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Scientists volunteer to clean river; GROUP ALSO HELPS TO CLEAR INVASIVE PLANT. SEBASTIAN MCCORMICK Aug 17, 2022 359
Authority Locates Source Of Osun River's Pollution. Aug 12, 2022 263
Pollution in Umbusi river caused by silage effluent. Aug 1, 2022 418
Stop dumping factory waste into Chandona Barasia River, demand locals. Jul 21, 2022 206
'Very murky' River Thames leads to pollution concerns; Fears have been raised over the pollution levels. By, James Bagley Jun 24, 2022 389
Egypt and Sudan should support Ethiopia's Green Legacy Initiative. Jun 22, 2022 1789
Vet's warning over deadly blue-green algae after dog dies of suspected poisoning; The British Veterinary Association is urging dog owner to take extra care when walking their pets near rivers and ponds after a cocker spaniel died of suspected blue-green algae poisoning. By, Paige Freshwater Jun 20, 2022 641
Biodiversity, distributions and isolation of microplastics pollution in finfish species in the Panjkora River at Lower and Upper Dir districts of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province of Pakistan/Biodiversidade, distribuicao e isolamento de poluicoes por microplasticos em especies de peixes no rio Panjkora nos distritos de Lower e Upper Dir da provincia de Khyber Pakhtunkhwa do Paquistao. Khan, W.; Hassan, H.U.; Gabol, K.; Khan, S.; Gul, Y.; Ahmed, A.E.; Swelum, A.A.; Khooharo, A.R.; Ahm Jun 15, 2022 4553
Dredging River Naam without environmental impact assessment "illegal": minister. Jun 10, 2022 215
World Environment Day: Garbage piles feeding to river pollution in federal capital. Jun 5, 2022 928
Chakpi River Cleaning Drive marks World Environment Day 2022 celebration. Jun 5, 2022 212
Int'l community urged to help stop Okhchuchay River pollution. Apr 26, 2022 666
Living Indus project aims to restore river's ecosystem. Apr 16, 2022 392
River pollution fears could delay projects. EMILY CRAIGIE Local democracy reporter @EmilyCraigie Apr 6, 2022 466
Teesside developments could face delays over river pollution concerns; Natural England has issued new guidance that affects planning applications. By, Emily Craigie Apr 4, 2022 615
Swimmer's shock at finding 'poo islands' floating in a river; A woman found huge mounds of sewage in the middle of a river in Somerset, prompting calls for more action to be taken to prevent pollution in the waterways. By, Daniel Mumby & Sonia Sharma Apr 2, 2022 721
Stop it! This is how pollution has wiped out fish from our rivers. Mar 26, 2022 765
River Restoration Centre. Bryden, Alexandra Mar 22, 2022 874
Environment agency hunt cause of diesel spill in River Severn. Mar 21, 2022 158
Firm forks out to prevent pollution; PS10m to ease housing impact on rivers. WILLIAM TELFORD @wtelfordherald Mar 19, 2022 473
The massive amount of money about to be spent in Wales to try and tackle flooding caused by climate change; In Wales, 245,000 homes in Wales at risk of flooding. By, Will Hayward Mar 15, 2022 643
rubber bandits; Eco warriors clear polluted river bank of rubbish. STEPHEN HOUSTON Mar 8, 2022 378
Osun River: Worshippers Appeal to Govt. Over Pollution. Feb 25, 2022 439
SMC ramps up P3-B Tullahan river clean up efforts. Jan 19, 2022 901
Saving Europe's Blue Heart: Activists are rising up to protect Bosnia and Herzegovina's wild rivers from a boom in small hydropower. Korchnak, Peter Jan 1, 2022 3360
Effect of Land Use on Some Physical and Chemical Water Quality Parameters in the Sub-watersheds of Big Melen Stream. Citgez, Tarik; Karagul, Refik; Ozcan, Mehmet; Ozbayram, Ali Kemal Report Jan 1, 2022 6677
Crackdown on river bed mining in Swat ordered. Dec 19, 2021 240
Hidden plastic peril in UK rivers exposed as micro contaminants washed in with raw sewage; The Mirror visits the UK's most plastic-polluted riverbed to exposes the pollution catastrophe facing our waterways as water companies discharge raw sewage laced with microplastics. By, Nada Farhoud Nov 12, 2021 706
