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Changing weather pattern causes carbondioxide emissions, industrialization,population growth: Director Met office. Oct 23, 2019 181
Changing weather pattern causes carbondioxide emissions, industrialization,population growth:Director Met office. Oct 22, 2019 149
At Climate Change townhall, pro-abortion Sen. Sanders favors using U.S. aid to "control" population growth by abortion. Andrusko, Dave Sep 1, 2019 480
Challenges of Demographic Pressures and Resource Scarcity on the Political Economy in the Levant & MENA Region/Levant ve MENA Bolgesi Politik Ekonomisinde Demografik Baskilar ve Kaynak Kitligi Sorunlari. Tur, Ozlem Report Dec 22, 2018 6705
How Large Is The Human Footprint? May 23, 2018 577
Residential Lots Scarce As NWA Draws a Crowd: Booming population puts pressure on affordability and climbing land prices. Cook, Marty Apr 30, 2018 1121
HOME AND DRY: As the global supply of water comes under increased strain, regional instability leaves Jordan stuck between a rock and a hard place. Oct 1, 2017 362
FAO warns of growing water scarcity amid climate change, population growth. Jan 24, 2017 291
Earthbound: ReLearning to live in a finite world. Timmerman, Peter Mar 22, 2016 2947
Newcastle University and Northumbrian Water team up for [pounds sterling]3.9m research into water supply; The project will help the UK's water sector tackle key challenges like population growth, ageing infrastructure and climate change. Oct 20, 2015 454
UN Reviews Development Goals, But Again Ignores Population Growth. Sep 22, 2015 1419
The green guise of Vatican globalism: ignoring sage advice from previous popes, as well as Catholic Christian theology, the Vatican is pushing global governance and population control for the sake of radical environmentalism. Terrell, Rebecca Jun 8, 2015 1805
'Enough, for all, forever': a report from New York's mixed up, anti-capitalist People's Climate March. Bailey, Ronald Column Dec 14, 2014 1422
Urban heat boosts tree pests. Brief article Sep 1, 2014 199
Norwegian reindeer thriving. Brief article Sep 1, 2014 206
Editor's choice. Aug 1, 2014 1304
Population growth, climate change link seen. May 26, 2014 471
Fenced in: are fences the best way to keep Africa's lions safe? Warren, Stephanie Apr 1, 2014 1246
Are there limits to limits? de Graaf, John; Pielke, Roger, Jr. Mar 22, 2014 2025
Tiny beetles, huge consequences. Brief article Mar 22, 2014 121
Demographics, consumption, and climate change. Brief article Mar 1, 2014 168
Recalculating progress: Implementing the growth plan for the greater golden horseshoe. Tomalty, Ray Mar 1, 2014 1371
Estimating moose abundance in linear subarctic habitats in low snow conditions with distance sampling and a Kernel estimator. Wald, Eric J.; Nielson, Ryan M. Statistical data Jan 1, 2014 12745
More immigration = more Americans = less wilderness. Foreman, Dave Sep 19, 2013 858
Us or them. Pathberiya, Semini; Belanger, Julie Brief article Sep 1, 2013 102
Les grandes questions meritent des reponses audacieuses: la population et le changement climatique au Sahel. Potts, Malcolm; Graves, Alisha Viewpoint essay Sep 1, 2013 3363
Linking population, fertility, and family planning with adaptation to climate change: perspectives from Ethiopia. Rovin, Kimberly; Hardee, Karen; Kidanu, Aklilu Report Sep 1, 2013 8047
Outlook grim for mammals and birds. Brief article Aug 1, 2013 251
Not enough water for Khamenehi population. Brief article May 24, 2013 191
Population not sole culprit. Meyers, Mary Brief article Oct 1, 2012 104
Dear EarthTalk: The world added its seven-billionth person in 2011, but the news came and went quickly while Charlie Sheen news kept on and on. Sep 30, 2012 586
Climate change threatens human survival. Brief article Mar 1, 2012 261
Unplugging our economic Ponzi scheme: if the human species hopes to continue thriving, we have to embrace a new model that doesn't rely on population growth. Welch, Bryan Dec 1, 2011 1509
