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Sustainable irrigation key to Kenya's climate change response. Nov 13, 2021 322
Climate changes. NIDA ABDUL QADIR-Lahore Nov 3, 2021 207
Sustainable irrigation key to climate change response. Nov 3, 2021 822
'Those in poverty will be least able to weather brutal storm of climate change'; People who are already living in poverty shouldn't have to pay more for green subsidies -let those with the broadest shoulders contribute more, argues Clare Lorraine Phipps of Taxpayers Against Poverty. By, Clare Lorraine Phipps Nov 2, 2021 747
COP26 begins as countries plan future actions on climate change. Nov 1, 2021 336
Turkey's Lake Tuz dries up due to climate change, farming. Mohammed Abu Zaid Oct 28, 2021 903
Global Warming. Oct 27, 2021 392
Mercury drops to 14AdegC. Oct 25, 2021 170
Des Plaines pledges to work on environmental sustainability. Russell Lissau Oct 20, 2021 349
Do We Need More Drought Relief Programs for Farmers Because of Climate Change? Probably Not. Belasco, Eric J. Oct 1, 2021 1957
DG NIMET Emphasises Importance Of Appropriate Policy Framework To Climate Change. Sep 30, 2021 447
How climate change is making the world 'too strange'. Sep 27, 2021 321
Oman to feel the heat of global warming. By: Times News Service Sep 27, 2021 1166
Every rise in global warming matters; time to act now. Sep 18, 2021 506
Climate change still serious challenge to modern world. Sep 17, 2021 1024
UK weather forecast: Britain to be hotter than Portugal before heavy rain arrives; The Met Office says Thursday is expected to see warm and sunny weather for many parts as the mercury will hit highs in the mid-20s in some areas, particularly in the south. By, William Walker Sep 16, 2021 406
Mercury expected to hit 41EC in Karachi today. Sep 15, 2021 209
Mercury set to rise across UK. Sep 5, 2021 171
Rising emissions lead to calamities induced by weather. Sep 4, 2021 500
A look at deadly flash floods on the rise in US amid global warming. Sep 3, 2021 486
Climate change concerns. Aug 31, 2021 335
Weather no hurdle for Deap Qatar's committed beach cleanup volunteers. Aug 26, 2021 391
UK weather: Baking temperatures of 28C to hit parts of the UK as warmer weather returns; The Met Office has said the mercury could hit 28C in some parts of the UK on Wednesday, with western Scotland set to be among the warmest regions. By, William Walker Aug 25, 2021 378
Taiwan to help diplomatic allies fight climate change. Aug 24, 2021 213
Hurricanes Not Stronger or More Frequent or Due to Climate Change. Aug 23, 2021 328
Torrential rain to lash parts of UK but five-day 27C scorcher is on the way; The relatively low temperatures of recent days will continue today with highs forecast barely approaching 20C in many areas of the UK, but by Thursday the mercury will start to climb. By, William Walker Aug 17, 2021 449
UK weather: Weekend mercury set to hit 23C but showers dampen hopes of heatwave; It will be a mixed bag of weather for Britain over the weekend, with sunshine in the south but showers, cloud and drizzle elsewhere in the country, so the long-awaited summer scorcher is still on hold. By, Sam Rkaina Aug 14, 2021 450
Climate change. Abrar Moosa Peshbeen Aug 13, 2021 276
UK weather: Southern scorcher as mercury hits 25C but torrential rain to lash the North; The Met Office said while there is some uncertainty as to where the rainy weather will hit many will see heavy rain today while some will enjoy warmer skies. By, William Walker Aug 12, 2021 482
UK weather: Four-day hot streak with mercury set to hit 26C as summer finally returns; Forecasters said the best of the sunshine will be felt in the south east of the country, where temperatures could reach blistering highs of up to 26C after weeks of relentless rain. By, William Walker Aug 11, 2021 556
UK weather: Summer washout continues with downpours but mercury set to hit 25C this week; After torrential downpours and thunderstorms wreaked havoc in large parts of the country on Monday experts predict there will be more settled conditions today and rising temperatures. By, Tom Pilgrim & Tess de la Mare & William Walker Aug 10, 2021 505
Humans responsible for 'irreversible' climate change, UN warns. MATTHEW BROWN Aug 9, 2021 489
Threat of climate change. ASIFA ABDUL RASOOL KHOWAJA-Lahore Aug 4, 2021 432
Speaking out in quest to raise awareness; CITY WOMAN SAYS CLIMATE CHANGE NEEDS ATTENTION. EVE WATSON @_evewatson Aug 3, 2021 486
UK could swelter in regular 40C summers even if global warming is limited, experts say; Prof Liz Bentley, of the Royal Meteorological Society, says 2020 was the third-warmest, fifth-wettest and eighth-sunniest year on record. By, Nada Farhoud & Sonia Sharma Jul 29, 2021 381
UK likely to swelter in frequent 40C summers even if global warming is limited; 2020 was the third-warmest, fifth-wettest and eight-sunniest year on record, with 40C heatwaves likely in the future, according to Professor Liz Bentley of the Royal Meteorological Society. By, Nada Farhoud Jul 29, 2021 394
