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The pressing issue of climate change. Sep 23, 2021 986
Educational activities on climate change and obligations in this area. Jul 21, 2021 317
Derry ahead of the curve in climate battle though global warming effects are already being felt locally, say Derry MLAs; Derry has been ahead of the curve in tackling climate change, it was claimed this week, as MLAs debated new climate crisis legislation at Stormont. May 14, 2021 220
About carbon emissions, storage and conversion through comprehensive national strategy. Jan 19, 2021 899
A green alternative to the capitalist system. Dec 5, 2020 447
Green MP tops powerhouse list. Nov 17, 2020 249
Green MP tops powerhouse list. Nov 17, 2020 249
'Stark' report on carbon emissions. Oct 2, 2020 183
Greens Surge In France, Macron Slips In Low-Turnout Polls. Jun 29, 2020 749
Speed rethink pollution fears. Feb 28, 2020 174
Greens call for urgent reforms over land ownership in country; ENVIRONMENT. DAVID MCPHEE Feb 28, 2020 206
'Grandchildren will curse us' says councillor on new council's climate change plans. Feb 28, 2020 498
Ellen outraged by environmental nightmare. Feb 21, 2020 448
Council rejects no-idling zones idea by Lib Dems; BOSSES PLAN TO GO EVEN FURTHER TO FIGHT TRAFFIC POLLUTION. DANIEL HOLLAND Local democracy reporter Feb 8, 2020 417
The Green Party; Election round-up. Dec 11, 2019 220
Wiganers have doubts that politicians will act over climate change. Dec 5, 2019 393
Focus on climate change, not racism. Dec 3, 2019 238
Boris Johnson skips climate change debate, gets replaced with ice sculpture. ANI Nov 29, 2019 348
Election: First Borders hustings to test candidates on green credentials. Nov 21, 2019 579
Greens in pledge on climate change. Nov 20, 2019 176
Greens in pledge on climate change. Nov 20, 2019 176
Duke may be 'green' - but this is handy to hop on and off. DAVID HOLMES @Sherlock1968 Nov 14, 2019 618
Call to make environment safety compulsory subject. Nov 12, 2019 112
More support for schools to reduce energy consumption and environmental impact. Nov 6, 2019 476
Rival politicians indulge in war of words over Delhi air pollution. ANI Nov 4, 2019 722
GC and TC parties agree on need to combat climate change. Source: Cyprus News Agency Oct 30, 2019 413
GM, Toyota And Fiat Chrysler Back Trump Versus California On Emissions. Oct 29, 2019 324
Let's keep our environment clean ...MCE appeals to constituents. Oct 10, 2019 383
In Slovakia, green hopes spring from a new crop of leaders. Sep 23, 2019 1614
Scottish Lib Dems make bid to strengthen climate change targets after global strikes. Sep 22, 2019 551
Merkel's govt to unveil strategy to tackle climate change. Sep 17, 2019 789
A new country in Europe is forming, and it is modern and environmentally conscious. Sep 3, 2019 467
A feminist take on climate change. Sep 2, 2019 600
Heated Discussion: Strategies for Communicating Climate Change in a Polarized Era. Merzdorf, Jessica; Pfeiffer, Linda J.; Forbes, Beth Sep 1, 2019 6631
Plan for 1,000 charge points not enough, claim Greens. Aug 27, 2019 300
How Partisan Is Issue of Climate Change? Aug 1, 2019 258
Climate emergency declared in South Tyneside - but Green Party say it's not enough; Green Party councillor, David Francis, presented a motion calling for the council to become carbon neutral by 2023 and for the borough to follow by 2030. Jul 23, 2019 1123
A aroviA: BiH Presidency to take a stance on the radioactive waste disposal site. Jul 22, 2019 286
Don't spend money on climate change. Jul 15, 2019 160
Greens call for further investigation into new Larnaca tower. Jul 11, 2019 143
Green Party announces General Election candidates. Jul 10, 2019 154
Campaigners call for cars to be completely banned from Newcastle city centre 1 day per week; A Green Party activist called for the one-day car ban. Jun 27, 2019 573
Climate change ranks high on Guildford Lib Dems' priorities for first 100 days in charge; Guildford council's new leader Caroline Reeves said the climate emergency had to be "central to everything". Jun 26, 2019 531
Climate change emergency declared in city; COUNCIL ACCUSED OF 'DRAGGING THEIR HEELS' BY THE GREEN PARTY. Jun 24, 2019 472
