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Articles from Environmental Health Perspectives (July 1, 2016)

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A review of health risks and pathways for exposure to wastewater use in agriculture. Dickin, Sarah K.; Schuster-Wallace, Corinne J.; Qadir, Manzoor; Pizzacalla, Katherine Report 10096
A systems biology approach reveals converging molecular mechanisms that link different POPs to common metabolic diseases. Ruiz, Patricia; Perlina, Ally; Mumtaz, Moiz; Fowler, Bruce A. Report 6942
Ambient temperature and the risk of preterm birth in Guangzhou, China (2001-2011). He, Jian-Rong; Liu, Yu; Xia, Xiao-Yan; Ma, Wen-Jun; Lin, Hua-Liang; Kan, Hai-Dong; Lu, Jin-Hua; Feng Report 7008
Arsenic and environmental health: state of the science and future research opportunities. Carlin, Danielle J.; Naujokas, Marisa F.; Bradham, Karen D.; Cowden, John; Heacock, Michelle; Henry, Report 11352
Assessing the health impact of water quality interventions in low-income settings: concerns associated with blinded trials and the need for objective outcomes. Ciasen, Thomas; Boisson, Sophie Report 3617
Biomolecular markers within the core axis of aging and particulate air pollution exposure in the elderly: a cross-sectional study. Pieters, Nicky; Janssen, Bram G.; Dewitte, Harrie; Cox, Bianca; Cuypers, Ann; Lefebvre, Wouter; Smee Report 8305
CERAPP: Collaborative Estrogen Receptor Activity Prediction Project. Report 12217
Child intelligence and reductions in water arsenic and manganese: a two-year follow-up study in Bangladesh. Wasserman, Gail A.; Liu, Xinhua; Parvez, Faruque; Factor-Litvak, Pam; Kline, Jennie; Siddique, Abu B Report 7965
Cross-Sectional associations of serum perfluoroalkyl acids and thyroid hormones in U.S. adults: variation according to TPOAb and iodine status (NHANES 2007-2008). Webster, Glenys M.; Rauch, Stephen A.; Ste Marie, Nathalie; Mattman, Andre; Lanphear, Bruce P.; Venn Report 9269
Different people, different outcomes: assessing genetic susceptibility to lead exposures. Barrett, Julia R. Report 1054
Effects of developmental activation of the aryl hydrocarbon receptor by 2,3,7,8-tetrachlorodibenzo-p-dioxin on long-term self-renewal of murine hematopoietic stem cells. Laiosa, Michael D.; Tate, Everett R.; Ahrenhoerster, Lori S.; Chen, Yuhong; Wang, Demin Report 9877
Exposure to traffic-related air pollution in relation to progression in physical disability among older adults. Weuve, Jennifer; Kaufman, Joel D.; Szpiro, Adam A.; Curl, Cynthia; Puett, Robin C.; Beck, Todd; Evan Report 9951
Genome-wide analysis of DNA methylation and cigarette smoking in a Chinese population. Zhu, Xiaoyan; Li, Jun; Deng, Siyun; Yu, Kuai; Liu, Xuezhen; Deng, Qifei; Sun, Huizhen; Zhang, Xiaomi Report 8321
Genome-wide analysis of DNA methylation and fine particulate matter air pollution in three study populations: KORA F3, KORA F4, and the normative aging study. Panni, Tommaso; Mehta, Amar J.; Schwartz, Joel D.; Baccarelli, Andrea A.; Just, Allan C.; Wolf, Kath Report 8368
Genome-wide association study to identify genes related to renal mercury concentrations in mice. Alkaissi, Hammoudi; Ekstrand, Jimmy; Jawad, Aksa; Nielsen, Jesper Bo; Havarinasab, Said; Soderkvist, Report 6745
In utero and early-life exposure to ambient air toxics and childhood brain tumors: a population-based case-control study in California, USA. von Ehrenstein, Ondine S.; Heck, Julia E.; Park, Andrew S.; Cockburn, Myles; Escobedo, Loraine; Ritz Report 9213
