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Articles from Environmental Health Perspectives (April 1, 2017)

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A blend of old and new: biomonitoring methods to study the exposome. 940
A satellite-ground hybrid approach: relative risks for exposures to [PM.sub.2.5] estimated from a combination of data sources. 1057
Aerobic fitness and neurocognitive function scores in young faroese adults and potential modification by prenatal methylmercury exposure. Oulhote, Youssef; Debes, Frodi; Vestergaard, Sonja; Weihe, Pal; Grandjean, Philippe 7899
Airborne fine particles and risk of hospital admissions for understudied populations: effects by urbanicity and short-term cumulative exposures in 708 U.S. counties. Bravo, Mercedes A.; Ebisu, Keita; Dominici, Francesca; Wang, Yun; Peng, Roger D.; Bell, Michelle L. Report 7626
Ambient air pollutant exposures and hospitalization for Kawasaki disease in Taiwan: a case-crossover study (2000-2010). Jung, Chau-Ren; Chen, Wei-Ting; Lin, Yu-Ting; Hwang, Bing-Fang Clinical report 8181
An analysis of the potential impact of climate change on dengue transmission in the Southeastern United States. Butterworth, Melinda K.; Morin, Cory W.; Comrie, Andrew C. Report 6978
Are fish consumption advisories for the great lakes adequately protective against chemical mixtures? Gandhi, Nilima; Drouillard, Ken G.; Arhonditsis, George B.; Gewurtz, Sarah B.; Bhavsar, Satyendra P. 7224
Associations between long-term particulate matter exposure and adult renal function in the Taipei metropolis. Yang, Ya-Ru; Chen, Yung-Ming; Chen, Szu-Ying; Chan, Chang-Chuan 6312
Biomonitoring in the era of the exposome. Dennis, Kristine K.; Marder, Elizabeth; Balshaw, David M.; Cui, Yuxia; Lynes, Michael A.; Patti, Gar Report 9450
Comparing the health effects of ambient particulate matter estimated using ground-based versus remote sensing exposure estimates. Jerrett, Michael; Turner, Michelle C.; Beckerman, Bernardo S.; Pope, C. Arden, III; van Donkelaar, A Report 11007
Comparison of points of departure for health risk assessment based on high-throughput screening data. Sand, Salomon; Parham, Fred; Portier, Christopher J.; Tice, Raymond R.; Krewski, Daniel 9738
Differential activation of a mouse estrogen receptor [beta] isoform (mER[beta]2) with endocrine-disrupting chemicals (EDCS). Donoghue, Lauren J.; Neufeld, Thomas I.; Li, Yin; Arao, Yukitomo; Coons, Laurel A.; Korach, Kenneth Report 7691
DNA methylation score as a biomarker in newborns for sustained maternal smoking during pregnancy. Reese, Sarah E.; Zhao, Shanshan; Wu, Michael C.; Joubert, Bonnie R.; Parr, Christine L.; Haberg, Sir Report 7920
Early exposure to traffic-related air pollution, respiratory symptoms at 4 years of age, and potential effect modification by parental allergy, stressful family events, and sex: a prospective follow-up study of the Paris birth cohort. Ranciere, Fanny; Bougas, Nicolas; Viola, Malika; Momas, Isabelle Report 10393
Effects of periconception cadmium and mercury co-administration to mice on indices of chronic diseases in male offspring at maturity. Camsari, Cagri; Folger, Joseph K.; McGee, Devin; Bursian, Steven J.; Wang, Hongbing; Knott, Jason G. Report 7920
Erratum: "telomere length, long-term black carbon exposure, and cognitive function in a cohort of older men: the VA normative aging study". Colicino, Elena; Wilson, Ander; Frisardi, Maria Chiara; Prada, Diddier; Power, Melinda C.; Hoxha, Mi Correction notice 238
Fetal thyroid function, birth weight, and in Utero exposure to fine particle air pollution: a birth cohort study. Janssen, Bram G.; Saenen, Nelly D.; Roels, Harry A.; Madhloum, Narjes; Gyselaers, Wilfried; Lefebvre Disease/Disorder overview 7586
In vitro effects of lead on gene expression in neural stem cells and associations between up-regulated genes and cognitive scores in children. Wagner, Peter J.; Park, Hae-Ryung; Wang, Zhaoxi; Kirchner, Rory; Wei, Yongyue; Su, Li; Stanfield, Ki 9326
Monoethylhexyl phthalate elicits an inflammatory response in adipocytes characterized by alterations in lipid and cytokine pathways. Manteiga, Sara; Lee, Kyongbum 6893
Neonatal cord blood oxylipins and exposure to particulate matter in the early-life environment: an ENVIRONAGE birth cohort study. Martens, Dries S.; Gouveia, Sandra; Madhloum, Narjes; Janssen, Bram G.; Plusquin, Michelle; Vanpouck Report 8739