Chilly views on a global warming link to CO2. Jun 24, 2019 208
Climate Change and the Democrats: If they have the smarts, Democrats can prevent a schism in the progressive coalition, and turn the Green New Deal into a jobs machine for workers displaced from the carbon economy. Meyerson, Harold Jun 22, 2019 3592
INEXCUSABLE; Martin slams dirty diesel bus purchase policy; Government missing target on emissions; Varadkar's green proposal is dismissed. Jun 19, 2019 424
DEMOCRATS TRY TO BLOCK TRUMP'S U.S. EXIT FROM UN PARIS SCHEME: Democrats are trying to stop the use of U.S. tax dollars to exit from the Paris Climate Accord and, at the same time, slash U.S. carbon-dioxide emissions. Newman, Alex Jun 3, 2019 1910
Greens want six TDs in the next election. Jun 3, 2019 115
Right and Greens gain ground. May 27, 2019 119
In wake of Sterigenics emissions, tighter controls clear House. May 25, 2019 493
Support surge for Greens over global warming. May 20, 2019 181
Lake County vows to protect environment Climate: 3 Republicans dissent, 1 only because he wanted specifics. May 15, 2019 532
With elections over, bets urged to help in cleanup. May 15, 2019 309
WHAT ON EARTH ARE THE OTHER 152 DOING ABOUT IT? SHOCK AS DEPUTIES SNUB VOTE OVER GLOBAL WARMING Ireland became only the second country in the world to declare a climate emergency, but just SIX of our TDs bothered to show up at the Dail to witness the action... May 11, 2019 918
Labour group leader delighted with Cheshire East election results; Cllr Sam Corcoran now wants everyone to work together to tackle climate change. May 6, 2019 384
Labour group leader delighted with Cheshire East election results; Cllr Sam Corcoran now wants everyone to work together to tackle climate change. May 6, 2019 384
'Climate emergency' is declared in city amid environmentalist rally. Apr 6, 2019 664
Congress manifesto recognises air pollution crisis. Apr 3, 2019 334
Polarized Views: A Green New Deal, Climate Change. Apr 1, 2019 2745
Take holidays at home to help beat climate change; Green chief says trips in Ireland good for environment & economy. Apr 1, 2019 537
Macron looks to build 'Green front' ahead of EU elections. Mar 29, 2019 820
Green MSP slams Tories for trying to ditch beaver protections. Mar 20, 2019 506
EC bats for environment friendly election campaign. Mar 10, 2019 446
Cheap shots and cheap pollutants. Mar 7, 2019 1047
Eco-Waste Coalition calls for 'green' campaign. Feb 10, 2019 501
Sofia Municipality is Ready to Discuss New Measures Against Air Pollution. Dec 10, 2018 246
Campaigners fear 2,000-home development would destroy wildlife habitat; A masterplan is being drawn up to more than double the number of people living in Huncoat. Nov 30, 2018 371
North East can play critical role in green job creation. Nov 21, 2018 688
Roads may be closed in anti-pollution drive. Oct 27, 2018 342
Radical plans could see some Liverpool roads CLOSED to traffic at certain times of the day; Councillors bring forward bold plan in bid to tackle air pollution crisis. Oct 26, 2018 362
Brexit benefits our ecosystem. Oct 19, 2018 207
President stresses role in 'Clean, Green Pakistan' drive. Oct 12, 2018 183
Fighting The Environmental Battle. Oct 10, 2018 459
Call for car charges to cut the toll of pollution. Oct 9, 2018 588
Airport plans fly in face of efforts to cut pollution. Sep 28, 2018 512
Anger at airport's plans for expansion; concerns are raised over air quality and noise pollution. Sep 28, 2018 516
Newcastle Airport expansion plans slammed as 'harmful' to health in the North East; The Newcastle Green Party have warned the plans will undermine efforts to cut greenhouse gas emissions and improve air quality. Sep 28, 2018 534
President proposes Taiwan-Japan cooperation on climate change. Aug 28, 2018 350
Greens describe Kyperounta dump as a 'ticking time bomb'. Aug 8, 2018 235
German glaciers shrinking rapidly due to climate change. May 13, 2018 382
As concern mounts over pollution, greenies tell GE14 candidates to spell out their battle plans. Apr 12, 2018 616
Rapid melting of glaciers worries GB lawmakers. Mar 11, 2018 375
Climate change sparks debate. Mar 9, 2018 153
