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SGI: Youth will play a big role in Saudi Arabia's environmental agenda. ONE CARLO DIAZDEEMA AL-KHUDAIR Oct 23, 2021 667
2nd phase of the 'Environmental Pioneers' program to empower youth to cope with climate change kicks off. Egypt Today staff Oct 21, 2021 382
mind REset: The new educational, environmental programme of Lidl Cyprus. Press Release Oct 6, 2021 525
QF students to speak on climate change at international youth summit. Sep 26, 2021 442
Chbar Ampov High School bags top spot in debate on environment. Sep 24, 2021 299
Ikoyi Lions Club engages youths on 3Rs waste disposal. Sep 14, 2021 687
Gender equality, youth inclusion, climate change, others: EU inaugurates youth sounding board in Nigeria. Sep 13, 2021 636
"Youth for Environment" project lauded for innovative communication products. Sep 11, 2021 405
'Africa's Youth Population Provides Opportunity For Green Jobs'. Sep 9, 2021 297
Series of arts projects will connect young people with climate change; A play co-written by young people in South Wales is among several climate engagement projects supported. By, Lucinda Cameron & Rachel Hains Sep 8, 2021 505
Environment youth debate 2021. Sep 2, 2021 210
Scotland is no world leader in the battle against climate change; TEEN ACTIVIST HITS OUT AHEAD OF COP26 Thunberg calls on people to take to streets to ramp up pressure. PETER DAVIDSON Sep 1, 2021 419
Minister urges need to sensitize youth on climate change impacts. Sep 1, 2021 153
PKR Youth condemns threats and intimidation aimed at environmental activist Shakila Zen. Sep 1, 2021 273
IYD: Coca-Cola sensitises youths on environmental sustainability. Aug 23, 2021 197
IYD: Coca-Cola sensitizes youths on environmental sustainability. Aug 22, 2021 379
Young people to face impact of climate change. Aug 21, 2021 222
Oceana senior adviser Alexandra Cousteau rallies Filipino youth groups against plastic pollution. Interview Aug 20, 2021 871
'Young people around the world share the desire for urgent climate action'; As part of The Mirror's NextGen International project, a student from Sheffield spoke to teens in the Solomon Islands about how climate change is affecting their lives. By, Jodie Osborne, 17 Aug 11, 2021 418
Gunjur Youths Team Up to Fight against Environmental Degradation in Kombo South. Aug 11, 2021 605
'Climate alarmism undermines fight against climate change and alienates young people'; The people pushing climate alarmism know full well that it will hit the poor harder than anyone else, argues Jason Reed. By, Jason Reed Aug 9, 2021 652
Arab Youth Climate Movement Qatar enters partnership to push forward campaign on climate change. Aug 7, 2021 354
EPA holds youth environment, climate action summit. May 31, 2021 442
Youth activists mark World Biodiversity Day at Karura. May 22, 2021 279
NDE flags off orientation of 36 youths on environmental beautification in Edo. May 1, 2021 274
Nigerian teen climate activists create fashion from waste to fight pollution. Apr 23, 2021 311
QFeIUs QBG concludes environmental awareness educational programmes. Apr 14, 2021 693
SOS Illinois Goes Green for Earth Day of April 22 with its Roosevelt Square Community Center, a First-of-its-Kind in Chicago. Chloe Kiser Apr 13, 2021 1002
Thimun Qatar urges youth to lead global movement to fight climate change. Apr 9, 2021 561
'Afforestation to help combat land erosion, pollution'. Mar 30, 2021 296
Seraiki youth's unique way to highlight Indus pollution. Mar 25, 2021 155
A Warm, Worldly Welcome to Discovery and Resilience: PROMOTING ENVIRONMENTAL LITERACY. Oke, Marylynn Miller Mar 22, 2021 2495
Youth group go wild about environment. Mar 3, 2021 170
Youth leader represents Qatar, Arab youth in climate change forum. Mar 2, 2021 548
Youth leader represents Qatar, Arab youth in climate change forum. Mar 2, 2021 575
