeting. DANIEL CLARK AND PHILIP CHURM Nov 19, 2021 700
60,000 trees to be planted to tackle climate change. Gina Agapiou Nov 19, 2021 315
Flying in the face of climate change; Campaigners have slammed plans to make domestic flights cheaper. TOMMY LUMBY Nov 19, 2021 678
City retains its status as climate change champion. DANIEL HOLLAND Local democracy reporter Nov 19, 2021 483
ITV Good Morning Britain viewers 'cringe' as climate change activist bursts into tears live on air; George Monbiot was overcome at the prospect of 'the end of everything'. By, Gabriella Clare Nov 18, 2021 352
Do all you can to help tackle climate change; Council urges public to take course, read up or make home more energy efficient. STAFF REPORTER Nov 17, 2021 427
Beat climate change before it's too late. Nov 17, 2021 367
County warned to 'face up' to the realities of climate change. Nov 17, 2021 329
Poaching, migration, climate change: The case for Pakistan's missing markhors. SAIMA SHABBIR Nov 17, 2021 854
Poor nations should not pay for rich countries' pollution. Fuad Al-Zayer Nov 17, 2021 1120
Alba launches green drive to support Bahrain's climate change vow. Nov 16, 2021 396
Environmental pollution and COP 26. Attiya Munawer Nov 16, 2021 582
Tackling climate change. Noorulain Mansoor-Pano Aqil Nov 16, 2021 304
COP26 ends pledging speedy action on climate change. Nov 15, 2021 549
On COP26 and climate change. Nov 15, 2021 674
The real difficulties in climate change and how to address them. Nidhal Guessoum Nov 15, 2021 946
Pakistan among 130 nations committed to reversing deforestation. Nov 15, 2021 373
Climate change and national security. Nov 15, 2021 968
COP 26 ends with global agreement to speed up action on climate change. Nov 15, 2021 275
Over half of youngsters frustrated as they feel 'excluded' from climate change debate; Nine out of ten 16 to 24-year-olds are concerned about the climate crisis -but feel under-represented and 'locked out' of the debate due to a lack of campaigners they relate to. By, Sarah Lumley Nov 14, 2021 628
How Will Climate Change Affect Sports? Laura, Guest Writer Nov 14, 2021 517
Saudi initiatives are blueprint to tackle climate change, says senior analyst. SARAH GLUBB Nov 14, 2021 342
Cambodia determined to address climate change issues, ban on new coal fired power plant the start. Nov 13, 2021 175
ROKiT Venturi talks climate change, gender equality at COP26. Arab News Nov 13, 2021 616
Iraq calls for 'fair' steps to fight climate change. SARAH GLUBB Nov 13, 2021 405
COP26 - a turning point in environmental history. Nov 13, 2021 842
Beyond climate blah, blah, what is Uganda's climate change story? Nov 12, 2021 764
Poetry book inspires hope in the face of climate change. Nov 12, 2021 578
McDonald's steps up to cope with climate change. Nov 12, 2021 378
Inside fight to make Premier League clubs sustainable and follow the COP26 agenda; EXCLUSIVE: The United Nations' climate summit, COP26, has highlighted the urgent need to act on climate change -and that pressing concern is being felt by the Premier League. By, Felix Keith Nov 12, 2021 2322
GMB descends into chaos as Kate Garraway's phone goes off twice mid-interview; Kate Garraway said she was 'so embarrassed' after her alarm rang twice during an interview about climate change. By, Megan Nisbet Nov 12, 2021 452
NUST holds session on Climate Change. Nov 12, 2021 180
CAN DO.. MUST DO; Sturgeon calls on rich countries to step up in the last hours of climate change summit but Friends of the Earth says Scotland must do more to end gas & oil production. CHRIS McCALL Nov 12, 2021 880
POOTS LAUNCHES GREEN STRATEGY; COP26: NI CHALLENGES SET OUT Consultation is launched to identify climate crisis response. SHAUNA CORR Environment Correspondent Nov 12, 2021 359
Council nearly halves its carbon footprint; Region's response to climate change. MARC MCLEAN Nov 12, 2021 433
Climate change issue has not been taken seriously: speakers. Nov 12, 2021 376
Cambodia praised for addressing climate change issues at COP26. Nov 11, 2021 328
Africa Suffers More From Climate Change Issues, Says AGRA. Nov 11, 2021 276
$4 billion investment in climate change response announced at COP26 Summit. Nov 11, 2021 862
Developing nations take the lead in tackling climate change. Nov 11, 2021 622
Violence, insecurity and climate change drive 84 million people from their homes. Nov 11, 2021 393