In vitro effects of the endocrine disruptor p,p'-DDT on human follitropin receptor. Munier, Mathilde; Grouleff, Julie; Gourdin, Louis; Fauchard, Mathilde; Chantreau, Vanessa; Henrion, Report 7829
India leads the way: a health-centered strategy for air pollution. 2059
Ingested nitrate and breast cancer in the Spanish multicase-control study on cancer (MCC-Spain). Espejo-Herrera, Nadia; Gracia-Lavedan, Esther; Pollan, Marina; Aragones, Nuria; Boldo, Elena; Perez- Report 9071
Inorganic Arsenic-related changes in the stromal tumor microenvironment in a prostate cancer cell-conditioned media model. Shearer, Joseph J.; Wold, Eric A.; Umbaugh, Charles S.; Lichti, Cheryl F.; Nilsson, Carol L.; Figuei Report 7249
Lasting impact of an ephemeral organ: the role of the placenta in fetal programming. 4977
Methods to estimate acclimatization to urban heat island effects on heat- and cold-related mortality. Milojevic, Ai; Armstrong, Ben G.; Gasparrini, Antonio; Barratt, Sylvia I. Bohnenstengel Benjamin; Wi Report 7761
Modification of heat-related mortality in an elderly urban population by vegetation (urban green) and proximity to water (urban blue): evidence from Lisbon, Portugal. Burkart, Katrin; Meier, Fred; Schneider, Alexandra; Breitner, Susanne; Canario, Paulo; Alcoforado, M Report 8019
Mutagenicity and pollutant emission factors of solid-fuel cookstoves: comparison with other combustion sources. Mutlu, Esra; Warren, Sarah H.; Ebersviller, Seth M.; Kooter, Ingeborg M.; Schmid, Judith E.; Dye, Ja Report 10100
Prenatal exposure to organophosphorous pesticides and fetal growth: pooled results from four longitudinal birth cohort studies. Harley, Kim G.; Engel, Stephanie M.; Vedar, Michelle G.; Eskenazi, Brenda; Whyatt, Robin M.; Lanphea Report 9371
Prenatal exposure to phthalates and anogenital distance in male infants from a low-exposed Danish cohort (2010-2012). Jensen, Tina Kold; Frederiksen, Hanne; Kyhl, Henriette Boye; Lassen, Tina Harmer; Swan, Shanna H.; B Report 8552
Project TENDR: targeting environmental neuro-developmental risks. The TENDR consensus statement. Report 5337
Recommendations for evaluating temporal trends of persistent organic pollutants in breast milk. Gyalpo, Tenzing; Scheringer, Martin; Hungerbuhler, Konrad Report 5578
Sperm aneuploidy in faroese men with lifetime exposure to dichlorodiphenyldichloroethylene (p,p'-DDE) and polychlorinated biphenyl (PCB) pollutants. Perry, Melissa J.; Young, Heather A.; Grandjean, Philippe; Hailing, Jonrit; Petersen, Maria Skaalum; Report 6884
Stroma insights: potential mechanism for arsenic-induced prostate cancer. Barrett, Julia R. 1194
Systems toxicology of male reproductive development: profiling 774 chemicals for molecular targets and adverse outcomes. Leung, Maxwell C.K.; Phuong, Jimmy; Baker, Nancy C.; Sipes, Nisha S.; Klinefelter, Gary R.; Martin, Report 10450
The genetic basis for variation in sensitivity to lead toxicity in Drosophila melanogaster. Zhou, Shanshan; Morozova, Tatiana V.; Hussain, Yasmeen N.; Luoma, Sarah E.; McCoy, Lenovia; Yamamoto Report 8544
Transgenic Overexpression of Aryl Hydrocarbon Receptor Repressor (AhRR) and AhR-mediated induction of CYP1A1, cytokines, and acute toxicity. Vogel, Christoph F.A.; Chang, W.L. William; Kado, Sarah; McCulloh, Kelly; Vogel, Helena; Wu, Dalei; Report 10652
Using ToxCast[TM] data to reconstruct dynamic cell state trajectories and estimate toxicological points of departure. Shah, Imran; Setzer, R. Woodrow; Jack, John; Houck, Keith A.; Judson, Richard S.; Knudsen, Thomas B. Report 8009

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