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MoCC Joint Secretary stresses importance of climate change adaptation techniques. Feb 4, 2020 366
Entrepreneurial Ecosystems. Feldman, Maryann P. Feb 1, 2020 4661
Protect environment or pay the price, Riyadh forum told. Rashid Hassan Jan 22, 2020 436
Saeima approves extending state of emergency in Riga's waste management sector until March 12. Dec 5, 2019 470
Government extends state of emergency in Riga's waste management sector until March 12. Dec 3, 2019 491
Pakistan lacks urban development division at federal, provincial: DG EPA. Nov 26, 2019 476
Pakistan lacks urban development division at federal, provincial: DG EPA. Nov 26, 2019 420
Parliamentary Standing Committee meeting on air pollution underway. ANI Nov 15, 2019 185
Delhi: Officials ditch Parliamentary Standing Committee meeting on air pollution. ANI Nov 15, 2019 208
MPs, bureaucrats skip Parliamentary Standing Committee meeting on air pollution. ANI Nov 15, 2019 317
Kyrgyzstan uses 95% of green economy resources. Nov 11, 2019 110
French energy giant Schneider Electric invests S$16m to develop up to four Singapore firms tackling climate change. Nov 6, 2019 620
Climate change and Caribbean tourism. Sep 27, 2019 153
Innovative ecosystem forming in country. Sep 2, 2019 535
CARIBBEAN-ECONOMY-Regional workshop makes advances in methodology for public spending on climate change. Sep 1, 2019 538
Puce to report on 200 days as head of Environmental Protection and Regional Development Ministry. Aug 8, 2019 142
The Greening of Saint Lucia: Economic Development and Environmental Change in the Eastern Caribbean. Brief article Aug 1, 2019 165
SA, Japan collaborate to address pollution. Jul 29, 2019 422
ADB emphasises climate change. May 6, 2019 970
ADB to allocate $80 billion to protect Asian countries from climate changing. May 2, 2019 161
Kuwait, Ivory Coast sign loan deal to finance environmental project. Dec 9, 2018 257
Wastes of the development. Dec 3, 2018 498
Environment Min. inaugurates development of Ras Muhammad National Park. Nov 25, 2018 553
Rising vehicular emission a major contributor in Delhi NCRaACAOs air pollution. Oct 29, 2018 656
Environment ministry agrees with 4 banks to finance industrial pollution control projects. Oct 18, 2018 250
Circular economy to reduce C-emissions, contribute US$ 1 tln in cost savings: UNIDO. Oct 15, 2018 842
Finance, climate change ministers, highlight causes and impact of urbanisation. Jul 19, 2018 1134
The impact of Careem bikes in Egypt's street. Jul 15, 2018 815
Bahrain showcases startup ecosystem. Jul 12, 2018 285
Bahrain showcases startup ecosystem at RISE Hong Kong Summit. Jul 11, 2018 447
Sizing Up the Startup Ecosystem Movement: Aiding entrepreneurs is now big business, with its own lexicon. Campbell-Miller, Sarah Jun 18, 2018 1320
Boosting start-up ecosystem. May 17, 2018 442
Can Regional Food Networks and Entrepreneurial Strategies Enhance Food System Resilience? Duncan, Sally; Brekken, Christy Anderson; Lurie, Sue; Fiegener, Rob; Sherry, Seth; Liang, Chyi-lyi " Report Apr 1, 2018 5147
The neglected menace of pollution. Mar 26, 2018 1004
The neglected menace of pollution. Mar 21, 2018 992
Climate change and economic development. Dec 30, 2017 192
Climate change to reduce livestock production by 20 to 30 Percent. Nov 24, 2017 516
Minister highlights steps taken by Qatar to protect environment. Nov 18, 2017 501
UNIDO arranges a workshop to improve environmental situation. Oct 26, 2017 568
UNTAMED WORLD: Humanity has gradually transformed much of the world's natural environment, turning forests into farmlands and marshlands into motorways. Only a handful of genuinely 'untamed' places still exist. In these extracts from his new book, Atlas of Untamed Places, Chris Fitch looks at three areas still holding out against the creeping tentacles of development. Fitch, Chris Excerpt Oct 1, 2017 2183
Pesticides, industrial waste becoming toxic to environment: Experts. Jul 24, 2017 713
Unabated climate change to reverse hard-earned development gains in Asia: ADB Report. Jul 15, 2017 959
Study highlights Mercury Marine's economic impact on community. Jul 1, 2017 399
