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Costa Rica : Chancellor deals with migration; transportation and decarbonization, housing and human development and climate change at the IDB. Apr 25, 2019 327
Developer claims 220 new homes will 'act as buffer' to M25 pollution; Muse Developments claims new homes will act as a barrier to pollution from the M25. Mar 5, 2019 532
The Choice Of The Project Organization For The Design And Survey Work On The Object 40 Apartment Residential Building On Legendarnaya Ag. Buinichi With The Passage Of State, Environmental Assessments And Registration Of The Declaration Of Conformity. Feb 19, 2019 153
California Lawmaker to Introduce Bill to Free up Funding for Retrofits. Jergler, Don Brief article Jan 22, 2019 254
$8.6B Worth of Homes at High or Extreme Risk from California Fires. Jergler, Don Nov 16, 2018 456
Experts: Cost of Hail Damage Will Continue to Rise. Elliott, Dan Conference news Aug 16, 2018 723
Mushroom growth of housing societies, chopping tree degrading environment: Peer Sabir Shah. Mar 22, 2018 405
Reco2st: Residential retrofit assessment platform and demonstrations for near zero energy and co2 emissions with optimum cost, Health, Comfort and environmental quality. Mar 3, 2018 456
Foundation for Colombia's Green Buildings laid. Jan 26, 2018 109
Analysis and Performance of a Residential Indoor Vertical Plant Production Unit. Maisonneuve, Jonathan; Zhu, Lianqing; Pourmovahed, Pouyan; Dong, Mingli Report Jan 1, 2018 2718
Water and fire. Serumaga, Kalundi Aug 1, 2017 867
Long-Term Thermal Performance of Polyurethane Insulation within Cold Storage Panel Systems Used in U.S. Retail Grocery Environments. Costanza, James M. Report Jun 22, 2017 3715
Do inflatable bounce houses pose heat-related hazards to children? Grundstein, Andrew; Shepherd, J. Marshall; Duzinski, Sarah Report May 1, 2017 2751
EPA Aiming to speed up clean up in Colorado's Eiler heights neighborhood. Jan 17, 2017 470
Duterte: Time to build stronger houses due to climate change. Dec 27, 2016 142
Hong Kong : Waste Reduction begins with Waste Audit: HA partners with green groups to launch "Green Delight in Estates" Phase 10 community environmental education programme. Oct 8, 2016 328
Richer homes host more kinds of bugs: over 100 species of arthropods live inside average house. Milius, Susan Sep 3, 2016 364
Boost your home's value with solar. Stonebrook, Shelley Aug 1, 2016 331
Eco-friendly houses will save money and, maybe, the planet; SUSTAINABLETECHNOLOGY A couple who set up a successful renewable energy business have now branched out into building green homes, Chris Kelsey writes. Jun 15, 2016 1174
Eco-friendly houses will save money and, maybe, the planet; SUSTAINABLETECHNOLOGY A couple who set up a successful renewable energy business have now branched out into building green homes, Chris Kelsey writes. May 15, 2016 1174
Hack your home: use these tips to get the most out of yourself and your space. Malanowski, Jamie Apr 1, 2016 419
Climate change revives 'natural building' of houses. Feb 3, 2016 909
Two Net Zero Passive Houses Are State-of-the-Art on 2015 Green Home Tour. Apr 29, 2015 788
A black day for the green belt as 30,000 new homes get the go ahead. Nov 18, 2014 781
Effect of residential ground source heat pump system design on C[O.sub.2] emissions in Sweden. Spitler, Jeffrey D.; Wong, Mei Yung; Gehlin, Signhild E.A. Report Jul 1, 2014 3909
Do coastal building codes make stronger houses? Houses built under FEMA guidelines suffer more damage than pre-guidelines houses. Dehring, Carolyn A.; Halek, Martin Jun 22, 2014 3724
Green wedge houses refused. May 8, 2014 395
When the well runs dry. Newell, T.Y. May 1, 2014 692
NIC10-00082509 - Sustainable Housing Project Adapted to Climate Change. Apr 14, 2014 219