Climate change: Blah, blah, blah and boom, boom, boom. Nov 11, 2021 617
OPEC Advocates Sustainable Policies Towards Reducing Emissions. Nov 11, 2021 410
Disgust as local billboard calls Prince William 'climate change hypocrite'; The board has been blasted by the town's MP, Julian Knight, who has labelled it a "disgusting attack on the royal family". By, Emily Collis & Nick Smith Nov 11, 2021 575
OP-ED: COP26: How the world's militaries hide their huge carbon emissions. Nov 11, 2021 827
Leading the charge in the battle against climate change. Raed Albasseet Nov 11, 2021 568
Carbon emissions: How will the Gulf get to net-zero? Nov 11, 2021 827
We can all help tackle climate change; Tom talks. RENFREWSHIRE SOUTH MSP TOM ARTHUR Nov 11, 2021 501
Cattle farming's impact on climate change. Nov 11, 2021 999
A green approach. Nov 11, 2021 322
Let's work together in fighting climate change. Nov 11, 2021 361
PH calls for end to climate change debate. Nov 10, 2021 414
BSP calls on increased climate change response. Nov 10, 2021 372
Gloomy Boris Johnson admits 'huge amount to do' as frantic final COP talks 'risk failure'; The Prime Minister dashed to Glasgow for the final days of the COP26 summit as progress on battling climate change hangs in the balance. By, Lizzy Buchan Nov 10, 2021 317
Drive to plant trees in cities to give people a break from urban life and purify air; The planting of trees in cities will be a huge part of addressing climate change and the National Trust's Plant a Tree fundraising campaign has received more than 60,000 donations in just 13 months. By, Natasha Wynarczyk Nov 10, 2021 1139
Beyond the hashtags, time to act on climate change. Nov 10, 2021 749
COP 26: Tunisia calls for setting global goal for climate change adaptation. Nov 10, 2021 190
Agriculture sector must prepare now for climate change. Nov 10, 2021 327
ED: Climate change threatens the very concept of an equitable world. Nov 10, 2021 310
Qatar accords top priority to climate change. Nov 10, 2021 892
Qatar minister discusses climate change issue in Glasgow meetings. Nov 10, 2021 219
Environmental pollution and COP26. Attiya Munawer Nov 10, 2021 624
Climate change alert ruined by private jet. Nov 10, 2021 178
COP26: World Leaders Paying Lip-Service To Climate Change Crisis - Buhari. Nov 10, 2021 578
Countryfile viewers blast BBC show as too 'woke' after special episode on climate change; One unhappy viewer said Countryfile had 'become The One Show with a rural backdrop'. By, Charlotte McIntyre & Ben Eccleston Nov 9, 2021 456
COP26: World Leaders Merely Paying Lip Service To Climate Change Crisis -Buhari. Nov 9, 2021 1319
Led to the slaughter on altar of climate change. Nov 9, 2021 502
Opinion| Is carbon pricing the best answer to the climate change crisis? Marwa El- Shinawy Nov 9, 2021 788
Egypt launches health initiatives to confront climate change impacts. Daily News Egypt Nov 9, 2021 239
Ally Financial achieves carbon neutrality for 2020 Scope 1 & 2 emissions. Nov 9, 2021 192
Ally Financial achieves carbon neutrality for 2020 Scope 1 & 2 emissions. Nov 9, 2021 190
Israel an enemy of the environment, not its savior. Ramzy Baroud Nov 8, 2021 1052
COP26: Barack Obama condemns Russia and China for 'dangerous lack of urgency' over climate change; Former US president said "the US is back" after four years of "active hostility" on climate policy from the administration of Donald Trump. By, Laura Paterson (PA) & Emily Beament (PA) & Erin Santillo Nov 8, 2021 965
Queen's speech shows 'greater closeness' between William and Charles, expert claims; The Queen delivered a video message to world leaders and governments at a reception at the Cop26 climate change summit in Glasgow last week. By, William Walker Nov 8, 2021 334
CLIMATE CHANGE: It's over to the people. Nov 8, 2021 1271
Plan to tackle climate change. Nov 8, 2021 472
China's green BRI contributes to tackling climate change: British expert. Nov 8, 2021 482
Hawaiian Electric expects 70% carbon reduction by 2030 and zero emissions by 2045 in Hawaii. Nov 8, 2021 285
Experts offer perspectives on resolving climate change at Doha Debates. Nov 8, 2021 533
Images purporting to refute climate change don't hold any water. Nov 7, 2021 793
Nigeria May Lose $460bn To Climate Change By 2050 - Adegbite. Nov 7, 2021 390
Climate change won't spare us if we don't save the world. Nov 7, 2021 690
