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QU team to study biodiversity in northwestern Qatar. Dec 26, 2017 255
QU scientific team to survey biodiversity in northwestern regions of Qatar. Dec 26, 2017 217
QU team to study biodiversity In northwestern Qatar. Dec 25, 2017 253
The variation of riverbed material due to tropical storms in Shi-Wen River, Taiwan. Lin, Chin-Ping; Wang, Yu-Min; Tfwala, Samkele S.; Chen, Ching-Nuo Report Jan 1, 2014 5773
Diversity and antimicrobial activities of actinobacteria isolated from tropical mangrove sediments in Malaysia. Lee, Learn-Han; Zainal, Nurullhudda; Azman, Adzzie-Shazleen; Eng, Shu-Kee; Goh, Bey-Hing; Yin, Wai-F Report Jan 1, 2014 9383
Depositional environments of the Bara formation sandstone from Lakhra areas Sindh, Pakistan. Hakro, Asgher Ali Daahar; Baig, Muhammed Atique Ahmed Report Jan 1, 2014 5388
Effects of environmental factors on nutrients release at sediment-water interface and assessment of trophic status for a typical shallow lake, northwest China. Hou, Dekun; He, Jiang; Lu, Changwei; Sun, Ying; Zhang, Fujin; Otgonbayar, Khureldavaa Report Jan 1, 2013 11517
Arctic methane leaks could be accelerating global warming. Apr 23, 2012 617
Saving the sound: the northeast's vital estuary is in recovery. Gleason, Paul Sep 1, 2006 1182
Decades of dinner: underwater community begins with the remains of a whale. Milius, Susan Cover Story May 7, 2005 2163
Assessment of the health of kelp habitats along the north coast of Santa Monica Bay. (Abstracts). Reed, B.; Fong, P.; Smith, J.R. Abstract Aug 1, 2002 288
The rain of ocean particles and earth's carbon cycle. Honjo, Susumu Sep 22, 1997 1823
Ground-truthing the paleoclimate record: sediment trap observations aid paleooceanographers. Curry, William B.; Ostermann, Dorinda R. Sep 22, 1997 1879
The Oceanic Flux Program: twenty years of particles flux measurements in the Deep Sargasso Sea. Conte, Maureen Sep 22, 1997 2187
Monsoon winds and carbon cycles in the Arabian Sea. Honjo, Susumu; Weller, Robert A. Sep 22, 1997 2310
Geochemical archives encoded in deep-sea sediments offer clues for reconstructing the ocean's role in past climatic changes. Francois, Roger; Bacon, Michael P. Sep 22, 1997 2107
Could gas blast have warmed the globe? Monastersky, Richard Brief Article Mar 22, 1997 310
Sedimentary record yields several centuries of data: the Little Ice Age and Medieval Warm Period in the Sargasso Sea. Keigwin, Lloyd D. Sep 22, 1996 1875

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