Imran Khan urges youth to plant more trees to reverse adverse impact of climate change. Feb 20, 2021 346
PM urges youth to plant more trees to reverse adverse impact of climate change. Feb 20, 2021 353
Lecturer encourages young people to live green. Feb 19, 2021 614
Environmental polluter becomes protector. Jan 18, 2021 831
Youth actively engage in govt's initiatives to deal with climate change impacts: SAPM. Nov 3, 2020 200
FDE in collaboration with WWF to educate youth for adopting environmental friendly practice. Sep 23, 2020 272
Youth hold shoe-strike against Karachi flooding, climate change. Sep 19, 2020 293
Climate change: Youth for Climate Tunisia urges infrastructure revamp. Sep 14, 2020 201
Climate Change: Nigeria To Hold National Youth Consultation On NDC Enhancement. Sep 8, 2020 457
Pinoy youth must take an active role in fight vs climate change. Aug 13, 2020 430
Climate Commission urges gov't to engage youth in environment concerns. Aug 12, 2020 396
African youth voices rising in environmental discourse. Aug 12, 2020 1073
Engaging youth in green initiatives PMs priority: Amin. Aug 9, 2020 448
Youth climate activists to protest outside Nicola Sturgeon briefing; The Scottish Youth Climate Strike group is to stage a protest outside the First Minister's daily coronavirus briefing today, calling for a green recovery from the pandemic. Neil Pooran Jul 3, 2020 261
Project helps youths become proactive on environment. Jun 30, 2020 348
Chemical pollutant exposure linked to celiac disease in young people. Jun 13, 2020 291
QF webinar encourages people to make protecting environment their duty. Jun 11, 2020 498
Teen's body found in river Found: 2 officers make discovery in the Blackwell Forest Preserve. Robert Sanchez May 29, 2020 331
Workshop highlights role of young people in tackling environmental issues. May 28, 2020 387
Creative Communication Approaches to Youth Climate Engagement: Using Speculative Fiction and Participatory Play to Facilitate Young People's Multidimensional Engagement With Climate Change. Doyle, Julie May 1, 2020 9081
Song from Green Eyes youth group highlights impact of waste on environment. Apr 24, 2020 366
Ijaw Youth Council urges FG to probe pollution of N/Delta coastal waters. Apr 18, 2020 557
Speaking Out For Earth: Kids around the world are demanding action on climate change. Potenza, Alessandra Apr 1, 2020 1998
Step-by-step guide to improving our world; From climate change to human rights, new book offers kids ways to make a difference. Mar 18, 2020 343
Young agri-environment champions at 3rd PHL Environment Summit. Mar 9, 2020 493
Young people driving change as Whitley Bay carnival adopts climate change theme; Whitley Bay carnival is a chance for people to have fun and enjoy themselves, but this year they will do so with a focus on environmental issues. By, Tony Henderson Mar 7, 2020 678
Kids can enter Endangered Species Youth Art Contest. Submitted by Endangered Species Coalition Feb 13, 2020 381
These UAE teenagers lead the fight against climate change. Dhanusha Gokulan Feb 7, 2020 333
Students can enter art contest focused on endangered species. Submitted by Endangered Species Coalition Jan 23, 2020 395
Endangered Species Youth Art Contest opens. Submitted by Endangered Species Coalition Jan 17, 2020 417
Youths on a mission to end emissions. Jan 1, 2020 1008
We must heed youth warning about climate change. SIOBHAN O'CONNOR Dec 29, 2019 113
Queen's speech in full as she acknowledges 'bumpy' path for her family and the country in 2019; The Queen says she was inspired by young people who became environmental campaigners. Michael Muncaster Dec 25, 2019 1216
Youth emerge as leaders to take climate change issue at COP-25: Amin. Dec 17, 2019 301
Young and old need to fight global warming. Dec 17, 2019 558
Youth Love Egypt, AU-YVC clean Nile waters in Giza. Egypt Today staff Dec 9, 2019 195