UK weather forecast: Brits braced for three days of heavy rain and thunderstorms; After a blistering heatwave saw the mercury push above 30C in many regions the temperature has plummeted and rain has lashed the country, causing flooding. By, William Walker Jul 27, 2021 475
Climate change and Pakistan. Aqsa Soomro Jul 26, 2021 947
UK heatwave: Sizzling weather here to stay despite hot warning coming to an end; After the nation baked in a heatwave that saw the mercury rise above 30C, temperatures are set to cool slightly from today, but not by much. By, Catherine Wylie & William Walker Jul 23, 2021 598
The burn supremacy; IRELAND SIZZLES: TEMPERATURE HEADING TOWARD RECORD HIGH Mercury keeps rising as we're warned to protect ourselves against sun. CILLIAN O'BRIEN Jul 22, 2021 724
Met Office weather forecast for next 30 days with thunderstorms heading for UK; Brits can expect some slightly cooler temperatures and thunderstorms this weekend, with 'tropical' weather set to continue next month as the mercury starts to rise once again. By, Saffron Otter & Matthew Dresch Jul 21, 2021 646
NEW HOTTEST DAY AS MERCURY HITS 30.7. Jul 20, 2021 225
The Wild hot West; CROWDS FLOCK TO GALWAY COAST AS THE HEATWAVE HOTS UP Ireland enjoys 'Lanzarote weather' Mercury to rise even higher at 30C. CONOR BRUMMELL Jul 20, 2021 877
ICCB seeks climate change mitigation, role of private sector. Jul 19, 2021 662
Heat warning as mercury soars to 80s. Jul 18, 2021 319
The North American heatwave shows we need to know how climate change will change our weather. Reuters News Service Jul 7, 2021 903
Darkness Revisited: Arkansans review Texas grid failure, feeling 'blessed'. Massey, Kyle Jul 5, 2021 1506
UK weather: Rain to dry up next week with 28C heat on cards -and North to warm up first; On Friday meteorologists predict a wet day for many across the UK with the mercury expected to be nearly 10 C lower than in recent days for some parts. By, William Walker Jun 25, 2021 515
Climate Change. Jun 24, 2021 363
UK weather: Met Office says 'very hot' days to come after showery end to June; Thunderstorms and torrential rain are also forecast for the next four weeks amid reports the mercury could be pushed towards the high 30s in early July. By, Dave Shepherd Jun 24, 2021 532
Thunderstorm bring mercury down in City. Jun 21, 2021 187
Pakistan: Climate Change, Environmental Problems And Pollution, A Rising Uncertainty. Jun 20, 2021 555
Forecasters say Wednesday could be the hottest day of the year so far; The mercury is forecast to reach 30C in some parts of the country. By, Victoria Jones Jun 16, 2021 398
UK Weather: 'Bermuda blast' 26C heatwave will last all weekend and into next week; The balmy weather is set to continue over the coming days with some forecasts predicting the mercury could reach nearly 30C on Monday. By, William Walker Jun 11, 2021 481
Mercury's rising as Midlands set for 25C weekend scorcher. Jun 10, 2021 205
Temperatures set to soar in Peterborough as forecasters predict 'mini-heatwave'; Temperatures in the Peterborough area will rise over the weekend as forecasters say Britain could be on the brink of a mini-heatwave, with the mercury reaching the high 20s across most of the UK. Tess de la Mare, PA Jun 9, 2021 633
UK Weather: Brits to bask in mini-heatwave by the weekend with mercury tipped to hit 30C; The mercury is predicted to hit highs in the upper 20s across most of the UK and by the end of the week this could push into blistering 30C territory. By, Tess de la Mare & William Walker Jun 9, 2021 514
UK weather: June heatwave bringing sunshine and 27C temperature 'all week long'; The Met Office say the weather will stay bright throughout the whole week, at least as far as the weekend, with the mercury set to reach highs of 27C in some places. By, William Walker Jun 8, 2021 415
UK weather: Brits set for another sizzler with mercury hitting 26C after hottest day; Thousands enjoyed the warmer weather with droves pictured at beaches and hotspots, and after weeks of relentless rainfall throughout miserable May. By, William Walker Jun 1, 2021 444
It shore re is hot; COUNTRY BAKES FOR A THIRD DAY AS MERCURY SOARS Beaches and parks busy as May ends with temperature rising. CATHAL AUSTIN Jun 1, 2021 393
Weather forecast: Yorkshire to bask in bank holiday sun as mercury soars to 23C; We've endured a long, cold winter in lockdown, and a chilly, wet spring - but on this long weekend Yorkshire is finally enjoying some well-deserved sunshine. Caroline Howley May 31, 2021 178
Leeds weather forecast: Bank holiday likely to see hottest day of the year so far; The balmy bank holiday is set to bring the warmest weather of the year so far, with the mercury due to hit 25C on Monday. Rebecca Marano May 30, 2021 524
