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Government launches strategy to control invasive species. Oct 13, 2021 789
UK's next non-native pests: What are raccoon dogs, why are they on the country's 'invasive species' list and why are they so stinky? The member of the fox family is on the list of 20 invasive species likely to impact the UK and destroy wildlife but what are they, why are they a pest and, most importantly, what makes them so stinky? Hannah Brown Jun 10, 2021 1056
Invasive species in river may threaten local fish. May 26, 2021 288
Six foreign invaders to look out for during Invasive Species Week. May 24, 2021 405
Translocation of at-risk species raises many questions about what belonging will come to mean in a changing world. Leskiw, Dominick Mar 9, 2021 1960
Potential pest status of the Formosan subterranean termite, Coptotermes formosanus Shiraki (Blattodea: Isoptera: Rhinotermitidae), in response to climate change in the Korean Peninsula. Lee, Sang-Bin; Tong, Reina L.; Kim, Si-Hyun; Im, Ik Gyun; Su, Nan-Yao Report Dec 1, 2020 4726
Robotic Predator Fish Hunt Invasive Species. Hamilton, Kathleen Sep 1, 2020 540
Seasonal prevalence of queens and males in colonies of tawny crazy ants (Hymenoptera: Formicidae) in Florida. Oi, David Report Sep 1, 2020 2518
The Validation of Different Growth Models of Randall's Threadfin Bream, Nemipterus randalli (Russell, 1986), in Northeastern Mediterranean Sea. Demirci, Sevil; Demirci, Aydin; Simsek, Emrah Report Jun 30, 2020 3755
Ontario municipalities and conservation authorities spend millions on invasive species. Dec 17, 2019 805
Ministry of Climate Change and Environment hosts workshop on invasive species action plan. Nov 21, 2019 432
Removing an invasive species to protect an Essex riverbank. Aug 20, 2019 402
Keep eye out for invasive species; Wildlife: Concerns voiced after first pink salmon of year was taken from the River Dee. Jul 5, 2019 416
Embracing Aliens: A RESPONSE TO INVASIVE SPECIES IMPACT. Asquith, Lauren; York, Joshua May 1, 2019 727
SPOTTED LANTERNFLY: A Pretty (Destructive) Invader. Antolos, Emma Apr 1, 2019 1222
Shipping traffic globally could increase invasive species. Mar 20, 2019 841
IPPIC Presents Sustainable Ocean Summit Session on Biofouling and Invasive Species at World Ocean Council in Hong Kong. Jan 1, 2019 585
Scores of invasive species on coast. Oct 17, 2018 240
Quantification of the abundance and efficacy of removal of the giant fan worm Sabella spallanzanii, at Point Cooke Marine Sanctuary. Christie, Andrew; Pasnin, Joel Report Oct 1, 2018 4602
Invasive Species: A Brief Overview. Crafton, R. Eliot; Angadjivand, Sahar Oct 1, 2018 1450
Boat Manufacturers Work to Minimize the Spread of Aquatic Invasive Species. Aug 15, 2018 419
Spotted Lanternfly. Jun 1, 2018 210
Ministry sounds alarm over invasive species in UAE. Mar 31, 2018 498
Volunteers work to clear invasive species from Sterne's Fen. Mar 3, 2018 247
Responsible shipping practices needed to keep invasive species out of Oman seas. Feb 14, 2018 513
Invasive species put Oman's biodiversity at risk. Jan 31, 2018 549
Strange Creatures Land On US Shores. Oct 22, 2017 530
Invasive Species Awareness Week. Jun 1, 2017 111
Increase in invasive species. Apr 26, 2017 359
Lifting barriers to range expansion: the European green crab Carcinus maenas (Linnaeus, 1758) enters the Salish Sea. Yamada, Sylvia Behrens; Thomson, Richard E.; Gillespie, Graham E.; Norgard, Tammy C. Report Apr 1, 2017 5463
Climate change: a culprit? Hagell, Suzanne Brief article Dec 1, 2016 150
Invasive species in an urban flora: history and current status in Indianapolis, Indiana. Dolan, Rebecca W. Report Nov 22, 2016 3659
Invasive marine pests: the view from Point Cooke Marine Sanctuary. Christie, Andrew; Awal, Sadiqul Report Oct 1, 2016 3533
