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Articles from Environmental Health Perspectives (February 1, 2013)

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"Trilongins" offer insight into mold toxicity. Weinhold, Bob Report 1043
15 years out: reinventing ICCVAM. Birnbaum, Linda S. Report 872
2012 reviewers of the year. 191
An unlikely duo: air pollution's link to low birth weight, with Tracey Woodruff. Ahearn, Ashley Interview 2331
Association between arsenic suppression of adipogenesis and induction of CHOP10 via the endoplasmic reticulum stress response. Hou, Yongyong; Xue, Peng; Woods, Courtney G.; Wang, Xia; Fu, Jingqi; Yarborough, Kathy; Qu, Weidong; Report 6286
Association between long-term exposure to traffic-related air pollution and subclinical atherosclerosis: the REGICOR study. Rivera, Marcela; Basagana, Xavier; Aguilera, Inmaculada; Foraster, Maria; Agis, David; Groot, Eric d Report 11133
Associations between urinary excretion of cadmium and proteins in a nonsmoking population: renal toxicity or normal physiology? Akerstrom, Magnus; Sallsten, Gerd; Lundh, Thomas; Barregard, Lars Clinical report 5247
Assuring access to data for chemical evaluations. Goldman, Lynn R.; Silbergeld, Ellen K. Viewpoint essay 4954
Black-white blood pressure disparities: depressive symptoms and differential vulnerability to blood lead. Hicken, Margaret T.; Gee, Gilbert C.; Connell, Cathleen; Snow, Rachel C.; Morenoff, Jeffrey; Hu, How Report 6398
Ceramic cookstoves may not improve child pneumonia rates. Brief article 129
Characterization of residential pesticide use and chemical formulations through self-report and household inventory: the Northern California childhood leukemia study. Guha, Neela; Ward, Mary H.; Gunier, Robert; Colt, Joanne S.; Lea, C. Suzanne; Buffler, Patricia A.; Report 11659
Data disclosure for chemical evaluations. Lutter, Randall; Barrow, Craig; Borgert, Christopher J.; Conrad, James W.; Edwards, Debra; Felsot, A Viewpoint essay 4216
EPA revises total coliform rule. Brief article 101
Evaluation of the association between maternal smoking, childhood obesity, and metabolic disorders: a national toxicology program workshop review. Behl, Mamta; Rao, Deepa; Aagaard, Kjersti; Davidson, Terry L.; Levin, Edward D.; Slotkin, Theodore A Report 23344
Health impact bonds: will investors pay for intervention? Clay, Rebecca Fairfax Report 1284
In utero and childhood polybrominated diphenyl ether (PBDE) exposures and neurodevelopment in the CHAMACOS study. Eskenazi, Brenda; Chevrier, Jonathan; Rauch, Stephen A.; Kogut, Katherine; Harley, Kim G.; Johnson, Report 12105
In utero exposure to arsenic alters lung development and genes related to immune and mucociliary function in mice. Ramsey, Kathryn A.; Bosco, Anthony; McKenna, Katherine L.; Carter, Kim W.; Elliot, John G.; Berry, L Report 7819
In utero pesticide exposure and leukemia in Brazilian children < 2 years of age. Ferreira, Jeniffer Dantas; Couto, Arnaldo Cezar; Pombo-de-Oliveira, Maria S.; Koifman, Sergio Report 9161
Lasting impacts: pre-and postnatal PBDE exposures linked to IQ deficits. Betts, Kellyn S. Report 487
Long-term exposure to P[M.sub.2.5] and incidence of acute myocardial infarction. Madrigano, Jaime; Kloog, Itai; Goldberg, Robert; Coull, Brent A.; Mittleman, Murray A.; Schwartz, Jo Report 7136
Long-term exposure to road traffic noise and incident diabetes: a cohort study. Sorensen, Mette; Andersen, Zorana J.; Nordsborg, Rikke B.; Becker, Thomas; Tjonneland, Anne; Overvad Report 7127
Neighborhood effects on heat deaths: social and environmental predictors of vulnerability in Maricopa County, Arizona. Harlan, Sharon L.; Declet-Barreto, Juan H.; Stefanov, William L.; Petitti, Diana B. Report 8169
NYC fish is often mislabeled. Dooley, Erin E. Report 412
Persistent environmental pollutants and couple fecundity: the LIFE Study. Louis, Germaine M. Buck; Sundaram, Rajeshwari; Schisterman, Enrique F.; Sweeney, Anne M.; Lynch, Cou Report 13008
Persistent organic pollutants and type 2 diabetes: a prospective analysis in the Nurses' health study and meta-analysis. Wu, Hongyu; Bertrand, Kimberly A.; Choi, Anna L.; Hu, Frank B.; Laden, Francine; Grandjean, Philippe Report 17015
Phage renaissance: new hope against antibiotic resistance. Potera, Carol Report 4568
Phthalates and childhood asthma: revealing an association through urinary biomarkers. Tillett, Tanya Report 406
POPs vs. fat: persistent organic pollutant toxicity targets and is modulated by adipose tissue. Barrett, Julia R. 522
Potential explanation of the reported association between maternal smoking and autism. James, William H. Viewpoint essay 935
Prenatal p,p'-DDE exposure and neurodevelopment among children 3.5-5 years of age. Torres-Sanchez, Luisa; Schnaas, Lourdes; Rothenberg, Stephen J.; Cebrian, Mariano E.; Osorio-Valenci Report 6595
Road traffic noise and diabetes: long-term exposure may increase disease risk. Nicole, Wendee Report 591
Short-term effects of the 2008 cold spell on mortality in three subtropical Cities in Guangdong Province, China. Xie, Huiyan; Yao, Zhibin; Zhang, Yonghui; Xu, Yanjun; Xu, Xiaojun; Tao, Liu; Lin, Hualiang; Lao, Xia Report 7039
Sound alerts for Quiet Vehicles. Brief article 107
Study suggests long-term decline in French sperm quality. Burton, Adrian Report 1218
Sunset for leaded aviation gasoline? 4367
Thyroid hormones in relation to lead, mercury, and cadmium exposure in the National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey, 2007-2008. Chen, Aimin; Kim, Stephani S.; Chung, Ethan; Dietrich, Kim N. Report 10504
Toxicological function of adipose tissue: focus on persistent organic pollutants. La Merrill, Michele; Emond, Claude; Kim, Min Ji; Antignac, Jean-Philippe; Le Bizec, Bruno; Clement, Report 9721
Urinary biomarkers for phthalates associated with asthma in Norwegian children. Bertelsen, Randi J.; Carlsen, Karin C. Lodrup; Calafat, Antonia M.; Hoppin, Jane A.; Haland, Geir; M Report 8982

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