Brits to sizzle in 23C as Bank Holiday weekend set to be hotter than Ibiza; On Bank Holiday Monday, London and parts of the south east will see the mercury soar to the same temperature as in the iconic Spanish island, at a balmy 23 C. By, William Walker May 27, 2021 411
Experts fear global temperatures will reach danger levels in next five years; Global averages of 1.5C above 19th century levels are seen as threshold beyond which the most dangerous impacts of climate change will be felt. By, Emily Beament, PA & Brett Gibbons May 27, 2021 429
Mercury set to touch 50AdegC in Muscat, Batinah. May 25, 2021 295
Met Office issues severe weather warning for 60mph winds but 16-day heatwave is on the way; Brits can look ahead to a reported 16-day heatwave with some predictions that the mercury is going to soar in time for the Bank Holiday weekend next week. By, William Walker May 20, 2021 534
City bakes as mercury touches 43EC. May 18, 2021 216
Coordination needed between climate change adaptation and disaster risk reduction. May 14, 2021 408
London weather: Capital to be smothered by 22C 'heatwave' next week according to experts; According to long range forecaster WXCharts, the mercury for some areas in the country will reach 18C due to a blast of hot air from the Atlantic, before climbing to above 20. By, John James May 12, 2021 490
UK weather: Brits to bask in 22C heat next week as hot Atlantic air blows away storms; According to forecaster WXCharts, the mercury for many areas in the UK will reach 18C due to a blast of hot air from the Atlantic, before climbing to above 20. By, William Walker May 12, 2021 370
Has cuppa had its chips? Climate change is a threat to favourites. STEPHEN WHITE May 10, 2021 272
Climate change, destruction for the environment. Mahikan Sarwar May 3, 2021 633
Scotland weather: Joint coldest May bank holiday on record as mercury drops to -5.9; Scotland has recorded its joint-coldest ever May bank holiday temperature in the Highlands. Gary Flockhart May 3, 2021 302
Pakistan's melting glaciers, a wave of sheer concern. Sajid Aziz Apr 30, 2021 630
UK weather: Brits to bake in 32C with temperatures higher than Crete this weekend; Bank holiday weekend set to reach scorching highs of 32C as the mercury continues to climb throughout the week. By, Nina Lloyd Apr 24, 2021 347
UK weather: Brits set for perfect Bank Holiday weekend as temperatures to soar to 32C; The mercury has already been climbing, with highs of 17C and above being recorded across the country yesterday. By, Tanveer Mann Apr 23, 2021 465
London weather: Capital set to bask in 32C heatwave as warm spell continues; Experts have predicted the mercury could be set to hit 32C in the coming weeks as London's heatwave continues. By, John James Apr 21, 2021 527
UK weather: Warm spell set to last with sweltering 32C predicted 'within weeks'; Today is expected to be cooler before the sun returns on Thursday and Friday but a scorcher could be coming in the weeks ahead as experts predict the mercury could be set to hit 32C. By, Sam Elliott-Gibbs Apr 21, 2021 456
UK weather: Brits to sizzle in 18C sunshine tomorrow with mini-heatwave on its way; After a largely sunny weekend, a mini-heatwave is on the way. The mercury is set to reach 18C on Monday before getting a bit colder towards the end of the week, but still remaining above 12C. By, Chiara Fiorillo Apr 18, 2021 649
UK weather: Freak April freeze to plunge temperatures below -7C as Arctic chill lingers; Forecasters have said that an Arctic chill that arrived last week is here to stay today with the mercury expected to barely rise above single digits on Wednesday. By, William Walker Apr 14, 2021 435
Mercury to drop 10 degrees in northern Taiwan, tropical storm could form Wednesday. Apr 13, 2021 413
UK weather: Temperatures plunge to -6C as Arctic blast strikes and more snow on way; Up to 3cm of snow is predicted to fall in parts of Scotland while the mercury is likely to drop to sub zero temperatures again on Wednesday. By, William Walker Apr 7, 2021 512
UK weather: Temperatures plunge to -8C and 'nowhere immune' to sleet and snow; After a balmy bank holiday weekend with temperatures soaring most will wake up to a cold start on Tuesday with the mercury hovering around minus 2C in the south. By, William Walker Apr 6, 2021 544
Mercury drops after scorching heatwave, says PMD. Apr 5, 2021 238
Climate change cannot be credited as reason for erratic snowfall. Apr 3, 2021 453
UK weather: Thunder, hail and heavy rain to hit parts of the country in spring storm; The Met Office has warned Brits to brace for 'heavy, blustery showers' as well as strong winds today and tomorrow amid warnings the mercury is set to plunge in the coming days. By, William Walker Mar 25, 2021 505
Animal rights group: Eat veggie burgers to save cows, even fight climate change. Mar 12, 2021 764
Mercury soars to 36AoCelsius. Mar 6, 2021 222
Nation in serious trouble because of climate change -- Duterte. Feb 25, 2021 408
Call for action on climate change to protect coffee and chocolate. Feb 22, 2021 191