Stop that snake! The fight against invasive species in the U.S. Free, Kathryn Apr 1, 2016 893
Stopping the spread: a collaborative effort to combat invasive species. McGlynn, Catherine Apr 1, 2016 920
African Carder bee, Afranthidium (Immanthidium) repetitum (Hymenoptera: Megachilidae): a new exotic species for Victoria. Baumann, Jessica M.; Walker, Ken; Threlfall, Caragh; Williams, Nicholas S.G. Report Feb 1, 2016 1909
Differential response of the American lobster Homarus americanus to the invasive Asian shore crab Hemigrapsus sanguineus and green crab Carcinus maenas. Lord, Joshua P.; Dalvano, Brielle E. Report Dec 1, 2015 5573
Ready to order Lionfish? Aggressive species are aquatic invaders. Monti, Lisa Oct 2, 2015 598
Aquatic invasive species. Jun 1, 2015 595
The sixth extinction? Many scientists agree that we're headed for another mass extinction like the one that wiped out the dinosaurs. Kolbert, Elizabeth Cover story Dec 8, 2014 2792
A serious pest alert for Turkey: a newly introduced invasive longhorned beetle, Anoplophora glabripennis (Cerambycidae: Lamiinae). Ayberk, Hamit; Ozdikmen, Huseyin; Cebeci, Huseyin Report Dec 1, 2014 1262
Stopping them in their tracks: Ontario's proposed Invasive Species Act. Choong, Henry H.C. Sep 22, 2014 759
Research on invasive species threatening environ stressed. Brief article Aug 24, 2014 229
Urban/suburban habitat use by a native and invasive tree squirrel. Ortiz, J.L.; Muchlinski, A.E. Report Aug 1, 2014 237
Red swamp crayfish (Procambarus clarkii) in Topanga Creek: removal efforts and ecosystem effects. Montgomery, E.A.; Garcia, C. Report Aug 1, 2014 271
Invasive bioenergy. Brief article May 1, 2014 159
iMapInvasives. Brief article Apr 1, 2014 101
Invasive species management programs in Alaska: a survey of statewide expenditures, 2007--11. Schworer, Tobias; Federer, Rebekka N.; Ferren, Howard J., II Report Mar 1, 2014 6112
The economic costs of invasive species: ignoring the impacts of ecosystem changes comes with a price tag. Pecci, Alexandra Jan 10, 2014 972
Modelling favourability for invasive species encroachment to identify areas of native species vulnerability. Romero, David; Baez, Jose C.; Ferri-Yanez, Francisco; Bellido, Jesus J.; Real, Raimundo Report Jan 1, 2014 5713
Invasive alien species of terrestrial vegetation of North-Eastern Uttar Pradesh. Srivastava, Sumit; Dvivedi, Ashish; Shukla, Ravindra Prasad Report Jan 1, 2014 5865
Deadly marsh invader: the wetlands are under attack from invasive species, but not all spell doom for waterfowl. Hart, David Oct 1, 2013 1138
Maryland reports on biological controls for invasive species. Sep 1, 2013 298
The role of geographic information systems for analyzing infestations and spread of invasive termites (isoptera: rhinotermitidae and termitidae) in urban South Florida. Hoohmair, Hartwig H.; Tonini, Francesco; Scheffrahn, Rudolf H. Report Sep 1, 2013 4435
Identification of the MEAM1 cryptic species of Bemisia tabaci (hemiptera: aleyrodidae) by loop-mediated isothermal amplification. Dickey, Aaron M.; Osborne, Lance S.; Shatters, Robert G., Jr.; McKenzie, Cindy L. Report Sep 1, 2013 4747
Seven surprising truths about the world: a lot of the bad news you think you know is wrong. Bailey, Ronald Aug 1, 2013 3731
The Invasive Species Diet, Or, Why You Should Eat Lionfish Fritters With A Kudzu Salad. Jul 2, 2013 682
Alien invertebrates are invading the Australian Alps. Nash, Michael A. Report Jun 1, 2013 6085
Dear EarthTalk: What's the prognosis for Hawaii's coral reefs in the face of global warming, invasive algae and other environmental threats? Scheer, Roddy; Moss, Doug Apr 21, 2013 598
Islands in the balance: can the native species of Hawai'i hold out against invasives? Their recovery will rely on science, technology and the work of many hands. Schweitzer, Sophia V. Mar 22, 2013 2169