Stinkers; 34 towns & villages pump waste water into rivers and sea. CILLIAN O'BRIEN Nov 4, 2021 330
High court rejects plea to allow river bed mining in Mansehra. Sep 22, 2021 541
'wild woman of the Wye.' takes action as river pollution rises; Angela Jones has started a onewoman campaign to raise awareness of the harmful phosphates, sewage and agricultural effluent being dumped in her favourite wildswimming spots in Wales. Jonathon Hill spoke to the activist... Sep 4, 2021 1676
The 'wild woman of the Wye' and her concerns over river pollution; Angela Jones has started a one-woman campaign to raise awareness of the harmful phosphates, sewage and agricultural effluent being dumped in her favourite wild-swimming spots in Wales. Jonathon Hill spoke to the activist... Sep 4, 2021 1716
12 dead after mining pollution in DR Congo river. Sep 3, 2021 248
UK's Dawn Report highlights fact of Okhchuchay River pollution by Armenia. Report Jul 12, 2021 306
IDPs urge steps against German company over transborder river pollution. Jul 9, 2021 425
Azerbaijanis of Finland appeal to int'l organizations on Okhchuchay River's pollution. Jul 3, 2021 205
Azerbaijani FM urges response to Armenia's pollution of transboundary river. Jul 2, 2021 549
ICTSI Foundation & RiverRecycle partner for Pasig River clean-up. Jun 9, 2021 284
Rivers 'unprotected' from threat of farm pollution. Jun 5, 2021 254
Iran warns Armenia to halt Araz River pollution. May 31, 2021 227
COOPERATION OVER COMPETITION: Cities are working together to monitor and clean up pollution. May 1, 2021 285
More flood-prevention projects scheduled as HCM City deals with climate change, rising sea levels. Feb 10, 2021 847
Lives At Risk Over Heavy Metal Pollution Of Abereke River In Ilaje Community, Ondo State. Jan 19, 2021 467
We must breathe new life into our planet's ncreasingly fragile ecosystems - May East; Ecosystems are highly dynamic communities of plants, animals and micro-organisms. From forests and mountains to freshwater rivers, oceans and coral reefs, the vitality and diversity of Earth's ecosystems are homes to around eight million species, including humans. May East Jan 6, 2021 597
Pollution levels revealed in fight to curb sewage spill into rivers. Dec 2, 2020 378
Saudi's AMAALA studies impact of river pollutants on humans, sea life. Anup Oommen Nov 6, 2020 729
Bread and edible Krathongs cause river pollution. Oct 31, 2020 350
Probe into Selangor river pollution underway, says MB, as police confirm IP opened. Oct 20, 2020 345
Air Selangor: Water treatment plants still not operational yet after early-hours river pollution incident. Oct 19, 2020 306
World Rivers Day: Encroachment, pollution choking Karnaphuli River. Sep 26, 2020 1598
Thousands of fish killed in River Tana's environmental disaster. Sep 24, 2020 603
'Habal-habal' tack pushed by DENR in river clean-up. Sep 15, 2020 404
After claiming federal inaction, Selangor MB says will work with AGC on river pollution offences. Sep 8, 2020 423
Carved in Stone: What Yangtze Rock Fish Tell of China's Climate. Sep 1, 2020 1946
Trader nabbed for allegedly polluting Batangas river with toxic chemicals. Aug 21, 2020 318
Wildlife rescued from river after pollution alert; PROBE IS LAUNCHED INTO SOURCE. CHARLOTTE REGEN News Reporter Jul 28, 2020 235
Chinese rivers and lakes swell perilously as summer flood season crests. Jul 13, 2020 582
Abandoned boats pose risks to waterway and environment. May 29, 2020 304
Greens complain of pollution affecting Nicosia river. Peter Michael May 16, 2020 244
Dredging of rivers would destroy wildlife habitats. Mar 17, 2020 374
Master plan taken to reduce river pollution. Feb 4, 2020 279
Treatment plants to be built to check river pollution: JS told. Jan 16, 2020 179
How Climate Helps Shape River Profiles. Brief article Jan 1, 2020 170
