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Boris Johnson urges leaders at Cop26 'to defuse the bomb of climate change'; Boris Johnson opened the COP26 in Glasgow urging world leaders to act now to "defuse the bomb" of climate change -but he was accused of hypocrisy as he flew back to London tonight. By, Pippa Crerar & Nada Farhoud Nov 1, 2021 840
COP26 must not fail with humanity to blame for 'out of control' climate change; Leading climate scientists have collectively warned changes are now dangerously close to being out of control, with human activity "unequivocally" to blame. By, Nada Farhoud & Rhian Lubin Oct 25, 2021 1303
Rising emissions lead to calamities induced by weather. Sep 4, 2021 500
Pandemic joins climate change, big business as biodiversity threat. Ranvir S. Nayar Aug 28, 2021 989
Arab world at the forefront of climate change 'code red'. Zaid M. Belbagi Aug 20, 2021 952
Broader effects Fires harming efforts to curb climate change. Associated Press Aug 19, 2021 206
Mediterranean heatwave roasts Spain with record high temperatures of 48C; The mercury is rising across Europe with Spain, Italy and France expecting record temperatures but meanwhile places like Turkey are suffering wildfires and flooding. By, Karen Rockett Aug 14, 2021 251
Climate change is a problem that can't be put off. Aug 11, 2021 757
Turkey's largest wildfires damage 60,000 hectares forest area. Aug 9, 2021 337
As Turkey burns, climate change warnings can no longer be ignored. Sinem Cengiz Aug 6, 2021 1053
A Blended Course in Climate Change: Training and Education for Future Decision-Makers. Martin, Elinor; McPherson, Renee; Kuster, Emma; Bamzai-Dodson, Aparna Aug 1, 2021 2550
Tackling the issue of global warming. Jul 28, 2021 1001
Small climate changes can have devastating local consequences - it happened in the Little Ice Age. Jul 27, 2021 1175
Will world meet moment due to climate change? Jul 26, 2021 530
More forest destroyed as US wildfires rage. Jul 20, 2021 228
More forest destroyed as US wildfires rage. Jul 20, 2021 228
More forest destroyed as US wildfires rage. Jul 20, 2021 221
More forest destroyed as US wildfires rage. Jul 20, 2021 228
More forest destroyed as US wildfires rage. Jul 20, 2021 228
More forest destroyed as US wildfires rage. Jul 20, 2021 228
More forest destroyed as US wildfires rage. Jul 20, 2021 228
More forest destroyed as US wildfires rage. Jul 20, 2021 228
Feds Delete Data to Show "Climate Change" Causes Wildfires. Jun 7, 2021 323
A global incentive to reduce emissions. Jun 3, 2021 1064
Climate change threat to world's wildlife. Jun 2, 2021 234
Climate Change, Slow-Onset Disasters, and the Federal Emergency Management Agency. Horn, Diane P.; Lee, Erica A.; Webster, Elizabeth M. Jun 1, 2021 1110
Wildfire destroys Gadoon forest. Jun 1, 2021 209
Arson suspected as wildfire destroys large area of grassland. Apr 20, 2021 273
Wildfire destroys grassland. Apr 20, 2021 156
Alaska Could See 'California Style' Blackouts in Face of Climate Change. Don Jergler Apr 1, 2021 867
Carbon neutral growth helps global aviation cap emissions. Feb 24, 2021 892
Carbon neutral growth helps global aviation cap emissions. Feb 24, 2021 815
JOHN MUIR PROJECT: Slew of Logging Bills Would Worsen Wildfires As Well As Climate Change. Hanson, Chad Jan 1, 2021 1095
Climate change linked to billion-pound disasters. Dec 29, 2020 175
Fire destroys forest in Mansehra area. Dec 20, 2020 208
2020 one of three hottest years ever recorded: UN. Dec 3, 2020 757
Ministry reports progress in climate change fight. Nov 4, 2020 581
PREVENTING FIRES HAS FAILED. CALIFORNIA NEEDS TO LEARN HOW TO WORK WITH THEM INSTEAD: It's time to reverse a century of fire suppression policies in favor of more prescribed burns. That will require sweeping regulatory reforms, and tons of money. Temple, James Nov 1, 2020 1599
