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Asda trials trolley wash to protect shoppers from coronavirus; Supermarket bosses say the facility eliminates '99.99% of all known bacteria, viruses and pollutants'. By, Ryan O'Neill Jul 27, 2020 241
Antibacterial Activity and Tolerance towards Heavy Metals by Endolithic and Epilithic Bacteria Isolated from Rocks of Nathiagali, Lower Himalaya, Pakistan. Ali, Barkat; Sajjad, Wasim; Khan, Imran; Rafiq, Muhammad; Zada, Sahib; Shah, Aamer Ali; Hasan, Farih Report Apr 7, 2020 6824
Bacteria with taste for plastic could help with waste. Apr 2, 2020 181
Can Carbon-Eating Bacteria Help Tackle Climate Change? Jan Cortes Nov 29, 2019 368
Can plastic eating bacteria help control pollution? . Nov 14, 2019 525
'Friendly' bacteria could help save frogs from disease. Jun 21, 2019 287
Hidden Diseases In Ice Waking Due To Global Warming. Jun 21, 2019 575
Rhizo-bacteria helpful in drought, climate change mitigation. Dec 14, 2018 282
Rhizo-bacteria helpful in drought, climate change mitigation. Dec 12, 2018 328
Report from environmental group warns of bacteria risk at Texas beaches, rivers. Aug 30, 2018 730
Plastic-Eating Bacteria Could Eliminate Pollution. Jul 2, 2018 485
Bacteria Clings to Windborne Particles. Jun 1, 2018 337
Climate Change Hurts Lizard's Biodiversity In Digestion. May 9, 2017 506
Harmful bacteria caused dead fish -- EPA. May 8, 2017 114
The algicidal activity of marine Loktanella sp. Gb03 on the toxic dinoflagellate Coolia malayensis. Bloh, Anmar Hameed; Sharad, Ali Abd; Usup, Gires; Asmatahmad Report Dec 1, 2016 3540
Nuclear waste repositories are safer with bacteria. Oct 31, 2016 391
This microbe makes a meal of plastic. Schwartz, Sarah Brief article Apr 16, 2016 206
Isolation of Lead Resistant Bacteria from Lead Contaminated Soil Samples Collected from Sundar Industrial Estate and their Potential Use in Bioremediation. Report Jun 30, 2015 3579
Characterization of potential phosphate solubilizing bacteria from the local paddy fields in Perlis. Mukri, Emey Suziana Ahmad; Shaari, Abdul Razak; Rahman, Khadijah Hanim Abdul Report Nov 1, 2014 2433
Bacteria that can break down pollutants found. Sep 12, 2014 239
Compound from bacteria could be useful against pecan scab. Durham, Sharon Sep 1, 2014 502
Ocean bacteria may have shut off ancient global warming: mineral spikes in seafloor sediments coincide with halt in temperature rise. Popkin, Gabriel May 31, 2014 409
Degradation of toluene by highly efficient indigenous isolate. Nazer, E.; Akhavanesepahi, A.; Yakhchaly, B.; Nazer M.R.; Pournia, Yadollah Report Apr 15, 2014 2348
Study of the bioremediation of atrazine under variable carbon and nitrogen sources by mixed bacterial consortium isolated from corn field soil in Fars province of Iran. Dehghani, Mansooreh; Nasseri, Simin; Hashemi, Hassan Report Jan 1, 2013 5736
Qualitative assessment of bacteria and fungi in the indoor environment of hospitals of Islamabad, Pakistan. Hussain, Fouzia; Tahir, Subhe Sadiq; Rauf, Naseem; Batool, Afifa Report Nov 1, 2012 3341
The taxonomic composition of soil microorganisms in the ecosystems of southern chernozems of Northern Kazakhstan. Churkina, Galina; Kunanbayev, Kairat; Akhmetova, Galiya Nov 1, 2012 3692
Puffs of methane found over Arctic: bacteria may be source of unexplained gas emissions. Raloff, Janet Brief article Jun 2, 2012 263
Technology for treatment of lipid-rich wastewater and pipelines clogged by lipids using bacterial preparation/ Nuoteku ir vamzdynu, uzterstu riebalais, valymo, naudojant bakterini preparata, technologija. Matikeviciene, Veslava; Grigiskis, Saulius; Levisauskas, Donatas; Kinderyte, Ona; Baskys, Egidijus Report Mar 1, 2012 6305
Recirculation degraded gulf oil: fueled by hydrocarbon plumes, bacteria feasted on crude. Raloff, Janet Brief article Feb 11, 2012 284