Reduction of turbidity and metal pollution from domestic wastewater (greywater) using sediment microbial fuel cell (SMFC). Sri Magfirah, H.S.; Nafie, Nursiah La; Baharuddin; Budimawan; Taba, Paulina; Demmallino, Eymal B. Report Jan 1, 2020 3556
Economy vs. ecology Locals pack IEPA hearing to protest dumping of wastewater into the Big Muddy River River. HOLLY KEE Dec 20, 2019 810
Economy vs. ecology Locals pack IEPA hearing to protest dumping of wastewater into the Big Muddy River. HOLLY KEE Dec 20, 2019 810
Thange River environs 'still tainted by oil spill'. Nov 29, 2019 407
Delhi Pollution leads to formation of foam on river Yamuna. ANI Nov 7, 2019 369
Mahlobo: Cooperation vital in solving Vaal River pollution. Nov 5, 2019 395
State Council approves plan for green development of Yangtze River Delta. Oct 30, 2019 156
Environment Agency prosecutes Lancashire farm & contractors for polluting river. Oct 9, 2019 718
Investigation into possible pollution of city's River Dee; Photograph shows oily sheen on water. DAVID HOLMES @Sherlock1968 Oct 3, 2019 336
The disgusting scale of man made pollution killing Wales' rivers; The true scale is frightening. Interview Sep 9, 2019 1587
Florida's Freshwater Turtles Are In Danger Due To Climate Change. Sep 6, 2019 509
Helping to weed out alien intruders on riverbanks; Environment: Volunteers aiming to stop invasive plants choking waterways. Sep 2, 2019 450
Cleaning Up APEC Rivers and Oceans of Plastic Pollution. Aug 23, 2019 730
Rivers discharging water to Thwake dam will be clean by 2023, says PS. Aug 22, 2019 338
Abou Faour: Outcome of industrial commitment to mitigate pollution in Litani River encouraging, positive. Aug 19, 2019 322
Water pollution may be keeping silver carp out of Great Lakes. Aug 11, 2019 501
State governments urged to seriously tackle river pollution, says minister. Jul 27, 2019 507
Pontoon owner and worker remanded over Selangor river diesel pollution. Jul 25, 2019 280
Litani pollution crackdown to finish by end of September. Jul 24, 2019 522
Up the Lagan in a plastic bubble; Study shows Belfast river pollution. Report Jun 19, 2019 264
Microplastic pollution so rife in UK rivers one tops Great Pacific Garbage Patch; The Mersey was the worst of the bunch for plastic pollution, as Greenpeace warn more needs to be done. Jun 19, 2019 207
Jarrah addressing a farmers' delegation: Government is determined to address pollution of Litani River and Qaraoun Lake Basin. Jun 6, 2019 140
Tati River pollution worries Francistown leadership. Jun 3, 2019 440
HYDROCLIMATE VARIABILITY IN SNOW-FED RIVER SYSTEMS: Local Water Managers' Perspectives on Adapting to the New Normal. Sterle, Kelley; Hatchett, Benjamin J.; Singletary, Loretta; Pohll, Greg Report Jun 1, 2019 11505
Pollution inquiry into dead river fish; NEWS IN BRIEF. May 30, 2019 125
State govt to set up special panel to resolve pollution woes of Melaka river, says chief minister. May 24, 2019 468
NGOs sued over Litani pollution crackdown. May 23, 2019 606
Illegal miners still destroying forests, polluting rivers. May 23, 2019 225
Owners of oil palm plantations, poultry farms in Johor get final warning over river pollution. May 21, 2019 202
When A River Doesn't Run Free... May 20, 2019 645
Use of Vegetation as Biomaterial for Controlling Measures of Human Impact on the Environment. Termini, Donatella Apr 30, 2019 4279
Rivers in the Mara ecosystem drying up as rains fail. Apr 12, 2019 395
PRRC, NCMF sign MOA to curb pollution in Pasig River. Apr 12, 2019 461
Solon calls for Laguna Lake, Pasig River clean-up. Mar 31, 2019 416
'Businesses to blame' for river plastic pollution. Mar 23, 2019 375
Warning to dog walkers over river pollution. Mar 16, 2019 263
Indian Railways takes comprehensive steps to curb river pollution in Manipur. Mar 14, 2019 502
No clean break for pollution issue; Bridge tolls may move problem up the river. Feb 27, 2019 126
Minister to investigate Aley river pollution. Feb 25, 2019 212
Committee aims to curb Litani River pollution. Feb 21, 2019 225