Thousands flee homes near LA as wildfires rage. Oct 27, 2020 676
Rethink climate change, conflicts for sustainable future. Oct 26, 2020 1012
Wildfires rip through California wine country, tens of thousands flee. Sep 29, 2020 773
California braces for high winds that could propel deadly wildfires. Sep 17, 2020 675
California's Burning Landscape And Rapid Climate Change. Sep 16, 2020 787
TURNING POINT: Come Now the Scourges of Climate Change. Sep 15, 2020 971
Trump visits California, Biden talks climate change. Reuters News Service Sep 14, 2020 414
'Not leaving': Defying evacuation orders to ride out California fires. Sep 12, 2020 644
US towns destroyed as firefighters battle wildfires under orange skies. Sep 10, 2020 689
Smoke hampers rescue as California fires burn record 2 million acres. Sep 8, 2020 632
The Wonders of Water. Lindman, Sylvia Sep 1, 2020 1098
Governments and businesses must wake up to the threat of global warming. Ranvir S. Nayar Aug 27, 2020 1064
California fires spread, fouling air and spurring evacuations. Aug 22, 2020 622
More evacuations as massive fires rapidly expand in California. Aug 21, 2020 804
Thousands evacuated as fast-moving fires spread in California. Aug 20, 2020 645
Argentine marshland threatened by worst fires in decades. Aug 7, 2020 638
Equity Investors Must Pay More Attention to Climate Change Physical Risk. May 29, 2020 890
Unwelcome Long-Distance Travelers. May 1, 2020 196
Ozone Transport to the San Joaquin Valley: Baseline Observations from CABOTS. May 1, 2020 1936
Preparing for the financial impact of natural disasters. Mar 25, 2020 297
Forests and climate change. Mar 12, 2020 297
Liver Building lights up in Australian national colours after devastating wildfires; It's part of an international movement to raise awareness about climate change. Julia Rampen Jan 26, 2020 271
'Let's get together and act' Here's what First Minister Mark Drakeford says we must do to fight climate change. Mark Drakeford Jan 22, 2020 617
UNITED FOR AUSTRALIA; Crafters come together to show support for animals whose habitats have been destroyed by wildfires. EDEL KENEALY Jan 17, 2020 485
Another Cost of Climate Change: More Wildfires. Jan 16, 2020 327
Climate change increases risk of wildfires: Study. Report Jan 15, 2020 496
Company Bosses Set To Attend Davos Sound Alarm Over Climate Change. Jan 15, 2020 531
Climate change increases risk of wildfires: Study. Report Jan 15, 2020 430
Wildfires make climate change worse in more ways than one -- Dr Richard Dixon. Jan 14, 2020 651
A warning for us all as climate crisis strikes close to home; DR DUIKA BURGES WATSON (pictured right) is a Newcastle University lecturer who has lived on Tyneside for nearly 20 years but has just returned from a visit to Australia where she was raised - and is now a country rocked by a wildfires disaster. Here she delivers a climate change warning. Dr Duika Burges Jan 7, 2020 1097
Power supply fears as troops called to battle Australia bushfires. Jan 4, 2020 659
Shock, fear and sadness grip Australia's 'bushfire refugees'. Jan 4, 2020 638
Military moves in to help mass-scale evacuation from Australian bushfires. Jan 2, 2020 600
chapter 1: THE NORTHERN CALIFORNIA 2018 EXTREME FIRE SEASON. Brown, Timothy; Leach, Steve; Wachter, Brent; Gardunio, Billy Jan 1, 2020 2416
chapter 20: DECONSTRUCTING FACTORS CONTRIBUTING TO THE 2018 FIRE WEATHER IN QUEENSLAND, AUSTRALIA. Lewis, Sophie C.; Blake, Stephanie A.P.; Trewin, Blair; Black, Mitchell T.; Dowdy, Andrew J.; Perkin Jan 1, 2020 3680
Thousands of koalas feared dead as Australian wildfires destroy habitat. Press Association Dec 28, 2019 384
