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What's the greenest car of all? Tipan, Eric May 7, 2021 1045
Electric minis; Matchbox cars now based on 'green' models. GRAHAM HISCOTT Head of Business Apr 16, 2021 170
250 eco-friendly biogas buses to be on roads under BRT Redline project, says CS. Apr 1, 2021 395
250 eco-friendly biogas buses to be on roads under BRT Redline project, says CS. Apr 1, 2021 392
Car and bike sharing scheme extended in bid to cut emissions. Dec 4, 2020 250
Our friends electric; Nippy, eco-friendly and low on company car tax, there's a lot going for the latest electric and hybrid cars. Nat Barnes plugs into what's new in EVs. Sep 15, 2020 1341
Tax on frequent fliers backed by UK citizens' assembly; Taxes that increase as people fly further and more often should be introduced to help cut carbon, the UK's first citizens' assembly on climate change has recommended. Emily Beament Sep 10, 2020 450
BMW reveals electric-only range and CO2 emissions of X2 xDrive25e plug-in hybrid. May 29, 2020 159
Saudi Aramco hybrid engine to cut car pollutants. Frank Kane Apr 27, 2020 562
Full green ahead; Environmentally friendly cars now come in all shapes and sizes, as Nat Barnes discovers. Feb 25, 2020 1094
Prius sets new benchmarks for fuel economy, emissions and efficiency. MIKE TORPEY Jan 26, 2020 511
Prius sets new benchmarks for fuel economy, emissions and efficiency. MIKE TORPEY Jan 24, 2020 511
Prius sets new benchmarks for fuel economy, emissions and efficiency. MIKE TORPEY Jan 24, 2020 511
EV signs of the changing times; If you're thinking of switching to a more eco-friendly car, here's a guide to the puzzling electric vehicle and hybrid dashboard lights. Jan 10, 2020 570
UK auto industry leading fight against climate change. Nov 22, 2019 321
Car share scheme has gone more eco-friendly. Nov 7, 2019 173
Audi Sport plans to launch range of eco-friendly models. Sep 19, 2019 153
electric vehicles, hybrids, and beyond: challenging the status quo. Roman, Harry T. Sep 1, 2019 1024
We're serious on climate change, insists council; electric vehicles among measures to tackle 'emergency'. Jul 22, 2019 621
90pc of Dubai limousines to go green by 2026. Jun 30, 2019 524
90% of Dubai limousines to go green by 2026. Jun 30, 2019 568
Plan offers 'nothing' on climate change. Jun 19, 2019 178
MISSED THE BUS; Fianna Fail & Greens say climate change plan doesn't go far enough; Taoiseach aiming to reduce emissions by 2% annually for 10yrs. Jun 18, 2019 812
Charging station for electric cars: Project planned to reduce carbon emissions. Sep 3, 2018 497
Go green: Doha Bank's special loan offer for electric car buyers. Aug 15, 2018 256
Part of this amazing lean green supercar is being made in Warwickshire; The BMW i8 Roadster offers sports car performance combined with small car fuel economy and emissions. Aug 5, 2018 795
'Hyundai has ambitious plans for low emissions cars in region'. Mar 10, 2018 485
Oman hotel switches to eco-friendly Nissan fleet. Jan 2, 2018 221
A Study of Factors influencing Consumer's Purchase Intention toward Green Vehicles: Evidence from Malaysia. Yong, Ng Lee; Ariffin, Shaizatulaqma Kamalul; Nee, Goh Yen; Wahid, Nabsiah Abdul Report Oct 15, 2017 7538
Japan keen on producing eco-friendly cars. Aug 24, 2017 384
Pangilinan pushes for e-vehicle use to solve pollution, drivers' woes. Aug 6, 2017 546
Impact of hybrid electric vehicle penetration and its challenges on distribution system. Jayashree, S.; Malarvizhi, K.; Pradeep, R. Report Apr 15, 2017 3541
Renault ZOE crowned Green Apple champion. Nov 20, 2016 447
Joy riding: plug-in hybrid vehicles make sense in terms of flexibility and reducing emissions, but up till now they have not necessarily been fun to drive. Now, however, all that is changing. Boagey, Rachel Product/service evaluation Apr 1, 2016 1728
Plug in, drop out. Motavalli, Jim Interview Jan 1, 2013 1041
ALL-TIME HYBRID; Eco-friendly Prius+ provides plenty space for larger families. Jul 15, 2012 371
UPDATE1: Toyota to expand tie-up with BMW over eco-friendly cars. Jun 25, 2012 310
Exhaust gas heat exchanger reduces [CO.sub.2] emissions. Jun 1, 2012 277
Hybrid cars. Apr 5, 2012 2689
