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The Risk of Technofixes. Perls, Dana Personal account Sep 22, 2019 774
Indigenous communities not given their due for conserving forests: UNCCD. Sep 1, 2019 382
As Amazon Rainforest Burns, Indigenous Women Protest Against Bolsonaro Policies. Aug 26, 2019 250
Brazil : Joint Statement from Indigenous Environmental Network and Rainforest Action Network on the Amazon Rainforest fires. Aug 26, 2019 320
London climate change protesters daub Brazilian embassy blood red. Aug 13, 2019 207
Philippines most dangerous for land, environment defenders in 2018 - watchdog. Jul 30, 2019 629
Don't use Bakun dam as an example to build Papar dam, environmental group tell Sabah govt. Jul 1, 2019 620
PH rights, green activists most targeted by violence in Asia. Jun 27, 2019 619
Stronger community forest rights a weapon vs climate change. Jun 12, 2019 622
Finland : Arctic Council issues recommendations for environmental impact assessment procedures in Arctic areas. May 17, 2019 238
Kenya : Empowering women means taking a stand for environmental rights. Mar 4, 2019 546
Use of toilet paper wiping out habitat, heating planet. Feb 23, 2019 583
Forest evictions destroying Sengwer's culture - report. Dec 4, 2018 415
Colombia : Religious and indigenous leaders join forces on initiative to end tropical deforestation in Colombia. Nov 26, 2018 532
Taiwan indigenous musician sounds clarion call for cultural, environmental well-being. Oct 20, 2018 926
In Peru's Madre de Dios region, church helps indigenous survive. Apr 6, 2018 808
Hybrid system can conserve sacred forests. Dec 27, 2017 541
US 'Dome' of Nuclear Waste in Enewetak Atoll Wreaking Havoc on Indigenous People. Dec 4, 2017 516
West Detour gold project to undergo shorter provincial environmental assessment: Indigenous group had asked for the longer federal process. Nov 1, 2017 247
Keeping it local: Indigenous conservation schemes in Peru can be more effective than government-controlled efforts when it comes to curbing deforestation. Nov 1, 2017 419
A Teleological Approach to the Wicked Problem of Managing Utria National Park. Garcia, Nicolas Acosta; Farrell, Katharine N.; Heikkinen, Hannu I.; Sarkki, Simo Essay Oct 1, 2017 9613
Seneca president calls for removal of all West Valley wastes. Miller, Rick Aug 11, 2017 457
The environment and aboriginal rights. Surtees, Jeff May 1, 2017 1036
Sacred Groves: Myths, Beliefs, and Biodiversity Conservation--A Case Study from Western Himalaya, India. Singh, Sushma; Youssouf, Mudasir; Malik, Zubair A.; Bussmann, Rainer W. Report Jan 1, 2017 6734
At the top of the world. Dec 1, 2016 3393
Australia : Understanding community, cultural and environmental impacts in the northern basin. Oct 18, 2016 582
Panel member urges Indigenous leadership in green energy development. Narine, Shari Oct 1, 2016 637
Ayni, ayllu, yanantin and chanincha: the cultural values enabling adaptation to climate change in communities of the Potato Park, in the Peruvian Andes. Walshe, Rory; Argumedo, Alejandro Report Oct 1, 2016 6123
Patricia Gualinga Is An Environmentalist Hero. Sep 20, 2016 450
Ronald Gunn's Tasmanian ethnobotany. George, Ian St. Jun 1, 2016 568
Confidence and courage from Borroloola: the inspiring story of how a united Indigenous community, lead by elder Jack 'Wongili' Green, stood up to protect their homelands. Goodsell, Karl May 1, 2016 704
Indigenous peoples feel climate changes first. Narine, Shari Jan 1, 2016 803
Typhoon 'Lando' destroying Agta tribe habitat. Oct 21, 2015 642
The World Bank's development model and indigenous peoples. Kernan, Mark Report Sep 22, 2015 2191
Update the national inventory of mangroves, conservation, mitigation and adaptation to climate change indigenous peoples and Afro-Honduran. Sep 7, 2015 185
The deadly price of environmental activism. Aug 21, 2015 1066
'Protecting the primitive natives': Indigenous people as endangered species in the early nature protection movement, 1900-1940. Sysling, Fenneke Report Aug 1, 2015 8467
Peruvian parish follows the flow of the river. Fraser, Barbara Jul 31, 2015 2489
Aborigines and disasters: the plight of the aborigines overlooked by the TV media during typhoon Morakot in Taiwan. Chao-Chen, Lin Report Jul 1, 2015 7576
Finding common ground on mining: more Aboriginal insight needed in development: university report. Ross, Ian May 1, 2015 799
The ecological world view: ending the culture of war. Weir, Kay Editorial Mar 22, 2015 2579
Protect the Traditional Ecological Knowlege of the Indigenous People Project in Latin America and the Caribbean. Dec 8, 2014 105
Sacred land film project: the power of storytelling. McLeod, Toby Sep 22, 2014 616
What's in a name? Dowie, Mark Sep 12, 2014 794
Philippines : Subjects on indigenous people, climate change to be included in school curriculum. Jun 19, 2014 441
Change your perspective: Trent unversity Indigenous Environmental Studies. Brief article Nov 1, 2013 201
