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Articles from Environmental Health Perspectives (September 1, 2017)

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Adipogenic Effects and Gene Expression Profiling of Firemaster[R] 550 Components in Human Primary Preadipocytes. Tung, Emily W.Y.; Peshdary, Vian; Gagne, Remi; Rowan-Carroll, Andrea; Yauk, Carole L.; Boudreau, Ade Report 10974
Application of Adverse Outcome Pathways to U.S. EPA's Endocrine Disruptor Screening Program. Browne, Patience; Noyes, Pamela D.; Casey, Warren M.; Dix, David J. Report 10548
Association between Exposure to p,p'-DDT and Its Metabolite p,p'-DDE with Obesity: Integrated Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis. Cano-Sancho, German; Salmon, Andrew G.; La Merrill, Michele A. Report 15622
Changes in Transportation-Related Air Pollution Exposures by Race-Ethnicity and Socioeconomic Status: Outdoor Nitrogen Dioxide in the United States in 2000 and 2010. Clark, Lara P.; Mille, Dylan B.; Marshall, Julian D. Report 9766
Children's Lead Exposure: A Multimedia Modeling Analysis to Guide Public Health Decision-Making. Zartariati, Valerie; Xue, Jianping; Tornero-Velez, Rogelio; Brown, James Report 8008
Combined prenatal pesticide exposure and folic acid intake in relation to autism spectrum disorder. Schmidt, Rebecca J.; Kogan, Vladimir; Shelton, Janie F.; Delwiche, Lora; Hansen, Robin L.; Ozonoff, Report 14152
Conducting Science in Disasters: Recommendations from the NIEHS Working Group for Special IRB Considerations in the Review of Disaster Related Research. Packenham, Joan P.; Rosselli, Richard T.; Ramsey, Steve K.; Taylor, Holly A.; Fothergill, Alice; Slu Report 5265
Early-Life Phthalate Exposure and Adiposity at 8 Years of Age. Shoaff, Jessica; Papandonatos, George D.; Calafat, Antonia M.; Ye, Xiaoyun; Chen, Aimin; Lanphear, B Report 8487
Effects of Orally Ingested Arsenic on Respiratory Epithelial Permeability to Bacteria and Small Molecules in Mice. Henderson, Michael W.; Madenspacher, Jennifer H.; Whitehead, Gregory S.; Thomas, Seddon Y.; Aloor, J Report 9076
Estimated Changes in Life Expectancy and Adult Mortality Resulting from Declining [PM.sub.2.5] Exposures in the Contiguous United States: 1980-2010. Fann, Neal; Kim, Sun-Young; Olives, Casey; Sheppard, Lianne Report 8510
Estimated Deficiencies Resulting from Reduced Protein Content of Staple Foods: Taking the Cream out of the Crop? Seltenrich, Nate 1517
Exposure to Road, Railway, and Aircraft Noise and Arterial Stiffness in the SAPALDIA Study: Annual Average Noise Levels and Temporal Noise Characteristics. Foraster, Maria; Eze, Ikenna C.; Schaffner, Emmanuel; Vienneau, Danielle; Heritier, Harris; Endes, S Report 9272
From ambient to personal temperature: capturing the experience of heat exposure. Seltenrich, Nate 917
In Memoriam: Herbert L. Needleman. Birnbaum, Linda S.; Suk, William A.; Landrigan, Philip J. Obituary 1564
In Utero Exposure to Select Phenols and Phthalates and Respiratory Health in Five-Year-Old Boys: A Prospective Study. Vernet, Celine; Pin, Isabelle; Giorgis-Allemand, Lise; Philippat, Claire; Benmerad, Meriem; Quentin, Report 12229
Inequality of Noise Exposures: a Portrait of the United States. Seltenrich, Nate 1275
Insecticide Use and Breast Cancer Risk among Farmers' Wives in the Agricultural Health Study. Engel, Lawrence S.; Werder, Emily; Satagopan, Jaya; Blair, Aaron; Hoppin, Jane A.; Koutros, Stella; Report 11111
Integrating Health into Local Climate Response: Lessons from the U.S. CDC Climate-Ready States and Cities Initiative. Sheehan, Mary C.; Fox, Mary A.; Kaye, Charlotte; Resnick, Beth Report 6632
Lifelong Residential Exposure to Green Space and Attention: A Population- based Prospective Study. Dadvand, Payam; Tischer, Christina; Estarlich, Marisa; Llop, Sabrina; Dalmau- Bueno, Albert; Lopez-V Report 7878