Battery modules for hybrid and EVs to hit US$47 b. in 2020: ABI research. Liang, Quincy Feb 2, 2012 376
Scorecard rates emission reductions of hybrid vehicles. Holzman, David C. Report Sep 1, 2011 1047
Green motoring: smart, sexy, and eco-friendly, fuel-efficient cars now offer something for everyone. Alleyne, Sonia Apr 1, 2011 589
2ND LD: Mitsubishi Motors to launch 8 types of green cars by FY 2015. Jan 24, 2011 430
Tata Hispano CNG Hybrid Offers Improvement In Fuel Economy, Emissions. Nov 28, 2010 328
Pollution levels in Delhi will come down with hybrid buses: Dikshit. Sep 18, 2010 418
Driven green with envy; New generation of hybrid cars come with big tax benefits. Aug 24, 2010 459
Flying hybrid: a diesel-electric hybrid design could halve helicopter fuel consumption emissions as well as cutting noise levels. Hibbert, Lee Jul 7, 2010 694
2010: Start of our make-or-break decade? What green leaders think comes next. Howard, Brian Clark Jan 12, 2010 1271
'Labs on Wheels' rev up ConEdison's so-called 'Green Fleet' of vehicles. Nov 11, 2009 480
Hardware-in-the-loop testing for hybrid vehicles. Dhaliwal, Amanjot; Nagaraj, Shreyas; Jogi, Santhosh Nov 1, 2009 2740
Daily Outlook - August 31. Aug 31, 2009 337
Auto sales picking up on tax breaks for eco-friendly cars. Aug 17, 2009 246
Daily Wrap Up for August 11 - Energy. Brief article Aug 11, 2009 168
Midday Minute - August 11- Energy. Brief article Aug 11, 2009 190
Global snapshot: Habitat looks at how the effort to combat climate change and protect our environment is empowering people and businesses all around the world. Monday, Alex Aug 1, 2009 475
Beyond the Prius: Habitat looks at the new kids on the sustainability block hoping to overtake the Toyota Prius. Davis, Jodie Aug 1, 2009 543
'Electric driveway' to plug hybrid cars into zero-emission house. Aug 1, 2009 325
Aspects of lignocellulosic-fibre reinforced "green" materials. Baltazar-y-Jimenez, Alexis; Sain, Mohini Jun 1, 2009 2327
2010 Honda Insight: A more affordable way to go green. May 25, 2009 842
Hybrid vehicles could reduce cities' CO2 emissions significantly by 2050. Feb 12, 2009 436
Eco-friendly ecoFRED: Frieghtliner introduces hybrid chassis for motorhomes. Siuru, Bill Feb 1, 2009 644
Pint-sized rides & water woes. Column Jan 1, 2009 703
EU puts 2.4m [euro] into development of hybrid fuel vessel. Brief article Sep 3, 2008 174
Growing innovative vehicles. Sep 1, 2008 434
Environment: Rok rolls out hybrid van to cut emissions. Jul 8, 2008 329
New horizons for hybrids. Company overview Jun 1, 2008 4222
As fuel prices erupt these days as inconsistently as Hawaii's Kilauea volcano, consumers and automakers are searching for ways to economize and promote a cleaner environment. Montet, Margaret Nov 1, 2007 1820
Fuel economy: why these numbers really matter: responding to public criticism, the EPA has new math to calculate car and truck mpg. But why won't the changes save much oil? Kliesch, James Aug 1, 2007 2603
Making worldwide impact; Car Monthly Toyota. Jul 27, 2007 427
Actions for building better futures. Wagner, Cynthia G. Brief article Jul 1, 2007 300
The Hybrid Phenomenon: high gas prices and shifting consumer sentiment point to bright prospects for hybrid cars. Carr-Ruffino, Norma; Acheson, John Jul 1, 2007 3731
The real costs of transportation. Fitz, Don Mar 22, 2007 3177
Scunderi touts air-hybrid technology to meet proposed emissions standards. Brief article Feb 27, 2007 99
Valence provides plug-in hybrid electric vehicles to air pollution agency. Feb 6, 2007 113
Honda looks to reduce 'environmental footprint' with hybrids, diesels. Dec 19, 2006 90
Study reveals Americans connect Toyota to environmental friendliness. Sep 22, 2006 126
DEMPSEY'S HYBRID CAR GETS THE BOOT; But Minister slams claim it is bec ause his golf clubs won't fit From eco-friendly Lexus GS 450h to a petrol Mercedes E240. Aug 20, 2006 438
Alternative fuels and advanced technology vehicles: issues in Congress. Yacobucci, Brent D. May 1, 2006 5856
Alternative fuels and advanced technology vehicles: issues in Congress. Yacobucci, Brent D. Jan 1, 2006 5556
New PA Pilot Project to Increase Number of Hybrids in Fleet. Brief Article Aug 26, 2005 227
Ontario Police Force Purchases Hybrid Pickup. Brief Article Jul 21, 2005 96