Regional development, protection of the environment and social inclusion in semiarid: contributions of the solidarity economy/Desenvolvimento regional, defesa do meio ambiente e inclusao social no semiarido: experiencias multifacetarias da economia solidaria. Pereira, Eddla Karina Gomes; de Oliveira, Maristela Andrade; Goncalves, Alicia Ferreira Jul 1, 2017 5717
Cost of living: with ecology-focused planning tools, communities will reap the benefits. Dupras, Jerome Jun 22, 2017 2164
'Economic factor crucial in commitment to climate change convention'. May 16, 2017 513
'The planet that rules our destiny': alternative development and environmental power in occupied Afghanistan environment and planning d: society and space. Attewell, Wesley Essay Apr 1, 2017 11226
Restoration and Management of Healthy Wetland Ecosystems. Xie, Dong; Wang, Qiang; Li, Zhongqiang; Mormul, Roger Paulo; Zhu, Liangdong Editorial Jan 1, 2017 692
A life issue, climate change deserves greater attention. Mikulich, Alex Nov 4, 2016 979
Entrepreneurial ecosystem: Monadnock Region to test new crowdfunding program. Rajala, Liisa Brief article Aug 5, 2016 309
Neighbourhood wood: while new research shows China's forests are in recovery, are neighbouring countries suffering as a result? Jun 1, 2016 483
IDB Group sets goal to increase financing for climate change to 30 percent of approvals by 2020. Apr 21, 2016 406
Crisis and opportunity: Environmental NGOs, debt-for-nature swaps, and the rise of 'people-centred' conservation. Macekura, Stephen Report Feb 1, 2016 11677
Layers of benefit: smart forest management: thinning weak and spindly trees from our forests and woodlots improves forest ecology, builds the soil and can even boost the economy. Salatin, Joel Oct 1, 2015 1400
Asia's slow drowning: in the first of a two-part report into the effects rising sea levels are having on parts of Southeast Asia, Melody Kemp looks at how, in Bangkok and Jakarta, short-term economic gain is trumping environmental concerns. Kemp, Melody Oct 1, 2015 1794
Unsustainable water usage can imperil efforts for durable economic development: Secretary Climate Change. Aug 23, 2015 266
Waste as challenges in the construction industries. Ismail, Haryati; Yusof, Zakaria Mohd Report Aug 1, 2015 2094
Climate change to worsen Pak disease encumbrance, Mushahidullah Khan. Brief article May 24, 2015 151
Unsustainable water usage can imperil efforts for durable economic development: Secretary Climate Change. Mar 23, 2015 266
Putting Africa first. van Staden, Cobus Cover story Mar 1, 2015 1514
Blue blows the horn: the documentary Blue investigates the motives and methodology of the environmental movement and finds it to be less about the good of the Earth and more about control of it. Kenny, Jack Nov 3, 2014 1537
Foreword. Oct 1, 2014 507
Canadian government: corporate profits over environmental safety. McCreary, Tyler Sep 1, 2014 309
The green dragon awakens. Rowe, Mark Jun 1, 2014 3655
Machnouk: Industrial development should spare environment. Apr 1, 2014 335
China takes aim at pollution after years of growth. Mar 7, 2014 930
Eco-friendly approach needed to be adopted. Brief article Mar 2, 2014 203
Fisherman's Bend reimagining the future. Lane, Regina Jan 1, 2014 464
Review of Development Economics Special Issue: Climate Change and Economic Development. Nov 1, 2013 304
The mining industry can anticipate. Brief article Jul 1, 2013 214
Review of Development Economics Special Issue: Climate Change and Economic Development. Jun 1, 2013 301
Review of Development Economics Special Issue: Climate Change and Economic Development. Arndt, Channing; Chinowsky, Paul; Strzepek, Ken; Tarp, Finn; Thurlow, James May 1, 2013 301
Review of development economics special issue: climate change and economic development. Apr 1, 2013 290
There's no getting around the r-word. Cox, Stan Mar 22, 2013 2357
WAPDA head meets WB team. Brief article Jan 15, 2013 188
Stream ecosystems sensitive to urban development. Brief article Jan 1, 2013 208
Review of development economics special issue: climate change and economic development. Jan 1, 2013 290
Urban habitat fragmentation and genetic population structure of bobcats in coastal southern California. Ruell, E.W.; Riley, S.P.D.; Douglas, M.R.; Antolin, M.F.; Pollinger, J.R.; Tracey, J.A.; Lyren, L.M. Report Oct 1, 2012 7900
Review of Development Economics Special Issue: Climate Change and Economic Development. Periodical review Oct 1, 2012 303
