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The 'super plants' which could help reduce air pollution; HOW TO GARDEN GUIDE. Mar 13, 2021 568
The 'super plants' which could help reduce air pollution; HOW TO GARDEN GUIDE. Mar 13, 2021 568
MME succeeds in cultivating, propagating endangered wild plants. Feb 14, 2021 177
We must breathe new life into our planet's ncreasingly fragile ecosystems - May East; Ecosystems are highly dynamic communities of plants, animals and micro-organisms. From forests and mountains to freshwater rivers, oceans and coral reefs, the vitality and diversity of Earth's ecosystems are homes to around eight million species, including humans. May East Jan 6, 2021 597
Wildlife bears brunt of climate change, shrinking habitats. Nov 5, 2020 1282
Minister Climate Change plants tree at Farid Park. Sep 10, 2020 172
Endangered Habitats of Bayana Bakhtiar. Aug 28, 2020 499
Endangered Habitats of Bayana Bakhtiar. Aug 28, 2020 598
Plants help each other to grow in harsh environment: Study. ANI Nov 14, 2019 348
Elderly gardener advancing the cause of environment. Sher Alam Shinwari Sep 22, 2019 1062
Study says pollution is ruining ecosystem too. Sep 15, 2019 520
Shivamogga: Environmentalist preserves 500 varieties of herbal plants by creating unique garden at house. Sep 15, 2019 191
Backyard plants the focus of next Green Drinks in Libertyville. Sep 5, 2019 113
Helping to weed out alien intruders on riverbanks; Environment: Volunteers aiming to stop invasive plants choking waterways. Sep 2, 2019 450
Pollution in cities damaging ecosystems: Study. Aug 28, 2019 510
National Geographic Kids Abu Dhabi Premieres 'Green Thumb', a Local Environmental Series Promoting Sustainable Farming. Jul 10, 2019 285
Nat Geo Kids Abu Dhabi to premiere local environmental series "Green Thumb". Jul 9, 2019 291
WHY IS PHENOLOGY OF PLANTS IMPORTANT? Damerow, Gail Jul 1, 2019 1712
Climate Change induced migration of wild boars to Galliyat, posing serious threat to crops, local flora-fauna. May 20, 2019 1055
Climate Change induced migration of wild boars to Galliyat, posing serious threat to crops, local flora-fauna. May 20, 2019 1055
Saudi youth campaign to save endangered animals. Apr 7, 2019 1373
Smoke Alarm. Brief article Mar 22, 2019 284
EPA takes action against 85 illegal plants. Feb 23, 2019 614
China's probe on dark side of the moon sprouted a plant, but it died shortly after. Jan 17, 2019 403
Not just humans, pollution damages plants, insects too. Nov 12, 2018 570
Eco-friendly way to farm; Williamwood looks after flora and fauna. Jun 15, 2018 182
Where Have All the Nutrients Gone? Even if you eat your veggies, you might not be getting all the nutrition you need. Noyes, Lydia Apr 1, 2018 449
Lessons on Evolution from the Study of Edaphic Specialization. Rajakaruna, Nishanta Report Mar 1, 2018 21254
New study shows how climate change alters plant growth. Jan 16, 2018 561
Silicon Mechanisms to Ameliorate Heavy Metal Stress in Plants. Emamverdian, Abolghassem; Ding, Yulong; Xie, Yinfeng; Sangari, Sirous Jan 1, 2018 9614
Dust pollution at stone-crushing plants causing diseases. Dec 5, 2017 263
A census and significance of the vascular flora of Mount Cannibal, Victoria. Adair, R.J.; Tonkinson, D.; Piko, D.; Harris, S. Report Dec 1, 2017 7823
Tropical China plant diversity, ecology and conservation--a glimpse at the current state. Liu, Hong; Ren, Mingxun; Richards, Jennifer; Song, Xiqiang Mar 1, 2017 1437
Native desert grassland plant species declines and accelerated erosion in the Paint Gap Hills of southwest Texas. Ludwig, John A.; Wondzell, Steven M.; Muldavin, Esteban H.; Blanche, K. Rosalind; Chauvin, Yvonne Report Mar 1, 2017 6336
The response of rare floodplain plants to an environmental watering event at Hattah Lakes, Victoria. Kenny, Sally A; Moxham, Claire; Sutter, Geoff Report Feb 1, 2017 4599
Saving the UAE's Halfa Grass. Shahid, Mohammad; Rao, N.K. Report Jan 1, 2017 742
How bromeliads obtain and use water. Benzing, David H. Oct 1, 2016 3046
Qualidade pos-colheita de oito variedades de pessego. Cremasco, Joao Paulo Gava; Matias, Rosana Goncalves Pires; da Silva, Danielle Fabiola Pereira; Olive Report Aug 1, 2016 4763
Climate Change: How Far Can We Push Plants? Apr 12, 2016 539
Drinking up. Apr 1, 2016 434