Call for action on climate change to protect coffee and chocolate. Feb 22, 2021 191
The risks of climate change not to be ignored. Feb 22, 2021 596
UK weather: Saharan dust warning as temperatures soar to 15C after Arctic freeze; There are wet weather warnings for parts of the country next week by for the most part Brits will see the mercury jump into double digits as spring approaches. By, Sam Rkaina Feb 21, 2021 650
Lahore ranked most polluted city in the world. Feb 13, 2021 577
Clouds bring mercury down, but no rains. Feb 10, 2021 202
Gael force: Scottish meteorologist to host blether about the weather - and climate change; Uilebheist bhon taobh an ear 2.0 is upon us, we have been warned. Ilona Amos Feb 8, 2021 485
UK weather: Big freeze incoming with temperatures plunging and snow and ice warnings; After Met Office forecasters warned of cold conditions until at least mid-February the mercury is now expected to plunge while heavy snow is set to cause travel chaos. By, William Walker Feb 5, 2021 531
Climate crisis means water crisis for many of the world's poorest countries - Tim Wainwright; Type 'climate change images' into a popular internet search engine and you would be forgiven for believing that it was all about polar bears and empty barren landscapes. Feb 1, 2021 965
Communicating about Climate Change through AMS Student Chapter Activities. Orr, Margaret; Veron, Dana E.; Rogers, Melissa J.B. Feb 1, 2021 3431
UK weather: Snow, floods and -15C blast as Brit expats enjoy 30C sun in Spain; Met Office warns temperatures could plummet to -6C overnight in England tomorrow and the mercury could fall to between -10C to -15C in parts of Scotland as UK hit by icy chills. By, John Kelly Jan 30, 2021 606
Cold front to hit Taiwan tomorrow, dropping mercury to 9 degrees. Jan 27, 2021 518
Egypt is keen to combat climate change: Environment Ministry. Mohammed El-Said Jan 26, 2021 272
UK weather forecast: Severe warnings for ice and flooding as temperatures plunge to -10C; The mercury is set to drop to between minus 10C and minus 12C in parts of the Midlands and Wales amid ice and flooding warnings following a weekend of heavy snow across the UK. By, William Walker Jan 25, 2021 650
UK weather forecast: Severe warnings for snow and flooding as temperatures plunge to -10C; The mercury is set to drop to between minus 10C and minus 12C in parts of the Midlands and Wales amid ice and flooding warnings following a weekend of heavy snow across the UK. By, William Walker Jan 25, 2021 650
'Noticeable drop' in mercury during weekend, says Met. Jan 20, 2021 263
Mercury dips as cold wave spreads further. Jan 16, 2021 427
Mercury drops to 6Ao Celsius in Karachi: Met Office. Jan 12, 2021 169
We shouldn't be so focused on Covid we neglect environment. Jan 7, 2021 435
Adverse weather conditions reduce food availability and increase glucocorticoid metabolite levels in barn swallow nestlings. Cinque, Carlo; Williams, Nicholas Moray; Bencini, Cristina; Cozzolino, Roberto Report Jan 1, 2021 6593
Karachi shivers as mercury drops to 09Adeg Celsius at night. Dec 31, 2020 242
CWB warns mercury to drop below 6 degrees in Taiwan on Wednesday. Dec 29, 2020 471
Afforestation plan on 7,200 square km area to stem biodiversity loss, combat desertification. Dec 21, 2020 769
Cold wave torments Karachi as mercury drops below 9AoCelsius. Dec 20, 2020 245
Mercury drops to 8.3 degrees Celsius in city. Dec 19, 2020 188
Can a plant-based diet fight climate change? Dec 17, 2020 773
Season's coldest weather grips Korea as mercury dips below minus 20 C. Dec 15, 2020 398
Mercury to dip down to 12 degrees tonight in northern Taiwan. Dec 14, 2020 441
Mercury drops to minus 21 parts of GB. Dec 9, 2020 243
Warmer winters and less rain in summer -the impact of climate change on Reading's weather; The town could see fewer rainy days in summer-and more intense rain in winter. By, Tom Burnett Dec 7, 2020 508
Ayala still focused on climate change. Nov 22, 2020 534
Mercury drops to freezing point as Galyat receives first snowfall. Nov 20, 2020 234
Mercury drops in Karachi with entry of North-eastern winds. Nov 19, 2020 262
Mercury drops in Karachi with entry of North-eastern winds. Nov 19, 2020 284
Climate change report says more devastating floods coming to UK without action; Communities in South Yorkshire were devastated by terrible floods 12 months ago and now a major new Red Cross report warns Britain is in danger of more of the same as 83% of all natural disasters in the last decade were caused by climate-related floods, storms and heatwaves. By, Tom Parry Nov 17, 2020 467
Duterte blames climate change for typhoons, flooding. Nov 15, 2020 250
Climate change crisis one of biggest challenges we face. Pete Moss Nov 14, 2020 571
Meeting held to discuss impact of climate change in Rabi crops. Nov 12, 2020 208
Wildlife bears brunt of climate change, shrinking habitats. Nov 5, 2020 1282
