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Glasgow office first in Scotland to feature paint that 'eats pollutants and viruses for lunch'; A Glasgow office building is said to have become the first in Scotland to be coated with an anti-viral, air purifying paint that "eats pollutants and viruses for lunch". Scott Reid Feb 22, 2021 309
Viet Nam responds to World Wetlands Day. Feb 9, 2021 315
Green Yard launches 313-unit residential project in Dubai. Jan 13, 2021 377
PIDA extends date for island development environment studies. Nov 1, 2020 255
PIDA extends date for island development environment studies. Nov 1, 2020 263
Plans unveiled for 200 new homes in Leamington; THE SCHEME ALSO INCLUDES PUBLIC OPEN SPACE AND ECOLOGICAL HABITAT. ENDA MULLEN May 18, 2020 366
Plans unveiled for 200 new homes in Leamington Spa; The plans also include a public open space and an ecological habitat. By, Enda Mullen May 13, 2020 343
Latvia's supports small island developing states in their efforts to fight climate change. Sep 28, 2019 293
Wooden skyscrapers hold the key to green cities, says top Japan architect. Sep 26, 2019 441
Eco-friendly homes scheme as couple's retirement plan... Creating houses with best energy efficiency rating. Apr 17, 2019 363
Rera 'is building strong real estate ecosystem in Bahrain'. Apr 15, 2019 390
Rera 'building strong real estate ecosystem in Bahrain'. Apr 14, 2019 384
Developer claims 220 new homes will 'act as buffer' to M25 pollution; Muse Developments claims new homes will act as a barrier to pollution from the M25. Mar 5, 2019 532
Jonathan Rose replaces construction loan on eco-friendly Brooklyn apartment development. Jan 9, 2019 289
Wastes of the development. Dec 3, 2018 498
Environment ministry agrees with 4 banks to finance industrial pollution control projects. Oct 18, 2018 250
Circular economy to reduce C-emissions, contribute US$ 1 tln in cost savings: UNIDO. Oct 15, 2018 842
Left in limbo in Pickle Lake: Old mine waste issues continue to stall development in northwestern Ontario community. Ross, Ian Jun 1, 2018 687
UNIDO arranges a workshop to improve environmental situation. Oct 26, 2017 568
UNTAMED WORLD: Humanity has gradually transformed much of the world's natural environment, turning forests into farmlands and marshlands into motorways. Only a handful of genuinely 'untamed' places still exist. In these extracts from his new book, Atlas of Untamed Places, Chris Fitch looks at three areas still holding out against the creeping tentacles of development. Fitch, Chris Excerpt Oct 1, 2017 2183
The uncertain future of Lake Skadar: a Key Biodiversity Area, a Ramsar Wetland of International Importance, and home to over 270 species of bird. But also a prime target for developers looking to build a tourist trade. Rudolf Abraham investigates whether the fight to keep a Montenegrin beauty spot pristine can really be won. Abraham, Rudolf Jun 1, 2017 1868
Restoration and Management of Healthy Wetland Ecosystems. Xie, Dong; Wang, Qiang; Li, Zhongqiang; Mormul, Roger Paulo; Zhu, Liangdong Editorial Jan 1, 2017 692
UNIDO campaign on 'Women in Green Industries'launched. Oct 31, 2016 534
UNIDO campaign on 'Women in Green Industries'launched. Oct 26, 2016 536
Sisters put a high price on preservation: congregations turn lands over to trusts, protecting them from development. Stockman, Dan Aug 26, 2016 1295
Ecological, industrial zone in Leyte to rise soon, BOI says. Jun 23, 2016 363
Mixed messages from the Grand Canyon. Brief article Jun 19, 2015 158
Effects of rapid development of high-rise buildings to the environment in Penang Island. Osmadi, Atasya; Ling, Goh Sui; Yusof, Nor'Aini Report Apr 1, 2015 1879