Caffeine used to track sewage pollution. Irving, Tyler Feb 1, 2012 277
Hydrocarbon-degrading bacteria associated with intestinal tract of fish from the Baltic sea/Angliavandenilius skaidancios bakterijos baltijos juros zuvu virskinamuosiuose traktuose. Syvokiene, Janina; Mickeniene, Liongina Report Sep 1, 2011 4809
Assessing bacteriological contamination in public swimming facilities within a Colorado metropolitan community. Cappello, Michael Anthony Report Feb 25, 2011 4420
Bacterial assemblages associated with zebra mussel (dreissena polymorpha) populations in the Laurentian Great Lakes basin (USA). Winters, Andrew D.; Marsh, Terence L.; Faisal, Mohamed Report Dec 1, 2010 2219
Release of available nitrogen from river-discharged dissolved organic matter by heterotrophic bacteria associated with the cyanobacterium Microcystis aeruginosa/Mineraalsete lammastikuuhendite eraldamine joevee lahustunud orgaanilisest ainest tsuanobakteriga Microcystis aeruginosa assotsieerunud heterotroofsete bakterite poolt. Purvina, Santa; Bechemin, Christian; Balode, Maija; Verite, Celine; Arnaud, Christophe; Maestrini, S Report Sep 1, 2010 4938
Characterization of PHA Depolymerase in phenol degrading bacteria. Amro, Amara A.; Soheir, Salem R. Jan 1, 2007 4432
The influence of well construction on bacterial contamination of private water wells in Pennsylvania. Sep 1, 2005 300
Estimation of nutrient limitation of bacterial activity in temperate alkaline fen sediments from Cedar Bog (1). Gsell, Timothy, C.; Ventullo, Roy M. Jun 1, 2004 6102
Attack of the rock-eating microbes! Some bacteria break down minerals, while others make them. Perkins, Sid Nov 15, 2003 2204
Genomic markers of ancient anaerobic microbial pathways: sulfate reduction, methanogenesis, and methane oxidation. Teske, Andreas; Dhillon, Ashita; Sogin, Mitchell L. Apr 1, 2003 3702
Viral influence on aquatic bacterial communities. Fuhrman, J.A.; Schwalbach, M. Apr 1, 2003 2112
A(r)Ray of hope in analysis of the function and diversity of microbial communities. Polz, Martin F.; Bertilsson, Stefan; Acinas, Silvia G.; Hunt, Dana Apr 1, 2003 2679
Get a grip. (Junior Division). Ohr, Darrick R. Brief Article Apr 1, 2002 195
Microbial C[O.sub.2] respiration. (Junior Division). Benton, Tyler Brief Article Apr 1, 2002 171
Conditions affecting bacterial growth. (Junior Division). Wright, Lindsay H Brief Article Apr 1, 2002 133
Breakdown of runway surface a problem in Norway. Brief Article Feb 6, 2002 141
Characterizing Water Damage During IAQ Investigations. Brief Article May 1, 2001 327
Eating TRASH. GUYNUP, SHARON Apr 9, 2001 1097
Two microbes team up to munch methane. Perkins, S. Brief Article Oct 7, 2000 357
Links between microbial population dynamics and nitrogen availability in an alpine ecosystem. Lipson, David A.; Schmidt, Steven K.; Monson, Russel K. Jul 1, 1999 5269
Bacteria under ice: Some don't like it hot. Monastersky, R. Brief Article Feb 13, 1999 557
The trophic significance od bacteria in a detritus-based stream food web. Hall, Robert O., Jr.; Meyer, Judy L. Sep 1, 1998 11280
Symbiosis of the hydrothermal vent gastropod Ifremeria nautilei (Provannidae) with endobacteria - structural analyses and ecological considerations. Windoffer, R.; Giere, O. Dec 1, 1997 6958
Seeking small wonders. Jenkins, Kim Mar 22, 1997 1130
Living free of photosynthesis. Adler, Tina Brief Article Oct 21, 1995 290
New openings in science: microbes are out there, ready to hurt - and help. Mitchell, Ralph Sep 22, 1995 1430
Hydrocarbon degrading bacteria at Oil Springs, Texas. Benoit, Thomas G.; Wiggers Robert J. May 1, 1995 3660
Bugs in the cracks. Apr 30, 1988 115
Bacteria alive and thriving at depth. Monsatersky, Richard Mar 5, 1988 578
Microbial foot soldiers. Sep 7, 1985 222
The trouble with tracking turbidity. Peterson, Ivars Jul 6, 1985 702

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