UN warns climate change will trigger more catastrophes. Oct 14, 2020 322
UN: Climate change means more weather disasters every year. JAMEY KEATEN Associated Press Oct 14, 2020 446
UK weather forecast: Temperatures to plunge to -10C as Britain hit by 'early winter'; A 1,000 mile-wide 'Norwegian barrage' could hit Britain, making the mercury drop dramatically. According to The Weather Outlook, Scotland could experience -10C next month. By, Chiara Fiorillo Oct 11, 2020 489
Egypt will not be directly affected by hole of Antarctic Ozone: meteorologist. Egypt Today staff Oct 9, 2020 275
UK weather forecast: Warmer Atlantic air boosts temperatures to 19C after record chill; Temperatures plummeted to well below zero over the weekend in parts of the UK but warmer Atlantic air is set to push the mercury up as high as 19C in parts on Monday. By, Ryan Merrifield Sep 28, 2020 551
Persistent record flooding reflects local impact of climate change. Sep 21, 2020 728
Continued record flooding reflects local impact of climate change. Deni Mathews and Scott Buckley Guest columnists Sep 21, 2020 736
Killer weather; Expert: Protect Scots transport network from climate change ..or more lives will be lost. PAUL DRURY Sep 15, 2020 418
Climate change: Youth for Climate Tunisia urges infrastructure revamp. Sep 14, 2020 201
Did climate change cause train horror? environmental challenges Network Rail admits it is struggling to cope with severe weather impact. SALLY HIND Sep 11, 2020 381
Minister Climate Change plants tree at Farid Park. Sep 10, 2020 172
Climate Change. Sep 1, 2020 667
Bank holiday weather forecast: Heavy rain as Monday could be the coldest on record; A year ago the mercury tipped 33C for the late August Bank Holiday Monday but some places will struggle to reach half of that temperature, the Met Office have warned. By, Sam Elliott Aug 28, 2020 593
Deluge and climate change. Aug 28, 2020 357
Mild weather expected as mercury drops. Aug 23, 2020 232
Warm summer weather brings more jellyfish; CLIMATE CHANGE 'COULD BE HAVING AN EFFECT': EXPERTS. Aug 20, 2020 372
Climate change is a more important issue than coronavirus, Brexit or Scottish independence. It's time to start taking it seriously - Kenny MacAskill MP; As searing heat and life-threatening floods become more common, we need to wake up to the fact that humanity is doomed unless we take action to address global warming, writes Kenny MacAskill MP. Kenny MacAskill Aug 19, 2020 477
Balochistan: Under Siege of Climate Change. Aug 13, 2020 492
Climate change in Pakistan An overview. Aug 10, 2020 952
Climate change. Aug 10, 2020 656
UK weather forecast: Britain set to bask in 35C -but thunderstorms will strike tomorrow; The mercury is expected to reach 35C today -with Kent, Sussex and parts of London being the most likely to see the highest temperatures. Friday saw the hottest August day in 17 years. By, Chiara Fiorillo Aug 9, 2020 722
UK temperature records reveal climate change impact; Last year saw a series of new high temperatures as climate change exerts "an increasing impact" on the UK, the Met Office has said. Emily Beament Jul 31, 2020 455
UK weather forecast: Scorching 30C heatwave coming by the end of the week; According to the Met Office the mercury will race past 30C on Friday, providing a welcome, sunny break from what has been a largely overcast and luke-warm July so far. By, Milo Boyd Jul 28, 2020 368
Rainforest-cover declines: Experts warn severity of climate change. Jul 23, 2020 817
UK weather forecast: Scorching end to week as mercury hits 26C -but it won't last; Forecasters say a very warm Friday will cap three days of sunny weather before torrential downpours usher in a miserable Saturday as temperatures also fall away. By, Rachel Endley Jul 23, 2020 519
How animals are coping with global 'weirding' of the seasons; New research on marmots in the US reveals how the topsy-turvy seasons are causing havoc among wildlife, says Line Cordes, lecturer in marine population ecology at Bangor University. Jul 21, 2020 796
Global warming trends highlight 'enormous challenge' of meeting Paris climate pledge. Reuters News Service Jul 9, 2020 442
Hot, humid weather forecast for UAE, mercury nears 50A-C. Web Report Jul 6, 2020 272
UAE weather: Mercury to hit 48A-C on fair and partly cloudy day. Web report Jul 3, 2020 151
City faces mercury soaring above 40 Celsius. Jul 2, 2020 194
Karachi experiences heatwave, mercury soars above 40 Celsius. Jul 2, 2020 277
Karachi experiences heat wave, mercury soars above 40 Celsius. Jul 2, 2020 202
$188m Accord Reached with World Bank for Environment Protection. Jun 30, 2020 377
Met Office reveals Scotland's highest temperature today was 26.9c as 30c 'easily' expected on Thursday; The highest temperature recorded in Scotland today was 26.9c in the Scottish Borders - but the mercury could "easily" rise above 30c in some parts of the country on Thursday. Jamie McKenzie Jun 24, 2020 494