Extreme Weather Now Showing More Effects Of Climate Change. Jan Cortes Dec 11, 2019 353
Americans Now See Climate Change Signs Where They Live. Jan Cortes Nov 26, 2019 354
Fire Tornadoes Becoming More Common in Australia, Thanks to Climate Change. Nov 18, 2019 621
Boosting Resilience to U.S. Wildfires Should Be Insurance Industry Priority: I.I.I. Nov 6, 2019 719
Climate change has set California on fire: Is the world paying attention? Oct 30, 2019 592
Insurers Challenged by 'New Normal' of Calif. Wildfires: A.M. Best. Oct 30, 2019 386
Wildfires undo 20 years of forest conservation efforts. Emily Lewis Oct 16, 2019 737
Is there such a thing as green milk? Western shoppers are turning to new milks. But are the new players better for the planet? Sep 28, 2019 1742
Reforesting the Sky Islands of New Mexico. Rempel, Austin Sep 22, 2019 621
Apocalypse weather& agriculture 2050; Expert warns over 30-year ticking bomb; Drastic action must be taken to avert crisis; Disastrous shifts in weather & agriculture; IRELAND FACING CATASTROPHIC CLIMATE CHANGE. Sep 15, 2019 833
Amazon countries meet to bolster rainforest protection. Sep 7, 2019 518
The Amazon is burning: 4 essential reads on Brazil's vanishing rainforest. Sep 5, 2019 1170
BURN. BUILD. REPEAT. Ball, Jeffrey Sep 1, 2019 3487
Climate Change and Disasters: The World Needs Prepared Nurses. Schenk, Elizabeth C.; Bensen, Carol Sep 1, 2019 1124
FIRE HISTORY OF CONIFER FORESTS OF CERRO EE POTOSI, NUEVO LEON, MEXICO. Tagle, Marco A. Gonzalez; Flores, Diana Y. Avila; Himmelsbach, Wibke; Paredes, Julian Cerano Report Sep 1, 2019 3962
KT edit: Blame Bolsonaro for wildfires in the Amazon rainforest. Aug 27, 2019 502
Alaska Wildfire Threatening Community Businesses. Jergler, Don Aug 26, 2019 145
Trump calls Brazil President, offers assistance in tackling Amazon rainforest fires. Aug 24, 2019 295
Amazon rainforest fires: How you can help. Aug 23, 2019 439
NASA Photo Shows Amazon Rainforest Wildfire From Space. Aug 23, 2019 377
Flame-azon rainforest; Wildfires rip through Brazil as smoke blacks out city. Aug 22, 2019 282
Wildfires Run Amok in Brazil's Amazon Rainforest. Aug 22, 2019 608
Number of Wildfires Down in Louisiana Over 10-Year Period. Aug 20, 2019 378
Report: Re/Insurers Are Reconsidering Risk Appetite for California Wildfires. Jones, Stephanie K. Aug 19, 2019 340
UAE Press: Climate change is here and it's real. Aug 17, 2019 488
Climate change is here and it's real. Aug 16, 2019 447
Call to look after land to tackle climate change. Aug 9, 2019 698
Fires Burn In The Arctic. A., Ritu Aug 5, 2019 625
California's Raging Wildfires: Climate Change To Blame? Jul 31, 2019 368
UN Should Mark Environment Damage As 'War Crime'. Jul 26, 2019 403
California Safety Board Oks Regulation to Protect Workers from Wildfire Smoke. Jergler, Don Jul 19, 2019 404
Forest fire damages precious pine trees in Lower Dir. Jul 8, 2019 199
KT edit: Climate change is indeed the most defining issue today. Jul 1, 2019 391
After the fire: One of Britain's raged for three days but what biggest moorland infernos was left when the flames died? Fears climate change may see further disastrous wildfires. Jun 30, 2019 216
Poll: Majority of Americans Say Global Warming is Affecting U.S. Weather. Jergler , Don Jun 27, 2019 1658
A Burning Question for Our Forests. Daley, Jad Jun 22, 2019 840
American Forests Works to Save California's Forests. Dyer, Brittany Jun 22, 2019 543
California Catalyzed: Years of catastrophic wildfires have brought California to the brink--so how are its people responding? Irvin, Doyle Cover story Jun 22, 2019 1704
An exploration of the capacity of a database generated by post-fire vegetation monitoring to yield useful information about responses of individual species to fire. Ellis, Mary; Norden, Lorraine; Rowe, Margaret Report Jun 1, 2019 4229