Alteracoes morfofsiologicas e crescimento de heliconias em funcao de diferentes ambientes de sombreamento/Growth and changes on morphology and physiology of heliconias according to different shading environments. Souza, Rafaela Ribeiro de; Cavalcante, Markilla Zunete Beckmann; Silva, Everaldo Moreira; Amaral, Ge Report Apr 1, 2016 3749
'Green Pakistan' to add 100m new plants. Brief article Mar 13, 2016 115
Effects of rice straw mulch on the diurnal leaf gaseous exchange and growth development of aerobic rice MRQ74 and MR253. Khalid, Hilyah Mohd; Barakbah, Syed Shahar; Osman, Normaniza Report Aug 1, 2015 4125
Biological nitrification inhibition an efficient approach. Usman, Muhammad; Nadeem, Asif; Shafique, Sadia Oct 26, 2014 814
Floristic dynamics across a semi-arid volcanic chronosequence in Northern Arizona. Christie, Kyle Report Sep 1, 2014 5759
Evaluation of Sorghum (Sorghum bicolor) Core Collection for Drought Tolerance: Pollen Fertility and Mean Performance of Yield Traits and Its Components at Reproductive Stage. Sakhi, Shazia; Rehman, Shafiq ur; Okuno, Kazutoshi; Shahzad, Armaghan; Jamil, Mohammad Report Apr 30, 2014 7782
Rainforest flora, fauna at WPL on Feb. 23. Feb 7, 2014 143
Dynamic of plant composition and regeneration following windthrow in a temperate beech forest. Darabi, Sakineh Mollaei; Kooch, Yahya; Hosseini, Seyed Mohsen Report Jan 1, 2014 7649
Elevational patterns of plant richness in the Taibai Mountain, China. Tang, Lili; Li, Tanbao; Li, Dengwu; Meng, Xiaxia Report Jan 1, 2014 9214
Plants as useful vectors to reduce environmental toxic arsenic content. Mirza, Nosheen; Mahmood, Qaisar; Shah, Mohammad Maroof; Pervez, Arshid; Sultan, Sikander Report Jan 1, 2014 9354
Trees 'shield vulnerable flora species from climate change'. Nov 3, 2013 214
Reproductive effort of some annual and perennial plant species: impact of successional sequence, habitat conditions and plant size. Shaukat, Syed Shahid; Khan, Moazzam Ali; Zaidi, Sahar; Siddiqui, Muhammad Faheem; Khan, Nasarullah; Report Nov 1, 2013 7283
How plants can help us tackle climate change in future. Jul 27, 2013 365
Good aerosols. Belanger, Julie; Pathberiya, Semini; Williamson, Ben Brief article Jul 1, 2013 134
Strategies of adaptation and injury exhibited by plants under a variety of external conditions: a short review/Estrategias de adaptacao e injurias demonstradas por plantas sob diferentes condicoes ambientais: uma curta revisao. Krishania, Suman; Dwivedi, Pratibha; Agarwal, Kalpana Report Jun 1, 2013 4149
Climate change can cause widespread global-scale loss of flora and fauna. May 13, 2013 390
Anti-Aging Medicine: environmental links to respiratory health: an anti-aging perspective. Klatz, Ronald; Goldman, Robert Dec 1, 2012 1333
Green walls, clean city. Blomberg, Lindsey Brief article Nov 1, 2012 274
Nanosized Pollutants Pose Crop Risks. Aug 27, 2012 624
Plants reduce city street pollution 8 times more than thought. Jul 19, 2012 242
Fire spreads in Nowshera forest area, destroys flora and fauna. Jun 5, 2012 143
Effects of white-tailed deer (Odocoileus virginianus Zimm.) herbivory in restored forest and savanna plant communities. Urbanek, Rachael E.; Nielsen, Clayton K.; Glowacki, Gary A.; Preuss, Timothy S. Report Apr 1, 2012 7527
Moth communities correspond with plant communities in midwestern (Indiana, USA) sand prairies and oak barrens and their degradation endpoints. Shuey, John A.; Metzler, Eric H.; Tungesvick, Kevin Report Apr 1, 2012 5102
People and plants: introducing environmental humanities of plants in the Baltics and beyond. Brauckmann, Sabine; Jorgensen, Dolly Report Mar 1, 2012 2057
Climate changes-challenge, but also an obligation for the education. Tripunoski, Mirko; Nikolovski, Aleksandar; Tonovski, Gjorgji Jan 1, 2012 4515
Integrating pollution remediation potentials of green plants in Herbarium system. Hati, Stephen S.; Dimari, Goni A.; Babale, Aliyu Report Dec 1, 2011 2161
One third of flora, fauna can become extinct due to global warming. Aug 27, 2011 265
Botanical air filtration. Zhang, Jensen; Wang, Zhiqiang; Ren, Dacheng Reprint Dec 1, 2010 2019
Global warming may be impacting blooming cycle of plants. Nov 23, 2010 331
Plants 'flower earlier due to climate change'. Apr 8, 2010 268
Plants 'flower earlier due to climate change'. Apr 7, 2010 268
Carbon dioxide's long-term impacts on plants. Brief article Mar 1, 2010 144
Plants for purification: indoor air pollution is a serious problem--nature provides a simple answer. Mosko, Sarah Jan 26, 2010 986