Four-time F1 champ Sebastian Vettel becomes unlikely ally in fight against climate change; Sebastian Vettel, a four-time Formula One world champion, has become increasingly outspoken about climate change and has warned that 'what is at stake is all our futures'. By, John Bett Interview Nov 7, 2021 1544
Climate change: Who will bell the cat? Nov 7, 2021 708
Iran nuclear talks a step toward peace; combating climate change through reforestation. Editorial Nov 7, 2021 639
1,000 lobbyists at COP26 talks; Mega companies swamp climate change summit EXCLUSIVE. PATRICK HILL and ROB EDWARDS Nov 7, 2021 295
1,000 lobbyists at COP26 talks; Mega companies swamp climate change summit. exclusive by Patrick Hill ;rob edwards Nov 7, 2021 315
District cooling an 'effective weapon' to combat climate change. Nov 7, 2021 502
Fatima Fertilizer addresses climate change at Expo 2020 Dubai. Nov 7, 2021 424
COP26: Kenya disappointed with 'two-faced' climate change talks. Nov 6, 2021 706
COP26: State obliged to protect Kenyans against climate change. Nov 6, 2021 1324
Nigeria May Lose $460bn To Climate Change By 2050 - Adegbite. Nov 6, 2021 389
We need to adapt fast to climate change. Nov 6, 2021 469
South Asian Activists Demand Collective Action On Climate Change. Nov 6, 2021 422
Is The Armed Conflict In Jammu & Kashmir An Enabling Factor For Climate Change? Nov 6, 2021 954
Is the ECB right to take on climate change? CM Guest Columnist Nov 6, 2021 809
Sleepy Joe must wake up to climate change; STATESIDE Follow him on Twitter @chrisbucktin. Nov 6, 2021 526
Cambodia urges int'l support for climate change action. Nov 6, 2021 199
Malaysia to sign declaration on forest, land use at UN Convention on Climate Change, says ministry. Nov 5, 2021 240
Let's address climate change in Uganda. Nov 5, 2021 288
'COP26 is dream gig': Magic Circle chief wants to educate world leaders with climate show; Megan Swann uses her magic act to educate crowds about environmental issues like climate change, deforestation, and species extinction, and has said it would be a 'dream gig' to play at COP26. By, John Bett Nov 5, 2021 647
Thousands of young activists march through Glasgow demanding climate change action; Greta Thunberg joined thousands of other young activists in a march calling for climate change action from leaders and politicians at Cop26, which is being held in Glasgow, Scotland. By, Matthew Dresch Nov 5, 2021 663
Prince William and Kate Middleton should not go back to 'jet-set lifestyle', says expert; Prince William gave a hard-hitting speech at the COP26 climate change summit this week, but one royal expert says he and Kate Middleton have to continue to travel sustainably to remain credible on the issue. By, Jennifer Newton Nov 5, 2021 473
WMC helps highlight climate change challenge. Nov 5, 2021 389
Documentary chronicles views on climate change. Nov 5, 2021 353
UK pledges APS55m to Pakistan for climate change fight. Nov 5, 2021 434
UK pledges over APS55m to partner with Pakistan in fighting climate change. Nov 5, 2021 407
Young people discuss climate change. Nov 5, 2021 868
UK pledges over APS55m to fight climate change. Nov 5, 2021 212
COP 26: UK pledges APS55m to partner with Pakistan on climate change. Nov 5, 2021 295
UK pledges over APS55m to help Pakistan fight climate change, attract green financing. Nov 5, 2021 221
Croatian ex-president: Climate change increased number of refugees, migrants. Nov 5, 2021 178
BSEC Permanent International Secretariat's head talks ways to fight global climate change. Nov 5, 2021 196
Travel industry launching net zero road map for climate change battle, says global trade body chief. WAEL MAHDI Nov 5, 2021 1105
Climate change seriously affecting agriculture - Egyptian ex-minister. Nov 5, 2021 165
Nigeria May Benefit From $1bn Mobilised By LEAF At COP26 To Reduce Deforestation. Nov 4, 2021 489
UK pledges over APS55m to help Pakistan tackle climate change. Nov 4, 2021 201
UK gives Africa $197 million to mitigate climate change. Nov 4, 2021 632
Too much hot air at climate change summit; @evamsimpson EVA SIMPSON Unfiltered and undiluted. EVA SIMPSON Nov 4, 2021 524
Globe bounces back to nearly 2019 carbon pollution levels. SETH BORENSTEIN AP Science Writer Nov 4, 2021 206
