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Articles from Environmental Health Perspectives (June 1, 2015)

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A review of nonoccupational pathways for pesticide exposure in women living in agricultural areas. Deziel, Nicole C.; Friesen, Melissa C.; Hoppin, Jane A.; Hines, Cynthia J.; Thomas, Kent; Freeman, L Report 10818
A study of the combined effects of physical activity and air pollution on mortality in elderly urban residents: the danish diet, cancer, and health cohort. Andersen, Zorana Jovanovic; de Nazelle, Audrey; Mendez, Michelle Ann; Garcia- Aymerich, Judith; Hert Report 8417
Air pollution and atherosclerosis: a cross-sectional analysis of four European cohort studies in the ESCAPE Study. Report 11583
Air quality and climate change a delicate balance: climate change and air pollution are inextricably intertwined, so fighting one often produces gains against the other. Tibbetts, John H. Report 4108
Ambient air pollution and adult asthma incidence in six European cohorts (ESCAPE). Report 12086
Arsenic exposure and prevalence of the varicella zoster virus in the United States: NHANES (2003-2004 and 2009-2010). Cardenas, Andres; Smit, Ellen; Houseman, E. Andres; Kerkvliet, Nancy I.; Bethel, Jeffrey W.; Kile, M Report 7273
Associations of mortality with long-term exposures to fine and ultrafine particles, species and sources: results from the California teachers study cohort. Ostro, Bart; Hu, Jianlin; Goldberg, Debbie; Reynolds, Peggy; Hertz, Andrew; Bernstein, Leslie; Kleem Report 9111
Atmospheric interactions and cardiac arrhythmias. Culic, Viktor 1760
Background ionizing radiation and the risk of childhood cancer: a census-based nationwide cohort study. Spycher, Ben D.; Lupatsch, Judith E.; Zwahlen, Marcel; Roosli, Martin; Niggli, Felix; Grotzer, Micha Report 7481
Blood pressure, left ventricular geometry, and systolic function in children exposed to inorganic arsenic. Osorio-Yanez, Citlalli; Ayllon-Vergara, Julio C.; Arreola-Mendoza, Laura; Aguilar-Madrid, Guadalupe; Report 7780
Comparing BPS and BPA: cardiovascular effects in female rat hearts. Seltenrich, Nate 1017
Concerns about direct potable reuse. Adelman, Brenda 791
Effects of ambient coarse, fine, and ultrafine particles and their biological constituents on systemic biomarkers: a controlled human exposure study. Liu, Ling; Urch, Bruce; Poon, Raymond; Szyszkowicz, Mieczyslaw; Speck, Mary; Gold, Diane R.; Wheeler Report 7001
Examination of the safety of pediatric vaccine schedules in a non-human primate model: assessments of neurodevelopment, learning, and social behavior. Curtis, Britni; Liberato, Noelle; Rulien, Megan; Morrisroe, Kelly; Kenney, Caroline; Yutuc, Vernon; Report 11957
Examining mixtures of disinfection by-products: rat study shows no effects on reproduction. 1095
Exercising in polluted areas: study suggests benefits outweigh the health risks of N[O.sub.2] exposure. 1137
IARC monographs: 40 years of evaluating carcinogenic hazards to humans. Viewpoint essay 9345
In utero and childhood polybrominated diphenyl ether exposures and body mass at age 7 years: the CHAMACOS study. Erkin-Cakmak, Ayca; Harley, Kim G.; Chevrier, Jonathan; Bradman, Asa; Kogut, Katherine; Huen, Karen; Report 8286
Markers of inflammation and coagulation after long-term exposure to coarse particulate matter: a cross-sectional analysis from the multi-ethnic study of atherosclerosis. Adar, Sara D.; D'Souza, Jennifer; Mendelsohn-Victor, Kari; Jacobs, David R., Jr.; Cushman, Mary; She Report 8710
Natural-cause mortality and long-term exposure to particle components: an analysis of 19 European cohorts within the multi-center escape project. Report 11338
Pediatric vaccines and neurodevelopment: primate study finds no adverse behavioral effects. Barrett, Julia R. 997
Predicting hospitalization for heat-related illness at the census-tract level: accuracy of a generic heat vulnerability index in Phoenix, Arizona (USA). Chuang, Wen-Ching; Gober, Patricia Report 8033
Rapid responses and mechanism of action for low-dose bisphenol S on ex vivo rat hearts and isolated myocytes: evidence of female-specific proarrhythmic effects. Gao, Xiaoqian; Ma, Jianyong; Chen, Yamei; Wang, Hong-Sheng Report 7285
Reproductive toxicity of a mixture of regulated drinking-water disinfection by-products in a multigenerational rat bioassay. Narotsky, Michael G.; Klinefelter, Gary R.; Goldman, Jerome M.; DeAngelo, Anthony B.; Best, Deborah Report 6390

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