California Does Not Have a Wildfire Insurance Crisis. Lehmann, Ray May 29, 2019 1581
California Commissioner Wants Insurers to Extend Living Expense Coverage for 2017 Wildfire Survivors. Jergler, Don May 29, 2019 413
UC ANR advisors support cattle ranchers after wildfires. White, H. Report May 1, 2019 1948
Wildfires wiped out thousands of endangered birds. Apr 26, 2019 193
Apocalyptic footage shows shock devastation in wake of Guisborough Forest fire; Huge swathes of Guisborough Forest have been destroyed by fire :: Cleveland Fire Brigade remains on alert. Apr 22, 2019 287
A Catastrophic Wildfire Fund Is Under Serious Consideration in California. Apr 7, 2019 964
Mount Kenya burning. Brief article Apr 1, 2019 150
California Disaster Insurance Act Passes Key Committee. Jergler, Don Mar 26, 2019 527
Smoke Alarm. Brief article Mar 22, 2019 284
Climate change affects forest recovery after wildfire: Study. Mar 13, 2019 312
Global Warming & Wildfire Risk Sharing. Mar 6, 2019 708
A SYSTEMATIC REVIEW OF THE HEALTH IMPACTS OF OCCUPATIONAL EXPOSURE TO WILDLAND FIRES. Groot, Emily; Caturay, Alexa; Khan, Yasmin; Copes, Ray Report Mar 1, 2019 10964
Will Climate Change Ever Impact Reinsurance Rates? Coleman, Key Mar 1, 2019 1131
Cardiopulmonary Effects of Fine Particulate Matter Exposure among Older Adults, during Wildfire and Non-Wildfire Periods, in the United States 2008-2010. DeFlorio-Barker, Stephanie; Crooks, James; Reyes, Jeanette; Rappold, Ana G. Report Mar 1, 2019 8825
Pooh forest damaged by big wildfires. Feb 27, 2019 125
California Wildfires, Hurricane Michael Top List of 2018's Costliest Natural Disasters: Munich Re. Jan 21, 2019 868
Industry Trends to Exploit for 2019. Jan 21, 2019 1868
ON DETERMINING THE IMPACT OF INCREASING ATMOSPHERIC C[O.sub.2] ON THE RECORD FIRE WEATHER IN EASTERN AUSTRALIA IN FEBRUARY 2017. Hope, Pandora; Black, Mitchell T.; Lim, Eun-Pa; Dowdy, Andrew; Wang, Guomin; Pepler, Acacia S.; Fawc Report Jan 1, 2019 3878
What Is Destroying Our World? After the deadliest wildfire in California history, liberals blame capitalism and global warming for environmental damage, while opponents cite government and socialism. Anderson, Troy Dec 24, 2018 4139
'We have no time left to waste - climate change is a global crisis' Dr Cherrie Short argues that the wildfires devastating California are a wake-up call - climate change must be addressed sooner rather than later... Da wd. Dec 15, 2018 1014
Official Figure on Insured Losses for 2018 California Wildfires Reaches $9B. Dec 12, 2018 763
Battling fires. Nov 30, 2018 215
Listen to predictions on climate change. Nov 30, 2018 347
Listen to predictions on climate change. Nov 30, 2018 309
Finland Takes Climate Change Seriously. Nov 28, 2018 999
Mercury General reports estimated catastrophe losses resulting from wildfires. Financial report Nov 27, 2018 194
Climate report: Worse to come Study released by the White House contradicts Trump on global warming. Nov 24, 2018 1481
Trump sees what fire left President vows help for Californians, again cites forest management Destruction: Trump's climate change opinion unaltered. Nov 18, 2018 1034
Paradise Lost In California. Nov 15, 2018 668
Turn up heat on climate change. Nov 14, 2018 109
California Wildfire Insured Losses at Billions of Dollars and Climbing. Nov 12, 2018 473
The Flammable West: Where Mother Nature and civilization collide. Nov 1, 2018 1031
Climate change report. Oct 18, 2018 280
It's undeniable: Global warming is real. Oct 17, 2018 535
It's undeniable: Global warming is real. Oct 17, 2018 469
Pay attention to climate change report. Oct 15, 2018 164
Climate change could cause 'severe' global beer shortage. Oct 15, 2018 954