Occupational exposure to pesticides and the incidence of lung cancer in the agricultural health study. Bonner, Matthew R.; Freeman, Laura E. Beane; Hoppin, Jane A.; Koutros, Stella; Sandler, Dale P.; Lyn Clinical report 9255
Pesticides are associated with allergic and non-allergic wheeze among male farmers. Hoppin, Jane A.; Umbach, David M.; Long, Stuart; London, Stephanie J.; Henneberger, Paul K.; Blair, Report 10023
Polybrominated Diphenyl ethers in human milk and serum from the U.S. EPA MAMA study: Modeled predictions of infant exposure and considerations for risk assessment. Marchitti, Satori A.; Fenton, Suzanne E.; Mendola, Pauline; Kenneke, John F.; Hines, Erin P. Report 8125
Population-level exposure to particulate air pollution during active travel: planning for low-exposure, health-promoting cities. Hankey, Steve; Lindsey, Greg; Marshall, Julian D. Report 6959
Prenatal exposure to glycol ethers and Neurocognitive abilities in 6-year-old children: The PELAGIE cohort study. Beranger, Remi; Garlantezec, Ronan; Maner-Idrissi, Gaid Le; Lacroix, Agnes; Rouget, Florence; Trowbr 8557
Prenatal PBDE and PCB exposures and reading, cognition, and externalizing behavior in children. Zhang, Hongmei; Yolton, Kimberly; Webster, Glenys M.; Sjodin, Andreas; Calafat, Antonia M.; Dietrich 7853
Programming the future: epigenetics in the context of DOHaD. 1090
Reassessing the link between airborne arsenic exposure among anaconda copper smelter workers and multiple causes of death using the parametric g-formula. Keil, Alexander P.; Richardson, David B. 7350
Residential exposure to natural background radiation and risk of childhood acute leukemia in France, 1990-2009. Demoury, Claire; Marquant, Fabienne; lelsch, Geraldine; Goujon, Stephanie; Debayle, Christophe; Faur Report 8800
Retraction: "a case-cohort study of cadmium body burden and gestational diabetes mellitus in American women". Romano, Megan E.; Enquobahrie, Daniel A.; Simpson, Christopher D.; Checkoway, Harvey; Environ, Miche Correction notice 217
Serum metabolomic profiles in neonatal mice following oral brominated flame retardant exposures to hexabromocyclododecane (HBCD) alpha, gamma, and commercial mixture. Szabo, David T.; Pathmasiri, Wimal; Sumner, Susan; Birnbaum, Linda S. 6987
Sex-specific associations between particulate matter exposure and gene expression in independent discovery and validation cohorts of middle-aged men and women. Vrijens, Karen; Winckelmans, Ellen; Tsamou, Maria; Baeyens, Willy; De Boever, Patrick; Jennen, Danye 10939
Short-term exposure to urban air pollution and influences on placental vascularization indexes. Hettfleisch, Karen; Bernardes, Lisandra Stein; Carvalho, Mariana Azevedo; Pastro, Luciana Duzolina M 7369
Small-magnitude effect sizes in epigenetic end points are important in children's environmental health studies: the children's environmental health and disease prevention research center's epigenetics working group. Breton, Carrie V.; Marsit, Carmen J.; Faustman, Elaine; Nadeau, Kari; Goodrich, Jaclyn M.; Dolinoy, Report 18222
The emergence of environmental health literacy--from its roots to its future potential. Finn, Symma; O'Fallon, Liam 6586
The forest and the trees: how population-level health protections sometimes fail the individual. Seltenrich, Nate 4549
The GuLF study: a prospective study of persons involved in the Deepwater Horizon oil spill response and clean-up. Kwok, Richard K.; Engel, Lawrence S.; Miller, Aubrey K.; Blair, Aaron; Curry, Matthew D.; Jackson, W Report 8887
The prevalence of antibiotic-resistant Staphylococcus aureus nasal carriage among industrial hog operation workers, community residents, and children living in their households: North Carolina, USA. Hatcther, Sarah M.; Rhodes, Sarah M.; Stewart, Jill R.; Silbergeld, Ellen; Pisanic, Nora; Larsen, Je 11386
Urinary concentrations of parabens and other antimicrobial chemicals and their association with couples' fecundity. Smarr, Melissa M.; Sundaram, Rajeshwari; Honda, Masato; Kannan, Kurunthachalam; Louis, Germaine M. B Report 7379
Way to go: identifying routes for walkers and cyclists to avoid air pollutants. 807

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