[INTERVIEW] Lawmaker leads bipartisan forum on climate change. Mar 7, 2018 511
More environmental groups demand 'green' manifesto. Jan 25, 2018 148
Pollution in the air is not taken seriously; VIEWPOINTS Write to: Viewpoints, M.E.N, Mitchell Henry House, Hollinwood Avenue, Oldham, OL9 8EF Or email: Jan 12, 2018 669
MNAs want environmental degradation to stop. Jan 5, 2018 129
Contaminated recycling bins cost council PS586,000. Dec 18, 2017 512
Recycling 'blunders' waste council cash; OPPOSITION LIB DEMS RUBBISH LABOUR'S GREEN CREDENTIALS. Dec 18, 2017 557
Government has ignored the environment say Greens. Nov 29, 2017 436
Intent on going green; BODY & SOUL FESTIVAL'S BID TO BE ECO-FRIENDLY; EXCLUSIVE. Nov 17, 2017 933
Green leader Cooper set to take on Trump. Nov 6, 2017 444
Xi Jinping: China will Fight to Stop Climate Change. Oct 18, 2017 148
Green Party anger at the 'lack of direction'. Oct 12, 2017 152
State stumped by Limassol coastal pollution. Aug 9, 2017 811
Possible marine pollution being investigated in Paphos. Jul 27, 2017 393
Paphos Greens call for tougher punishment for illegal tree cutters. Jul 13, 2017 474
Meet The Republicans Fighting Climate Change. Mar 30, 2017 657
Republicans Urge Party To Push Climate Change Policy. Feb 9, 2017 428
MPs urge halt to Green Investment Bank sale. Jan 12, 2017 200
MPs urge halt to Green Investment Bank sale. Jan 12, 2017 198
Scottish ministers concerned over Green Investment Bank sale. Jan 5, 2017 206
Scottish ministers concerned over Green Investment Bank sale. Jan 5, 2017 204
Germany: Bundestag approves nuclear waste deal with industry. Dec 26, 2016 473
Tyre burning an irrevocable loss to environment: Experts. Nov 22, 2016 445
Waste licence revoked... months after tip fire; environment AGENCY FINALLY ACTS OVER HUNTER SITE. Nov 2, 2016 456
In Europe, the Green Party is a force. In the US, it's irrelevant. Oct 24, 2016 1307
Climate change unity better than trade deal. Sep 10, 2016 838
Marouni says Burj Hammoud landfill environmental catastrophe. Aug 18, 2016 124
Germany to dump nuclear waste for good--but where? Jul 14, 2016 814
Greens denounce works at Sirena Bay in Protaras. May 5, 2016 277
Ed Miliband throws his weight behind campaign to stay in eco-friendly EU. May 2, 2016 216
Wales' electricity to be from renewables by 2025; Welsh Liberal Democrats Referencing Wales' fight against climate change, the Welsh Liberal Democrat manifesto says the party has "always been the most environmentally aware of the major Welsh parties". It supports community-based energy initiatives and wants to "prepare" for the effects of climate change. Apr 27, 2016 477
Flo are od prevention and TB control e key to environmental debate. Apr 14, 2016 600
GREEN PARTY. Apr 14, 2016 149
Greens: Cancel nuclear plan. Feb 10, 2016 383
Greens: Cancel nuclear plan. Feb 9, 2016 390
Opencast fight backed by Green Party leader. Jan 30, 2016 595
Watch out, voters could go Green. Dec 7, 2015 568
Green Party hopeful of a Newcastle councillor at next year's local elections; Leader Natalie Bennett warns Labour that a change is coming - and she says they're after Vera Baird's job as well. Dec 7, 2015 555
Climate change on agenda as Welsh politicians join for talks. Dec 4, 2015 396
Obama climate plan derided by Republicans, hailed by green groups. Aug 4, 2015 552
Pew survey: 71 percent of Catholics believe in global warming. Salgado, Soli Jul 3, 2015 657
Nuclear waste becomes hot issue for GOP candidates. Jun 1, 2015 676
Conservative Republicans Alone on Global Warming's Timing. Dugan, Andrew Apr 22, 2015 1178
Friends of the Earth green plea; ELECTION. Apr 4, 2015 109
It's an important year for climate change. Mar 27, 2015 578
College-Educated Republicans Most Skeptical of Global Warming. Newport, Frank; Dugan, Andrew Mar 26, 2015 820
Identifying distinct subgroups of green voters: a latent profile analysis of crux values relating to Green Party Support. Cowie, Lucy J.; Greaves, Lara M.; Sibley, Chris G. Report Mar 1, 2015 12511
Legarda pushes for global united front vs climate change. Feb 27, 2015 408
Green party formed for North Kirklees. Nov 10, 2014 221