Largest Wildfire in California History Officially 100% Contained. Brief article Sep 19, 2018 158
UN chief: World must prevent runaway climate change by 2020. Sep 17, 2018 783
California Is Burning. Brief article Sep 17, 2018 218
World leaders, activists gather for deeper commitments on climate change. Sep 13, 2018 825
'Major transformation' ahead for Earth's ecosystems: Study. Aug 31, 2018 515
Wildfire Smoke Causing Poor Air Quality in U.S. Pacific Northwest; Air pollution advisories, air quality alerts issued for Washington, Oregon. Aug 20, 2018 150
Scientist's fears over chemicals released by moor fires; peat expert warns of pollution. Aug 7, 2018 366
Insurance Charity Responding to Historic California Wildfires. Jergler, Don Aug 7, 2018 654
Declarations. Aug 6, 2018 538
Northern California Wildfire Rages; More Deaths, Evacuations Reported. Jul 30, 2018 1004
Planet fireball: Powerful image of world ablaze as killer heatwave grips Earth in 'undeniable' consequence of global warming; The stunning image displays a sea of red as searing heat and devastating wildfires leave hundreds dead and thousands injured across the world. Jul 25, 2018 577
Wildfires Burn in Texas as High Heat, Low Humidity Persist. Brief article Jul 24, 2018 301
The Surprising Toll of Invasive Species. McDonald, Caroline Jul 1, 2018 1932
California Commissioner Angry at Insurers for Altering Wildfire Bills. Jun 28, 2018 530
Of Owls and Salamanders. Howell, Betsy L. Jun 22, 2018 1466
Wildfire prompts fruit producer to upgrade automation. Apr 25, 2018 681
LEADING THE CHARGE: Amid droughts and wildfires, a bright note: Players from Washington and Wyoming to Hawaii and Arizona take up the fight against global warming. Fish, Peter Apr 1, 2018 1325
Flavors of Fire: Assessing the Relative Toxicity of Smoke from Different Types of Wildfires. Seltenrich, Nate Report Apr 1, 2018 1117
Govt amends forest policy to focus on climate change. Mar 17, 2018 489
Global warming of 2 degrees may up drought, wildfires. Jan 3, 2018 368
Global warming boosted Hurricane Harvey's rainfall by at least 15 percent, studies find. Dec 14, 2017 1415
Climate Change in the City. Gerlach, Alec Nov 1, 2017 702
Devastating Wildfires In California. Oct 16, 2017 656
Notepad. Oct 1, 2017 903
Building climate change resilience in California through UC Cooperative Extension. Grantham, Theodore; Kearns, Faith; Kocher, Susie; Roche, Leslie; Pathak, Tapan Report Oct 1, 2017 1526
Waning wildfires. Brief article Sep 22, 2017 309
Is This What Climate Change Looks Like? Sep 7, 2017 383
Q&A with David Kitchen: human health at risk from extreme weather caused by climate change: impacts of extreme weather on environmental, public health. Haskins, Julia Interview Sep 1, 2017 1411
Assisting wildfire forecasting with satellite data. Aug 1, 2017 304
Air Pollution From Wildfire Smoke A Serious Problem. Jun 15, 2017 587
Fires, floods & beetles: Boulder CRO knows climate change is far from merely a coastal threat. Roberts, Jeff Jun 1, 2017 1631
Research highlights. Apr 1, 2017 1852
Mortality due to vegetation fire-originated [PM.sub.2.5] exposure in Europe--assessment for the years 2005 and 2008. Kollanus, Virpi; Prank, Marje; Gens, Alexandra; Soares, Joana; Vira, Julius; Kukkonen, Jaakko; Sofie Report Jan 1, 2017 8703
How Wildfire Smoke Affects Clouds. Jan 1, 2017 362
Laboratory Assessment of Forest Soil Respiration Affected by Wildfires under Various Environments of Russia. Abakumov, Evgeny; Maksimova, Ekaterina; Tsibart, Anna; Shamilishviliy, George Report Jan 1, 2017 8316
Examining the Potential of Forest Residue-Based Amendments for Post-Wildfire Rehabilitation in Colorado, USA. Rhoades, Charles C.; Minatre, Kerri L.; Pierson, Derek N.; Fegel, Timothy S.; Cotrufo, M. Francesca; Report Jan 1, 2017 8021
