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Climate change action seen in estate revival; Former sheep farm is wildlife haven. KAIYA MARJORIBANKS Oct 15, 2021 472
Wolves 'must be reintroduced to UK to fight climate crisis even if farmers lose sheep'; Years of overgrazing by sheep and deer have degraded Britain's lands sharing the countryside with large carnivores again would play a big part in restoring the ecology, says legendary conservationist Roy Dennis. By, Nada Farhoud Oct 7, 2021 576
Farm visit puts spotlight on industry concerns; Climate change and future agricultural policies highlighted Farmers highlight industry concerns. FARM&COUNTRY WITH ANDREW FORGRAVE 07900 227511 / Aug 19, 2021 937
Call for measures to encourage nature-friendly farming to help save the planet and boost Scotland's Covid recovery; How crofters and farmers raise livestock and grow crops could play a significant role in tackling the twin crises of climate change and declining wildlife while supporting communities and boosting health, according to a nationwide green farming movement. Ilona Amos Apr 29, 2021 685
Forest Service targets feral hogs Hogs: Invasive species can be a serious threat to the forest. Travis DeNeal Feb 5, 2021 303
Tasek Gelugor farmers get respite from pig waste pollution. Dec 25, 2020 382
Carbon Footprint Assessment of Spanish Dairy Cattle Farms: Effectiveness of Dietary and Farm Management Practices as a Mitigation Strategy. Ibidhi, Ridha; Calsamiglia, Sergio Nov 1, 2020 8154
Improve Pasture or Feed Grain? Greenhouse Gas Emissions, Profitability, and Resource Use for Nelore Beef Cattle in Brazil's Cerrado and Amazon Biomes. Molossi, Luana; Hoshide, Aaron Kinyu; Pedrosa, Lorena Machado; de Oliveira, Andre Soares; de Abreu, Aug 1, 2020 13118
Greens complain of pollution affecting Nicosia river. Peter Michael May 16, 2020 244
Simultaneous Removal of Pollutants and Recovery of Nutrients from High-Strength Swine Wastewater Using a Novel Integrated Treatment Process. Shim, Soomin; Reza, Arif; Kim, Seungsoo; Ahmed, Naveed; Won, Seunggun; Ra, Changsix Report May 1, 2020 9397
Resilience of Small Ruminants to Climate Change and Increased Environmental Temperature: A Review. Joy, Aleena; Dunshea, Frank R.; Leury, Brian J.; Clarke, Iain J.; DiGiacomo, Kristy; Chauhan, Surind May 1, 2020 10483
Is Environmentally Sustainable Meat Possible? Katz-Rosene, Ryan; Martin, Sarah J. Essay Mar 22, 2020 2897
The environment lies at the heart of GRASP: Examining the challenges facing Pakistan's livestock and horticulture sectors. Kasterine, Alexander Mar 21, 2020 571
Panel urged to rethink climate change metrics; Environment: Groups appeal for 'more accuracy'. NANCY NICOLSON Mar 5, 2020 360
Carbon Footprint of Mediterranean Pasture-Based Native Beef: Effects of Agronomic Practices and Pasture Management under Different Climate Change Scenarios. Grossi, Giampiero; Vitali, Andrea; Lacetera, Nicola; Danieli, Pier Paolo; Bernabucci, Umberto; Nardo Report Mar 1, 2020 9588
Environmental Sustainability Assessment of Dairy Farms Rearing the Italian Simmental Dual-Purpose Breed. Baldini, Mario; Borso, Francesco Da; Rossi, Andrea; Taverna, Mario; Bovolenta, Stefano; Piasentier, Report Feb 1, 2020 7050
Kisumu residents sue Agro Chemicals over pollution. Jan 21, 2020 529
Breeding set to cut emissions. Dec 17, 2019 233
Climate change reducing livestock, agri products: minister. Dec 11, 2019 329
Cows to go green and cut impact. JOE GAMMIE Environment writer @Jnlbusiness Nov 30, 2019 574
Women pastoralists feel the heat of climate change. Nov 30, 2019 1008
Pakistan's environmental challenges in the textile industry. Nov 30, 2019 2062
Agave Helps Farmers Tackle Global Warming. Darwin Malicdem Nov 29, 2019 482
Resilience to climate change better in some; Livestock: Help for farmers to breed selectively. COLIN LEY Nov 15, 2019 276