Here's how this Chinese city turned around serious acid rain, river pollution issues. Dec 9, 2018 547
Environment minister wants probe into red-stained river. Nov 24, 2018 322
Officials sign pact to study pollution in Lake Qaraoun. Oct 16, 2018 429
Committees tackle river pollution, green light $65M in loans. Sep 19, 2018 721
Amazon plant rids river of pollution in trial. Aug 3, 2018 246
We are winning fight against soot pollution in Rivers -Navy. Jul 11, 2018 469
1,000 dead fish as river is polluted. Jun 15, 2018 104
Rivers Filling Oceans with Plastic Waste. Brief article Jun 1, 2018 242
Pesticides Prevalent in Midwestern Streams. Brief article Jun 1, 2018 279
Knowledge, Attitudes, Practices, and Action on Climate Change and Environmental Awareness of the Twenty-two Villages along the River Banks in Cagayan de Oro City, Philippines. Lubos, Lesley C.; Lubos, Lalevie C. Jun 1, 2018 4496
A state of disaster declared due to spill and pollution of SpreAa River. May 2, 2018 240
Plastic Pollution: Dead Whale, Blocked Rivers. May 2, 2018 710
NEMA closes Kiamaiko slaughterhouses, cites pollution of Nairobi River. Apr 23, 2018 361
WORLD More plastic pollution in the MERSEY than anywhere else in the; NEW RESEARCH FINDS ALARMING LEVELS OF MICROPLASTIC PARTICLES IN RIVER. Apr 20, 2018 787
Conserve wetlands to reduce floods. Apr 4, 2018 1375
Hundreds of fish killed in 'devastating' river pollution. Apr 3, 2018 290
Plan to rein in river pollution. Mar 31, 2018 367
Rains wash waste from bare land and pollute rivers. Mar 21, 2018 489
Act now to stop plastic pollution in our rivers; VIEWPOINTS Write to: Viewpoints, M.E.N, Mitchell Henry House, Hollinwood Avenue, Oldham, OL9 8EF Or email: Mar 16, 2018 683
stop raw sewage ruining our river Call for pollution action. Mar 16, 2018 403
River pollution 'worse than ever'. Mar 15, 2018 102
River pollution 'worse than [...]. Mar 15, 2018 102
Lake County Board 17th District hopefuls talk forest preserves Primary: Taxes, good-paying jobs, new businesses hot topics. Mar 15, 2018 1272
River is worst in the world for plastic pollution; TEAM'S SHOCKING DISCOVERY AT DENTON WATERWAY. Mar 14, 2018 545
Campaign to clean Swat river started. Feb 23, 2018 141
Thousands of pollution incidents in Welsh rivers. Jan 8, 2018 432
Abundance, Volume and Distribution of Large Woody Debris along a Northeastern Illinois Stream. Chen, Xiaoyong; Carrington, Mary Report Jan 1, 2018 4517
Blind River, Elliot Lake not in Running for Nuclear Waste Facility. Dec 22, 2017 492
Inquiry into pollution after oil seen in river. Dec 21, 2017 181
EU eyes high-tech cleanup for plastic pollution in rivers. Dec 5, 2017 908
Olive oil production method generates pollution, damages river. Nov 13, 2017 730
Rivers of God, Rivers of Empire: Climate Extremes, Environmental Transformation and Agroecology in Colonial Mexico. Skopyk, Bradley Report Nov 1, 2017 13417
Warning over rising tide of river pollution. Oct 16, 2017 286
After Bengaluru's Bellandur lake, pollution in Musi river in Hyderabad becomes cause of worry. Aug 17, 2017 345
Cauvery River pollution: SC gives six months to CPCB to file report. Jul 7, 2017 255
Appeal following Dee river pollution. Jun 29, 2017 281
The river runs away. Brief article Jun 22, 2017 252
Late Mesolithic Narva stage in Estonia: Pottery, settlement types and chronology. Kriiska, Aivar; Oras, Ester; Lougas, Lembi; Meadows, John; Lucquin, Alexandre; Craig, Oliver E. Report Jun 1, 2017 14428
Hariri chairs ministerial meeting on Litani River pollution. May 24, 2017 226
Hariri chairs Litani River pollution meeting. May 20, 2017 434
Farmers doing their bit to avoid river pollution. Apr 25, 2017 594
Scientists Observe Climate Change-Driven 'River Piracy'. Apr 19, 2017 510
Pollution summit for anglers and river bodies. Apr 13, 2017 223
River water temperature in relation to local air temperature in the Mackenzie and Yukon basins. Yang, Daqing; Peterson, Amber Report Mar 1, 2017 7464