Afghan children's climate emergency as country noticeably absent from COP26; Before the Taliban takeover in Afghanistan, climate change was making life impossibly hard for young people and their families -and now there is no one to speak up for them at the COP26 summit. By, Rhian Lubin & Helen Packer Nov 4, 2021 1473
Ex-climate change minister leads list of top Tories taking most domestic flights; Research reveals Tory ministers have taken dozens of domestic flights, as Number 10 defended Boris Johnson's decision to take a private jet back from the COP26 climate summit. By, Mikey Smith Nov 4, 2021 839
Environment Minister launches Egypt's National Climate Change Strategy 2050. Daily News Egypt Nov 4, 2021 356
Most Slovaks are worried about climate change but sceptical of carbon neutrality. Nov 4, 2021 343
How Prince Philip was environmental pioneer -feeding elephants and Attenborough tribute; After the Queen quoted directly from a speech given in 1969 by her late beloved husband Prince Philip about tackling the world's environmental problems in her video address at COP26, we look back at how he was one of the first public figures to talk about the issue. By, Jennifer Newton Nov 3, 2021 1278
Prince Harry 'feels snubbed' as he's left out of Queen's speech while she praises Wills; In her speech to world leaders at the COP26 climate change summit, the Queen praised both Prince Charles and Prince William for their work highlighting the cause -but didn't mention Prince Harry. And one royal expert has said Harry can't have it both ways as he's no longer a working royal. By, Jennifer Newton Nov 3, 2021 630
Joe Biden gushes over Prince Charles saying 'we need you badly' in climate change battle; Prince Charles and Joe Biden held a meeting at the COP26 climate change summit in Glasgow and the US president was caught on camera giving full praise to the heir to the throne. By, Jennifer Newton Nov 3, 2021 480
Boris Johnson races back from COP 26 on private jet to meet climate change sceptic pal; The Mirror understands Prime Minister Boris Johnson flew 400 miles on a private jet to attend a reunion dinner for Daily Telegraph journalists, with self-confessed climate change sceptic Lord Moore -Labour said 'this is staggering hypocrisy'. By, Nick Sommerlad Nov 3, 2021 866
COP26: No 10 hails 'significant momentum' in Glasgow climate change talks; Officials were particularly encouraged by India's commitment to slash carbon emissions by 2030 and a declaration by 110 countries, including Brazil, to halt and reverse the process of deforestation. By, Gavin Cordon (PA) & Emily Beament (PA) & Erin Santillo Nov 3, 2021 427
Cabinet highlights Qatar's interest in climate change issues. Nov 3, 2021 521
Saudi climate change chief: Deal 'can be done' to save the planet. Frank Kane Nov 3, 2021 379
Why tackling deforestation is so important for slowing climate change. The Conversation Nov 3, 2021 962
Kingdom endorses key climate change initiatives. Nov 3, 2021 205
Soaps join forces to raise awareness of climate change. Nov 3, 2021 228
Eco team ready to fight climate change. Nov 3, 2021 241
Illuminated arts trail will put climate change in the spotlight. EMYLIE HOWIE Nov 3, 2021 519
Qatar Foundation sustainability experts reflect on Qatar's efforts to address climate change. Nov 3, 2021 2463
David Lea-Wilson, MBE, co-owner of Halen Mon, talks about the challenges of Brexit and Covid, and 'walking the walk'on climate change; OPINION. Nov 3, 2021 519
Climate changes. NIDA ABDUL QADIR-Lahore Nov 3, 2021 207
Nigeria To Reach Net-Zero Emissions By 2060 - Buhari. Nov 3, 2021 639
Xi urges tough acts vs climate change. Nov 3, 2021 506
UK Commits New Support To African-Led Projects To Protect Vulnerable Communities At Frontline Of Climate Change. Nov 3, 2021 469
Akufo-Addo: We'll combat climate change, but protect Ghana's development as well. Nov 2, 2021 1010
Queen's touching tribute to Philip with sweet photo and brooch in COP26 speech; The Queen, 95, was speaking via a video message from Windsor Castle during a reception for heads of nations and governments at the COP26 climate change summit in Glasgow. By, Russell Myers & William Walker Nov 2, 2021 475
Boris Johnson's awkward climate change history as he admits 'conversion' moment; The PM has been on a journey with regard to environmental issues -flirting with climate denial more recently than you might think. By, Mikey Smith & Dan Bloom Nov 2, 2021 1316
