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Repairing ecosystem. ENGR. ZEENAT NAZ TUMRANI-Khairpur Mirs. Jun 28, 2021 399
Climate Change is another threat to Pakistan. Jul 19, 2020 602
Global warming. MAHNOOR TARIQ - Wah cant May 27, 2020 303
Global warming. Mahnoor Tariq - Wah May 23, 2020 831
Global warming, a threat to human life. M Wareed Waheed Mar 23, 2020 819
Climate change: a major global threat. Mar 1, 2020 1155
Climate change: A major global threat. Feb 26, 2020 1247
Impact of hybrid electric vehicle penetration and its challenges on distribution system. Jayashree, S.; Malarvizhi, K.; Pradeep, R. Report Apr 15, 2017 3541
Positive feedback in climate: stabilization or runaway, illustrated by a simple experiment. Dufresne, Jean-Louis; Saint-Lu, Marion Report May 1, 2016 6462
Can we have it both ways? On potential trade-offs between mitigation and solar radiation management. Baatz, Christian Report Feb 1, 2016 9680
Victoria's rainforests and the potential impacts of a changing climate. Riddington, Maggie Report Dec 1, 2014 4983
Burning of crop residue and its potential for electricity generation. Ahmed, Tanvir; Ahmad, Bashir Report Sep 22, 2014 8719
Subsidiary initiatives in the institutional environment. Hamprecht, Julia; Schwarzkopf, Jan Report Sep 1, 2014 8055
Chinese climate-change policy, 1988-2013: moving on up. Stensdal, Iselin Report Jan 1, 2014 7939
Greenhouse Gas Emissions from Small Industries. Dec 31, 2013 229
Energy dependency and energy security: the role of energy efficiency and renewable energy sources. Ozturk, Ilhan Dec 22, 2013 6165
Impact of climate change on electricity demand: a case study of Karachi district. Mahmood, Rafat; Saleemi, Sundus; Amin, Sajid Report Dec 22, 2013 4248
Geoengineering techniques may fail to undo climate change. Dec 6, 2013 327
A colourful addition to the spider fauna of Victoria: the peacock spider Maratus splendens (Rainbow, 1896) (Araneae: Salticidae). De Angelis, David; Davis, Hayley; Jenner, Bradley; de Jong, Jordan Report Dec 1, 2013 3790
Tropics to launch into charted temperature territory by 2038. Shugart, Jessica Brief article Nov 16, 2013 127
Factors affecting the re-vegetation of abandoned extracted peatlands in Estonia: a synthesis from field and greenhouse studies. Triisberg, Triin; Karofeld, Edgar; Paal, Jaanus Report Sep 1, 2013 8303
Australian secondary school students' understanding of climate change. Dawson, Vaille; Carson, Katherine Sep 1, 2013 5465
Slightly cool spring expected: Oregon professor says climate change may alter long-term weather patterns. Franson, Paul Apr 1, 2013 310
CLIMATE CHANGE, POVERTY AND AGRICULTURAL RESOURCE DEGRADATION: A CASE STUDY OF DISTRICT D.G. KHAN. Imran, Muhammad; Bano, Sumaira; Dawood, Muhammad; Tarar, Muhammad Ali; Ali, Abid Report Mar 31, 2013 3455
Integrating thermal constraints into habitat suitability for moose in the Adirondack State Park, New York. Haase, Catherine G.; Underwood, H. Brian Jan 1, 2013 7301
Climate change lessons for pupils. Nov 29, 2012 386
Two cheers for heresy on global warming: climate change is a cycle--of faddish opinions. Unz, Ron Oct 1, 2012 1151
Americans' Worries About Global Warming Up Slightly; But remains much lower than the previous high of 72% in 2000. Newport, Frank Survey Mar 30, 2012 962
Science of climate change is clear; Climate science. Jan 26, 2011 459
Global warming may become global cooling this century. Feb 8, 2010 249
From here to eternity: the fate of the sun and the earth. Laughlin, Gregory P. Jun 1, 2007 2830
Standing and global warming: is injury to all injury to none? Mank, Bradford Jan 1, 2005 45991
Introduction: international environmental regimes and sustainable development. Guimaraes, Roberto P. Jul 1, 2001 1249
Partial Resistance of Transgenic Peas to Alfalfa Mosaic Virus under Greenhouse and Field Conditions. Timmerman-Vaughan, Gail M.; Pither-Joyce, Meeghan D.; Cooper, Pauline A.; Russell, Adrian C.; Goulde Statistical Data Included May 1, 2001 6100
Global Warming and Ozone Layer Depletion: STS Issues for Social Studies Classrooms. RYE, JAMES A.; STRONG, DONNA D.; RUBBA, PETER A. Mar 1, 2001 4310
Global warming: nothing doing. Knappenberger, Paul C. Jul 1, 1999 2973
Glimpses of a warmer world. O'Neill, Graeme Apr 1, 1999 1624
Curbing global warming: is the cost too high? Weidenbaum, Murray L. Jul 1, 1998 2772
Policy challenges arising from climate change. Visco, Ignazio Jun 1, 1998 6150
Forests "hibernate" during hot weather. Brief Article Jun 1, 1998 375
Greenhouse warming hurts Arctic ozone. Monastersky, Richard Brief Article Apr 11, 1998 573
After Kyoto: a climate treaty with no teeth? Dunn, Seth Mar 1, 1998 1954
Setting the world on fire: the impacts of global warming. Krockenberger, Michael; Kinrade, Peter Aug 1, 1997 4305
Temperature rising. Taylor, Linda E. Oct 1, 1995 1808
Breaking away. Oct 1, 1995 120
High clouds may soon light U.S. sunsets. Brief Article Jun 18, 1994 203
From fire comes ice. Feb 8, 1992 366
Hot air: what causes global warming. Ball, Timothy Apr 1, 1990 2816
Environment, economics, and forestry's future. Sampson, Neil editorial Nov 1, 1989 1135
World forests. Walsh, Barry Walden Nov 1, 1989 2246
The heat is on; the greenhouse effect and the earth's future. Owen, Oliver S. Sep 1, 1989 3490
The next ice age. Ephron, Larry Sep 1, 1989 1019
Small steps for a healthier world. Sampson, Neil editorial Sep 1, 1989 754
Greenhouse fact and fiction. Sampson, Neil editorial Jul 1, 1989 1628
Conservation in the Bush era. Odell, Rice May 1, 1989 1960

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