Trees for tribs turns 10: planting roots for more vibrant and resilient communities. Walsh, Sarah Feb 1, 2017 1550
Impact of Kishnica and Badovci Flotation Tailing Dams on Levels of Heavy Metals in Water of Gracanica River (Kosovo). Gashi, Fatbardh; Franciskovic-Bilinski, Stanislav; Bilinski, Halka; Shala, Agron; Gashi, Anile Technical report Jan 1, 2017 6987
Effect of Hydrologic Alteration on the Community Succession of Macrophytes at Xiangyang Site, Hanjiang River, China. Yang, Na; Zhang, Yehui; Duan, Kai Report Jan 1, 2017 7425
In some ways, the value of this is a blank page yet to be written. Brief article Dec 1, 2016 231
How clean are our rivers? POLLUTION FROM VARIOUS SOURCES IS A CONTINUING PROBLEM. Nov 24, 2016 455
Farmers skeptical of role in Litani River pollution. Oct 5, 2016 843
How to clean up an estero (with zero casualty). Sep 25, 2016 2043
'Pollution incident' kills fish in river. Sep 23, 2016 144
Blame the infrastructure, not Syrians, for Litani pollution. Aug 26, 2016 769
Fish were 'suffocated' in river pollution incident. Aug 19, 2016 129
LLDA shuts down Cavite waste treatment plant. Aug 18, 2016 315
Probe after 100 fish die in river pollution. Aug 16, 2016 173
Pollution fear after dead fish found in river; NRW EXPERTS BEGIN INVESTIGATION. Aug 13, 2016 359
Mokbel calls for not interfering in resolutions related to Litani River pollution. Jul 28, 2016 201
Prosecutor requests file on Litani River pollution. Jul 26, 2016 238
Lebanese MP blames Syrian refugees for river pollution. Jul 21, 2016 168
Berri seeks quick fix to Litani River pollution. Jul 14, 2016 245
Those uncovered women caused river to dry up. Brief article Jun 17, 2016 304
The bad, bad river diet: pollution caused by toxic discharges continues. (On the Conservation Front: News and commentary from the environmental battlegrounds). May 1, 2016 385
Company to pay $50 million to clean up Ococee River, TN. Apr 28, 2016 571
Climate Change Impact on Flow Discharge of Kunhar River Catchment using Snowmelt Runoff Model. Report Dec 31, 2015 2725
Metal-mine pollution stemmed to protect both river and wildlife. Nov 17, 2015 366
Metal-mine pollution stemmed to protect both river and wildlife. Nov 4, 2015 366
Floristic composition of Alabama piedmont floodplains across a gradient of stream channel incision. Turner, Ian P.; Brantley, Eve F.; Shaw, Joey N.; Anderson, Christopher J.; Helms, Brian S. Report Oct 1, 2015 6727
Physical and chemical variables influencing riverine biota in a tropical river of northern Mindanao Philippines. Sinco, Astrid L.; Saab, Leolinda L.; Sendaydiego, Judy P.; Mojica, Geraldine R.; Tampus, Giovanni G. Report Oct 1, 2015 4707
River and wildlife benefiting as mine's toxic metal waste capped. Sep 29, 2015 334
SALMON DEATHS RIDDLE; Anglers call in SEPA to probe possible pollution as dead fish are found in river. Aug 22, 2015 222
Wear Rivers Trust celebrates first year of Rural Diffuse Pollution Partnership Project; [pounds sterling]110,000 has been spent on 23 interventions to help prevent run-off of soil and nutrients into watercourses. Aug 4, 2015 476
Mercury levels at high threshold. Narine, Shari Brief article Aug 1, 2015 233
Evaluation of the rivers vilnia and siesartis ecotoxicological state based on morphological indexes of juvenile atlantic salmon (Salmo Salar L.)/Siesarties ir vilnios upiu ekotoksikologines bukles ivertinimas pagal atlantines lasisos (Salmo Salar L.) jaunikliu morfologinius rodiklius. Sauliute, Gintare; Svecevicius, Gintaras Report Aug 1, 2015 3722
Stream self-purification efficiency/Reguliuoto upelio savaiminio apsivalymo efektyvumo vertinimas. Marozaite, Laima; Saulys, Valentinas Report Aug 1, 2015 3359
Ditch the EPA's new water rule. Hoar, William P. Jul 6, 2015 2094
Iranian minister of energy visits Agarak CMC and expresses content with measures on environmental protection of transboundary river Araks. Jun 7, 2015 196