Tiny houses, tiny neighborhoods. Priesnitz, Wendy Column Mar 1, 2014 3052
Psychrometric chart for Ecatepec, state of Mexico, as a tool for housing sustainable design. Guzman, Liliana Romero; Moreno, Silverio Hernandez; Martinez, Jesus Enrique de Hoyos Report Mar 1, 2014 4049
Experimental study on the flexural performance of parallel strand bamboo beams. Zhou, Aiping; Bian, Yuling Report Jan 1, 2014 3146
Analysis, design, and construction of a base-isolated multiple building structure. Sorace, Stefano; Terenzi, Gloria Report Jan 1, 2014 6866
Applicability of the environmental relative moldiness index for quantification of residential mold contamination in an air pollution health effects study. Kamal, Ali; Burke, Janet; Vesper, Stephen; Batterman, Stuart; Vette, Alan; Godwin, Christopher; Chav Report Jan 1, 2014 4690
United States : EPA Completes Work at Newark, New Jersey Housing Project to Protect the Community from High Levels of Lead in Soil; 650 Tons of Lead-contaminated Soil Removed in $1.4 Million Cleanup t. Dec 24, 2013 478
Muscat Youth Summit tackles eco-friendly housing concept. Dec 23, 2013 623
A vanishing way of life. Dorsey, James Dec 1, 2013 1138
Dear EarthTalk: I'm planning a major home renovation and want to include as many green-friendly features as possible. Aug 4, 2013 500
Green groups' concern over zero-carbon home ambitions; SARGEANT 'CAPITULATED' TO HOUSING LOBBY, SAYS OFFICIAL. Aug 2, 2013 632
Housing Ministry receives complaints about Albuhair Housing Project waste. Jul 31, 2013 215
Home Builder in Alberta Echo Ridge is Now Offering Eco-Friendly Homes Built from the Ground Up. Jun 23, 2013 360
No more houses until an environmental assessment; NEWS IN BRIEF. Jun 7, 2013 217
Housing minister: Egypt's Petrified Forest Reserve to become tourist and environmental site. May 12, 2013 373
Polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons in residential dust: sources of variability. Whitehead, Todd P.; Metayer, Catherine; Petreas, Myrto; Does, Monique; Buffle, Patricia A.; Rappapor Report May 1, 2013 12517
Active houses. Priesnitz, Rolf May 1, 2013 620
Houses for Emirati families to be environmentally-friendly. Mar 5, 2013 535
Houses for Emirati families to be environmentally-friendly. Mar 5, 2013 533
Reducing your home's environmental impact. Priesnitz, Rolf Mar 1, 2013 680
City launches Sandy mold program. Brief article Feb 20, 2013 274
Dear EarthTalk: I understand that there are many kinds of automatic features that can be incorporated into a home--even some that can be operated remotely--that can save energy and provide other environmental benefits. Can you enlighten? Feb 3, 2013 618
Effects of Climate Change on Birds Worsened by Housing Development. Dec 22, 2012 483
We could build - and refurbish - our way out of the recession; Emma Thomas, director of the Wales Low Zero Carbon Hub explains that making Welsh homes energy efficient can build Wales out of recession and be good for the environment. Dec 19, 2012 589
Environment Notices to thousands. Brief article Aug 15, 2012 145
More eco-friendly homes to be built. Jul 21, 2012 369
Eco-friendly houses need of the hour. May 8, 2012 605
Welsh housing associations delivering more than bricks and mortar; Housing associations and mutuals deliver social, environmental and economic benefits for communities, writes Nick Bennett. Apr 4, 2012 945
The home of the future. Mar 22, 2012 1794
The role of public health inspectors in maintaining housing in northern and rural communities: recommendations to support public health practice. Lefebvre, Stephanie; Montgomery, Phyllis; Michel, Isabelle; Warren, Claire; Larose, Tricia; Kauppi, Report Mar 1, 2012 4231
Get more mileage from your home: new strategy makes it easier to increase your energy efficiency and reduce your utility bill. Kimmett, Colleen Mar 1, 2012 1378