Grand folly. Ketcham, Christopher Cover story Mar 22, 2015 5494
ULI releases toolkit for healthier urban living. Orlando, Dan Brief article Mar 4, 2015 298
Machnouk: Industrial development should spare environment. Apr 1, 2014 335
Marketing sustainable retail development. Ilic, Dragan; Stankovic, Jasmina; Ilic, Stanko Apr 1, 2013 4579
Indigenous resistance resurgent: Idle No More. McCreary, Tyler Mar 1, 2013 1162
Effects of Climate Change on Birds Worsened by Housing Development. Dec 22, 2012 483
Some aspects of sustainable real estate development: a case study of Druskininkai Snow Arena in Lithuania/Vybrane aspekty udrzitelneho rozvoje nemovitosti: pripadova studie areny Druskininkai Snow v Litve. Raslanas, Saulius; Stasiukynas, Andrius; Krutinis, Mindaugas Oct 1, 2012 6725
Green Belt dangers due to changes; CONSTRUCTING EXCELLENCE. Sep 7, 2012 412
ACFN caribou, bison plan proposes no more development in protection zone. Narine, Shari Aug 1, 2012 657
EPA Region 7 and contractors begin removal of underground storage unit. Jul 30, 2012 288
Investors set their sights on land for wind farms; CLIMATE CHANGE AND RENEWABLE ENERGY FEARS DRIVING DEMAND. Jun 21, 2012 649
One Trinity Green - a prestige address for growing businesses; SOUTH TYNESIDE COUNCIL. Jun 13, 2012 673
Project to develop ecological and desert tourism. Jan 24, 2012 268
Request of offers from capable firms to study & evaluate the environmental impact, also the social & economic impact of establishing the new industrial zone for lather industries in Al Robeiki area. Jun 27, 2011 134
Over 2,000 backing wetland's protection. Jun 10, 2011 190
If you save it, will they come? Ives, Mike Mar 22, 2011 3094
Prez blames capitalism, US for world's pollution. Mar 11, 2011 494
Mike Craft: Alaska Environmental Power. Stomierowski, Peg Interview Aug 1, 2010 677
Turning over new greener Maple leaf. Jul 7, 2010 434
Balkans forests rapidly disappearing. Brief article Jul 1, 2010 239
Keeping it wild: preserving wildlife and habitat while allowing development and outdoor recreation is a tough balancing act. Savage, Melissa; Shinkle, Douglas May 1, 2010 1974
Dispensing with tradition; For pharmacists Bipin and Nishma Patel, their first foray into the world of property development has produced a fabulous modern, eco-friendly family home, writes Annie Roberts. Mar 25, 2010 706
SB 375: promise, compromise and the new urban landscape. Darakjian, John Dec 22, 2009 16245
Clean-up underway at New Jersey brownfield. Oct 21, 2009 273
Etown of Boulder: enduring radio show is creating a home worthy of its green mission. Pantiel, Mindy Sep 1, 2009 664
Bahrain to protect new projects from rising sea. Brief article Jun 2, 2009 246
Eco-friendly conversion homes. May 23, 2009 207
Going green to bridge the Cyprus divide. Apr 29, 2009 698
Saudi Arabia's construction contracts to exceed $60 billion. Apr 16, 2009 478
Green house emissions; FUTURE DEVELOPMENTS Ian Richardson takes a look at a unique project aiming to develop a blueprint for future environmentally friendly housing. Feb 6, 2009 862
Development threatens designated wetlands. Jan 31, 2009 464
'Green' offices bid for square; Hope that development could deliver around 3,000 new jobs. Jan 7, 2009 386
Sheldon Solow could win $250M in state funds. Brief article Jan 7, 2009 113
Lichfield firm works with green belt land developers; LEGAL. Dec 24, 2008 203
Wetland reserve to be developed in Kashmir. Dec 20, 2008 396
Rainforests need saving. Nov 18, 2008 372
Preview: Artistic licence; Gateshead property developer William Kidd has brought a country estate back to life to create an eccentric home and eco-friendly holiday destination. Kathryn Armstrong discovers more. Oct 14, 2008 347