7 billion or 1 percent? Angus, Ian Nov 1, 2011 334
How to control people pressure. Oct 1, 2011 558
WWF for water planning in cities 30,000 die yearly in Khi. Sep 15, 2011 356
A populating solution: people + environment + planning = good economics. Berger, Charles Brief article May 1, 2011 217
Human climate meddling got start long before dawn of petroleum era: clearing forests released greenhouse gases by the gigaton. Witze, Alexandra Apr 23, 2011 700
A way of life in crisis: on the sparsely inhabited steppes of Mongolia, the lifestyle of the nomadic herder has always been a hard one. But as livestock die in their millions during the increasingly frequent bitter winters, and pasturelands disappear due to overgrazing and desertification, this traditional culture is struggling to survive. Gillet, Kit Report Apr 1, 2011 1834
Attitudes to immigration and population growth in Australia 1954 to 2010: an overview. Betts, Katharine Survey Sep 1, 2010 11559
Peak fertiliser: to grow food, you need nutrients: there's no getting around it. With the Food and Agriculture Organization predicting that the world will need to produce 70 per cent more food for the 9.1 billion people that will populate the planet by 2050, alarm bells are ringing about the issue of nutrient supply. Kovac, Kath Aug 1, 2010 1468
The population myth: ACF's Director of Strategic Ideas, Charles Berger, examines the misconceptions surrounding population and sustainability. Berger, Charles Viewpoint essay Jul 1, 2010 1318
Announcing Australia's most sustainable city ... a groundbreaking new index reveals that wasteful consumption of resources, substantial population growth, poor planning decisions and lack of infrastructure investment has come at a cost to our economy, society and the environment. So how does your city rate? Trigg, Matthew Jul 1, 2010 748
Heading for a world apocalypse? Collins, Donald A. Essay Jun 22, 2010 4879
Safe sex for species. Schneider, Erin Brief article Apr 20, 2010 186
Population growth in Australia: how environmental groups are responding. Walker, Matthew P.A. Apr 1, 2010 5518
How consumption not population growth drives climate change. Satterthwaite, David Jan 1, 2010 4604
Population. Brief article Jan 1, 2010 206
Managing water ... feeding the world. Yoder, Ron Column Oct 1, 2009 370
Planet girth. Smith, Gar Jun 22, 2009 688
Border war: immigration is a political minefield. Can environmentalists have a reasoned debate on the issue? Lydersen, Kari Jun 22, 2009 3403
The division over multiplication. Webb, Audrey Jun 22, 2009 2289
Urban heat: cities sizzle as more people move in. Perkins, Sid Apr 11, 2009 2307
The Living Earth Ethical Principles: A Family For All Families. Assadourian, Erik Essay Mar 1, 2009 1223
U.S. attitudes on population: a mixed picture that seems to reflect confusing media messages. Connolly, Scott; Elmore, Katie; Ryerson, William Sep 1, 2008 2920
Population, urbanization, and the environment: growing cities stress their natural surrounding, but they can also help protect them. Jiang, Leiwen; Young, Malea Hoepf; Hardee, Karen Sep 1, 2008 2701
Hey, you're standing on my foot! Evers, Laura Brief article Jun 1, 2008 170
Time to clear the air on immigration. Moss, Doug May 1, 2008 526
Destination America: immigration, the environment and big population numbers. Motavalli, Jim May 1, 2008 4004
Growing pains: three sprawling cities. May 1, 2008 901
Population: the lost priority: Australian authorities on population growth warn that it is the fundamental sustainability priority being perilously overlooked. O'Neill, Graeme Apr 1, 2008 1750
A thirst for meat: changes in diet, rising population may strain China's water supply. Perkins, Sid Jan 19, 2008 563
Smaller families for a healthy environment: why less is more when it comes to kids. Grossman, Richard Jan 2, 2008 780
Population and sustainable future: many economists believe population growth is good for the economy-but that doesn't mean we are better off. Lowe, Ian Jan 1, 2008 599