Earth Day 2020 Team Spotlight Climate and Environmental Education at COP25; Educating a New Generation to the Threats and Opportunities of Climate Change Key to Success; Mobilizing Youth and Citizens Demonstrations, Citizens Science and Citizens Community ... Dec 6, 2019 892
New Report: Investments in indigenous people, youth and women essential to fight climate change in Latin America and the Caribbean. Report Dec 3, 2019 583
Teen environmentalist Greta Thunberg lookalike spotted on a 120-year-old photo. Christian Borbon, Digital Content Producer Nov 21, 2019 209
This 8-year-old might just be the youngest Pakistani climate change activist. ZOFEEN T. EBRAHIM Nov 19, 2019 1291
Doha Forum Youth Edition looks into climate change, challenges to education. Nov 9, 2019 784
Climate change agenda success depends on youth. Nov 7, 2019 714
[ANNIVERSARY] Korean students take part in action against climate change. Nov 3, 2019 1026
Utah University students highlight role of youth in climate change battle. Oct 30, 2019 421
Youth and climate change. SIKANDAR SAJJAD - Larkana Oct 9, 2019 164
BBC Scotland documentary on shy teens who learned about resilence and climate change. Oct 9, 2019 1206
Youth and climate change. Venu Advani - Karachi Oct 6, 2019 167
Youth role hailed in climate change strikes. Sep 26, 2019 309
Countries violate rights over climate change, argue youth activists in landmark UN complaint. Sep 25, 2019 564
Youth should contribute to resolving climate change: Egypt. Egypt Today staff Sep 23, 2019 415
Young people are right about climate change - it's time to listen. Sep 22, 2019 844
Supporting outcomes for young people through the Green Talent Programme. Bygrave, Kate Sep 22, 2019 748
PH prominent in teen climate sensation's call for action vs global warming. Sep 20, 2019 1739
Young people are right about climate change: it's time to listen. Sep 18, 2019 831
School strike planned to highlight climate change; 'Young people can voice their concerns'. Sep 18, 2019 274
FG, UNDP, TRI Sensitise Youths On Climate Change Issues. Sep 17, 2019 818
'Climate March' activists mobilize youth, students for mass protest on environmental degradation. Sep 16, 2019 592
Youth Station launched to support UAE's startup ecosystem. Sep 4, 2019 394
Climate Change: FG Ready To Work With Nigerian Youths -Tarfa. Sep 3, 2019 402
Climate change and adolescents in South Africa: The role of youth activism and the health sector in safeguarding adolescents' health and education. Chersich, M.F.; Scorgie, F.; Wright, C.Y.; Mullick, S.; Mathee, A.; Hess, J.; Richter, M.; Rees, H. Sep 1, 2019 5558
Final straw: How Saudi youth are winning the war on waste. Aug 24, 2019 1081
Crown Prince attends closing session of workshop on environmental conditions in Zarqa. Aug 22, 2019 190
ACB promotes youth action for biodiversity conservation. Aug 15, 2019 684
Youth Summit on Climate Change. Jul 8, 2019 352
Eco-friendly teenagers help to tidy up beaches. Jul 4, 2019 244
Young striding out to reverse eco-damage; The world's largest youth-led environmental project has launched in Wales this week. Marcus Hughes reports... Jul 4, 2019 691
Youth demand bigger role in environmental action. Jun 30, 2019 305
There is no green revolution without tax justice. Jun 28, 2019 874
Filipino youth join global environmental movement. Jun 25, 2019 256
Cardinal Tagle invites youth to join 'Laudato Si Gen' for environmental protection. Jun 21, 2019 245
Schoolchildren 'on strike' for the fifth time as they demand urgent action on climate change; The YouthStrike4Climate movement has been gaining momentum since the start of the year, and this month Newcastle's teenagers are expected to. Jun 17, 2019 325
Pupils join climate change protest movement; BOYCOTT. Jun 15, 2019 153
Change is 'up to the youth' Royals: Prince Harry believes young peoples' passion will ease climate change. Jun 15, 2019 263