Buddies in bad times: mycorrhizae play an important role in helping plants adapt to a changing climate. English, Heather Sep 1, 2009 662
Twenty years after the tragedy: monitoring of Prince William Sound continues. Bohi, Heidi Mar 1, 2009 2160
Chapter 11: The control of growth and development. Jan 1, 2009 10365
October; what to do in Northern California. White, Hazel Oct 1, 2008 592
Geographic variation in flowering responses to fire and season of clipping in a fire-adapted plant. Brewer, J. Stephen Report Jul 1, 2008 7729
Whether Maps? Brief article Jun 22, 2008 192
Low-level ozone, plants and global warming. Brief article Oct 1, 2007 117
Plants learn about climate change. Brief article Mar 1, 2007 206
Invited lectures. Jun 1, 2006 698
Do plants really slow global warming? Brief article Jun 1, 2006 262
Pollution-busting plants clean up contaminated land. Brief article Mar 1, 2006 310
Messenger in a garden. Brief Article May 1, 2005 211
Flower buds: world-famous scientist E.O. Wilson speaks out on the importance of saving the planet's pollinators. Bryner, Jeanna Cover Story Mar 7, 2005 1889
Changes to the timberline and the growth of subalpine trees at higher elevations in response to global climatic change. Steffan, Joshua; Burgess, Tyler; Burgess, Lynn Apr 1, 2004 335
The greenhouse diet: as if climate change isn't bad enough: elevated CO2 may deplete the food you eat of protein, with devastating ecological consequences. Seaborg, David Jan 1, 2004 2000
Winged messengers: does habitat loss signal biodiversity's death knell? Destruction of ecological living spaces is the greatest threat to the survival and preservation of the globe's wide array of animal and plant species. Youth, Howard Nov 1, 2003 2284
Distribution records of Southern Indiana vascular plants. Thomas, William E. Jul 29, 2003 3935
Protecting Florida's rare plants from extinction. Regan, Kevin E. Jul 1, 2003 4050
Rising temperatures spur biological chaos. (Climate). Jun 1, 2003 636
Plant power. (The Buzz). Jun 1, 2003 312
The vascular flora of Windham Prairie, Polk County, east Texas. Brown, Larry E.; Hillhouse, Kate; MacRoberts, Barbara R.; MacRoberts, Michael H. Aug 1, 2002 3400
The vascular flora of Windham Prairie, Polk County, east Texas. Brown, Larry E.; Hillhouse, Kate; MacRoberts, Barbara R.; MacRoberts, Michael H. Aug 1, 2002 3410
Invasive Exotic Pest Plants in Tennessee. Apr 1, 2002 2102
For plants, C[O.sup.2] means bigger, not better. Knopper, Melissa Brief Article Mar 1, 2002 431
Seed-bank sleuths. (journal extracts). Pyper, Wendy Brief Article Jan 1, 2002 291
Mechanisms of plant response to gradients and after disturbances. Myster, Randall W. Oct 1, 2001 5722
WHAT TO DO IN YOUR GARDEN IN MAY. Brief Article May 1, 2001 568
Plants seen as unpredictable carbon sponge. Raloff, J. Brief Article Mar 18, 2000 514
Uprooted. REMBERT, TRACEY C. Jul 1, 1999 3583
Plants signal stress with a toluene burst. Wu, C. Brief Article May 1, 1999 492
Flowers that fight pollution. Johnson, Dan Apr 1, 1999 455
Trait-mediated indirect effects of a theridiid spider on an ant-plant mutualism. Gastreich, K.R. Apr 1, 1999 2939
Resistance of hybrid plants to herbivores: genes, environment, or both? Fritz, Robert S. Mar 1, 1999 7316
Wetland flora of the Grand Calumet River in Northwest Indiana: potential impacts of sediment removal and recommendations for restoration. Choi, Young D. Jan 1, 1999 12405
Social behavior and ecosystem processes: river otter latrines and nutrient dynamics of terrestrial vegetation. Ben-David, M.; Bowyer, R.T.; Duffy, L.K.; Roby, D.D.; Schell, D.M. Oct 1, 1998 2778
The effects of fluorides on plants. Davison, Alan; Weinstein, Leonard Jun 22, 1998 1561
Heterogeneity of soil organic matter following death of individual plants in shortgrass steppe. Kelly, Robin H.; Burke, Ingrid C. Jun 1, 1997 2897
Trees and volcanoes cause smog! (More myths from the "Wise Use" movement). Callahan, Tim Jan 1, 1996 5489
Gender specialization across a climatic gradient: experimental comparison of monoecious and dioecious Ecballium. Costich, Denise E. Jun 1, 1995 7904
The influence of initial size on the competitive responses of six plant species. Gerry, Ann K.; Wilson, Scott D. Jan 1, 1995 4786
CO2 increase boosts methane emissions. Manastersky, Richard Brief Article Jul 9, 1994 466

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