Mum threatens to take daughter out of school over meat-free Mondays; Dishes included Thai green sweet potato curry, potato focaccia, butternut quesadilla and vegan shepherd's pie. Amardeep Bassey Sep 22, 2019 660
Mum threatens to take daughter out of school over meat-free Mondays; Dishes included Thai green sweet potato curry, potato focaccia, butternut quesadilla and vegan shepherd's pie. Amardeep Bassey Sep 22, 2019 660
Mum threatens to take daughter out of school over meat-free Mondays; Dishes included Thai green sweet potato curry, potato focaccia, butternut quesadilla and vegan shepherd's pie. Amardeep Bassey Sep 22, 2019 660
Mum threatens to take daughter out of school over meat-free Mondays; Dishes included Thai green sweet potato curry, potato focaccia, butternut quesadilla and vegan shepherd's pie. Amardeep Bassey Sep 22, 2019 660
Mum threatens to take daughter out of school over meat-free Mondays; Dishes included Thai green sweet potato curry, potato focaccia, butternut quesadilla and vegan shepherd's pie. Amardeep Bassey Sep 22, 2019 660
Mum threatens to take daughter out of school over meat-free Mondays; Dishes included Thai green sweet potato curry, potato focaccia, butternut quesadilla and vegan shepherd's pie. Amardeep Bassey Sep 22, 2019 660
Cattle Ranches Offer Hope for Grassland Birds. Gonzalez, Nicolas Sep 1, 2019 1454
Probe into farms and cattle yards over foul smell and noise pollution. Jun 25, 2019 590
Sheep farmers' anger at climate change pointers; Environment: Leaders claim proposals are based on 'inadequate science'. May 13, 2019 242
Livestock farming's benefits hailed; ENVIRONMENT. Apr 29, 2019 186
Cleaning up the sea has reached Cebu. Feb 27, 2019 901
Bion files for international patent on process to remediate livestock waste. Jan 29, 2019 110
Destruction of ancient farmland is an environmental catastrophe; FUW president Glyn Roberts counters claims that removing farming is good for the environment. Nov 6, 2018 954
Florence's waters create toxic brew. Mufson, By Steven; Dennis, Brady; Post, Darryl Fears The Washington Sep 19, 2018 826
Kuwait's Al-Mawashi turns animal corpses into eco-friendly compost. Jul 17, 2018 180
How sugar got mercury and lead CS Kiunjuri. Jun 25, 2018 126
Climate change decade to cost Sh68bn livestock. Apr 19, 2018 572
Meaty side of climate change. Dec 22, 2017 880
The Meaty Side of Climate Change. Dec 20, 2017 822
The meaty side of climate change. Dec 19, 2017 856
Climate change to reduce livestock production by 20 to 30 Percent. Nov 24, 2017 516
Climate change affecting desert ecosystem, livestock: experts. Aug 1, 2017 917
The enhancement of cattle meat in the context of the regional development strategy for South-West Oltenia. Usturoi, Marian-Daniel; Saracin, Valentin-Cosmin; Vasile, Adrian Report Mar 1, 2016 2858
The multiple benefits of grass-fed meat. Manning, Richard Apr 1, 2015 2606
A long goodbye to beef. Jacobson, Michael F. Apr 1, 2015 444
Communications breakdown: to move the masses, speak boldly and carry a big schtick. Stoddart, Mark C.J.; Ramos, Howard Jan 1, 2015 1483
Beef Environment Cost 10 Times That Of Other Livestock. Brief article Jul 25, 2014 213
Become a flexitarian: choose to eat less meat--and meat from grass-fed animals when you do--to improve your health, animal welfare and the environment. O'Donnel, Kim Jun 1, 2014 2791
High-density livestock production and molecularly characterized MRSA infections in Pennsylvania. Casey, Joan A.; Shopsin, Bo; Cosgrove, Sara E.; Nachman, Keeve E.; Curriero, Frank C.; Rose, Hannah Report May 1, 2014 7501
Data build-up for the construction of Korean specific greenhouse gas emission inventory in livestock categories. Won, S.G.; Cho, W.S.; Lee, J.E.; Park, K.H.; Ra, C.S. Report Mar 1, 2014 7200
Cold, dry weather badly hit farm, livestock sectors. Brief article Jan 12, 2014 187