Diesels versus hybrids: comparing the environmental costs. Kester, Corinna Jul 1, 2005 1848
How does 100 mpg sound? Brief Article Jul 1, 2005 167
Zen driving in a hybrid car. Heffern, Rich Jun 17, 2005 1644
Rebuilding toward the future: California city purchases rebuilt buses incorporating hybrid drive system. Siuru, Bill Jun 1, 2005 771
Purolator to Unveil First Hybrid Order for City of Toronto. Brief Article May 26, 2005 136
University Survey Determines Annual Hybrid Vehicle Fuel Savings. Brief Article May 6, 2005 128
CLEAR ACT Offers Incentives for Electric, Hybrid Vehicles. Brief Article May 4, 2005 253
Eugene, OR Receives New Hybrid Electric Vehicle Order. Brief Article Apr 28, 2005 109
Yosemite to Receive New Hybrid Electric Diesel Buses. Brief Article Apr 20, 2005 143
Union Pacific to Base First Hybrid Locomotive in CA. Brief Article Apr 12, 2005 135
Honda Provides Civic Hybrid for Olympic City 'Message Trek'. Brief Article Apr 7, 2005 174
'Green' Vehicle Caravan to Drive Through Missouri. Brief Article Mar 28, 2005 195
South Korea Introduces New Hybrid Vehicle Incentives. Brief Article Mar 16, 2005 110
South Korea Launches HEV Incentives to Help Reduce Pollution. Brief Article Mar 16, 2005 111
Orion Completes First Production Hybrid Bus Order. Brief Article Mar 7, 2005 158
British Columbia Adds Hybrid Vehicles to Government Fleet. Brief Article Mar 7, 2005 132
ACEEE Releases New Guide to 'Mean,' 'Green' Vehicles. Brief Article Feb 17, 2005 268
ACEEE Names NG-powered Civic GX 'Greenest' Car of the Year. Brief Article Feb 17, 2005 157
TN Town Purchases Escape Hybrid to Help Reduce Air Pollution. Brief Article Feb 9, 2005 117
A path to oil independence. Brown, Lester R. Jan 1, 2005 968
Potholes on the road to global warming. Brief Article Jan 1, 2005 234
Clean ride. Chiang, Mona Dec 6, 2004 208
New Hybrid Transit Bus System Launched in Honolulu. Brief Article Nov 23, 2004 118
Japanese Entrepreneur Offers New 'Eco-Taxi' Service. Brief Article Oct 7, 2004 141
Hydrogen hot air: polluting with cleaner cars. Moore, Adrian Brief Article Oct 1, 2004 243
SUV, you're fired! You are what you drive. Ball, Jim Sep 1, 2004 644
Colorado County Looks to Purchase HEVs. Brief Article Aug 12, 2004 102
Emission statement. Taylor-Mills, Julie Jun 1, 2004 872
Local Canadian Mayor to Operate Toyota Prius. Brief Article Apr 5, 2004 119
FedEx Express Launches Hybrid Electric Delivery Trucks. Apr 2, 2004 157
Maine Council of Churches Urges Investment in HEVs. Brief Article Mar 24, 2004 122
Local CA City Purchases Toyota Prius HEVs. Brief Article Mar 11, 2004 87
AEI Selects Prius as 2004's 'Best Engineered Vehicle'. Brief Article Mar 10, 2004 101
Volvo Introduces Hybrid Electric Concept Car for Women. Brief Article Mar 4, 2004 95
SK International Completes 10-year Test of Hybrid System. Brief Article Mar 4, 2004 116
Stop driving yourself to extinction. Priesnitz, Rolf Mar 1, 2004 1285
Several Oscar Attendees to Arrive in HEVs. Brief Article Feb 26, 2004 103
Canadian MP Proposes Green Vehicle Tax Incentive. Brief Article Feb 24, 2004 158
ACEEE Green Book Recognizes Honda, Toyota HEVs. Brief Article Feb 11, 2004 146
Demonstrators Stage Hybrid 'Parade' at CA Ford Dealer. Brief Article Feb 11, 2004 157
ILSR Says HEV Alterations Could Help Support 'Ethanol Highway'. Brief Article Jan 26, 2004 218
Report Examines Environmental Impact of Diesel Vehicles. Brief Article Jan 13, 2004 224
GM Official Questions Value of Small HEVs. Brief Article Jan 13, 2004 190
Regional Australian Government Operates HEVs. Brief Article Jan 7, 2004 99
GEM, Tuttle-Click Dodge Seek to Create Electric Vehicle 'Village'. Brief Article Nov 10, 2003 200
Better than speed: poet gains an Insight in his quest for a "greener" car. Nixon, Will Oct 1, 2003 2033
Righteous road trip: A gal in a hybrid and a guy in an SUV test-drive their clean, green vision. (The Sierra Club Bulletin News For Members). Hattam, Jennifer May 1, 2002 705
Environmental initiatives among Japanese automakers: new technology, EMS, recycling and lifecycle approaches. Parker, Paul Statistical Data Included Dec 1, 2001 9818
NWF Uses Hybrid Car To Promote Conservation. Brief Article Aug 1, 2001 144

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