The life source of Egypt is turning from water to waste. Brief article May 25, 2015 186
Fury as fuel gang dumps toxic waste beside river. May 23, 2015 151
Climate change or management change. May 14, 2015 760
Gateshead historian walks Pennine Way to raise cash for River Tyne schemes; Gateshead historian takes on long distance trek which follows research work on environmental history of waterway. May 5, 2015 503
Trustees stress damage of prolonged pollution on Hudson River. Apr 24, 2015 191
Pollution fears eased after river inspection. Apr 11, 2015 409
River pollution from fishpens blamed for fishkill in Dagupan. Mar 19, 2015 422
Floods of 2014 resulted in more of a financial and less human loss. Feb 15, 2015 882
Project to lift pollution from Barada River in Damascus. Feb 8, 2015 143
South Napa earthquake revitalized bone-dry streams: temblor apparently freed groundwater trapped in nearby hills, isotope analysis suggests. Sumner, Thomas Brief article Jan 10, 2015 205
Influence of environmental variables on Catostomid spawning phenology in a warmwater river. Catalano, M.J.; Bozek, M.A. Report Jan 1, 2015 7460
Conspecific aggression by beavers (Castor canadensis) in the Sangamon River Basin in Central Illinois: correlates with habitat, age, sex and season. Crawford, Joanne C.; Bluett, Robert D.; Schauber, Eric M. Report Jan 1, 2015 4875
Anglers raise fears of river pollution; CLAIMS OF RAW SEWAGE DENIED BY AUTHORITIES. Dec 8, 2014 418
EPA releases final lower Duwamish Waterway Superfund cleanup plan. Dec 8, 2014 513
Main aspects of the pollution in Brazilian rivers by pesticides/Principais aspectos da poluicao de rios brasileiros por pesticidas. Dellamatrice, Priscila M.; Monteiro, Regina T.R. Dec 1, 2014 5140
Nutrient pollution: a persistent threat to waterways: point-source releases of nitrogen and phosphorus have declined dramatically since the 1970s, but nonpoint-source pollution continues to pose a significant threat to water quality. Manuel, John Nov 1, 2014 3338
Numerical simulation of flow and sediment transport of Karkheh river before the reservoir dam construction using MIKE 11 [a case study in Iran]. Azarang, Farhang; Telvari, AbdolRasoul; Sedghi, Hossein; Bajestan, Mahmoud Shafai Oct 1, 2014 4196
Victory in Chile. Sep 22, 2014 428
Lafarge participates in river cleanup. Kuhar, Mark S. Sep 1, 2014 545
Topanga Creek Stream Team volunteer programs. Dagit, R. Report Aug 1, 2014 167
Drought and construction reveal extent of Baalbek river pollution. Jun 13, 2014 634
Investigating effect of input patterns on daily discharge prediction of Talar River using artificial neural network. Imani, Kaveh; Orimi, Mehdi Gouran; Besheli, Reza Amiri Report Jun 1, 2014 2598
Biomonitoring properties of mosses in Semey town area of the Irtysh River. Gennadievna, Pankiv Irina; Georgievna, Nesterova Svetlana; Akparovna, Mukhatayeva Karlygash; Tolepbe Report May 1, 2014 4302
River discharge prediction using artificial neural network and support vector machine. Orimi, M. Gouran; Amiri, R.; Yazdi, S.I. Kazemi; Besheli, R. Amiri Feb 14, 2014 5028
River valley direction and offset of Volga-Kama interfluve during Neogene-Quaternary. Petrova, Elena V. Report Feb 14, 2014 2207
Sodium balance structure within the elementary geosystems (by the example of basin of the Elva River in the Komi Republic). Khayrullina, Dinara Nikolaevna; Fedorova, Victoria Alekseevna Report Feb 14, 2014 3681
Rivers of shortnose sturgeon in winter. Gatenby, Catherine Jan 1, 2014 825
Location and roles of deep pools in Likangala River during 2012 recession period of Lake Chilwa Basin. Makwinja, Rodgers; Chapotera, Mphatso; Likongwe, Patrick; Banda, John; Chijere, Asaf Report Jan 1, 2014 1784
Calculation of the instream ecological flow of the Wei River based on hydrological variation. Huang, Shengzhi; Chang, Jianxia; Huang, Qiang; Wang, Yimin; Chen, Yutong Report Jan 1, 2014 6665