'Those in poverty will be least able to weather brutal storm of climate change'; People who are already living in poverty shouldn't have to pay more for green subsidies -let those with the broadest shoulders contribute more, argues Clare Lorraine Phipps of Taxpayers Against Poverty. By, Clare Lorraine Phipps Nov 2, 2021 747
Meghan and Harry make climate pledge day after Queen praises Charles and William; Inspired by Harry and Meghan's "long-standing commitment to the planet, both together and prior to their union", the company has committed to cut its carbon emissions over the next few years. By, Isobel Frodsham Nov 2, 2021 579
Coronation Street features Emmerdale in bid to raise awareness of climate change; EastEnders, Coronation Street, Emmerdale, Hollyoaks, Casualty, Doctors and Holby City filmed scenes highlighting environmental issues ahead of the Cop26 climate summit. By, Keiran Southern, PA & Josh Luckhurst Nov 2, 2021 247
Cyprus pledges to halt deforestation. fm Nov 2, 2021 518
Kenya's Wathuti emotional call for climate change action. Nov 2, 2021 414
Poverty, Covid-19 and climate change. Rashid A Mughal Nov 2, 2021 1143
Youth to demand action on climate change. Gina Agapiou Nov 2, 2021 255
TIME IS TICKING NG; >>>> Taoiseach in pledge climate is top priority >> >> Martin insists carbon taxes will be price to pay >> >> But Govt still dodging issue of farm emissions. SHAUNA CORR, Environmental Correspondent at COP26, DOMINIC McGRATH and REBECCA BLACK Nov 2, 2021 915
Buhari at COP 26 pledges net zero emissions by 2060. Nov 2, 2021 638
PlenkoviA at COP26 - Croatia is the fourth country in the EU with the lowest CO2 emissions. Nov 2, 2021 360
KomA!iA: Fighting climate change requires joint action and realistic goals. Nov 2, 2021 826
COP26: Kenya to be Africa's voice on climate change at UNSC, Pres Uhuru says. Nov 2, 2021 677
Egyptian President Urges Developed Countries To Fulfil Annual 100 Billion USD Pledge To Face Climate Change. Nov 2, 2021 224
Tackle climate change to secure global future. Nov 2, 2021 296
Buhari To World Leaders: Give Us Yearly $100bn You Promised To Tackle Climate Change. Nov 2, 2021 655
Gates and Bennett to Join Forces to Combat Climate Change (VIDEO). Nov 2, 2021 322
Biden Says Russia, China 'Didn't Show Up' On Climate Change Commitments. Nov 1, 2021 463
Climate change: The fight before us. Nov 1, 2021 571
PM Hasina: Work together, no country is immune to climate change consequences. Nov 1, 2021 753
Pandemics are uninsurable, climate change is the real challenge. Nov 1, 2021 514
Unions urge Cop26 leaders to 'give workers a say' at climate change summit; World leaders descend in Glasgow today for the crunch climate change summit in a bid to reach targets to stop global temperatures rising more than 1.5C. By, Aletha Adu Nov 1, 2021 693
'This is a crucial year in the fight against climate change' -big changes at Lidl explained; The supermarket chain knows climate change affects all of us, which is why it is dedicated to sustainability so its customers can shop with confidence. By, Laura Tait Nov 1, 2021 369
7 easy things you can do at home to help planet -from recycling to diet changes; Some of the actions humans have taken throughout history have caused irreversible damages to our planet and accelerated climate change. There are, however, easy ways to lead a more environmentally-friendly life. By, Andrea Oldereide Nov 1, 2021 772
Queen's touching COP26 tribute to Prince Philip in rousing climate change speech; The Queen could not attend the COP26 climate change summit as she continues to recover from an overnight stay in hospital a fortnight ago -but she spoke via a video message tonight. By, Russell Myers Nov 1, 2021 762
COP26 begins as countries plan future actions on climate change. Nov 1, 2021 336
Egyptian President Urges Developed Countries To Fulfil Annual 100 Billion USD Pledge To Face Climate Change. Nov 1, 2021 224
QF to join talks on tackling climate change at COP26. Nov 1, 2021 517
Environmental campaigners to stage climate change rally in town. Nov 1, 2021 256
Countries must move to 'war-like footing' in combatting climate change -- Prince Charles. Zaid Khashogji&Michael Glackin Nov 1, 2021 267
Affinity, HDBank sign $300m million financing dealA for sustainable lending to combat climate change. Nov 1, 2021 322
No room for half measures at vital climate change summit. Chris Doyle Nov 1, 2021 1055