ClimAID--recommendations for adapting to a changing climate. Comstock, Jonathan Feb 1, 2013 1516
Restoring fish. Kerwin, Jenna; Nelson, David Brief article Feb 1, 2013 226
Invasive North American beaver Castor canadensis in Eurasia: a review of potential consequences and a strategy for eradication. Parker, Howard; Nummi, Petri; Hartman, Goran; Rosell, Frank Report Dec 1, 2012 7667
Firm, BioInvaders, Achieves a Dozen Invasive Species Products in Marketplace, Restores Four Ecosystems in Process. Oct 24, 2012 561
Science Teachers May Be Releasing Invasive Species: Survey. Aug 7, 2012 294
Early Adopter Collects Invasive Species, Kudzu Stink Bug, Sells Specimens on BioInvaders, Invasive Species Marketplace. Jul 31, 2012 469
The BioInvaders, Invasive Species Marketplace Opens for Business. Jun 22, 2012 326
It came from... The Luggage! Don't let invasive species hitch a ride. Trulson, Michael May 1, 2012 729
Effects of invasive Amur honeysuckle (Lonicera maackii) and white-tailed deer (Odocoileus virginianus) on litter-dwelling arthropod communities. Christopher, Cory C.; Cameron, Guy N. Report Apr 1, 2012 8360
Closing off the carp. Belli, Brita Jan 1, 2012 364
An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. Simberloff, Daniel Dec 13, 2011 1141
Scrub the boat. Pham, Angela Brief article Dec 1, 2011 115
The relative abundances of native and non-native emydid turtles across an urban to rural habitat gradient in Central New Jersey. Duchak, Thomas; Holzapfel, Claus Report Sep 22, 2011 4673
A new carp comes to town. Quill, Elizabeth Brief article Jul 2, 2011 252
Intruder alert! Asian carp threaten to invade the Great Lakes and starve out native fish. What's being done to stop them? Smith, Natalie Apr 4, 2011 721
Alien visitors. Apr 4, 2011 445
Island on the edge: an environmental catastrophe is unfolding on Christmas Island, the site of Australia's latest suspected mammal extinction. The unique wildlife of the island is struggling to cope with the impact of humans and introduced pests. Gilligan, Justin Essay Feb 1, 2011 2179
Carpe diem? Some struggle with how to keep the invasive Asian carp at bay--others say, "eat up!". Bergin, Mary Jan 1, 2011 1082
Raising cane. Jan 1, 2011 458
Limnoperna fortunei versus dreissena polymorpha: population densities and benthic community impacts of two invasive freshwater bivalves. Karatayev, Alexander Y.; Burlakova, Lyubov E.; Karatayev, Vadim A.; Boltovskoy, Demetrio Report Dec 1, 2010 7712
Handling hydrilla: it's a major challenge managing this invasive plant, but there can be upsides for sportsmen. Christian, Chris Dec 1, 2010 2010
Aliens help endangered American chestnuts. Parrent, Jeri Brief article Nov 1, 2010 301
Native toads find ant invaders tasty: Indonesian amphibian could help control aggressive insects. Milius, Susan Brief article Oct 9, 2010 292
Team to root out invasive species. Jun 12, 2010 223
Biology, distribution, and field host plants of Macroplea japana in China: an unsuitable candidate for biological control of hydrilla verticillata. Zhang, Jialiang; Wheeler, Gregory S.; Purcell, Matthew; Ding, Jianqing Mar 1, 2010 1375
Population dynamics of an established reproducing population of the invasive apple snail (Pomacea insularum) in suburban southeast Houston, Texas. Kyle, Colin H.; Trawick, Matthew K.; McDonough, James P.; Burks, Romi L. Report Nov 1, 2009 1721
Unwanted guests: invasive species, ranging from mussels to weeds, are costing the country billions. Farquhar, Doug; Hendrick, Scott Oct 1, 2009 1585
Parasitism of the brown citrus aphid in Dominica by Lysiphlebus testaceipes and Lipolexis oregmae (Hymenoptera: Aphidiinae). Cocco, Arturo; Jeyaprakash, Ayyamperumal; Hoy, Marjorie A. Report Sep 1, 2009 1462
Loss of Hulsebus Loess Hill Prairie, Henderson County, Illinois to woody plant invasion. McClain, William E.; Moorehouse, Angella C.; Ebinger, John E. Report Jul 1, 2009 2922