Review of Development Economics special issue: climate change and economic development. Brief article Sep 1, 2012 227
Review of Development Economics Special Issue: Climate Change and Economic Development. Periodical review Aug 1, 2012 306
Adapting of economic development to climate change. Zajmi, Sandra Apr 1, 2012 5217
A Green perspective on Occupy St. Louis. Mar 22, 2012 741
China paying heavy price for pollution brought by economic development. Feb 4, 2012 338
UNIDO: Green industry means green economy. Oct 13, 2011 205
Climate change a threat as well as an opportunity for Africa ... the African Development Bank's climate change plan 2011-2015. Jun 1, 2011 1129
The opportunity of our lifetime. Wirtenberg, Jeana Mar 1, 2010 817
New encyclical echoes a Green vision. Heffern, Rich Column Jul 24, 2009 666
EP/Committee on Development : Eva Joly takes over reins at DEVE. Jul 23, 2009 258
Why a green economy: amid deepening poverty and a crashing ecosystem, we need a new way of doing business. Polter, Julie May 1, 2009 575
We are not in climate crisis. Gray, William Sep 1, 2008 711
Relief for the environment? The importance of an increasingly unimportant industrial sector. Gassebner, Martin; Gaston, Noel; Lamla, Michael J. Apr 1, 2008 11843
Iceland's abundance of energy: can Iceland build a future on hydrogen and geothermal? Motavalli, Jim Mar 1, 2008 1097
Spread of nonnative fish mirrors human commerce. Barry, Patrick Brief article Feb 9, 2008 143
The last empire: can the world survive China's headlong rush to emulate the American way of life? Leslie, Jacques Cover story Jan 1, 2008 9074
Shrinking timeframe to prevent dangerous climate change? Considine, Mary-Lou Dec 1, 2007 797
Downtown, not just for yuppies: in Denver, thanks to low-income and environmental justice activists, a new mega-project will include affordable housing and good jobs. McKelvey, Tara Jul 1, 2007 2370
Global warming: unexpected impacts on Montana's economy. Furniss, Shannon Cover story Jun 22, 2007 3336
The green dream: with its artifical islands, megalithic construction projects and fantasy entertainment complexes, the UAE is not known for eco-friendliness. But is that set to change? Jones, Rhys Apr 1, 2007 1577
None dare call it hubris: the limits of knowledge. Crow, Michael M. Jan 1, 2007 3033
Is world bank ignoring the environment? Nov 1, 2006 341
Measuring economic growth. Jimenez Viviana Mar 1, 2006 901
Choking on progress: soaring levels of pollution are a dangerous side effect of China's economic boom. Yardley, Jim Jan 9, 2006 686
A comparative study of water resource allocation in the Northwest of China. Green, Mark; Hur, Juneyoung Andrew; Mack, Richard; Rachlis, Adam; Spearmint, Heather Jan 1, 2006 8069
New Currency for Conservation: how do you protect the services nature provides while still encouraging economic growth? Mazza, Rhonda Sep 22, 2005 1766
The ghosts of Karl Marx and Edward Abbey. Yates, Michael D. Critical essay Mar 1, 2005 5559
Biodiversity loss and economic growth: a cross-country analysis. Asafu-Adjaye, John Apr 1, 2003 7800
Officials discuss sustainable development for cities. Davis, Lance Jan 13, 2003 790
Climate fluctuations, demography and development: insights and opportunities for Northeast Brazil. Chimeli, Ariaster B.; Mutter, Carolyn Z.; Ropelewski, Chet Sep 22, 2002 7426
Assembly of the Poor: Siam's poor take action on their own behalf. Sivaraksa, Sulak Sep 22, 2002 1507
Nature's bounty. (Economics). Sep 1, 2002 1384
Path of the Tapir: integrating biological corridors, ecosystem management, and socioeconomic development in Costa Rica. (cases). Newcomer, Quint Jul 1, 2002 4813
Businesses mull merits of 'natural capitalism'. Rastelli, Linda Brief Article May 1, 2002 790
Greening up: Government points the finger at local business when it comes to cleaning up the environment. (Spotlight). Hersch, Jennifer Brief Article Apr 1, 2002 688
Natural Capitalism: Industry can profit from protecting the environment. (Last Word). Shahbazi, Abolghasem Brief Article Dec 1, 2001 602
PNG: so near and yet so far. Tan, Lee Brief Article Aug 1, 2001 623
Though the World Intrudes - Preservation and Development in Sabah, Borneo. Forman, Janet Aug 1, 2001 2569
Stop the "Advance". Brief Article Jun 22, 2001 199
Is It Possible to Save the BRAZILIAN AMAZON? Brief Article Jun 1, 2001 679