Energy at the junction of the rivers Negro and Solimoes, contributors of the Amazon River, in the Brazilian Amazon. Beluco, Alexandre; de Souza, Paulo Kroeff Report Jan 1, 2014 5206
The potential for dams to impact lowland meandering river floodplain geomorphology. Marren, Philip M.; Grove, James R.; Webb, J. Angus; Stewardson, Michael J. Report Jan 1, 2014 19185
Drought analysis of the Haihe river basin based on GRACE terrestrial water storage. Wang, Jianhua; Jiang, Dong; Huang, Yaohuan; Wang, Hao Report Jan 1, 2014 6304
Soil phosphorus forms and profile distributions in the tidal river network region in the yellow river delta estuary. Yu, Junbao; Qu, Fanzhu; Wu, Huifeng; Meng, Ling; Du, Siyao; Xie, Baohua Report Jan 1, 2014 8677
La nina impacts on austral summer extremely high-streamflow events of the Paranaiba river in Brazil. Sahu, Netrananda; Singh, R.B.; Kumar, Pankaj; Silva, Roberto Valmir Da; Behera, Swadhin K. Report Jan 1, 2014 3069
GE issues a report on Hudson River environmental dredging project. Dec 30, 2013 199
Resource availability and use by Eurasian otters Lutra lutra in a heavily modified river-canal system. Kloskowski, Janusz; Rechulicz, Jacek; Jarzynowa, Barbara Report Dec 1, 2013 8229
Identifying local scale food web variation using stable [delta] [sup.13]C and [delta] [sup.15]N isotopes in a central Indiana reservoir and downstream river. Jacquemin, S.J.; Miller, C.; Pyron, M. Report Oct 20, 2013 3757
Dynamics of a community of dominant woody riparian species along a coastal river of Texas. Davis, Nicole A.; Smith, Elizabeth H. Report Sep 1, 2013 8466
Pollution measures can save farmers a fortune; ENVIRONMENT. Aug 30, 2013 594
A case study in rivers protection. Burack, Thomas Aug 9, 2013 543
Measurements of riverbed hydraulic conductivity in a semi-arid lowland river system (Murray-Darling Basin, Australia). Taylor, Andrew R.; Lamontagne, Sebastien; Crosbie, Russell S. Report Aug 1, 2013 6095
Global Warming to Cut Snow Water Storage. Jul 28, 2013 714
Battle to beat any pollution; Pipe blitz over crack fears. Jul 5, 2013 516
Major work to avoid sewage pollution; Emergency project on River Tyne. Jul 5, 2013 540
The influence of substrate heterogeneity on benthic macroin vertebrate diversity in choccolocco creek, alabama. Landrum, Holly J; Tolley-Jordan, Lori R. Report Jul 1, 2013 4814
Correlations between aesthetic preferences of river and landscape characters. Zhao, Jingwei; Luo, Pingjia; Wang, Ronghua; Cai, Yongli Report Jun 1, 2013 5753
Cutting pollution benefits farmers. May 25, 2013 446
Scheme helps reduce risk of river pollution; ENVIRONMENT. May 15, 2013 509
Discovery of oily sheen on Whatcom Waterway results in cleanup. May 1, 2013 187
Give Oregon river users tools to help fight water pollution. Apr 13, 2013 512
Naryn river to be absolutely polluted if pollution process is not stopped -- expert. Apr 2, 2013 153
CLIMATE CHANGE, POVERTY AND AGRICULTURAL RESOURCE DEGRADATION: A CASE STUDY OF DISTRICT D.G. KHAN. Imran, Muhammad; Bano, Sumaira; Dawood, Muhammad; Tarar, Muhammad Ali; Ali, Abid Report Mar 31, 2013 3455
Section VII: science education Bailey Science Center, room 2021 Ollie Irons Manley, presiding. Conference notes Mar 22, 2013 2187
Use of small tributary streams by subadult Colorado pikeminnows (Ptychocheilus lucius) in Yellow Jacket Canyon, Colorado. Fresques, Thomas D.; Ramey, Robert C.; Dekleva, Gregor J. Report Mar 1, 2013 2815
Fish Biodiversity of River Swat. Hasan, Zaigham; Ahmad, Ibrar; Yousuf, Muhammad; Latif-ur-Rehman; Khan, Jehangir Report Feb 28, 2013 3324
Pollution, habitat destruction declines production of 'Mahasher Fish'. Jan 15, 2013 668
Dear Earthtalk: how is it that climate change is negatively affecting the health of rivers and, by extension, the quality and availability of fresh water? Jan 6, 2013 527
A river runs through it: the driest continent on Earth is looking for water security by shaping the future of one of the world's longest rivers. La Nauze, Jonathan Jan 1, 2013 711