Long-Term Air Pollution Exposure and Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis in Netherlands: A Population-based Case-control Study. Seelen, Meinie; Campos, Rosario A. Toro; Veldink, Jan H.; Visser, Anne E.; Hoek, Gerard; van der Koo Report 8412
Long-Term Exposure to Road Traffic Noise and Nitrogen Dioxide and Risk of Heart Failure: A Cohort Study. Sorensen, Mette; Nielsen, Olav Wendelboe; Sajadieh, Ahmad; Ketzel, Matthias; Tjonneland, Anne; Overv Report 8629
Maternal Exposure of BALB/c Mice to Indoor N[O.sub.2] and Allergic Asthma Syndrome in Offspring at Adulthood with Evaluation of DNA Methylation Associated Th2 Polarization. Yue, Huifeng; Yan, Wei; Ji, Xiaotong; Gao, Rui; Ma, Juan; Rao, Ziyu; Li, Guangke; Sang, Nan Report 10065
Neural Mechanisms Underlying the Disruption of Male Courtship Behavior by Adult Exposure to Di(2-ethylhexyl) Phthalate in Mice. Dombret, Carlos; Capela, Daphne; Poissenot, Kevin; Parmentier, Caroline; Bergsten, Emma; Pionneau, C Report 13268
Portable Functional Neuroimaging as an Environmental Epidemiology Tool: A How-To Guide for the Use of fNIRS in Field Studies. Baker, Joseph M.; Rojas-Valverde, Daniel; Gutierrez, Randall; Winkler, Mirko; Fuhrimann, Samuel; Esk Report 4923
Prenatal Exposure to Nonpersistent Endocrine Disruptors and Behavior in Boys at 3 and 5 Years. Philippat, Claire; Nakiwala, Dorothy; Calafat, Antonia M.; Botton, Jeremie; De Agostini, Maria; Heud Report 11516
Prenatal Exposure to Perfluoroalkyl Substances and Cardiometabolic Risk in Children from the Spanish INMA Birth Cohort Study. Manzano-Salgado, Cyntia B.; Casas, Maribel; Lopez-Espinosa, Maria- Jose; BaHester, Ferran; Iniguez, Report 11770
Prenatal Fluoride Exposure and Cognitive Outcomes in Children at 4 and 6-12 Years of Age in Mexico. Bashash, Morteza; Thomas, Deena; Hu, Howard; Martinez-Mier, E. Angeles; Sanchez, Brisa N.; Basu, Nil Report 13462
Randomized Trial of Interventions to Improve Childhood Asthma in Homes with Wood-burning Stoves. Noonan, Curtis W.; Semmens, Erin O.; Smith, Paul; Harrar, Solomon W.; Montrose, Luke; Weiler, Emily; Report 9536
Regulation of Chromatin Assembly and Cell Transformation by Formaldehyde Exposure in Human Cells. Chen, Danqi; Fang, Lei; Mei, Shenglin; Li, Hongjie; Xu, Xia; Marais, Thomas L. Des; Lu, Kun; Liu, X. Report 12079
Residential Air Pollution and Associations with Wheeze and Shortness of Breath in Adults: A Combined Analysis of Cross-Sectional Data from Two Large European Cohorts. Doiron, Dany; de Hoogh, Kees; Probst-Hensch, Nicole; Mbatchou, Stephane; Eeftens, Marloes; Cai, Yuto Report 11260
Respiratory, Dermal, and Eye Irritation Symptoms Associated with Corexit[TM] EC9527A/EC9500A following the Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill: Findings from the GuLF STUDY. McGowan, Craig J.; Kwok, Richard K.; Engel, Lawrence S.; Stenzel, Mark R.; Stewart, Patricia A.; San Report 8074
Rice Consumption and Squamous Cell Carcinoma of the Skin in a United States Population. Gossai, Anala; Zens, M. Scot; Punshon, Tracy; Jackson, Brian P.; Perry, Ann E.; Karagas, Margaret R. Report 10012
Scientific Challenges in the Risk Assessment of Food Contact Materials. Muncke, Jane; Backhaus, Thomas; Geueke, Birgit; Maffini, Maricel V.; Martin, Olwenn Viviane; Myers, Report 8739
Serum Polybrominated Biphenyls (PBBs) and Polychlorinated Biphenyls (PCBs) and Thyroid Function among Michigan Adults Several Decades after the 1973-1974 PBB Contamination of Livestock Feed. Jacobson, Melanie H.; Darrow, Lyndsey A.; Barr, Dana Boyd; Howards, Penelope P.; Lyles, Robert H.; T Report 16073
Sex- and Dose-Specific Effects of Maternal Bisphenol A Exposure on Pancreatic Islets of First- and Second-Generation Adult Mice Offspring. Bansal, Amita; Rashid, Cetewayo; Xin, Frances; Li, Changhong; Polyak, Erzsebet; Duemler, Anna; van d Report 16793
Traffic-Related Air Pollution and All-Cause Mortality during Tuberculosis Treatment in California. Blount, Robert J.; Pascopella, Lisa; Catanzaro, Donald G.; Barry, Pennan M.; English, Paul B.; Segal Report 11406

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