Urban park surge. Brief article Sep 22, 2008 316
Developers find value in not developing some parcels, turning land to wetlands. Aug 28, 2008 1165
North American commission pushes for green building design. Block, Ben Brief article Jul 1, 2008 273
Green building goes mainstream: a wide-angle view of sustainable materials and practices. Gies, Erica Jul 1, 2008 4775
Keeping Vermont's roadless roadless areas pristine. Brief article Jun 22, 2008 160
Green buildings: valuation issues and perspectives. Pitts, Jennifer; Jackson, Thomas O. Reprint Mar 22, 2008 2080
Tee time in Throgs Neck? Ulam, Alex Mar 3, 2008 1143
Daniel Baer has joined PB as East Coast planning manager, responsible for multimodal transportation, transit, freight and environmental planning. Jan 30, 2008 133
Conservation board rejects EMC plan Construction deemed threat to wetlands. Oct 17, 2007 436
Relief for weary monarchs. Pleasant, Barbara Apr 1, 2007 491
Case Study: Country estate owner converts Tyne Valley holding to green fuel. Mar 21, 2007 502
Victory at Pear Tree Bottom. Frisch, Marie Dixon Jan 1, 2007 543
Reinventing our relationships with land: Peter Healy, recently returned from a study programme at Genesis Farm, suggests humanity needs to find its place amongst the whole of nature, and develop a land ethic in order to live sustainably on the earth. Healy, Peter Viewpoint essay Jan 1, 2007 1377
State hopes to block land development. Brief article Oct 27, 2006 185
Buyers see green at Sheldrake development. Oct 18, 2006 367
Protecting sensitive wetlands. Brief article Sep 22, 2006 220
Effect of urban soil compaction on infiltration rate. Gregory, J.H.; Dukes, M.D.; Jones, P.H.; Miller, G.L. May 1, 2006 5914
The NIMBY syndrome and the health of communities. Senecal, Gilles; Reyburn, Stefan Report Jan 1, 2006 7831
Sports, recreation and the environment *. Brooks, Brian Jan 1, 2006 6689
Landscape character--a spatial framework for local development policy: Paul Mahony and Andrew Wharton examine the role of landscape character within the new planning system, and look at some of the issues raised by using landscape character as a spatial framework for local development policy. Mahony, Paul; Wharton, Andrew Jun 1, 2005 1579
Paradise saved: 10 newly preserved Western treasures, waiting for you to enjoy them. Feb 1, 2005 1689
Environmentalists sue over hotel project. Brief Article Jan 1, 2005 188
Surprise decision: builders fear federal judge's decision will make it easier for the federal government to revoke existing permits. Zurier, Steve Sep 1, 2004 583
Industry braces for lead law impact. Nelson, Barbara Aug 11, 2004 813
Of property and antiproperty. Bell, Abraham; Parchomovsky, Gideon Oct 1, 2003 29888
Faultline media project. (Earth Island in the news). Sep 22, 2003 500
ADEQ launches loan program. Turner, Lance Brief Article Sep 1, 2003 246
Breaking the suburban habit the right incentives for developers could transform suburban sprawl into more affordable, diverse and healthy neighbourhoods. Sewell, John Jun 22, 2003 3129
Time invariant decision rules and land development: a dynamic and stochastic analysis *. Batabyal, Amitrajeet A. Mar 22, 2003 3760
Ten most endangered: water-draining golf courses, chronic underfunding, and air pollution land some of America's national parks on NPCA's Ten Most Endangered list. (Special Report). Himot, Kate Mar 1, 2003 1453
Paradise in peril: although conservation efforts and a vast national park are helping to protect natural resources on the U.S. Virgin Islands, increased tourism, a building boom, and other pressures threaten this still relatively unblemished territory. Cohn, Jeffrey P. Jan 1, 2003 3240