Livestock major contributor to global warming. Sep 26, 2013 224
Dear Earthtalk: I heard that my food choices can affect the use and therefore availability of fresh water around the world. How so? Mar 3, 2013 594
Methane and nitrous oxide emissions from livestock agriculture in 16 local administrative districts of Korea. Ji, Eun Sook; Park, Kyu-Hyun Report Dec 1, 2012 5271
Winter habitat improvement: the window between season's end and the spring thaw can be an extremely productive time to prepare your whitetail land for next year. Bartylla, Steve Dec 1, 2012 1997
Livestock waste management 2.0: recycling ammonia emissions as fertilizer. Perry, Ann Nov 1, 2012 527
Withered and burned: some lessons from Texas. Eshelman, Robert S.; Lauer, Andrea Nov 1, 2012 4813
Pro-carnivore group sues APHIS over predator control program. May 14, 2012 295
Methane digesters and biogas recovery - masking the environmental consequences of industrial concentrated livestock production. Di Camillo, Nicole G. Sep 22, 2011 11141
New diets for cows, sheep could cut emissions. Apr 5, 2011 186
Ecological and Socioeconomic Linkages of Birds of Ravi Riverine Habitats. Irshad, Sadia; Mirza, Zahid Baig Report Mar 31, 2011 5128
Eco-friendly Welsh wool to be celebrated. Mar 29, 2011 407
TURBINE HOPES FOR COTTAGES; Farmer's eco-friendly plans. Mar 10, 2011 269
ECORONATION ST; Ken's house given green makeover. Mar 1, 2011 151
Reducing emissions vital to the livestock industry. Jan 25, 2011 438
Some prophylactic options to mitigate methane emission from animal agriculture in Japan. Takahashi, Junichi Report Jan 13, 2011 5378
Reducing C[H.sub.4] emissions from grazing ruminants in New Zealand: challenges and opportunities. Clark, H.; Kelliher, F.; Pinares-Patino, C. Report Jan 13, 2011 5309
Grass-fed cows emit less methane. Kimble-Evans, Amanda Dec 1, 2010 408
Build a solar stock tank: this reliable livestock waterer will save electricity, and you won't have to chop ice this winter! Reysa, Gary; Anderson, Lori Oct 1, 2010 1765
RDAs 'vital to our green future'. Apr 20, 2010 363
House cattle - or we will have to sharply cut herds; Land Use Climate Change Group plan for reducing greenhouse gas. Mar 9, 2010 605
U.N. calls for tax on livestock emissions. Mar 1, 2010 113
Kicking up a stink over cows' CO2 emissions. Dec 2, 2009 471
Industry update. Brief article Sep 1, 2009 216
Villagers' SOS over pollution. Jun 21, 2009 392
'Gas-tax'. Jan 1, 2009 415
Rocky mountain bighorn: many years and countless hours in the saddle over hundreds of mountains are just part of what's required of the sheep hunter. O'Connor, Jack Nov 1, 2008 3538
A deeper shade of green. Cabrejas, Joaquin Sep 1, 2008 1255
Farming: Win-win for green pig. Aug 22, 2008 147
Climate change help for farms; Farming. Aug 1, 2008 530
The meat of the matter: our livestock industry creates more greenhouse gas than transportation does. Motavalli, Jim Cover story Jul 1, 2008 3042
Think before you eat: the widespread effects of factory-farmed meat. Colleran, Brian Jul 1, 2008 871
What you eat affects global warming. Campbell, Melanie Apr 1, 2008 370
From cattle to crops in Ethiopia. Balleh, Aregu Mar 22, 2008 1462
Manifest dirt. Callaway, Ewen Brief article Mar 8, 2008 207
Saving the Chesapeake with federal funds. Northey, Hannah Feb 15, 2008 329
Livestock a major threat to environment: Food & Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO). Report Sep 22, 2007 772
Till the cows come home: once economically marginal, cattle ranching in the Amazon now yields big bucks. London, Mark; Kelly, Brian Sep 1, 2007 1184
Impact of land use fragmentation and larger herd sizes on manure recycling energy and cost. Bland, William L. Report Sep 1, 2007 489
Theoretical analysis of manure transport distance as a function of herd size and landscape fragmentation. Bartelt, K.D.; Bland, W.L. Report Sep 1, 2007 6136