Stay hydrated: Hot, humid weather forecast for UAE, mercury could hit 46A-C. Web Report Jun 21, 2020 362
UK weather forecast: Britain 'hotter than Tenerife' as mercury sky-rockets to 32C; A late June heatwave is set to bake the country from Tuesday this week and the temperatures could surge as high as 32C in the south of England which will be hotter than the Canary Islands. By, Jeremy Culley Jun 21, 2020 441
UAE weather: Mercury could reach 41A-C in Dubai on Thursday. Web report Jun 18, 2020 188
what the topsy-turvey welsh weather tells us about climate change. RICHARD YOULE Senior Local Democracy Reporter Jun 7, 2020 1732
World Bank to provide Pakistan $188m to fight climate change. Jun 2, 2020 478
$188m accord reached with World Bank for environment protection. Jun 2, 2020 378
World Bank to provide Pakistan $188m to fight climate change. Jun 1, 2020 1231
Pakistan, WB to sign US$188m disaster resilience and ecosystem restoration pact. Jun 1, 2020 191
$188m WB aid likely for disaster resilience and ecosystem restoration. May 31, 2020 399
Climate change forces Sami reindeer herders to adapt. May 29, 2020 341
Climate Change Making Hurricanes Stronger: Study. May 22, 2020 279
Tree Tsunami would reduce effects of climate change. May 21, 2020 271
UK weather: Brits to bake in 28C highs as scorching heatwave continues; The mercury is set to hit 28C on Wednesday leading to fears that tourists spots will be overrun. The Met Office says thunderstorms and hail will end the mini heatwave on Thursday. By, Lucy Thornton May 19, 2020 493
UK weather forecast: Heatwave to bring blazing sunshine and highs of 27C next week; Forecasters say the mercury could hit 27C next week, as Brits enjoy the first weekend of lockdown in which sunbathing, picnics and unlimited exercise are allowed. By, Anna MacSwan May 17, 2020 629
UK weather forecast: Brits to bake in hottest day of year so far as mercury hits 27C; With lockdown easing, people will at least be able to sunbathe in the mini-heatwave -provided they stick to social distancing measures. By, Matthew Young May 17, 2020 531
UK weather forecast: Brits to bask in heatwave with next week to bring 25C scorcher; After a chilly week, a heatwave is on the way with the mercury forecast to hit highs of 20C today and 25C next Wednesday -although northern areas will see some rain. By, Anna MacSwan May 16, 2020 497
Climate change is a bigger threat. Apr 28, 2020 152
UK weather forecast: Mercury nosedives as washout ends yet another warm lockdown weekend; Temperatures are set to dip noticeably back to single figures in the early part of this week, with frequent rain spells, after a fifth warm lockdown weekend in a row. By, Emma Bowden Apr 27, 2020 475
Speaking Out For Earth: Kids around the world are demanding action on climate change. Potenza, Alessandra Apr 1, 2020 1998
UK weather: Snow to hit -3C Britain as mercury nosedives after 'warmest day of the year'; The UK is set for some topsy-turvy weather over the next few days with the warmest day of the year of 18C possible this week before temperatures nosedive to below freezing with snow again possible. By, Jeremy Culley Mar 16, 2020 469
Mercury dips to 13 C in N. Taiwan, snow falls on Yushan. Mar 5, 2020 230
Climate change: a major global threat. Mar 1, 2020 1155
The effect of weather on the monthly jobs report. Leith, Lawrence H. Mar 1, 2020 611
Light rain brings brief respite from rising mercury. Mar 1, 2020 364
Carbon Footprint of Mediterranean Pasture-Based Native Beef: Effects of Agronomic Practices and Pasture Management under Different Climate Change Scenarios. Grossi, Giampiero; Vitali, Andrea; Lacetera, Nicola; Danieli, Pier Paolo; Bernabucci, Umberto; Nardo Report Mar 1, 2020 9588
Climate change: A major global threat. Feb 26, 2020 1247
Climate change opens up 'frontier' farmland, but at what cost to the planet? Reuters News Service Feb 15, 2020 803
Cold surge to send mercury plunging in Taiwan to 7 degrees C. Feb 15, 2020 383
Candidates debate climate change. Lauren Rohr Feb 2, 2020 491
A victim of climate change. SABA NAWAZ Jan 29, 2020 288
Climate change. Jan 28, 2020 176
We need to act together now to save our world in crisis... extinction rebellion claims a growing level of support in hudderfield for its battle to tackle global warming. today activist ANDREW FARR has his say on behalf of the protest. Jan 23, 2020 681
Tackling air pollution. Jan 22, 2020 636
Study highlights emotional impact of floods; RESEARCH. EMILY BEAMENT Jan 21, 2020 258
Rainy season to keep ambience clean: EPA. Jan 20, 2020 225
Light winds to aggravate dust pollution in Bangkok. Jan 20, 2020 186
Unusual cold wave persists in Karachi as Mercury drops to 7 Celsius. Jan 19, 2020 241
Another Cost of Climate Change: More Wildfires. Jan 16, 2020 327
Climate change increases risk of wildfires: Study. Report Jan 15, 2020 496
Climate change increases risk of wildfires: Study. Report Jan 15, 2020 430
Rain spell to reduce air pollution in federal capital. Jan 14, 2020 226