Climate Change Is Real: The Investing Implications. Dec 21, 2016 2124
Building capacity to respond and recover. Booth, Darryl Column Nov 1, 2016 1228
Tracking wildfires across America. Brief article Oct 1, 2016 158
The fire's edge: how people feel the heat of a wildfire's threat to their homes and livelihoods, and the tale of those trying to fight it. Howell, Betsy L. Travel narrative Sep 22, 2016 2792
The war against wildfire. Wuerthner, George Cover story Sep 22, 2016 4290
Mangroves: at the juncture of land and sea. Jun 22, 2016 450
Fire in the earth system: bridging data and modeling research. Hantson, Stijn; Kloster, Silvia; Coughlan, Michael; Daniau, Anne-Laure; Vanniere, Boris; Brucher, Ti Jun 1, 2016 2048
Strategies for funding wildfire mitigation. Orwig, Kirsten Jun 1, 2016 1226
World Heritage sites at risk from climate change: UN report. May 29, 2016 566
Wildfires spread. Brief article May 20, 2016 124
Thousands Flee Fire In Canada. May 10, 2016 493
Under fire: after a record-breaking wildfire season in 2015 and with climate change increasing the possibility of more losses to come, businesses need to develop plans to manage the risk and protect their property and personnel. Crawford, Mark Apr 1, 2016 2149
Keeping rangelands healthy and productive. O'Brien, Dennis Dec 1, 2015 812
A multidimensional statistical framework to explore seasonal profile, severity and land-use preferences of wildfires in a Mediterranean country/Un cadre statistique multidimensionnel pour explorer le profil saisonnier, la severite et le ciblage des terres par les feux de forets dans un pays mediterraneen/Un marco estadistico multidimensional para explorar el perfil estacional, la gravedad y las preferencias... Salvati, L.; Ferrara, A.; Mancino, G.; Kelly, C.; Chianucci, F.; Corona, P. Report Dec 1, 2015 7251
Smoke gets in your sky: if you're looking for limited visibility and unlimited updrafts, we have a deal for you. Hart, Mike Sep 1, 2015 2199
Wildfire seasons have lengthened. Sumner, Thomas Brief article Aug 22, 2015 167
Torrential rains, prolonged drought -- climate change causing more extreme weather. Aug 21, 2015 722
The wildfire danger zone. Brief article Jul 1, 2015 169
Drought, not beetles, primary driver of western wildfires. Jul 1, 2015 385
BNCW members learn about Carlton Complex Fire recovery. May 1, 2015 637
Surface temperatures and durations associated with spring prescribed fires in Eastern South Dakota tallgrass prairies. Ohrtman, Michelle K.; Clay, Sharon A.; Smart, Alexander J. Report Jan 1, 2015 5986
Effects of wildfire on riparian trees in Southeastern Arizona. Bock, Carl E.; Bock, Jane H. Report Dec 1, 2014 5565
Growth, biomass, and allometry of resprouting shrubs after fire in scrubby flatwoods. Schafer, Jennifer L.; Mack, Michelle C. Report Oct 1, 2014 8739
70 years of vigilance--the true story of Smokey Bear. Russell, David Aug 1, 2014 738
Dear EarthTalk: why are wildfires on the increase and what can be done to stop them from happening? Heffran, Sandy Jul 20, 2014 535
Devastating Human Impact on Amazon Rainforest Revealed. May 23, 2014 464
Making wildfires more predictable. Mar 1, 2014 401
Forest management needed in era of climate change. Feb 13, 2014 825
Survival and recolonisation following wildfire at Moyston West, Western Victoria. 2. Herpetofauna. Homan, Peter Report Feb 1, 2014 4295
From fire to flooding. Brief article Jan 1, 2014 129
Federal forest tinderboxes. Emord, Jonathan W. Jan 1, 2014 734
Estimation of total yearly C[O.sub.2] emissions by wildfires in Mexico during the period 1999-2010. Vicente, Flor Bautista; Carbajal, Noel; Martinez, Luis Felipe Pineda Report Jan 1, 2014 5169
The historical influence of fire on the flammability of subalpine Snowgum forest and woodland. Zylstra, Philip Dec 1, 2013 3809
