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Environmental Products Inc.

Environmental Products Inc. of Vancouver weighed in on an American war of words in the biodegradable plastics industry in February. The company manufactures additives to make finished plastic products oxo-biodegradable. Defenders of the bioplastics industry, namely the Bioplastics Council of the Washington-based Society for the Plastics Industry, assert in a recently-released position paper that the claims of proponents of oxo-biodegradable technology are "scientifically unsubstantiated." To which Environmental Products Inc. responded in a letter-to-the-editor of an American publication "the Bioplastics Council and its European counterpart are inherently biased against competing technologies and they have once again sought to discredit oxo-biodegradable plastics technology through their ongoing campaign of misinformation and rumor mongering." The squabble hinges on the fact that the additives cause plastics to fragment into small pieces rather than biodegrade. Part of Environmental Products Inc.'s counter-argument is that compostability and biodegradability aren't the same thing. Other organizations have raised concerns that the additives used to make plastics oxo-biodegradable could interfere with the recycling process.
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Title Annotation:INDUSTRIAL Briefs
Publication:Canadian Chemical News
Date:Mar 1, 2010
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