Invasive alien species threaten global biodiversity. Jun 1, 2009 648
Natural enemies of Brazilian peppertree (Sapindales: Anacardiaceae) from Argentina: their possible use for biological control in the USA. Mc Kay, Fernando; Oleiro, Marina; Walsh, Guillermo Cabrera; Gandolfo, Daniel; Cuda, James P.; Wheele Report Jun 1, 2009 7399
Patterns of ant activity on Opuntia stricta (Cactaceae), a native host-plant of the invasive cactus moth, Cactoblastis cactorum (Lepidoptera: Pyralidae). Robbins, Meredith; Miller, Tom E.X. Report Jun 1, 2009 1597
Trophic relationships of small nonnative fishes in a natural creek and several agricultural drains flowing into the Salton Sea, and their potential effects on the endangered Desert Pupfish. Martin, Barbara A.; Saiki, Michael K. Report Jun 1, 2009 6631
Unwanted exotics force changes in Kansas walleye stocking efforts. Apr 1, 2009 195
Heat stress in the intertidal: comparing survival and growth of an invasive and native mussel under a variety of thermal conditions. Schneider, Kimberly R. Report Dec 1, 2008 9216
Investigating effects of invasive species on plant community structure. Franklin, Wilfredo Report Oct 1, 2008 3311
Consequences of density dependence for management of a stage-structured invasive plant (Alliaria petiolata). Pardini, Eleanor A.; Teller, Brittany J.; Knight, Tiffany M. Report Oct 1, 2008 6345
Comparative life history of native (Orconectes eupunctus) and introduced (Orconectes neglectus) Crayfishes in the Spring river drainage of Arkansas and Missouri. Larson, Eric R.; Magoulick, Daniel D. Report Oct 1, 2008 7265
Diversity of soil bacteria around native and exotic plants. Report Jul 1, 2008 156
Effects of the exotic crustacean, Armadillidium vulgare (Isopoda), and other macrofauna on organic matter dynamics in soil microcosms in a hardwood forest in central Florida. Frouz, Jan; Lobinske, Richard; Kalcik, Jiri; Ali, Arshad Jun 1, 2008 2871
Mass rearing of Pseudophilothrips ichini (Thysanoptera: Phlaeothripidae), an approved biological control agent for Brazilian peppertree, Schinus terebinthifolius (Sapindales: Anacardiaceae). Cuda, J.P.; Gillmore, J.L.; Medal, J.C.; Pedrosa-Macedo, J.H. Report Jun 1, 2008 1632
Variation in resistance of experienced and naive seedlings of jewelweed (Impatiens capensis) to invasive garlic mustard (Alliaria petiolata). Cipollini, Kendra A.; Hurley, Sophie L. Report Jun 1, 2008 2675
Initial invasion of cheatgrass (Bromus tectorum) into burned pinon-juniper woodlands in western Colorado. Getz, Hilary L.; Baker, William L. Report Apr 1, 2008 4684
Great lakes invaders. McClelland, Edward Mar 1, 2008 408
Friend, foe, wonder, peril: invasive species are all of these. Larson, Brendon Jan 1, 2008 2077
Effects of leaf litter on establishment, growth and survival of invasive plant seedlings in a deciduous forest. Bartuszevige, Anne M.; Gorchov, Rikki L.; Hrenko David L. Report Oct 1, 2007 3925
Developing barriers to biological invasions. Pitman, Bob Mar 1, 2007 478
Alaskans are "pulling together". Lassuy, Dennis R. Mar 1, 2007 898
The war against biotic invasion - a new challenge of biodiversity conservation for China. Zhao, Yuhong Dec 22, 2006 15119
Invasive alien species at the urban-forest interface. McAfee, B.J.; Nealis, V.G.; Malouin, C. Aug 1, 2006 1461
Pacific cooperation key to managing invasive ants. Abbott, Kirsti Report Jun 22, 2006 3064
Invasive marine algae: an ecological perspective. Inderjit,; Chapman, David; Ranelletti, Marla; Kaushik, Shalini Apr 1, 2006 13779
America's least wanted: alien critters are destroying the environment. Costello, Emily Cover story Apr 1, 2006 1204
Reversing the plight of the Guam rail. Brief article Oct 1, 2005 221
History of spread and current distribution of Corbicula fluminea (Muller) in Texas. Sewell, Brian D. Aug 1, 2005 5904