Cars, cows and carbon: grade 10 students weigh in on technology fixes for the planet. Jul 1, 2007 1178
Bpex aiming for a greener industry. May 4, 2007 224
FAO reports that livestock is a major contributor to serious environmental problems worldwide. Mangels, Reed Apr 1, 2007 329
Factory farm fears. Brief article Feb 1, 2007 147
Toyota, Menicon to promote eco-friendly manure composting system. Jun 19, 2006 211
Industrial manure production. Brief article Jan 1, 2006 119
Cattle ranching eating up Latin American forests. Nierenberg, Danielle Sep 1, 2005 334
Cattle farmers look for rain. Friedman, Mark Brief Article Jul 4, 2005 242
South American weed hurts cattle industry. Jun 1, 2004 364
Recycling feedlot runoff. Elstein, David Apr 1, 2003 481
Big-picture approach: systems-engineering method changes the criteria for managing manure. Lague, Claude Nov 1, 2002 1213
Cattle and conservation can be a costly mix: what is the true cost of on-farm conservation, and who will pay? Pyper, Wendy Oct 1, 2002 1774
Agricultural sector joins outcry in plant proposal. (Timiskaming & Region). Ross, Ian Brief Article Aug 1, 2002 677
Being a good neighbor: livestock feeders, EPA offer solutions for a changing rural landscape. Weinheimer, Benjamin T. Aug 1, 2002 1124
Nutrient leaching losses from undisturbed soil cores following applications of piggery wastewater. Phillips, I.R Statistical Data Included May 1, 2002 8356
OSU professor puts the lid on stink. May 1, 2002 404
Green eggs and ham: The often embraced environmental arguments against meat has more holes than Swiss cheese. (Commentary). Roberts, Wayne Mar 22, 2002 1330
Associations between indicators of livestock farming intensity and incidence of human Shiga toxin-producing Escherichia coli infection. (Research). Wilson, Jeffrey B. Statistical Data Included Mar 1, 2002 3969
Hormones: here's the beef: environmental concerns reemerge over steroids given to livestock. Raloff, Janet Statistical Data Included Jan 5, 2002 2507
THE TORTOISE AND THE CATTLE RANCHER. Fantle, Will Sep 1, 2001 1576
MICROBIAL PATHOGEN SURVIVAL STUDY IN A HIGH PLAINS FEED YARD PLAYA. Purdy, Charles W.; Straus, David C.; Harp, James A.; Mock, Richard Statistical Data Included Aug 1, 2001 9309
Phosphorus In, Phosphorus Out. Satter, Larry D. May 1, 2001 1349
Toxic Fertility. Nierenberg, Danielle Mar 1, 2001 5067
Downwind in Mississippi. SNELL, MARILYN BERLIN Mar 1, 2001 3137
Plant oils help abate livestock odors. Brief Article Nov 1, 2000 313
More Animals, More Waste. Miner, J. Ronald; Moore, James A. Oct 1, 2000 1295
Scent of a Swine Building. Bottcher, Robert W.; Keener, Kevin M.; Munilla, Roberto D.; Williams, C. Michael; Schiffman, Susan S Oct 1, 2000 1350
Environmental Health-'Net. Brief Article Jul 1, 2000 145
Addressing water pollution from livestock grazing after O.N.D.A. v. Dombeck: legal strategies under the Clean Water Act. Lacy, Peter M. Jun 22, 2000 30795
Three Ways to Heal the West. Mar 1, 2000 1697
Reconciling interests in the rangelands. Sarre, Alastair Oct 1, 1999 1115
CAFOs Feed a Growing Problem. Stubbs, Kevin; Cathey, Karen Jan 1, 1999 1070
Land-use planning, the environment, and siting intensive livestock facilities in the 21st century. Caldwell, Wayne J. Jun 22, 1998 4698
Gone stray: at Channel Island National Park - one of the most biologically rich lands in the country - the Parks Service is under fire for allowing the degradation of resources. Wuerthner, George Cover Story Nov 1, 1997 2079
Yellowstone's bison war: a plan to combat disease threatens America's famous wild and free-ranging bison herd. Wikinson, Todd Nov 1, 1997 2334
Dead meat. Cockburn, Alexander Column Apr 22, 1996 2007
What it takes to get a steak. Mar 5, 1988 135
Big Mac and the tropical forests. Skinner, Joseph K. Dec 1, 1985 2203

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