An agent-based reasoning of impacts of regional climate changes on land use changes in the Three-River Headwaters Region of China. Zhang, Tao; Zhan, Jinyan; Huang, Juan; Yu, Rui; Shi, Chenchen Report Jan 1, 2013 5453
Sandy Environmental Toll: Polluted Rivers, Lost Seabirds. Nov 2, 2012 707
Common reed (Phragmites australis) as a bioindicators in Aras River and its potential monitoring contaminants. Taban, Parisa; Kahrom, Esmail; Karami, Mahmood Report Nov 1, 2012 2534
Analysis of the main characteristics of pollution in the Vilnia river/ Pagrindiniu vandens uzterstumo vilnios upeje charakteristiku analize. Margenyte, Laura; Zigmontiene, Ausra; Tomasevskis, Eduardas Report Oct 1, 2012 2199
Creek fronts or backs? The October dilemma. Thompson, Tommy Oct 1, 2012 497
Spatio-temporal variations in age structures of a partially re-established population of northern river otters (Lontra canadensis). Barrett, Dominic A.; Leslie, David M., Jr. Report Oct 1, 2012 6308
Glacier scare: Himalayas: still icy. Bailey, Ronald Aug 1, 2012 236
Climate change 'wiped out ancient Indus civilization'. May 29, 2012 1247
Soil acidity and exchangeable cations in remnant natural and plantation forests in the urbanised Pearl River Delta, China. Hou, Enqing; Wen, Dazhi; Li, Jianli; Zuo, Weidong; Zhang, Lingling; Kuang, Yuanwen; Li, Jiong Report May 1, 2012 7254
Impact of sewage of Rawalpindi/Islamabad on water quality of Soan River with respect to biological/chemical oxygen demand. Kalim, Younas; Khan, Muhammad Ishaq Ali; Masood, Hajra Report May 1, 2012 5518
Winter Ecology and Conservation Threats of Scaly-sided Merganser Mergus squamatus in Poyang Lake Watershed, China. Shao, Mingqin; Zeng, Binbin; Tim, Hounsome; Chen, Lixin; Wang, Hongbin; Dai, Nianhua Report Apr 30, 2012 4000
Dear EarthTalk: How is it that dams actually hurt rivers? Davenport, Missy Apr 8, 2012 590
Water depth and flow rate effects on black bear movements across the Ocmulgee River in Middle Georgia. Bond, Bobby T.; Balkcom, Gregory D.; McDonald, J. Scott; Bewsher, Jeff M. Report Apr 1, 2012 3260
Full stream ahead for pounds 3m river ecosystem research; PROJECT WILL GAUGE THE VALUE OF OUR WATERWAYS. Mar 29, 2012 661
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Southern Iraq's Shaat al-Arab Waterway threatened by pollution. Sep 6, 2011 376
Sewage 'still a problem' Campaigner refutes claims of clean river. Sep 3, 2011 560
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Dee tops poll of UK river cleanups; Pollution crackdown revitalises its wildlife. Aug 30, 2011 313
EPA orders Chicago River cleanup. Jul 1, 2011 574
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Journey down the Mississippi River (PHOTOS). Brief article May 12, 2011 102
St. Marks Suwannees: one of Florida's spring-fed gems also contains one of the world's rarest bass. Newell, Robert May 1, 2011 501
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Testing downstream of Marcellus treatment plants shows water safe. Brief article Apr 1, 2011 148
Mining by-product reduces risk of algal blooms. Brief article Apr 1, 2011 187
Using Artificial Neural Network (Ann) for estimating rainfall relationship with river pollution. Mohsenifar, Narjes; Mohsenifar, Najme; Mohsenifar, Kamran Report Apr 1, 2011 2219
Pollution hits two rivers in one day; 'BROWN AND FOAMING' FLOW THROUGH VILLAGE. Mar 24, 2011 437
Fairy stream women's shelter houses abandoned elderly. Fox, Thomas C. Mar 18, 2011 903
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Water scarcity, climate change in the Middle East: Don't just blame others. Jan 12, 2011 1144
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Hungary sludge flood called 'ecological disaster'. Oct 6, 2010 182
Global Warming Causes Alarming Increase in Flow of Water into Oceans. Oct 5, 2010 467
Why I love creeks: hunters might overlook small water, but ducks sure don't. Shead, Joe Sep 1, 2010 1868
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