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UK weather forecast: Temperatures to plunge to -10C as Britain hit by 'early winter'; A 1,000 mile-wide 'Norwegian barrage' could hit Britain, making the mercury drop dramatically. According to The Weather Outlook, Scotland could experience -10C next month. By, Chiara Fiorillo Oct 11, 2020 489
UK weather forecast: Warmer Atlantic air boosts temperatures to 19C after record chill; Temperatures plummeted to well below zero over the weekend in parts of the UK but warmer Atlantic air is set to push the mercury up as high as 19C in parts on Monday. By, Ryan Merrifield Sep 28, 2020 551
Bank holiday weather forecast: Heavy rain as Monday could be the coldest on record; A year ago the mercury tipped 33C for the late August Bank Holiday Monday but some places will struggle to reach half of that temperature, the Met Office have warned. By, Sam Elliott Aug 28, 2020 593
UK weather forecast: Brits set for weekend washout as thunderstorms sweep across country; Thursday was the first time temperatures failed to reach 30C in a week and the mercury is set to dip even further, while thunderstorm warnings remain until at least Monday. By, Emma Bowden & Ryan Merrifield Aug 14, 2020 634
UK weather forecast: Britain set to bask in 35C -but thunderstorms will strike tomorrow; The mercury is expected to reach 35C today -with Kent, Sussex and parts of London being the most likely to see the highest temperatures. Friday saw the hottest August day in 17 years. By, Chiara Fiorillo Aug 9, 2020 722
UK weather forecast: Scorching 30C heatwave coming by the end of the week; According to the Met Office the mercury will race past 30C on Friday, providing a welcome, sunny break from what has been a largely overcast and luke-warm July so far. By, Milo Boyd Jul 28, 2020 368
UK weather forecast: Scorching end to week as mercury hits 26C -but it won't last; Forecasters say a very warm Friday will cap three days of sunny weather before torrential downpours usher in a miserable Saturday as temperatures also fall away. By, Rachel Endley Jul 23, 2020 519
Hot, humid weather forecast for UAE, mercury nears 50A-C. Web Report Jul 6, 2020 272
Stay hydrated: Hot, humid weather forecast for UAE, mercury could hit 46A-C. Web Report Jun 21, 2020 362
UK weather forecast: Britain 'hotter than Tenerife' as mercury sky-rockets to 32C; A late June heatwave is set to bake the country from Tuesday this week and the temperatures could surge as high as 32C in the south of England which will be hotter than the Canary Islands. By, Jeremy Culley Jun 21, 2020 441
UK weather forecast: Heatwave to bring blazing sunshine and highs of 27C next week; Forecasters say the mercury could hit 27C next week, as Brits enjoy the first weekend of lockdown in which sunbathing, picnics and unlimited exercise are allowed. By, Anna MacSwan May 17, 2020 629
UK weather forecast: Brits to bake in hottest day of year so far as mercury hits 27C; With lockdown easing, people will at least be able to sunbathe in the mini-heatwave -provided they stick to social distancing measures. By, Matthew Young May 17, 2020 531
UK weather forecast: Brits to bask in heatwave with next week to bring 25C scorcher; After a chilly week, a heatwave is on the way with the mercury forecast to hit highs of 20C today and 25C next Wednesday -although northern areas will see some rain. By, Anna MacSwan May 16, 2020 497
UK weather forecast: Mercury nosedives as washout ends yet another warm lockdown weekend; Temperatures are set to dip noticeably back to single figures in the early part of this week, with frequent rain spells, after a fifth warm lockdown weekend in a row. By, Emma Bowden Apr 27, 2020 475
UK weather forecast: Freezing fog hits after -10.3C coldest night in 10 months; The Met Office has warned of sub-zero temperatures after the mercury fell to -10.3C on Saturday. Widespread freezing fog could reduce visibility 'substantially' over the next couple of days. By, Matthew Dresch Dec 2, 2019 483
Rain forecast for UAE this weekend, mercury to dip. Web Report Oct 31, 2019 238
UK weather forecast: Mercury to drop to -3C for Halloween before washout weekend; Heavy rain is expected to return this weekend, bringing an end to the brief bright spell and raising the prospect of further flooding. By, Matthew Dresch Oct 30, 2019 647
Humid weather forecast for UAE, mercury to hit 41A-C. Web Report Sep 29, 2019 204
Rain forecast for UAE, mercury to dip. Web Report Sep 26, 2019 134
Humid weather forecast for UAE, mercury to dip gradually. Web Report Sep 25, 2019 340
Humid weather forecast for UAE, mercury to hit 45A-C. Sep 16, 2019 299
Weekend weather: Humid forecast for UAE, mercury to dip gradually. Sep 5, 2019 271
Humid weather forecast for UAE, mercury to hit 48A-C. Sep 3, 2019 284
Humid weather forecast for UAE, mercury to hit 45A-C. Aug 7, 2019 207