Have youth on board in addressing climate change. Jun 14, 2019 574
Call to bring Solihull schoolchildren into climate change debate; Cllr Jim Ryan (Con, Bickenhill) argued that young people could play a valuable part in a council scrutiny board's discussions on the environment. Jun 12, 2019 596
Cagayan SK officials participate in environmental youth camp. Jun 8, 2019 370
Govt to create awareness among youth regarding Climate changes. Jun 4, 2019 120
Govt to create awareness among youth regarding Climate changes. May 30, 2019 120
Teens escalate eco-action; Climate change: Young campaigners head to Inverness to raise awareness. May 27, 2019 369
Filipino youth march for Climate Change. May 25, 2019 293
The future looks bright thanks to our next generation - Voice of the Mirror; Few envy today's teenagers with cyber-bullying, climate change and knife crime on the rise. May 22, 2019 281
Fourth youth strike in city to call for action on climate change. May 16, 2019 304
Youth to protest outside parliament over climate change. Apr 29, 2019 237
Youth leaders challenge poll bets to address environmental issues. Apr 13, 2019 357
Saudi youth campaign to save endangered animals. Apr 7, 2019 1373
Green Drinks meeting looks at youth caring for environment. Mar 31, 2019 231
Third youth strike planned in city over climate change. Mar 28, 2019 311
Young people are suffering 'incredible climate anxiety', it has been claimed; Mary Sherwood brought up the issue during a debate about Swansea's natural environment. Mar 25, 2019 524
Young people protest over climate change. Mar 22, 2019 205
Students strike in fight to tackle climate change. Mar 21, 2019 505
Young people leading the way in fight against climate change; Plaid Cymru's environment spokesperson Llyr Gruffudd AM says we should follow the lead of young people in demanding immediate action. Mar 15, 2019 926
Meet the schoolgirl climate change warrior. Mar 14, 2019 2374
Students' climate change protest. Mar 14, 2019 220
Involve youth in fighting effects of climate change. Mar 13, 2019 239
Back our green kids; MSP wants council support for striking pupils. Mar 8, 2019 460
Imus launches first green school program. Feb 21, 2019 321
WILL THE CLIMATE KIDS SAVE THE PLANET? A determined group of young people is suing the federal government to force it into taking action against global warming. Grise, Chrisanne Cover story Feb 18, 2019 3138
Amid din of climate change talk, youths want their cries heard. Dec 9, 2018 1026
Gaza Youth Launch Campaign to Highlight Growing Pollution Crisis. Dec 5, 2018 801
Insufficient levels of physical activity of adolescents associated with sociodemographic, environmental and school factors/Niveis insuficientes de atividade fisica de adolescentes associados a fatores sociodemograficos, ambientais e escolares. da Silva, Juliana; Andrade, Alexandro; Capistrano, Renata; Lisboa, Tailine; Andrade, Rubian Diego; F Dec 1, 2018 7363
Making streets more pleasant; COUNCILLORS TO FOCUS ON ENVIRONMENT AND YOUTH DISORDER. Nov 2, 2018 508
Heydar Aliyev Foundation VP Leyla Aliyeva attends 2nd youth exhibition "Through the eyes of students: Environmental problems and ways of addressing them". Oct 23, 2018 181
NACOMYO rallies youths against environmental degradation. Oct 19, 2018 303
COP engages youth in climate change debate. Sep 2, 2018 333
COP engages youth in climate change debate. Sep 2, 2018 329
Youth as agent of change must engage with climate change policy making process, speakers. Aug 29, 2018 703
Climate change: Youth urged to partake in policy making process. Aug 29, 2018 692
Engaging youth into environmental conservation bring multiple-effect. Aug 28, 2018 224
Oxfam launches nationwide Campaign Youth ka Green Pakistan. Aug 21, 2018 545
Oxfam launches nationwide Campaign Youth ka Green Pakistan. Aug 21, 2018 476