The Moraine is about politics, not science. (Political Science). Bocking, Stephen Mar 22, 2002 1506
The Real Estate Industry and environmental protectionism can coexist: builders are finding ways to increase profits while providing ecological benefits to society. (Ecology). Rising, Nelson C. Nov 1, 2001 1780
Yes to diverse waterfronts and commuter convenience, no to sprawl: CLF in Massachusetts is ... (From The States). Pollack, Stephanie Sep 22, 2001 1264
Sustainable development good for society, business. STANG, ROBERT B. Brief Article Sep 12, 2001 785
Working the Wetlands. POWER, MATTHEW Brief Article Jun 1, 2001 735
Sprawl Dies of Thirst. POWER, MATTHEW Brief Article May 1, 2001 677
Growing Greener. FARNSWORTH, CHRISTINA B. Brief Article May 1, 2001 492
Mortgage Lenders and the Institutionalization and Normalization of Environmental Risk Analysis. Roddewig, Richard J.; Keiter, Allen C. Apr 1, 2001 4549
Turtle trouble down Mexico way. Brief Article Mar 1, 2001 214
How Australian Appraisers Assess Contaminated Land. Chan, Nelson Oct 1, 2000 5048
Takings Bill Would Encourage Sprawl, Damage Habitats. Brief Article Aug 1, 2000 155
Copping An Attitude: WAR OF WORDS. POWER, MATTHEW Jul 1, 2000 1658
Wetlands, waterfowl, and the menace of Mr. Wilson: commerce clause jurisprudence and the limits of federal regulation. Adler, Jonathan H. Mar 22, 1999 34948
The undefinable mega-issue. Peirce, Neal R. Sep 14, 1998 797
Seeing green: Bill Browning takes environmental development to the next level. Watkins-Miller, Elaine Aug 1, 1998 704
NJ legislation may entice developers to build on brownfields. Mar 11, 1998 788
Growth plan examined for gateway: more development proposed for Tusayan, gateway to Grand Canyon. Sep 1, 1997 493
Development threatens the heart of Denali: as NPS moves to buy claims, lodge and road proposal looms. Chamberlin, Jay Sep 1, 1997 528
Ballona's bridegrooms. Cockburn, Alexander Column Dec 23, 1996 648
Construction of retail buildings on closed landfill sites. Keech, Max Mar 1, 1996 2839
Embattled ground: Disney has withdrawn its plans to build a 3,000-acre theme park near Manassas, and opponents are claiming victory; but with the company looking for another Virginia site and land near the battlefield zoned for development, the war is not over yet. Fordney, Chris Nov 1, 1994 2840
How clean is clean? Simons, Robert Jul 1, 1994 4940
Firebugs: build it in California's foothills, and it will burn. Davis, Mike Mar 1, 1994 1140
The limits of paradise. Daniel, John Mar 1, 1994 4851
The oldest mountains' mosaic. Mar 1, 1994 608
Letter from Costa Rica. Carothers, Andre Cover Story Sep 1, 1993 677
Pact with developers? An agreement to protect habitat made on a wing and a prayer. Slater, Dashka Jul 1, 1993 955
A private property duty of stewardship: changing our land ethic. Karp, James P. Jul 1, 1993 9972
NJ case offers hope for wetlands owners. Gold, Avrom Column Jun 30, 1993 1019
Mud wrestling. Steinhart, Peter Jan 1, 1993 2790
Economic impact of growth management policies surrounding the Chesapeake Bay. Beaton, W. Patrick; Pollock, Marcus Nov 1, 1992 9645
Environmentally-sensitive property no longer taboo. Sitomer, Daniel J. Sep 30, 1992 1002
Riverside So. sewage plant declared not at capacity. Weiss, Lois Sep 23, 1992 352
Westchester owners claim damages against NYS, NYC. Jun 24, 1992 450
NJ NAIOP supports Florio's environmental reform plan. Jun 17, 1992 240
Arbor ordinance. Waldon, George Apr 9, 1990 1209

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