UK weather forecast: Hottest July day ever with 38C heat as thunderstorms strike; Thunderstorms will lash parts of the UK today and tomorrow as the mercury shoots up to 38C, according to the Met Office. Jul 24, 2019 562
UK weather forecast: Britain to bake in sunshine as mercury hits 24 degrees; Warm and sunny weather is expected across the country today, with temperatures rising to 24C - but there could be showers and thunderstorms for some. Jul 12, 2019 545
UK weather forecast: Brits braces for rain this weekend after heatwave; The mercury is expected to drop with showers of spell move northerly after it peaked at 28C on Friday. Jul 6, 2019 458
Hot, humid weather forecast for UAE, mercury to hit 47A-C. Jun 26, 2019 182
UK weather forecast: Glastonbury fans to bask in 25C ahead of weekend heatwave; Britain will see highs of 25C today before the mercury hits 30C on Saturday. Jun 26, 2019 468
UK weather forecast: Brits to soak in heavy rains as mercury set to hit 29C; Temperatures of 28C or 29C are expected in East Anglia today, but that could also bring a risk of thunder. Jun 2, 2019 441
Liverpool weather forecast: Bank Holiday could bring polar plunge and freezing conditions; The mercury is expected to drop to as low as minus 5C (23F) in some parts. May 3, 2019 513
UK weather forecast: Icy blast will see widespread frost and freezing showers; The Met Office forecast that the mercury will struggle to reach double digits across the UK today. Apr 14, 2019 419
Dusty weather forecast for UAE, mercury to hit 40C. Mar 31, 2019 117
Weather alert: Five-day rain forecast for UAE, mercury to rise. Feb 28, 2019 296
UK weather forecast: Met Office warns of coldest night as big freeze to continue; The mercury could drop as low as -16C on Saturday as the cold snap causing chaos across the country goes on. Feb 2, 2019 716
Long-term Welsh weather forecast as climate change starts to bite. Dec 6, 2018 695
UK weather forecast: Snow, sleet and showers as mini Beast from the East hits; The unseasonably warm November weather will give way to much colder temperatures as the mercury drops as low as 5C. Nov 19, 2018 697
UK weather forecast: Brits braced for icy blast as temperatures plunge next week; After highs of 18C yesterday, the Met Office is predicting a mild weekend before the mercury drops next week. Nov 16, 2018 562
UK weather forecast: Half-term highs of 18C to be replaced by Arctic blast as first snow hits by weekend; The mercury is set to fall to 8C in the North and 10C in the South with snow, galeforce winds and wintry showers forecast for Friday. Oct 22, 2018 466
UK weather forecast: Britain set for hottest October day for 7 years as temperatures climb to sizzling 25C; The mercury will rise to 11C above average on Wednesday and Thursday bringing temperatures hotter than Portugal. Oct 8, 2018 745
UK weather forecast: Temperatures plunge to two-month lows as heatwave makes way for torrential rain, gales and storms; The mercury dropped to two-month low in parts of the country, down 10C from the start of the week, as heavy downpours and winds of up to 70mph are forecast. Aug 10, 2018 1625
Hour-by-hour forecast as temperatures rise to 25 degrees as sunny weather returns; Today will feel much hotter than yesterday and is the start of the hot weather returning this week as the mercury rises. Jul 22, 2018 504
Hot, humid weather forecast for UAE; mercury to hit 47C. Jul 9, 2018 223
The 10-day weather forecast for Coventry; The mercury is expected to hit the mid 20s. Jun 6, 2018 555
Hot, humid weather forecast for UAE; mercury to hit 48C. Jun 4, 2018 155
Warmer weather to return next week with temperatures forecast to soar; The mercury is set to spike on Tuesday and Wednesday. May 12, 2018 290
Hazy, dusty weather forecast for UAE; mercury to hit 44C. May 5, 2018 123
SOLAR RENEWABLE ENERGY: The Important and Challenging Role for Meteorology. Weatherhead, Elizabeth C.; Clack, Christopher T.M. Jan 1, 2017 2424
A pattern aloft for subseasonal predictability. Feb 1, 2014 327
Whooping Crane Case Poised to Have Impact on State's Water Supplies. Aug 8, 2013 1198
Batten down the hatches. Brief article Aug 1, 2013 141
New model predicts more snow in poles, less elsewhere due to global warming. Feb 24, 2013 413
More rain, snowfall forecast as mercury falls. Feb 5, 2012 117
THE FORECAST: HEATWAVES, DROUGHT AND FLOODING; Global warming threat. Nov 19, 2011 215
THE FORECAST: HEATWAVES, DROUGHT AND FLOODING; Global warming threat. Nov 19, 2011 208
Isolated rain forecasted: Mercury to dip further in federal capital. Nov 11, 2011 277
Fall in mercury, light rain, strong winds predicted. Nov 9, 2011 412
Climate change making weather forecast tough. Jan 6, 2011 263
Model predicts too-wet winter refuges. Milius, S. Nov 15, 2003 499
Long-term weather forecasting. Land, Thomas Jul 1, 1996 1330
'Tis the season for an El Nino warming. Monastersky, Richard Dec 14, 1991 642

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