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Articles from Environmental Health Perspectives (September 1, 2012)

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A comparison of short-term and long-term air pollution exposure associations with mortality in two cohorts in Scotland. Beverland, Iain J.; Cohen, Geoffrey R.; Heal, Mathew R.; Carder, Melanie; Yap, Christina; Robertson, Report 8034
A potential window onto early pancreatic cancer development: evidence of cancer stem cell growth after exposure to cadmium chloride in vitro. Barrett, Julia R. Report 454
Birth weight following pregnancy during the 2003 Southern California wildfires. Holstius, David M.; Reid, Colleen E.; Jesdale, Bill M.; Morello-Frosch, Rachel Report 8816
Bisphenol a and peripheral arterial disease: results from the NHANES. Shankar, Anoop; Teppala, Srinivas; Sabanayagam, Charumathi Report 4898
C-reactive protein levels in pregnancy. Blasco, Luis Miguel Viewpoint essay 491
Can the energy and enterprise initiative improve public health? Holzman, David C. Report 1029
China bans shark fins for official fetes. Dooley, Erin E. Brief article 119
Chronic cadmium exposure in vitro causes acquisition of multiple tumor cell characteristics in human pancreatic epithelial cells. Qu, Wei; Tokar, Erik J.; Kim, Andrew J.; Bell, Matthew W.; Waalkes, Michael P. Report 5176
EPA proposes tighter particulate air pollution standards. Weinhold, Bob Report 1222
EPA solicits comments on decaBDE substitute report. Dooley, Erin E. Brief article 102
Epigenomics and maternal smoking, with Bonnie Joubert and Stephanie London. Ahearn, Ashley Interview 1646
Erratum. Correction notice 155
Estimated effect of climatic variables on the transmission of plasmodium vivax malaria in the Republic of Korea. Kim, Young-Min; Park, Jae-Won; Cheong, Hae-Kwan Report 5487
Followup in Southern California: decreased birth weight following prenatal wildfire smoke exposure. Kessler, Rebecca Report 446
Hexabromocyclododecane (HBCD) stereoisomers in U.S. food from Dallas, Texas. Schecter, Arnold; Szabo, David T.; Miller, James; Gent, Tyra L.; Malik-Bass, Noor; Petersen, Malte; Report 6617
Lung cancer and elemental carbon exposure in trucking industry workers. Garshick, Eric; Laden, Francine; Hart, Jaime E.; Davis, Mary E.; Eisen, Ellen A.; Smith, Thomas J. Report 8417
More scientists call for an end to asbestos. Dooley, Erin E. Report 370
Obesity is mediated by differential aryl hydrocarbon receptor signaling in mice fed a western diet. Kerley-Hamilton, Joanna S.; Trask, Heidi W.; Ridley, Christian J.A.; DuFour, Eric; Ringelberg, Carol Report 10986
Occurrence of [.sup.210]Po and biological effects of low-level exposure: the need for research. Seiler, Ralph L.; Wiemels, Joseph L. 10841
Particulate matter, DNA methylation in nitric oxide synthase, and childhood respiratory disease. Breton, Carrie V.; Salam, Muhammad T.; Wang, Xinhui; Byun, Hyang-Min; Siegmund, Kimberly D.; Gillila Report 9700
Pharmaceuticals and personal care products in the environment: what are the big questions? Boxall, Alistair B.A.; Rudd, Murray A.; Brooks, Bryan W.; Caldwell, Daniel J.; Choi, Kyungho; Hickma Report 23544
Phthalate exposure changes the metabolic profile of cardiac muscle cells. Posnack, Nikki Gillum; Swift, Luther M.; Kay, Matthew W.; Lee, Norman H.; Sarvazyan, Narine Report 6095
Placental mitochondrial DNA content and particulate air pollution during in utero life. Janssen, Bram G.; Munters, Elke; Pieters, Nicky; Smeets, Karen; Cox, Bianca; Cuypers, Ann; Fierens, Report 8157
Potential mechanism for P[M.sub.10] effects on birth outcomes: in utero exposure linked to mitochondrial DNA damage. Tillett, Tanya Report 457
Practical advancement of multipollutant scientific and risk assessment approaches for ambient air pollution. Johns, Douglas O.; Stanek, Lindsay Wichers; Walker, Katherine; Benromdhane, Souad; Hubbell, Bryan; R Report 4625
Prenatal and early childhood exposure to tetrachloroethylene and adult vision. Getz, Kelly D.; Janulewicz, Patricia A.; Rowe, Susannah; Weinberg, Janice M.; Winter, Michael R.; Ma Report 7783
Presentation of study results: Kalkbrenner et al. respond. Kalkbrenner, Amy E.; Braun, Joe M.; Durkin, Maureen S.; Maenner, Matthew J.; Cunniff, Christopher; D Viewpoint essay 993
Presentation of study results: the authors' responsibility. Burstyn, Igor; Lee, Brian; Gidaya, Nicole B.; Yudell, Michael Viewpoint essay 964
Rio+20: challenges of development for health and sustainability. Minayo, Maria Cecilia de Souza Report 645
Satellite-based estimates of ambient air pollution and global variations in childhood asthma prevalence. Anderson, H. Ross; Butland, Barbara K.; van Donkelaar, Aaron; Brauer, Michael; Strachan, David P.; C Report 11435
Smoking policies tighten in halls of academe. Dooley, Erin E. Brief article 113
Subtle shades of impairment: childhood tetrachloroethylene exposure may cause subclinical deficits in adult vision. Holtcamp, Wendee Report 389
Surrounding greenness and exposure to air pollution during pregnancy: an analysis of personal monitoring data. Dadvand, Payam; de Nazelle, Audrey; Triguero-Mas, Margarita; Schembari, Anna; Cirach, Marta; Amoly, Report 6898
The endocrine society issues statement of principles. Schmidt, Charles W. Report 931
The organochlorine o,p'-DDT plays a role in coactivator-mediated MAPK crosstalk in mcf-7 breast cancer cells. Bratton, Melyssa R.; Frigo, Daniel E.; Segar, H. Chris; Nephew, Kenneth P.; McLachlan, John A.; Wies Report 8074
To label or not to label: California prepares to vote on genetically engineered foods. Dahl, Richard Report 3590
Unknown quantity: regulating radionuclides in tap water. Report 6166
Urinary phthalate metabolite concentrations and diabetes among women in the National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey (NHANES) 2001-2008. James-Todd, Tamarra; Stahlhut, Richard; Meeker, John D.; Powell, Sheena-Gail; Hauser, Russ; Huang, T Report 9184
Use of meta-analyses by IARC working groups. Straif, Kurt; Stayner, Leslie; Demers, Paul A.; Landrigan, Philip J. Viewpoint essay 1263
Viruses in nondisinfected drinking water from municipal wells and community incidence of acute gastrointestinal illness. Borchardt, Mark A.; Spencer, Susan K.; Kieke, Burney A., Jr.; Lambertini, Elisabetta; Loge, Frank J. Report 19005

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