Mercury could drop to 10 degrees C in N. Taiwan, snow falling in mountains. Jan 13, 2020 486
Decline in temperature to increase air pollution. Jan 13, 2020 258
Decline in temperature to increase air pollution. Jan 13, 2020 218
Cold, dry weather amid increased vehicular emissions cause air quality unhealthy. Jan 11, 2020 401
Cloud cover, drizzle bring mercury down. Jan 7, 2020 288
Rain, gusty weather amid increased vehicular emissions taints air quality. Jan 7, 2020 372
Rain, gusty weather amid increased vehicular emissions taints air quality. Jan 7, 2020 326
Mercury drops to -01 in provincial capital; demand of soup, tea increases. Dec 31, 2019 282
Mercury drops to 2 degree centigrade. Dec 31, 2019 384
Mercury goes down to minus 19 at Babusar Top. Dec 27, 2019 230
Warmer, wetter weather of 2019 shows reality of climate change; Will Hayward looks back on a year of weather extremes. Dec 26, 2019 875
Karachi shivers from coldest day of winter season 2019 as mercury drops to 9 AdegC. Dec 24, 2019 213
Reindeer Dying Of Starvation From Climate Change. Palash Ghosh Dec 23, 2019 775
Climate change and cotton production. Dec 20, 2019 361
Bank of England lays out plans to set up climate change stress tests. STEFAN BOSCIA @Stefan_Boscia Dec 19, 2019 313
Weather: Brace for more rain in UAE, mercury to drop. Web Report Dec 19, 2019 260
Climate change tests on banks; ENVIRONMENT. Dec 19, 2019 204
A decade of climate change: Earth's temperature hottest on record. Dec 18, 2019 464
94 percent of Indian business decision-makers are concerned about negative impact of climate change on their business, reports The Weather Company, an IBM business. ANI Dec 13, 2019 873
94 pc of Indian business decision-makers concerned over negative impact of climate change: IBM. ANI Dec 12, 2019 433
Climate Change - What is in Store for Sri Lanka? Dec 11, 2019 3340
Reflections on dealing with climate change. Dec 9, 2019 1200
Climate at crossroads: taming global warming. OMER JAVED Dec 8, 2019 1208
TD appeal for air pollution forecast alert. EMMA MCMENAMY Dec 8, 2019 117
Climate change crisis: global action needed before it's too late. Dec 7, 2019 592
Women at risk of more violence due to climate change. Dec 5, 2019 672
Climate Change Affecting Family Incomes a Buhari. Dec 5, 2019 471
Climate change plundering agriculture. Dr Zuhair Hasnain Dec 5, 2019 801
'Exceptional heat is not a coincidence - climate change is hitting us all' Exceptional heat, retreating ice and record sea levels, 2019 is on course to be among the hottest years on record. Emily Beament reports on our warming planet. Emily Beament Dec 4, 2019 636
Greenpeace asks Duterte to declare addressing climate change a priority. Dec 4, 2019 571
Mercury drops to 10 degrees Celsius in W. Taiwan, snow possible Fri. Dec 3, 2019 351
UN climate change summit kicks off in Madrid amid late warnings. EDWARD THICKNESSE @edthicknesse Dec 3, 2019 139
Mercury may dip to -14C in 40-day chill. PAUL DONNELLEY Dec 2, 2019 117
Mercury may dip to -14C in 40-day chill. paul donnelley Dec 2, 2019 117
UK weather forecast: Freezing fog hits after -10.3C coldest night in 10 months; The Met Office has warned of sub-zero temperatures after the mercury fell to -10.3C on Saturday. Widespread freezing fog could reduce visibility 'substantially' over the next couple of days. By, Matthew Dresch Dec 2, 2019 483
Women pastoralists feel the heat of climate change. Nov 30, 2019 1008
How Terrorists and Donald Trump Exploit Climate Change for Propaganda. Nov 24, 2019 1164
Twin cities lose winters amid urbanization, deforestation. Nov 23, 2019 436
Mercury to dip down to 16 degrees C in northern Taiwan today. Nov 19, 2019 443
Mercury in Taiwan to drop by 8 degrees today, cold temps to last 3 days. Nov 18, 2019 321
Fire Tornadoes Becoming More Common in Australia, Thanks to Climate Change. Nov 18, 2019 621
Resilience to climate change better in some; Livestock: Help for farmers to breed selectively. COLIN LEY Nov 15, 2019 276
Britain's climate disaster hotspots; HOW GLOBAL WARMING WILL CHANGE THE FACE OF OUR NATION; Weather extremes and crumbling coastlines in store. RHIAN LUBIN, ADAM ASPINALL and LOUIE SMITH Nov 14, 2019 1469
What is climate change -and how does it affect the Earth? Climate Change is the biggest issue that is currently facing the human race -but what exactly is this complicated concept that is being discussed with two short words? By, Lewis Knight Nov 14, 2019 345
We should all support efforts to preserve Uganda's environment. Nov 8, 2019 949
Tourist arrivals in India fall due to spurt in pollution, freak weather. Hotelier Middle East Staff Nov 6, 2019 511
Consider the algebra of climate change. Nov 6, 2019 323
Delhi receives mild showers, no respite from air pollution. ANI Nov 3, 2019 357
Rain forecast for UAE this weekend, mercury to dip. Web Report Oct 31, 2019 238
Climate change impacted all important crops negatively. Oct 31, 2019 407