Post shines light on solar power. Brief article Mar 1, 2012 116
Earthships: the power of unconventional ideas: more than 30 years ago, Michael Reynolds followed his vision of sustainable, energy-efficient homes that would work with nature. Today, his Earthships inspire green designers and architects. Welch, Bryan Feb 1, 2012 1138
Occupancy based heating/cooling for low energy affordable housing in hot-humid climates. Andolsun, Simge; Culp, Charles Report Jan 1, 2012 4399
Measured residential hot water end use. Schoenbauer, Ben; Bohac, Dave; Hewett, Martha Report Jan 1, 2012 7697
Water and energy wasted during residential shower events: findings from a pilot field study of hot-water distribution systems. Lutz, James D. Report Jan 1, 2012 3313
Blueprint for advancing high-performance homes: even in today's harsh housing environment, high - performance homes make sense--for residents, the nation, and the environment. Here is a plan for promoting them. Turner, James H. Jr.; Vaughan, Ellen Larson Jan 1, 2012 4959
Sand pines & springs: in addition to housing some of the southeast's most rare and valued ecosystem, Ocala National Forest offers birdwatching, canoeing, hiking and more. Button, Kimberly Jan 1, 2012 2111
Housing scheme's charcoal manufacturing plant causing pollution, destroying scenic beauty. Oct 17, 2011 118
Making their place greener; Social housing tenants get together to transform community. Sep 6, 2011 435
Sustainability of housing and urban development in Latin America. Essay Sep 1, 2011 1266
Green energy plans for social housing. Aug 16, 2011 289
Your sustainable home: financing your green renovation. Priesnitz, Rolf Jul 1, 2011 843
Our home is your open house: we are opening our doors for Melbourne Open House and we'd love you to drop in. Brief article Jul 1, 2011 289
Concentrations of pesticides in carpet dust. Brief article Jul 1, 2011 141
Home energy-efficiency retrofits. Stephens, Brent; Carter, Ellison M.; Gall, Elliott T.; Earnest, C. Matt; Walsh, Elizabeth A.; Hun, D Jul 1, 2011 1092
Water shortage in Karachi No new housing: KWSB. May 31, 2011 403
Impact of an urban Healthy Homes intervention. Polivka, Barbara J.; Chaudry, Rosemary V.; Crawford, John; Bouton, Phillip; Sweet, Laura May 1, 2011 4219
Green: home improvement guide: use this blueprint to save money with eco-friendly renovations. Holmes, Tamara E. Apr 1, 2011 1342
Muir Group Housing Association installs eco-friendly computers. Feb 23, 2011 130
Green Belt 'must be built on' to ease housing crisis; environment Sefton ponders building homes on Green Belt. Feb 3, 2011 675
Environment Ministry to submit Lavasa housing project report. Jan 18, 2011 260
The zero-waste home: the Northern California home in which Bea Johnson lives with her husband, two kids, and dog has all the trappings of a normal life--a garden, a TV, computers. What it doesn't have is garbage. That's because this family throws nothing away. Chamberlain, Jess Jan 1, 2011 1728
Zero-energy removal of ozone in residences. Gall, Elliott; Siegel, Jeffrey A.; Corsi, Richard Report Jan 1, 2011 4574
New guidelines for user-friendly buildings: MOPD. Brief article Nov 10, 2010 169
Operating your house. Priesnitz, Rolf Brief article Nov 1, 2010 291
Green housing gets green light; EC0-FRIENDLY BUNGALOWS IN pounds 2M PLAN. Aug 27, 2010 449
Best home energy improvements: find out which energy upgrades offer the most value for your home--especially when you're working with a tight budget. Pahl, Greg Aug 1, 2010 2624
What we learned: going back to the land: with planning, inspiration and hard work, we achieved our dream of creating our retirement homestead in the Sangre de Cristo Mountains of Colorado. McElmurray, Bruce Essay Aug 1, 2010 1527
151 Porchdog House. Brief article Aug 1, 2010 248