Breaking down the composition of smoke. Dec 1, 2013 333
Guest Column: Severe Weather, Climate Change Not Linked. Column Oct 15, 2013 744
Place in the news: California. Lesson plan Oct 7, 2013 350
Rescued roo. Brief article Oct 1, 2013 131
Forests and fire. Steen, Scott Sep 22, 2013 818
Experimental wildfire-retardant coating may help protect homes. Wood, Marcia Sep 1, 2013 529
Small mammal use of the burn perimeter following a chaparral wildfire in southern California. Borchert, Mark; Borchert, Sinead M. Report Aug 1, 2013 5481
Wildfires add more to global warming than earlier believed. Jul 10, 2013 207
Desert fires fueled by native annual forbs: effects of fire on communities of plants and birds in the lower Sonoran Desert of Arizona. Esque, Todd C.; Webb, Robert H.; Wallace, Cynthia S.A.; van Riper, Charles, III; McCreedy, Chris; Sm Report Jun 1, 2013 7631
Is it a tree or a plant?--It's eucalyptus. Jun 1, 2013 502
Rocks don't burn. Lstiburek, Joseph W. May 1, 2013 2323
Wildfires darkening Greenland snowpack. Brief article Apr 1, 2013 215
Dear EarthTalk: How are droughts and wildfires cause by global warming? I thought warming mostly brought on wet and flooded conditions. Feb 10, 2013 579
Multisensor network system for wildfire detection using infrared image processing. Bosch, I.; Serrano, A.; Vergara, L. Report Jan 1, 2013 4724
2012: A Year Of Climate Change Wake-Up Calls. Dec 26, 2012 581
Spanish fires destroy vast forest tracts. Jun 30, 2012 232
Climate Change Will Boost Number of U.S. West's Wildfires. Jun 12, 2012 526
On patrol: real stories from conservation officers and forest rangers in the field. LaManna, Bernadette Jun 1, 2012 595
Response of the Mount Graham red squirrel (Tamiasciurus hudsonicus grahamensis) to postfire conditions. Blount, Seafha J.; Koprowski, John L. Report Mar 1, 2012 6190
Fields and Forests in Flames: lead and mercury emissions from wildfire pyrogenic activity. Kristensen, Louise J.; Taylor, Mark P. Feb 1, 2012 816
Ancient savanna had more fires: land-use practices control burning in African landscape. Witze, Alexandra Jan 28, 2012 229
Bugaboo Wildfire reforestation, Florida. Brief article Jan 1, 2012 262
Regrowing a forest: after the worst fire season on record, groundbreaking restoration projects work to help Cuyamaca rancho state park flourish once again. Johnson, Michelle Jan 1, 2012 2314
Woody species composition following a wildfire in the Dugger Mountain Wilderness, Talladega National Forest, al. Carter, Robert E.; Cobb, Grant C. Report Jan 1, 2012 3267
How the west was lost. Ward, Chip Dec 28, 2011 2070
Huge Arctic fire hints at new climate cue. Black, Richard Brief article Aug 2, 2011 204
Arctic wildfires may accelerate global warming. Jul 31, 2011 278
Costs still coming in for loss following northern wildfires. Narine, Shari Jul 1, 2011 671
Response of rodents to wildfire and livestock grazing in an Arizona desert grassland. Bock, Carl E.; Jones, Zach F.; Kennedy, Linda J.; Bock, Jane H. Report Jul 1, 2011 5268
Arizona Wallow Fire 6% Contained, Operations Continues [PHOTOS]. Brief article Jun 11, 2011 215
Oil spill site not threatened by raging wildfires. Narine, Shari Jun 1, 2011 601
Wildfires wreak havoc. Narine, Shari Jun 1, 2011 797
Community opens homes, pockets to support fire victims. Narine, Shari Jun 1, 2011 414
Lack of stability hits harder than loss of material goods. Narine, Shari Jun 1, 2011 491
As the world burns. Dec 21, 2010 395
Climate change 'causing wildfires to burn more fiercely'. Dec 6, 2010 374
Smoke from a distant fire: burning forests can send aerosols into the stratosphere and around the world. Perkins, Sid Nov 6, 2010 1274
Pollution soars amid Russian blazes. Aug 7, 2010 405