Firm climate change commitments still missing. Nov 1, 2021 1022
Keeping global climate change in check. Nov 1, 2021 598
Environmentalists second Egypt's strategy to combat climate change as COP26 kicks off. Nourhan Magdi Nov 1, 2021 421
UN official lauds Egypt's efforts on limiting climate change impacts. Egypt Today staff Nov 1, 2021 289
Discussing Egypt's policies for adaptation to climate change. Egypt Today staff Nov 1, 2021 558
Be Active In Global Climate Change, Architects Urged. Oct 31, 2021 297
Flight levy cut shows climate change not Rishi Sunak's 'main priority', says Greta Thunberg; The world famous climate activist said the Chancellor's decision to slash a Air Passenger Duty on domestic flights is part of a "pattern" of policies. By, Rachel Wearmouth Oct 31, 2021 952
Cyprus President to elaborate on his initiative for a Regional Action Plan on climate change during COP26 Summit. Source: Cyprus News Agency Oct 31, 2021 388
TIME TO END THE CRUELTY; CLIMATE CHANGE & HUNTING THREAT Vile trade despite Boris pledge. EXCLUSIVE by Chris McLaughlin Oct 31, 2021 454
Fear Of Instability: Buhari Opposes Measures To Check Climate Change. Oct 31, 2021 812
Greta Thunberg mobbed by crowds as 'climate train' pulls into Glasgow station; A large police presence escorted Greta Thunberg through Glasgow after arriving with other key activists on a specially chartered "climate train" from London ahead of the COP26 climate change summit. By, Ryan Fahey Oct 30, 2021 656
Sick trophy hunter poses with slaughtered polar bear as Ricky Gervais demands ban; As world leaders gather for the COP26 climate summit, they face demands to stop the sick slaughter as species like polar bears are threatened by climate change -and shot by UK trophy hunters. By, Chris McLaughlin Oct 30, 2021 531
'Johnson pledged to end vile trophy hunting trade but promises mean nothing to him'; World leaders gather in Glasgow for 'last chance saloon' to tackle climate change at a time when companies are pouring sewage into our seas and, as we reveal today, as the crime against nature that is trophy hunting is not just continuing but flourishing while our government does nothing. By, Voice of the People Oct 30, 2021 374
Cop26 'moment of truth' on climate change -Johnson; Prime Minister presses world leaders to seize the moment. By, Patrick Daly, PA & Nick Wood Oct 30, 2021 468
Nations must cooperate to fight the overwhelming battle of climate change. Oct 30, 2021 571
COP26: Battling climate change. Oct 30, 2021 897
ViA?t Nam's active role in climate change to be highlighted at COP 26. Oct 30, 2021 731
WE can lead the fight against climate change; City's innovators tasked with finding answers. DANIEL HOLLAND Local Democracy Reporter Oct 30, 2021 165
We can lead the way in climate change battle. DANIEL HOLLAND Local democracy reporter Oct 30, 2021 603
Queen of green; We're talking about... National treasure Joanna Lumley fronts a powerful new show devoted to climate change. Oct 30, 2021 356
Bible's message on climate change. Oct 30, 2021 371
IKEA opens Sustainable Living Shops to cut cost of climate change ahead of COP26 summit; The shops within existing IKEA stores with a focus on key areas where customers can take action, helping reduce their climate footprint as well as household costs. By, Brett Gibbons Oct 29, 2021 368
IKEA opens Sustainable Living Shops to cut cost of climate change ahead of COP26 summit; The shops within existing IKEA stores with a focus on key areas where customers can take action, helping reduce their climate footprint as well as household costs. By, Brett Gibbons Oct 29, 2021 368
PM unveils Qatar's national strategy for climate change. Oct 29, 2021 437
Capital should lead on climate change. Oct 29, 2021 176
China submits key documents on tackling climate change to UN. Oct 29, 2021 253
Some airlines risk failure if they do not cut emissions faster. Oct 28, 2021 450
PCRWR announces essay contest on climate change. Oct 28, 2021 383
PCRWR announces essay contest on climate change. Oct 28, 2021 383
Turkey's Lake Tuz dries up due to climate change, farming. Mohammed Abu Zaid Oct 28, 2021 903
PH calls for Western nations action on climate change. Oct 28, 2021 469
Climate Change: ERA Tasks African Leaders To Demand Payments For Carbon Debts. Oct 28, 2021 606
Children tell govt climate change is a child rights issue. Oct 27, 2021 346