Youths can play role in containing air pollution - minister. Aug 13, 2018 297
Mindanao youth urged to protect the environment. Jun 30, 2018 346
EcoWaste Coalition urges village, youth officials to enforce Ecological Solid Management Act. Jun 2, 2018 231
Saudi youth on mission to clean up Red Sea. Apr 28, 2018 732
Ukrainian IT Companies Develop Youth Entrepreneurship Ecosystem in the Country. Apr 20, 2018 358
Youth in polluted cities at increased risk of Alzheimer's: Study. Apr 18, 2018 351
Youth in polluted cities at increased risk of Alzheimer's: Study. Apr 15, 2018 425
Evidence Mounts for Alzheimer's, Suicide Risks Among Youth in Polluted Cities. Apr 14, 2018 441
NA committee for compiling data on climate change, youth, demographic changes. Mar 21, 2018 339
NA committee for compiling data on climate change, youth, demographic changes. Mar 21, 2018 383
WTHS students host screening of environmental film. Mar 21, 2018 362
Engage youth on matters climate change. Mar 2, 2018 519
Youth surfers share Coke vision of a World Without Waste. Awards list Feb 28, 2018 316
Youth surfers share Coke vision of a World Without Waste. Feb 28, 2018 557
Warning: Climate change to cause more intense flooding in the North East; The Environment Agency is warning young people that they must be more prepared for flooding. Feb 17, 2018 447
UAE Ministry of Climate Change and Environment Convenes Session on Women and Youth at World Government Summit. Feb 12, 2018 459
AGRA chief, Kalibata says Davos agenda should include climate change and youth. Jan 26, 2018 479
Green research contest at QBG. Dec 27, 2017 354
Qur'Anic Botanic Garden Organizes Environmental Research Contest. Dec 26, 2017 386
Qur'anic Botanic Garden to host environmental research contest for secondary school students. Dec 25, 2017 353
Youth clean up Margalla Hills Trail 5. Dec 10, 2017 591
Youth emphasized to be sensitized towards climate change issues. Oct 15, 2017 439
Youth emphasized to be sensitized towards climate change issues. Oct 15, 2017 439
New venture to raise climate change awareness among young people. Sep 8, 2017 567
"We intend to have some very frank conversations in Durban": inclusive growth, youth unemployment, climate change and good governance are high on the agenda for Elsie Kanza, the WEF's head of Africa. Interview May 1, 2017 544
El Nido Resorts holds 2nd 'Be Green Youth Camp'. Oct 16, 2016 242
Environment, youth homicide risk linked. Krisberg, Kim May 1, 2016 143
Clean Pakistan initiative supported by PM Youth Programme to help control pollution. Apr 10, 2016 234
ADB Opens Photo Contest on Green Dream to Youth in PRC. Mar 8, 2016 464
UNICEF, NYC launch DRR, climate change app for youth. Dec 3, 2015 436
Kids call for environment protection, more power for youth. Sep 29, 2015 213
25th anniversary of the Earth Day Wall Street Action. Messersmith-Glavin, Paul Sep 22, 2015 2028
Teen wins big for pollution control at Intel ISEF. Perkins, Sid Jun 13, 2015 673
Curriculum needs to educate Lebanon's youth on climate change. May 6, 2015 803
Youth pledge to sensitize masses on environmental issues in KP, FATA. Apr 4, 2015 232
Seeking the environmental fountain of youth. Baker, Kim Mar 1, 2015 1345
Youth group to attend first moot on desert conservation. Feb 9, 2015 512
Youth group leave for first moot on Desert Conservation in Cholistan. Feb 9, 2015 654
Youth group to attend first moot on desert conservation. Feb 9, 2015 512
Power of the youth to fight climate change. Nov 15, 2014 335
Zero subscription charges for Ozone Youth Club in first month. Nov 1, 2014 265
Green teen going global. Sep 5, 2014 487
High level of environmental awareness among youth: EAD survey. Jul 10, 2014 429
Millennials open door to fun, functional office space. May 1, 2014 338
Youth get litigious. Kimantas, Janet Jan 1, 2014 594