Combating desertification effects by participatory action and in-situ conservation of Commiphora wightii: an endangered medicinal shrub in Nagarparkar Hills of Tharparkar, Pakistan. Ahmed, Aziz; Arif, Tanveer; Murtaza, Ghulam; Amanullah, Mahar; Amrani, Bharumal Report Nov 1, 2013 4002
Native Tribes Key to US Adapting to Climate Change, Scientists Claim. Oct 4, 2013 401
The role of values in a community-based conservation initiative in Northern Ghana. Robinson, Lance W.; Sasu, Kwame Ampadu Report Oct 1, 2013 7442
Intercultural and environmental education in the state of acre, Brazilian Amazonia/ Educacao ambiental intercultural no estado do acre, Amazonia Brasileira. Medeiros, Heitor Queiroz; Sato, Michele Tomoko Jul 1, 2013 5873
Indigenous people living in the Arctic. O'Rourke, Ronald Apr 1, 2013 1402
Faces of climate change: on the front lines of climate change in Papua New Guinea, Manus Islanders are losing ground to rising sea. Raygorodetsky, Gleb Mar 1, 2013 772
Honduras: (D) Indigenous Peoples and Afro-Honduran, and Climate Change (HO-X1019). Jan 25, 2013 182
Pandora Or Peru: Resisting The Mining Multinationals. Barcia, Manuel Brief article Sep 5, 2012 183
Ring of fire is job generator: Ottawa overhauls environmental reviews for mining. Ross, Ian May 1, 2012 593
The Embera People: Guardians of the Forest: In the pristine jungle of the Chagres River Basin, less than an hour from Panama City, these indigenous peoples are developing a unique subsistence. Balaguer, Alejandro Essay Mar 1, 2012 1849
The evolution of theory: 10 ways science is changing our world. Bocking, Stephen Nov 1, 2011 1889
Global governance: promoting biodiversity and protecting indigenous communities against biopiracy. Liang, Bryan A. Aug 1, 2011 2635
Traditional ecological knowledge system of the Matigsalug tribe in mitigating the effects of dengue and malaria outbreak. Gascon, Mervin G. Report Jan 1, 2011 3311
From ecological catastrophe to constitutional crisis: the long struggle over the Xingu dams comes to a climax at Belo Monte. Turner, Terence Dec 31, 2010 2415
Deserts and limitations: lessons from prehistoric desert dwellers. Grossman, Richard Apr 26, 2010 750
Vision quest: who will control the future of the Amazon? A complex and high-stakes struggle over the Amazon forests and their resources heats up. Dudenhoefer, David Essay Nov 1, 2009 3938
Seeing northern rivers through Indigenous eyes. McKaige, Barbara; Considine, Mary-Lou Feb 1, 2009 653
Pedal power: the Indian villages of Kinchlingi and Tumba are proving that small-scale biodiesel generation can create self-sufficient, sustainable communities. Vaidyanathan, Geeta; Sankaranarayanan, Ramani Jan 1, 2009 1022
Doomed island: Nauru's short-sightedness and resulting decline are an urgent warning to the rest of the planet. Kendall, David Jan 1, 2009 1940
Cape York wilderness area under indigenous management. Brief article Aug 1, 2008 101
The indigenous foundation of the resource economy of BC's north coast. Menzies, Charles R.; Butler, Caroline F. Mar 22, 2008 8841
Trouble's brewing. Brief article Jan 1, 2008 270
Community-based forest management policy and the cultural practices of the Sama tribe. Cuizon, Reynaldo O. Report Dec 1, 2007 2601
Shaunna Morgan senior manager, Centre for Indigenous Environmental Resources. Sep 22, 2007 317
Water philosophy: indigenous laws treat water with awe and reverence rather than as a resource to be managed. Walkem, Ardith Reprint Sep 1, 2007 698
Unclogging the pipe. Brief article Jul 1, 2007 101
Wisdom from the heart of India. Acharya, Deepak Dec 1, 2006 2226
Solastalgia: environmental damage has made it possible to be homesick without leaving home. Albrecht, Glenn Dec 1, 2006 1625
Indigenous archaeology as decolonizing practice. Atalay, Sonya Jun 22, 2006 11386
The Seri, sea turtles and cleavage. LaDuke, Winona Jun 22, 2006 1074
Bolivian botanist with a buzz: bringing people and plants together, Ines Hinojosa is cultivating cohesion and leadership in indigenous communities with her revolutionary approach to sustainable development. Spector, Anna M. Nov 1, 2005 2504
Return of the 'noble savage': misrepresenting the past, present and future. Rowland, M.J. Sep 22, 2004 9105
Whose land is it anyway? Furniss, Charlie Dec 1, 2003 3874
Oil, Gas and Native Rights. Meek, Chanda Brief Article Dec 22, 2001 1005
Moose and forest ecosystem management: the biggest beast but not the best (1). Henault, Michel; Belanger, Louis; Rodgers, Arthur R.; Redmond, Gerald; Morris, Karen; Potvin, Franco Jan 1, 1999 6379
When worlds collide: why can't conservation scientists and indigenous peoples just get along? Milius, Susan Cover Story Aug 8, 1998 2192
Recognizing the vital role of local communities in international legal instruments for conserving biodiversity. Maggio, Gregory F. Jun 22, 1998 18970
Native peoples' survival crucial for environment. Apr 1, 1993 631

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