Climate change conversations urged by council. Oct 27, 2021 388
Enhancing gender equality in response to climate change. Oct 27, 2021 493
On track to boost rail services and fight climate change. Oct 27, 2021 262
Legarda seeks guarantee on climate finance to protect Filipinos from climate change impact. Oct 27, 2021 569
Environmentalists: Malaysia's latest climate change action plan on greenhouse gas emissions may be too ambitious, unrealistic. Oct 27, 2021 1014
Vale of Glamorgan climate change plan: 'Carry on what you're doing, but in a slightly different way'; Progress in the council's Project Zero plan has been delayed due to the coronavirus pandemic, councillors said. By, Alex Seabrook Oct 27, 2021 790
PM Imran elaborates Pakistan's steps to tackle climate change at MEGI summit. Oct 26, 2021 157
College shows commitment to climate change with new plan. SHARON LIPTROTT Oct 26, 2021 228
Imran urges serious, joint efforts to tackle climate change. Oct 26, 2021 952
Pakistan Cables commits to net-zero emissions. Oct 26, 2021 199
PM Imran, Saudi crown prince discuss climate change, Afghanistan. Oct 26, 2021 325
League of Women Voters of Roselle-Bloomingdale to host climate change panel. Trey Arline Oct 26, 2021 295
Green Initiative Summit: PM urges world to give climate change importance for survival. Oct 25, 2021 438
Morocco Takes Part in Middle East Green Initiative Summit. Oct 25, 2021 296
Najla Bouden calls for pooling efforts in Middle East to combat climate change. Oct 25, 2021 279
COP26 must not fail with humanity to blame for 'out of control' climate change; Leading climate scientists have collectively warned changes are now dangerously close to being out of control, with human activity "unequivocally" to blame. By, Nada Farhoud & Rhian Lubin Oct 25, 2021 1303
At Green Initiative Summit, PM Imran urges world to take climate change more seriously. Oct 25, 2021 970
Saudi Arabia launches two initiatives at cost of $10.4 billion to combat climate change: Crown Prince. RAYANA ALQUBALISHATHA ALMASOUDI Oct 25, 2021 238
UK PM Johnson follows Saudi Crown Prince's lead urging 'further faster' action on climate change. Arab News Oct 25, 2021 369
Saudi crown prince discusses climate change with leaders on sidelines of regional summit. Arab News Oct 25, 2021 237
Bahrain targets net zero carbon emissions. Oct 25, 2021 246
Fearful about the future? What you can do to fight climate change; A little action by individuals can add up to big change. By, By Tess de la Mare, PA & Will Maule Oct 24, 2021 1138
Glasgow 2021: Okorocha Leads Africa's Campaign Against Climate Change. Oct 24, 2021 629
Climate change: Okorocha predicts danger for Nigeria, Africa. Oct 24, 2021 478
MINDANAO: Dealing with climate change is the challenge of the generation. Oct 24, 2021 579
Saudi Arabia's methane pledge is a big step forward in fight against climate change. Frank Kane Oct 24, 2021 605
EU commissioner for Neighbourhood, Enlargement: We support Egypt's efforts to combat climate change. Egypt Today staff Oct 24, 2021 1014
Climate Change represents major challenge to water management: Abdel-Atti. Egypt Today staff Oct 24, 2021 504
Citizens of the world need to act now against climate change. Ranvir S. Nayar Oct 24, 2021 1254
Ange is climate change. Oct 24, 2021 297
Pakistan's Green Diplomacy unites world on fighting climate change: Amin Aslam. Oct 24, 2021 412
Pakistan's Green Diplomacy unites world on fighting climate change: Amin Aslam. Oct 24, 2021 412
Climate Change: Are Wealthy Polluters Leaving Vulnerable Africa Behind? Oct 23, 2021 1166
Saudi Arabia's carbon-rich mangroves are key to combating climate change. Arab News Oct 23, 2021 395
United Nations praises Saudi Arabia's 'bold and courageous' climate change plans revealed at SGI 2021. WAEL MAHDI Oct 23, 2021 222
PRC observes Global Climate Change Week. Oct 23, 2021 274
PRC observes Global Climate Change Week. Oct 23, 2021 274
Prince Charles: Saudi Arabia has 'critical role' in fighting climate change. Arab News Oct 23, 2021 267
Top oil exporter Saudi Arabia targets net zero emissions by 2060. Reuters News Service Oct 23, 2021 547
Saudi Arabia aims to achieve net zero emissions by 2060. Oct 23, 2021 559
ED: Empowering women in the fight against climate change. Oct 23, 2021 281