Alien invasions: it's back to the legal drawing board for Canadians who want to stop the spread of invasive species. Duncan, Justin Aug 1, 2005 2014
A counter attack launched on invasive animals. Brief Article Aug 1, 2005 296
Characterization of prairie recovery from cedar (Juniperus virginiana L.) Invasion. Chevalier, Cary Abstract Jan 1, 2005 94
Bye-bye melaleuca? Thomas, Frank Brief Article Sep 22, 2003 286
Holding back the waves. (Oceania). Brief Article Sep 22, 2003 251
Fighting invading species. (Environment). Mar 1, 2003 334
Invasive species--don't let them in the door. (On First Reading). Jan 1, 2003 400
Managing mimosa: entomologists have enlisted a battery of beetles to help loosen mimosa's grip on northern Australia. Smith, Kate Jan 1, 2003 1720
Tales of the swamp. Davidson, Steve Jan 1, 2003 420
Bythotrephes cederstroemi in Ohio reservoirs: evidence from fish diets. (1). Ferry, Kristen H.; Wright, Russell A. Dec 1, 2002 2193
Weedy wattles. (journal extracts). Davidson, Steve Oct 1, 2002 338
Paying for protection from invasive species. Jenkins, Peter T. Sep 22, 2002 3784
How important are nonindigenous species to the benthos of Southern California embayments? (Abstracts). Velarde, R.G. Brief Article Aug 1, 2002 239
Are Southern California's changing coastal waters and nearshore biological communities becoming more susceptible to invasion by exotic sea weeds? (Abstracts). Murray, S.N. Aug 1, 2002 247
What is nonindigenous and is it all bad? (Abstracts). Baskin, J.N.; Haglund, T.R. Brief Article Aug 1, 2002 164
The marine invaders of California: lessons from San Francisco and San Diego. (Abstracts). Crooks, Jeffrey A. Brief Article Aug 1, 2002 175
U.S. response to potential ecological threat to Southern California ecosystems by the introduced Marine Chlorophyte Caulerpa taxifolia. (Abstracts). Woodfield, R.A.; Merkel, K.W. Brief Article Aug 1, 2002 253
Exotic aquatic turtles on the west coast: considerations and implications. (Abstracts). Jennings, Mark R.; Holland, Dan C.; Goodman, Robert H., Jr. Brief Article Aug 1, 2002 214
Exotic fish species and their impacts on small coastal lagoons in Southern California. (Abstracts). Swift, Camm C.; Holland, Dan C. Brief Article Aug 1, 2002 218
Invader in the open sea! The New Zealand marine snail Philine auriformis in Southern California coastal waters. (Abstracts). Cadien, D.B. Brief Article Aug 1, 2002 162
Interaction netween native fish, habitat, and exotic fish species in the middle Santa Ana River, Southern California. (Abstracts). Swift, Camm C. Brief Article Aug 1, 2002 252
Autralia's Noah's Ark springs a leak; until recently, Tasmania was blessed by its isolation and protected from the feral fox. But recent sightings of this predator on the island sanctuary have put authorities on high alert. Eastham, Jaime Brief Article Apr 1, 2002 1036
Non-native plants threaten survival of insects and birds. Brief Article Sep 1, 2001 212
The Effect of Chinese Privet on Small Mammal Populations. Shaffer, Pam Brief Article Jan 1, 2001 163
An Invader Worse Than a "B" Movie. Burton, Ken Brief Article Sep 1, 2000 722
ALIEN NATION. Glauber, Barbara; Joel, Beverly Brief Article Sep 1, 2000 241
PURPLE LOOSESTRIFE Controlling a Colorful Nuisance. Carroll, Dan Aug 1, 2000 1097
BIO INVADERS! Bailey, Ronald Aug 1, 2000 1859
Effects of the Exotic Invasive Shrub Lonicera maackii on the Survival and Fecundity of Three Species of Native Annuals. GOULD, ANDREW M. A.; GORCHOV, DAVID L. Statistical Data Included Jul 1, 2000 6190
Competition Between Alien Annual Grasses and Native Annual Plants in the Mojave Desert. BROOKS, MATTHEW L. Statistical Data Included Jul 1, 2000 7055
Region 1. Brosseau, LaRee Brief Article May 1, 2000 630

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