Environmental Protection Versus Economic Development: A False Trade-Off? Feiock, Rochard C.; Stream, Christopher May 1, 2001 6337
Aid Inc. When philanthropy means business. Huot, Christian Statistical Data Included May 1, 2001 2227
Environmental Awareness and Environmental Education in Myanmar. WIN, HLA HLA Mar 1, 2001 3193
Environmental change in native and colonial histories of Borneo: lessons from the past, prospects for the future. (Regional News). Jan 1, 2001 681
Regional Economic Development and Environmental Repercussions: An Environmental Input-Output Approach. LOIZOU, STRATOS; MATTAS, KONSTANDINOS; TZOUVELEKAS, VANGELIS; FOTOPOULOS, CHRISTOS; GALANOPOULOS, KO Aug 1, 2000 3909
Nature's Wages: A Factor-based Alternative Approach to Environment-Economy Integration. Houldin, Russell William Jun 1, 2000 6178
Environmental values and political action(*). Papadakis, Elim Mar 1, 2000 7274
Environmental Challenges in Mexico. Sanchez, Roberto Mar 1, 2000 2976
Killing Them Softly. Scarlott, Jennifer Jan 1, 2000 1029
The Rules. Oct 1, 1999 3165
Did anyone mention the environment? Jul 1, 1999 1078
Making plantations the growth industry. Jul 1, 1999 1063
Asia urged to go green. Jun 14, 1999 167
The More Things Change ... The World Bank, Cameroon and the Politics of "Governance". Horta, Korinna Jun 1, 1999 1928
Creative Curitiba. Kroll, Lucien May 1, 1999 3325
Development - at what price? A review of the Lebanese authorities' management of the environment. Masri, Rania Jan 1, 1999 6935
Virtual ecology: a brief environmental history of Silicon Valley. Sachs, Aaron Cover Story Jan 1, 1999 6343
Countdown to meltdown. Spowers, Rory Dec 1, 1998 1783
Kuznet's curve. Sep 1, 1998 193
What does India want? Sampat, Payal Jul 1, 1998 5498
Issues in resource conservation and sustainable development: Indian situation. Roy, K.C. Jan 1, 1998 4024
EPA to fund new brownfields pilot programs. Nov 3, 1997 205
The enemy of nature. Kovel, Joel Nov 1, 1997 3165
SWCS view. Zjojka-Parnell, Aniko Editorial Sep 1, 1997 567
Economics and ecologically sustainable futures. Rapport, D.J. Jul 1, 1997 11822
APEC: fast-track or logjam? Reynolds, Anna; Horstman, Mark Feb 1, 1997 1792
Berlin: capital on the move. Land, Thomas Orszag Feb 1, 1997 1929
How to achieve a healthier environment and a stronger economy. Weidenbaum, Murray L.; Douglass, Christopher; Orlando, Michael Jan 1, 1997 5827
Environment in East Asia and Southeast Asia: lessons for Pakistan. Qureshi, Sarfraz Khan Speech Dec 22, 1996 3010
China's challenge to the United States and to the earth. Flavin, Christopher Sep 1, 1996 1590
Sustainable growth and employment. Opschoor, Hans Jul 1, 1996 6812
A new model of growth and sustainability. Shapiro, Robert B. May 1, 1996 1844
Ecologie humaine et le developpement durable: la dialectique des ecosystemes et des systemes sociaux. Gilles Senecal; Pierre Hamel Jan 1, 1996 9775
Equity decisions: economic development and environmental prudence. Schulkin, Jay; Kleindorfer, Paul May 1, 1995 6662
A different spin. Beuter, John H. Jan 1, 1995 921
Economic development and environmental quality: an econometric analysis. Shafik, Nemat Oct 15, 1994 6146
The economics of extinction revisited and revised: a generalized framework for the analysis of the problems of endangered species and biodiversity losses. Swanson, Timothy M. Oct 15, 1994 9265
Economic development and environmental quality: an econometric analysis. Shafik, Nemat Oct 1, 1994 6149
Environmental problems of Pacific Rim development. Hall, Jane V.; Chapman, Duane, L.; Barron, William F.; Tisdell, Clement A. Oct 1, 1994 11224
Restoring contaminated industrial sites. Bartsch, Charles; Munson, Richard Mar 22, 1994 2848
Economic growth and the environment. Cross, Frank B. Oct 1, 1993 1031
Environmental degradation in Mexico. Barkin, David Jul 1, 1993 6144
World bankruptcy. Rauber, Paul Jul 1, 1992 986
A balancing act. Ma, Lybia Jul 1, 1992 381
Cultural revival. Mardon, Mark Mar 1, 1992 697
Natural resource conservation: a global issue. Khalil, Samina Mar 1, 1991 1024
Environment is a worldwide concern. Jabbar, Bushra Jan 1, 1991 1632
Amazon gold rush: Brazil's military stakes its claim. Rabben, Linda Mar 12, 1990 1300
Bank balance: economy and ecology. Oct 10, 1987 437
Eco-bucks: going for the purse strings. Aug 29, 1987 220

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