UK weather forecast: Mercury to drop to -3C for Halloween before washout weekend; Heavy rain is expected to return this weekend, bringing an end to the brief bright spell and raising the prospect of further flooding. By, Matthew Dresch Oct 30, 2019 647
Post cyclonic storm KYARR: No heavy damages reported yet in coastal areas of Sindh. Oct 29, 2019 176
Post cyclonic storm KYARR: No heavy damages reported yet in coastal areas of Sindh. Oct 29, 2019 216
Environment Agency launches future of rivers consultation. Oct 24, 2019 488
Nasa: 2019 ozone hole is the smallest on record since its discovery. Staff Reporter Oct 24, 2019 541
Changing weather pattern causes carbondioxide emissions, industrialization,population growth: Director Met office. Oct 23, 2019 181
Changing weather pattern causes carbondioxide emissions, industrialization,population growth:Director Met office. Oct 22, 2019 149
How cities are preparing to withstand climate change. Dave Roos How stuff works Oct 20, 2019 711
Economics of climate change. Oct 15, 2019 976
Climate change is not just an inconvenient truth.. it's become an inescapable reality. And we're still a world away from where we all need to be; FM ON EMERGENCY NO ONE CAN IGNORE. NICOLA STURGEON First Minister Oct 6, 2019 740
Climate Change: An unstoppable movement takes hold. Oct 5, 2019 930
A Climate Change: An Unstoppable Movement Takes Hold. AntEnio Guterres Oct 3, 2019 892
UAE weather: Mist, fog reduce visibility; mercury to hit 43A-C. Web Report Oct 2, 2019 194
Humid weather forecast for UAE, mercury to hit 41A-C. Web Report Sep 29, 2019 204
Rain forecast for UAE, mercury to dip. Web Report Sep 26, 2019 134
OCEAN OF PAIN.. CLIMATE CHANGE REPORT'S DIRE WARNING TO ALL OF US; Rising seas put one billion at risk by 2050; Disasters will hit once a year as the ice melts. AILBHE DALY Sep 26, 2019 671
Humid weather forecast for UAE, mercury to dip gradually. Web Report Sep 25, 2019 340
Top scientists warn climate change 'hitting harder and sooner' than forecast. Sep 24, 2019 839
Top scientists warn climate change 'hitting harder and sooner' than forecast. Sep 24, 2019 763
Ahead of UN summit, leading scientists warn climate change 'hitting harder and sooner' than forecast. Sep 23, 2019 849
'Catastrophic' climate change is accelerating faster than predicted. Sep 23, 2019 708
Ahead of UN summit, leading scientists warn climate change 'hitting harder and sooner' than forecast. Sep 23, 2019 792
Climate challenge 'immense' ENVIRONMENT IN CRISIS Last five years have been hottest period on record. Sep 23, 2019 469
UAE weather: Mist, fog reduce visibility; mercury to hit 45A-C. Sep 18, 2019 248
Prenatal, Postnatal Exposures Tied to Blood Pressure in Children; Chemical, environmental, meteorological factors may impact systolic, diastolic BP. Sep 17, 2019 370
Humid weather forecast for UAE, mercury to hit 45A-C. Sep 16, 2019 299
Apocalypse weather& agriculture 2050; Expert warns over 30-year ticking bomb; Drastic action must be taken to avert crisis; Disastrous shifts in weather & agriculture; IRELAND FACING CATASTROPHIC CLIMATE CHANGE. Sep 15, 2019 833
Climate change forum to be held at Central ASK Show. Sep 12, 2019 246
Humid and foggy forecast for parts of UAE, mercury to dip. Sep 11, 2019 148
Researchers seek ways to help farmers deal with climate change. Sep 6, 2019 525
Weekend weather: Humid forecast for UAE, mercury to dip gradually. Sep 5, 2019 271
Global warming is hurting the Earth, but there is good news. Sep 4, 2019 411
Global warming is hurting the Earth, but there is good news Scoop: You, too, can help save the Earth. Sep 4, 2019 411
Humid weather forecast for UAE, mercury to hit 48A-C. Sep 3, 2019 284
COMMONWEALTH-WEATHER-Commonwealth Secretary General blames climate change for 'catastrophic' hurricane lashing Bahamas. Sep 2, 2019 777
Bumper year for tree seed to battle climate change; WEATHER. Aug 28, 2019 179
THE ARCTIC HEATWAVE; MIRROR SHOCK REPORT: ON CLIMATE CRISIS FRONT LINE; Kids in T-shirts, mosquitoes flourishing in 22C, journeys around the coast that took 3 weeks in 70s because of sea ice now taking a day.. living with global warming. Aug 28, 2019 1283
How the offices of tomorrow can prepare for climate change. Aug 22, 2019 668
Scotland weather: are summers getting wetter because of climate change? Aug 22, 2019 519
2019 Planting Season Is Ohio's Worst Weather Weather-Wise, USDA Says. Aug 20, 2019 183
Number of Wildfires Down in Louisiana Over 10-Year Period. Aug 20, 2019 378
Weather: Hot day in UAE, mercury to touch 48A-C. Aug 16, 2019 345
In the battle against climate change, our cities are the worst villains. Aug 16, 2019 997
Farmers have role in climate change. Aug 15, 2019 183
International, regional, meteorological and environmental organizations congratulate KSA on success of Hajj season. Aug 15, 2019 122
Humid weather forecast for UAE, mercury to hit 45A-C. Aug 7, 2019 207

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