Climate change 'the most climate change 'the most crucial issue of our time' Climate change and policies to reduce carbon dioxide emissions were put under the spotlight at a lively debate in Durham City. Panellist and Journal Energy writer PETER MCCUSKER reports. Jun 18, 2014 915
climate change leaves me cold. Apr 5, 2014 640
Americans' Outlook for U.S. Environmental Quality Steady; Republicans more likely than Democrats to say environment is excellent or good. Riffkin, Rebecca Mar 19, 2014 892
Climate Change Not a Top Worry in U.S. U.S. concerns with the quality of the environment dropped in 2014. Riffkin, Rebecca Mar 12, 2014 876
China takes aim at pollution after years of growth. Mar 7, 2014 930
New Green deputy leader. Jan 17, 2014 189
Carbon cuts in city 'need to be more ambitious' Green leader says plan falls short on fuel poverty. Dec 19, 2013 807
Public opinion to be asked in projects on environment. Jul 30, 2013 201
SINISTER & DANGEROUS; Trio quit new fascist party after Mercury investigation. Jul 14, 2013 1160
Green Party leader speaks at Warwick Uni. Feb 19, 2013 233
Green leader visits eco-school and farm. Feb 16, 2013 253
EPA loses its chief. Dec 28, 2012 505
Franciscans urge attention to climate change in election. Tunzi, Porsia Sep 28, 2012 569
Green Party! THE BIG picture DR SEUSS' THE LORAX (U, 86 mins). Jul 27, 2012 447
GOP's environmental siege. Jun 24, 2012 477
Plans for a Wales Rally ceremonial launch in North 'waste of money' GREEN PARTY LEADER WARNS OF ENVIRONMENTAL IMPACT. May 28, 2012 653
GOP Candidates for Railroad Commission Share a Target: The EPA. May 1, 2012 1191
Green grilling for candidates. Apr 12, 2012 110
Americans Endorse Various Energy, Environment Proposals; Republicans and Democrats show substantially differing levels of support. Newport, Frank Survey Apr 9, 2012 897
Republicans, Democrats Differ on Causes of Warmer Weather; Republicans say normal temperature variation is cause, Democrats more likely to say global warming. Newport, Frank Survey Mar 21, 2012 803
Tunisian-Swiss working session focuses on ways to strengthen environmental co-operation. Jan 5, 2012 135
Sen. Alexander turns from GOP leadership role to focus on waste. Conference notes Oct 24, 2011 697
Mongolia's opposition party has told President Tsakhia Elbegdorj it is worried about recent reports that the government would accept nuclear waste, local media have reported. Aug 22, 2011 180
Climate change as a business problem. Aug 1, 2011 887
Radiation knows no borders, Greens warn. Apr 27, 2011 538
Politicians face questions on climate change. Apr 8, 2011 210
Climate must be a hot topic; Green credentials to be tested at town hustings. Apr 5, 2011 575
Greens, Rightists Rally against Bulgaria's Belene Nuclear Plant Project. Mar 30, 2011 312
Leaders in Green debate. Mar 26, 2011 135
Green Party walks out of the crumbling Irish Government. Jan 24, 2011 577
Climate change campaign. Mohr, Tony Brief article Oct 1, 2010 230
Green Party not on board with rail link 'benefits'. Sep 16, 2010 354
Greens may block highspeed rail. Sep 14, 2010 265
THE GREEN DREAM TEAM. May 25, 2010 1244
Australia postpones carbon pollution curbs. Apr 27, 2010 517
GREEN & GORGEOUS. Apr 16, 2010 223
Green party manifesto launch. Apr 16, 2010 157
Energy body calls for cooperation. Brief article Feb 1, 2010 232
Thirty-five years of the endangered species act. Gifford, Krishna; Crouse, Deborah Jan 1, 2009 1358
Climate-Change Views: Republican-Democratic Gaps Expand; Sharp divergence on whether the effects of global warming are yet evident. Dunlap, Riley E. Survey May 29, 2008 2128
Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC)'s Fourth Assessment Report (2007). Brief article Jan 1, 2008 278
2007 Federal Election: the wash up: political advocacy and community engagement--how ACF help put the environment firmly on the 2007 Federal Election agenda. Tupper, Graham; Freeman, Phil Jan 1, 2008 872
The party that is a farce; PVEM leadership ruled illegal; a look into its past reveals political opportunism, nepotism, Salinas sycophancy. Kastelein, Barbara Nov 1, 2003 1359
Liberal-environmentalism and its impact on UK political parties. Eves, Robert; Woodcock, Geoffrey; Munslow, Barry Jul 1, 1995 4552

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