Minister's joy at new green, green class of homes; As one of Wales' greenest housing developments is officially opened, Peter Collins takes a nose around. Jul 10, 2010 550
8 Ways to create a healthier, greener home. Jul 1, 2010 1188
Housing company's green coup. Jun 4, 2010 210
The R-2000 program. Priesnitz, Rolf May 1, 2010 696
The big three questions. Porter, Howard Brief article Mar 10, 2010 209
Number of energy star homes built in the United States passes 1 million. Brief article Mar 1, 2010 149
7 easy steps to winterize your house: get ready to weather the cold, and save energy and money. Howard, Brian Clark Oct 5, 2009 821
Green your renovation refuse. Story, Thomas J. Oct 1, 2009 313
Simple remodeling for tomorrow's needs: cost-effective green solutions for your home. Purpora, Megan Jul 1, 2009 1301
Keeping it green in the kitchen: mobile eco-friendly countertop refinisher sets up shop. Ross, Ian May 1, 2009 469
A green blueprint for the future? May 1, 2009 416
UK homes set for green refit. Brief article Apr 1, 2009 214
An approach to multi-attribute assessment of indoor environment before and after refurbishment of dwellings/Daugiatikslio gyvenamuju namu vidines aplinkos vertinimo pries ir po renovacijos budas. Zavadskas, Edmundas Kazimieras; Kaklauskas, Arturas; Turskis, Zenonas; Kalibatas, Darius Report Mar 1, 2009 5235
Tenure reform or bailouts? Robinson, Dave Feb 1, 2009 732
Affordable sustainability: beauty and economy combine with sustainability in this passive solar home that is designed to fit gracefully into an existing urban neighborhood. Priesnitz, Rolf Jan 1, 2009 416
Hybrid petri nets for intelligent house and its environment control. Chomat, Ludek; Pivonka, Petr; Malounek, Petr Report Jan 1, 2009 1144
Beton Costruzioni SpA introduces eco-friendly 'Venice Villa' to UAE market at Big 5 PMV. Nov 26, 2008 427
The zero emission house is here. Oct 1, 2008 374
Healthy Housing Inspection Manual now available. Oct 1, 2008 925
Finding the perfect niche: specialized housing preserving cultures, lifestyles. Hrehocik, Maureen Editorial Sep 1, 2008 2455
Women and sustainable housing: the feminine side of the Bau-biologie movement. Robertson, Kat Sep 1, 2008 2395
Into the woods: a couple with a passion for nature builds the ultimate site-specific dwelling. Arieff, Allison Brief article Aug 1, 2008 145
Berkeley's solar boost. Bender, Kristin May 1, 2008 496
Energy-efficient asset management for professional landlords/profesionaliems nuomotojams: turto valdymas efektyviai vartojant energija. Smid, Jan-Willem; Nieboer, Nico Report Mar 1, 2008 7974
Cherry blossom: this hermetic urban house is wrapped in a decorated and perforated skin. Brief article Mar 1, 2008 301
CONNECTIONS: The High Carbon Cost of Divorce. Pawlik-Kienlen, Laurie Brief article Mar 1, 2008 157
Cubist casbah: social housing on the edge of Madrid is transformed into a modern eco casbah. Webb, Michael Feb 1, 2008 592
Home education: as the focus of Jon Broome's recent self-build book, his own home has much to teach. Gregory, Rob Feb 1, 2008 424
New Peterborough neighborhood takes environment seriously. Stone, Tracie Jul 27, 2007 946
Greening on a shoestring: the Ecology Action Centre's new green home is now a retrofit demonstration. Flinn, Sue Carter Jul 1, 2007 1276
Andover Cos. recently began requiring shoreline customers to install hurricane shutters on windows or the homeowners would face policy cancellation. Brief article Oct 1, 2006 84
Brownfield squeeze. Lock, David Oct 1, 2006 818
Making energy upgrades affordable. Phelps, Megan Oct 1, 2006 534
New neighborhood addresses a triple bottom line: a new development underway in Victoria, British Columbia, is raising the bar for collaborative, innovative and sustainable planning that addresses ecological, social and economic issues. Sep 1, 2006 1216