Environmental and health risk of bush burning. Hamid, A.A.; Usman, L.A.; Elaigwu, S.E.; Zubair, M.F. Report May 1, 2010 6163
Spatial distribution of heavy metals released from ashes after a wildfire/Po gaisro is pelenu issiskirianciu sunkiuju metalu erdvinis pasiskirstymas. Pereira, Paulo; Ubeda, Xavier Report Mar 1, 2010 5773
As the world burns. Larsen, Janet Jan 1, 2010 1003
Smog chokes Moscow. Brief article Jan 1, 2010 177
The value of dead trees. Wuerthner, George Jan 1, 2010 441
Ecology, climate and human activities conspire to set the world on fire. Barazesh, Solmaz Jul 4, 2009 2429
Myrtle Beach fire destroys more than 8,000 acres. Brief article Apr 23, 2009 216
Gov. warns Myrtle Beach fires may continue to spread. Brief article Apr 23, 2009 188
Wildfires: bigger, costlier, on the rise. Brief article Sep 1, 2008 145
Rising from the ashes. Jun 22, 2008 981
Forged in fire: a San Diego hospital benefits from automated inventory management during the 2007 wildfires. Stewart, Kristoffer L. Mar 1, 2008 1717
Grocers in Calif. Pitch In with Wildfire Relief. Oct 25, 2007 649
Pepperdine Student Paper's Web Site Shut Down Due to Wildfire -- Now It's Back. Strupp, Joe Brief article Oct 23, 2007 272
Wildfire, walleyes and wine: latest predictions for life in North America's changing climate. Milius, Susan Jun 16, 2007 2264
More complete thinnings needed. Gray, Gerry Jan 1, 2007 400
Mercury rising: natural wildfires release pollutant. Perkins, S. Aug 26, 2006 433
Record Northwest drought feared. Brief Article Mar 22, 2005 97
Other 2005 wildfire releaf projects. Mar 22, 2005 414
Burning issues for water supplies: there were severe but little-known effects from recent bushfires on essential water catchments. Steve Davidson uncovers a concerning story of long-term damage and a lesson learned about the vulnerability of our urban water supplies. Davidson, Steve Jul 1, 2004 2982
Honda helps. Brief Article Mar 22, 2004 204
Fires fuel feeding frenzy. Brief Article Jan 1, 2004 192
B.C. Fires. Brief Article Oct 1, 2003 134
Smoldering peat disgorges huge volumes of carbon. (Wildfire Below). Harder, B. Nov 9, 2002 553
Wildfires in the West. (National). Sep 20, 2002 235
Correction, please! Correction Notice Aug 12, 2002 877
Black Christmas: In Australia, a year-end wildfire destroyed homes, killed wildlife and burned nearly 2 million acres. The effects--and what to do next--are still being decided. Halperin, David Jun 22, 2002 2493
Nastiness in the Woods. Brief Article Jun 22, 2001 638
Wildfire ReLeaf. Jun 22, 2001 1333
Effects of uncharacteristically large and intense wildfires on native fish: 14 years of observations on the Boise National Forest. (Water Symposium Abstracts). Burton, Timothy A.; Jacobson, Lee K. Jun 1, 2001 1339
Wildfires and [CO.sub.2] Emissions. Brief Article May 1, 2001 232
WILDFIRE RELEAF. Brief Article Jan 1, 2001 467
Did ancient wildfire end in barbecue? S.P. Brief Article Nov 11, 2000 330
Fire on the Mountain. Murdock, Nora Brief Article May 1, 2000 1373
Where there's smoke, there's germination. Mlot, Christine May 31, 1997 602
Trophic generalists vs. trophic specialists: implications for food web dynamics in post-fire streams. Mihuc, Timothy B.; Minshall, G. Wayne Dec 1, 1995 6357
Effects of fire regime and habitat on tree dynamics in north Florida longleaf pine savannas. Glitzenstein, Jeff S.; Platt, William J.; Streng, Donna R. Nov 1, 1995 17837
Living with fire. Stekel, Peter Jul 1, 1995 2240
Only you can postpone forest fires. Williams, Ted Cover Story Jul 1, 1995 4731
Vegetation recovery following high-intensity wildfire and silvicultural treatments in sand pine scrub. Greenberg, Cathryn H.; Neary, Daniel G.; Harris, Lawrence D.; Linda, Steven P. Jan 1, 1995 5740

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