Food for thought; TIME FOR CHANGE climate Why is household waste such a massive environmental problem? It is estimated a third of all produce is never eaten... CLIMATE CHANGE SUMMIT Glasgow. ANNA BURNSIDE Oct 22, 2021 748
Fatima Fertilizer addresses climate change at Expo 2020 Dubai. Oct 22, 2021 418
4 Opportunities for Investing in Green Infrastructure in the PH. Oct 22, 2021 920
Environmental migration and climate change in the Indian Ocean littoral. Oct 22, 2021 980
US Government Warns That 'No Country Will Be Spared' In The Impact Of Climate Change. Oct 22, 2021 721
Green initiatives implemented to check energy use. Oct 21, 2021 173
Healthy forest ecosystems essential for sustainable agri production Fakhar. Oct 21, 2021 455
Fatima Fertilizer addresses climate change at Expo 2020 Dubai. Oct 21, 2021 246
2nd phase of the 'Environmental Pioneers' program to empower youth to cope with climate change kicks off. Egypt Today staff Oct 21, 2021 382
Green is way to go; Are we on the right road to more sustainable travel or still in the slow lane? And how skipping just two flights to Europe a year helps the planet CLIMATE CHANGE SUMMIT GLASGOW. ANNA BURNSIDE Oct 20, 2021 782
UN: Climate change threatens over 100m Africans. Oct 19, 2021 547
A $30 million project launched to improve water security amid climate change. Oct 19, 2021 281
Climate change photography challenge. Oct 18, 2021 159
March calls for action to tackle climate change. SONIA SHARMA Reporter Oct 18, 2021 350
Experts warn of looming climate change impacts in Pakistan. Oct 18, 2021 467
Experts warn of looming climate change impacts in Pakistan. Oct 18, 2021 467
Royals losing their cool -from Kate Middleton's epic eye roll to Queen scolding William; After the Queen was heard to be "irritated" by world leaders not committing to attending the COP26 climate change summit next month, we look back at the times when royals have let their frustrations boil over and their real feelings be known. By, Jennifer Newton Oct 18, 2021 969
Call to engage vulnerable communities in govt's climate change plan. Oct 17, 2021 650
Irrigation Minister reviews efforts to adapt to climate change, water treatment projects. Daily News Egypt Oct 17, 2021 241
COP A LOAD OF THIS; Striking school cleaners and cooks will join binmen and rail workers in bid to cripple climate change summit and highlight poor pay and conditions. PETER DAVIDSON & KIRSTY FREERICK Oct 16, 2021 603
Climate change: the next global challenge. Oct 16, 2021 919
Climate change action seen in estate revival; Former sheep farm is wildlife haven. KAIYA MARJORIBANKS Oct 15, 2021 472
Emissions in Pakistan down by 9pc: PM's aide. Oct 15, 2021 475
Pakistan will bring down national carbon emissions by 50pc by 2030 Amin. Oct 15, 2021 721
FFCL addresses climate change at Expo 2020 Dubai. Oct 14, 2021 419
Pakistan showcases its revised NDC strategy to combat climate change: Malik. Oct 14, 2021 458
Simplify climate change messages - Tobiko. Oct 14, 2021 390
PM approves policies related to climate change, wildlife. Oct 14, 2021 215
Int'l community acknowledging Pakistan's realistic and tangible steps to mitigate impacts of climate change: PM Imran Khan. Oct 14, 2021 311
SAPM on climate change, Danish climate ambassador discuss waste-to-energy and renewable energy projects. Oct 14, 2021 416
Size doesn't matter; The environmental actions of small countries like Scotland do make a difference, argues Sturgeon. PAUL HUTCHEON Oct 14, 2021 474
Business aviation industry commits to net-zero carbon emissions by 2050. Oct 13, 2021 476
Danish Govt eager to enhance bilateral collaboration, working on climate change. Oct 13, 2021 351
Danish Govt eager to enhance bilateral collaboration, working on climate change. Oct 13, 2021 351
'If we're in nature and climate emergencies, where's the urgency?' -Delyth Jewell MS; Delyth Jewell MS, Plaid Cymru's spokesperson on climate change asks what the Welsh Government is doing about the two emergencies it has declared. By, Delyth Jewell & Ruth Mosalski Oct 13, 2021 864
Chevron sets new target to cut greenhouse gas emissions. Oct 13, 2021 347
Green jobs. Oct 13, 2021 335
Denmark's ambassador for climate change keen to work with Pakistan in environment-friendly projects. Oct 13, 2021 340
When it comes to climate change, England must adapt or die, government agency says. Oct 13, 2021 328

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