After Katrina the face of New Orleans changes radically. Brief article Jun 19, 2006 230
The struggle for environmental security: scholars revisiting "The Limits to Growth" assess its predictions. Wagner, Cynthia G. Nov 1, 2005 734
Can save the cities? Motavalli, Jim Sep 1, 2005 2329
Egypt: striking a balance; Egypt's growing population and an upturn in economic growth have resulted in new environmental concerns. Ford, Neil May 1, 2005 1253
International housing boom hurting nature. . Apr 1, 2003 428
A new transcontinental disease: the West Nile virus. (CE Series). Campbell, Alicia; Dreher, H. Michael Jun 1, 2002 4843
The population question: Mike Krockenberger reports on the diverse opinions aired recently at the National Population Summit in Melbourne, and gets a few words in on ACF's behalf. Krockenberger, Mike Brief Article Apr 1, 2002 1001
Another approach: Anna McDermott talked to the Executive Director of UNFPA, Saudi Arabian-born Dr Thoraya Ahmed Obaid. (Mosaic). McDermott, Anna Interview Dec 1, 2001 1596
U.N. population fund warns of resource depletion. (World). Donovan, Gill Brief Article Nov 16, 2001 283
Zoo Vet Crusades Against Population Growth. Brief Article Aug 1, 2001 136
Growing Pains on the Front Range. Dietrich, Bill Jan 1, 2001 1798
The Weight of Numbers. Motavalli, Jim Brief Article Nov 1, 2000 533
Balancing ACT. Motavalli, Jim Nov 1, 2000 4402
Paul R. Ehrlich: 120 people/[m.sup.2] on the Earth in 900 years? Excerpt Nov 1, 2000 383
EARTH DAY 2000. Mar 1, 2000 1776
Fresh Water and Population Pressure. Brief Article Sep 1, 1999 1005
THIS LAND WAS MADE FOR ME, NOT YOU. Anderhub, Jost-Burkhard Brief Article Jul 1, 1999 115
Detecting population-level consequences of ongoing environmental change without long-term monitoring. Doak, Daniel F.; Morris, William (American writer) Jul 1, 1999 10537
Asia needs 'green' recovery: ADB. Apr 19, 1999 195
Population - environment linkages in international law. Babor, Diana D.M. Mar 22, 1999 16682
Regional Effort Tackles Water Problems. Harris, Elaine Brief Article Feb 22, 1999 823
16 impacts of population growth. Brown, Lester R.; Gardner, Gary; Halweil, Brian Feb 1, 1999 3522
THOMAS ROBERT MALTHUS. RILEY, MARK T. Biography Jan 1, 1999 1645
Is Puget Sound in peril? Dietrich, William Jan 1, 1999 2618
TED TURNER: Billionaire, Media Mogul ... and Environmentalist. REMBERT, TRACEY C. Interview Jan 1, 1999 2304
AND BABY MAKES ... Too Many? SAWICKI, STEPHEN Nov 1, 1998 4561
Population puzzle: is the world big enough? Stiefel, Chana Apr 13, 1998 857
Environmental Malthusianism: integrating population and environmental policy. Hardaway, Robert M. Dec 22, 1997 17858
Turf wars: swelling human populations are crowding out other species. Robbins, Elaine Nov 1, 1997 920
Can we stop global warming? Harte, John Mar 1, 1997 2571
Contents under pressure. Motavalli, Jim Cover Story Nov 1, 1996 3906
Richard Leakey: Africa's passionate voice for nature. Harris, Scott Interview Jul 1, 1996 2130
Coral degradation is accelerating. Brief Article Jun 1, 1996 304
Crowded house: Bangladesh's agonizing human problems are caused, in part, by its incredible population density. Jan 1, 1996 997
People pollution. Taylor, Rupert J. Oct 1, 1995 761
Mother nature's solution? Oct 1, 1995 190
Population growth strains the earth's resources. May 1, 1995 406
What turtles could tell us about population. Column Apr 7, 1995 1115
Can humanity survive unrestricted population growth? Weiskel, Timothy C. Jan 1, 1995 2142
The environmental war. Dec 1, 1994 82
Follow the money. Cockburn, Alexander Column Sep 5, 1994 467
In the eye of the storm: population meets Mother Nature. McCarthy, Laura Jul 18, 1994 1423
The designer plague. Benford, Gregory Jan 1, 1994 3264
Saint Martin of Tours and the new world of public policy. Lamm, Richard D. Sep 1, 1993 2476
Cribonometry. Rauber, Paul May 1, 1993 1066
Projected change in state populations, 1990-2000. illustration Dec 22, 1989 159
The CO2-people connection. Sep 12, 1987 216

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