Get cash back for home energy improvements. Scheckel, Paul Aug 1, 2006 602
Anatomy of a campaign: building green. Noble, Kate Apr 1, 2006 1470
A house made from paper: were the three little pigs right after all? Burmeier, Beverly Jan 1, 2006 788
Home green home: energy efficiency accentuates Harlem developer's housing designs. Hocker, Cliff Jan 1, 2006 505
Living green now: lessons in earth-friendly design from our Green-Built Idea House. Bertelsen, Ann; Whiteley, Peter O. Dec 1, 2005 684
Hypo RE closes $77.8 million 'green' building loan. Brief article Dec 1, 2005 213
Numbers in the news. Nov 28, 2005 116
People- and planet-friendly housing for cold climates. Priesnitz, Rolf Sep 1, 2005 1737
Clearing the air: how to breathe easier at home. Knopper, Melissa Jul 1, 2005 1336
Sustainable housing rebates: as governments around Australia realise the need for sustainable development, new laws and rebates have been introduced to encourage households to take up environmentally friendly products and technologies. Jun 1, 2005 641
Sustainability key to homes acceptance. Brief article Jun 1, 2005 158
Building greener, building smarter: the winds of change are blowing through the building community, fueled by consumer demand and discerning practitioners. Kollin, Cheryl Mar 22, 2005 2329
Ask natural life: answers to your questions about healthy, sustainable living. Mar 1, 2005 1078
National organizations launch green housing initiative. Oct 20, 2004 446
Question of balance; New Jersey builders say major state land-use and water-quality legislation lack adequate provisions for future growth. Zurier, S. Brief Article Jul 1, 2004 285
Inhaling your food--and its cooking fuel. Brief Article Apr 10, 2004 262
Decency and forethought: it is foolish to behave as if we as a race can go on treating the planet as we have been doing since the Industrial revolution. Architects and their colleagues owe professional duty to humanity and the planet. Nov 1, 2003 1298
House made from recycled materials. Brief Article Nov 1, 2003 140
Health benefits from insulating homes. Brief Article Nov 1, 2003 194
Pataki unveils world's first 'green' highrise downtown. Nelson, Barbara Sep 17, 2003 443
The solar patriot. . Griscom, Amanda Cover Story Aug 1, 2003 1809
"It's raining, I'm storing!" How a master plumber harvests rain for his drinking water. . Foley, Robert Aug 1, 2003 976
Excessive force slammed! Shattered homes left in the wake of a Maryland super tornado point out both the strengths and shortcomings of modern building codes. Power, Matthew; Spicer, Laurac Aug 1, 2002 1337
The nature of escape: a vacation home that's self-sufficient. (Energy-Wise). Whiteley, Peter O. Brief Article Apr 1, 2002 475
HUD Announces Funds for New Lead Safety Regulation. Shrum, Scott Brief Article Jan 22, 2001 330
This Perfect HOUSE. Chalofsky, Barry Jan 1, 2001 2750
THE RIGHT STUFF. Martin, Sam Jun 1, 2000 4032
WARMING TREND. RIBAUX, SIDNEY Brief Article Mar 22, 2000 859
Indoor air quandary. Binsacca, Rich Sep 1, 1999 2657
Calgary house goes beyond sustainability. Checora, Garry Oct 1, 1996 1061
Green dreams: building an eco-home is an exercise in balancing ideals with realities. Allinger, Nancy Sep 1, 1996 802
Home sweet home: building an eco house requires holistic thinking. Cuming, Juliet Jan 1, 1996 828
Measuring the impact of the discovery and cleaning of identified hazardous waste sites on house values. Kiel, Katherine A. Nov 1, 1995 3969
Spring cleaning. Baxter, Tracy Mar 1, 1995 3359
Warm homes for cold climates. Ajango, Deb Jun 1, 1994 1749
A new era in home-owner hydro. Udall, James R. Apr 1, 1994 4409
Radon gas and smoking: the dangerous duo. Feb 1, 1989 358
Air cleaners: the inside story; if your house has a certain air about it, here's what you can do. Hayes, Jack Jan 1, 1987 932

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