Levels of heavy metals in adolescents living in the industrialised area of Milazzo-Valle del Mela (Northern Sicily). Interdonato, Monica; Bitto, Alessandra; Pizzino, Gabriele; Irrera, Natasha; Pallio, Giovanni; Mecchi Report Jan 1, 2014 5616
Muscat Youth Summit tackles eco-friendly housing concept. Dec 23, 2013 623
Faire naitre l'espoir et l'auto-efficacite chez les jeunes par l'action environnementale communautaire. Kerry, Jackie; Pruneau, Diane; Cousineau, Maryse; Mallet, Marie-Andree; Laliberte, Brigitte; Langis, Report Dec 1, 2013 8250
UNDP Director urges youths to save environment and earth resources. Nov 24, 2013 186
Young people clean up their estates. Nov 20, 2013 106
Pinoy youth urged: Fast for climate change pact. Nov 18, 2013 390
Youth in the arctic. Brief article Nov 1, 2013 117
Going green is serious business for UAE youth. Oct 27, 2013 302
VIDEO: Dubai teenager spreading her eco-friendly message around... Aug 27, 2013 199
Environmental education for Namibian youth. Hashange, Hilma Jun 21, 2013 609
Arab youth demand early action on climate change. Dec 2, 2012 260
CLIMATE CHANGE - Lull Before the Storm. Nov 30, 2012 927
Judge sentences kids to write essay rather than go to jail cell. Brief article Nov 23, 2012 233
The 6th GCC Youth Environmental Forum concludes today. Jul 17, 2012 110
QFI launches youth science & environment programme. Apr 22, 2012 411
WWF sensitizes youth on environmental issues. Dec 20, 2011 321
2 rallies held in front of Parliament building in Bishkek: youth representatives demand self-cleaning from authorities, Talas residents demand compensations for harm from gold mining company. Dec 15, 2011 315
dirtgirlworld. Nov 1, 2011 427
From trash to treasure: recycling scrap metal into steel: we need to convey a strong message to our youth that, without technologists and engineers, our way of life can be at risk. Cantu, Diana Sep 1, 2011 4680
Who'll stop the rain? Cutting edge garden at Youth Center sucks pollutants from runoff. Aug 25, 2011 801
Youths working on big eco idea; ENVIRONMENT. Jul 5, 2011 224
Young naturalists celebrate: in the wildlife trusts' watch croup of the year awards. Shaw, Rachel Jun 22, 2011 754
Hi-tech teen lifestyle fuels climate change; ELECTRIC GADGETS USE HUGE AMOUNTS OF ENERGY. May 9, 2011 692
A classroom with a view: as students paddle through the raging rapids and placid pools of the Colorado River, they learn about the challenges facing the Grand Canyon, and a whole lot more. Engelhard, Michael Mar 22, 2011 2442
The climate generators: at just 23 Amanda McKenzie established the Australian Youth Climate Coalition and the Australian Climate Change Education Network. Amanda talks to habitat about why she saw the need for two climate change not-for-profit organisations and her determination, along with a pretty large bunch of kids, at exposing climate change as the elephant in the caucus room. Fulker, Tabatha Interview Mar 1, 2011 1272
Teenager is climate change champion. Jan 31, 2011 198
Youth delegation attends South Asia Climate Change Summit. Nov 4, 2010 327
PVP holds meeting in Kairouan on "entrenching ecological behaviours in youth". Sep 2, 2010 199
Authority of Marine, Environment and Wildlife Protection aims to develop an environmental culture among Bahrain's Youth. Aug 28, 2010 119
Summertime is green and clean for young people. Jul 29, 2010 193
Hard lessons for youth: numbers 40 and 41 in a continuing series. Jul 1, 2010 512
Lebanese youth highlight impending climate change threat. Jun 28, 2010 647
From our readers. Brief article Mar 1, 2010 101
Guide to helping the planet heal. Mar 1, 2010 363
Climate change on the agenda for Luke; Teenager has a role at talks in Copenhagen. Dec 1, 2009 410
Lebanon's youth must play key role in global fight against climate change. Oct 15, 2009 655
Brower Youth Awards: meet the 2009 winners. Sep 22, 2009 692
Yemeni youth efforts needed to face climate change (Front). Sep 13, 2009 946
Students as smart mobs. Martinez, Monica Sep 1, 2009 1068
Environmental Treasure Hunt Youth Workshop on Adopting a Sustainable Lifestyle. Aug 17, 2009 423
Litter pick to tackle yobs; CLEAN-UP: Cops collect empties to send message to teens. Aug 13, 2009 279
Environmental Treasure Hunt Youth X-Change Workshop To Transform Consumption Behaviour. Aug 11, 2009 445
Genes, environment influence alcohol use among teens. Jul 17, 2009 362
OSCE Centre holds ecological camp for young people on the shores of Kyrgyzstan's Son Kul lake. Jul 6, 2009 381
Scouts lead community in water-saving efforts. Brief article Apr 1, 2009 131
A solar future for Kenya's youth? Block, Ben; Chawla, Ambika Nov 1, 2008 346
Search for youth to influence way to cut carbon footprint; EDUCATION WALES Wales offers chance for fresh young team of climate change champions. Oct 16, 2008 546
The Assembly of First Nations and the Forest Products Association signed a memorandum of understanding that sees First Nations and forest industry leaders agree to work together to strengthen Canada's forest sector through economic development initiatives and business investments, strong environmental stewardship and the creation of skill development opportunities, particularly targeted to First Nations youth. Oct 1, 2008 126
Green guru Jack has the world at his feet; He's spent six months as the North East's Youth Climate Change Champion, helping promote green issues. Here 16-year-old JACK WHITE writes about his year in office so far. Sep 24, 2008 715
How green is our valley? TEENAGERS ON A MISSION TO SAVE THE PLANET CWM GLO CWM GWYRDD, Thursday, 9pm. English and Welsh subtitles available. Sep 20, 2008 689
Brum's brighter future; SUSTAINABILITY: Young people involved in drawing up green strategy for next 18 years Go Green THINK GLOBAL ACT LOCAL. Sep 18, 2008 314
Population and security: risks from growth, youth, migration, and environmental stress. Leahy, Elizabeth Sep 1, 2008 3350
Green teens swap ideas to save the globe. Aug 21, 2008 198
Encouraging youth to address climate change. Aug 13, 2008 464
Underage? Think twice--Warren County. Heilman, Carl, II Brief article Aug 1, 2008 130
Pope strikes a green note at World Youth Day. Allen, John L., Jr. Jul 25, 2008 495
G-8 youths submit proposals to Fukuda to combat climate change. Jul 14, 2008 341
Green teens. Telker, Kimberly Jul 1, 2008 141
Mike horn launches, pangaea, four-year global expedition in the presence of hsh prince albert of monaco to inspire young people to clean-up the plane. Jun 25, 2008 1244
Gateshead youngsters hone conservation skills. Brief article Jun 1, 2008 202
Green group aims to help youth help environment. Mar 1, 2008 270
Calling young eco-heroes. Brief article Jan 1, 2008 132
Brower Youth Awards. Smith, Sharon Sep 22, 2007 1293
Assembly to recruit youth as ambassadors to tackle climate change. Sep 20, 2007 319
Across the Country, Youth Programs Bring the Issue of Brownfields Home. Author abstract Jun 1, 2007 302
It's getting hot in here. Veazey, Liz; Stern, Matt Jun 22, 2006 549
Student artisans guard forests. Brief Article Jun 3, 2005 105
Healthy food delivered by bicycle. Brief Article Jan 1, 2005 120
Youth for Conservation. (Africa). Brief Article Mar 22, 2003 238
KIDS for the BAY. (Around Earth Island). Mar 22, 2003 580
Scholarship sampler. Mar 22, 2003 330
Recommended Educational Practices for Youth Environmental Education from a 4-H Youth Development Perspective. Vos, Kathleen E. Jul 31, 2001 299
Examining the National Environmental Education Act. Hearing before the Subcommittee on Early Childhood, Youth and Families of the Committee on Education and the Workforce, House of Representatives, One Hundred Sixth Congress, Second Session (June 27, 2000). Jan 1, 2000 163

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