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Articles from Environmental Health Perspectives (March 1, 2012)

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[PM.sub.2.5] constituents and cardiopulmonary mortality. Brief article 273
Acute effects of air pollutants in the Pearl River Delta. Brief article 238
Air pollution and acute respiratory response in a panel of asthmatic children along the U.S.-Mexico border. Sarnat, Stefanie Ebelt; Raysoni, Amit U.; Li, Wen-Whai; Holguin, Fernando; Johnson, Brent A.; Luevan Report 9171
Air pollution exposure intervention and cardiovascular health. Brief article 226
Air pollution intervetion: study links use of face masks to improved cardiovascular outcomes. Barrett, Julia R. Report 422
Air pollution morbidity along the U.S.-Mexico border. Brief article 209
Air pollution, blood pressure, and hypertension. Brief article 197
An integrated approach to the exposome. van Tongeren, Martie; Cherrie, John W. 749
An integrated approach to the exposome: Rappaport and Lioy respond. Rappaport, Stephen M.; Lioy, Paul J. 385
Application of the ecohealth model to translate knowledge into action in the health sciences. Arredondo, Armando 833
Association between pregnancy loss and urinary phthalate levels around the time of conception. Toft, Gunnar; Jonsson, Bo A.G.; Lindh, Christian H.; Jensen, Tina Kold; Hjollund, Niels H.; Vested, Report 6903
Association between prenatal lead exposure and blood pressure in children. Zhang, Aimin; Hu, Howard; Sanchez, Brisa N.; Ettinger, Adrienne S.; Park, Sung Kyun; Cantonwine, Dav Report 7981
Associations between the quality of the residential built environment and pregnancy outcomes among women in north Carolina. Miranda, Marie Lynn; Messer, Lynne C.; Kroeger, Gretchen L. Report 7206
Bisphenol A and infant neonatal neurobehavior. Haighton, Lois; Card, Jeffrey W.; Lynch, Barry; Roberts, Ashley Report 841
Bisphenol A and infant neonatal neurobehavior: sathyanarayana et al. respond. Sathyanarayana, Sheela; Braun, Joe; Yolton, Kimberly; Liddy, Stacey; Lanphear, Bruce Report 806
Bisphenol A and its analogues activate human pregnane x receptor. Sui, Yipeng; Ai, Ni; Park, Se-Hyung; Rios-Pilier, Jennifer; Perkins, Jordan T.; Welsh, William J.; Z Report 5139
Blood pressure, lead, and prenatal exposure. Brief article 201
BPA and analogues are human PXR ligands. Brief article 194
BPA and PXR activation: human receptor is affected, mouse receptor is not. Barrett Julia R. Report 476
Caffeine in wastewater is a tracer for human fecal contamination. Potera, Carol Report 900
Chlordanes and male congenital anomalies. Brief article 143
Climate change vulnerability. Brief article 183
Coarse particles and daily mortality in Sweden. Brief article 236
CT scans: balancing health risks and medical benefits. Schmidt, Charles W. Report 3155
Did smokefree legislation in England reduce exposure to secondhand smoke among nonsmoking adults? Cotinine analysis from the health survey for England. Sims, Michelle; Mindell, Jennifer S.; Jarvis, Martin J.; Feyerabend, Colin; Wardle, Heather; Gilmore Report 6964
Do interactions between gut ecology and environmental chemicals contribute to obesity and diabetes? Snedeker, Suzanne M.; Hay, Anthony G. 11314
Early-life exposures and early-onset uterine leiomyomata in black women m the sister study. D'Aloisio, Aimee A.; Baird, Donna D.; DeRoo, Lisa A.; Sandler, Dale P. Report 7959
Estimated acute effects of ambient ozone and nitrogen dioxide on mortality in the pearl river delta of southern China. Tao, Yebin; Huang, Wei; Huang, Xiaoliang; Zhong, Liuju; Lu, Shou-En; Li, Yi; Dai, Lingzhen; Zhang, Y Report 7375
Estimated short-term effects of coarse particles on daily mortality in Stockholm, Sweden. Meister, Kadri; Johansson, Christer; Forsberg, Bertil Report 6649
Examining assumptions about female dominance in autoimmune disease. Weinhold, Bob Report 1162
Exposure to phthalates and phenols during pregnancy and offspring size at birth. Philippat, Claire; Mortamais, Marion; Chevrier, Cecile; Petit, Claire; Calafat, Antonia M.; Ye, Xiao Report 8767
FDA proposes to ban cephalosporins from livestock feed. Schmidt, Charles W. 961
Fine particulate matter constituents and cardiopulmonary mortality in a heavily polluted chinese city. Cao, Junji; Xu, Hongmei; Xu, Qun; Chen, Bingheng; Kan, Haodong Report 7779
Gut check: do interactions between environmental chemicals and intestinal microbiota affect obesity and diabetes? Holtcamp, Wendee Report 355
Gut ecology and metabolism of obesogenic and diabetogenic chemicals. Brief article 228
Identification of phthalates in medications and dietary supplement formulations in the United States and Canada. Kelley, Katherine E.; Hernandez-Diaz, Sonia; Chaplin, Erica L.; Hauser, Russ; Mitchell, Allen A. Report 6056
Impact of smokefree legislation in England. Brief article 172
In utero exposure to maternal tobacco smoke and subsequent obesity, hypertension, and gestational diabetes among women in the MoBa cohort. Cup-Uicab Lea A; Skjaerven, Rohl; Haug, Kjell; Melve, Kari K.; Engel, Stephanie M.; Longnecker, Matt Report 7399
In utero tobacco smoke exposure and adverse events among adults. Brief article 169
Is pesticide use related to Parkinson disease? Some clues to heterogeneity in study results. van der Mark, Marianne; Brouwer, Maartje; Kromhout, Hans; Nijssen, Peter; Huss, Anke; Vermeulen, Roe Report 8625
Lead and cadmium levels and balance and vestibular dysfunction among adult participants in the national health and nutrition examination survey (NHANES) 1999-2004. Min, Kyoung-Bok; Lee, Kyung-Jong; Park, Jae-Beom; Min, Jin-Young Report 6146
Lead concentrations in relation to multiple biomarkers of cardiovascular disease: the normative aging study. Peters, Junenette L.; Kubzansky, Laura D.; Ikeda, Ai; Fang, Shona C.; Sparrow, David; Weisskopf, Mar Report 7339
Lead exposure and cardiovascular biomarkers. Brief article 204
Lead, cadmium, and vestibular dysfunction. Brief article 213
Long-term exposure to traffic-related air pollution associated with blood pressure and self-reported hypertension in a Danish cohort. Mette, Sorensen; Hoffmann, Barbara; Havidberg, Martin; Ketzel, Matthias; Jensen, Steen Solvang; Ande Report 8612
Mapping climate change vulnerabilities to infectious diseases in europe. Semenza, Jan C.; Suk, Jonathan E.; Estevez, Virginia; Ebi, Kristie L.; Lindgren, Elisabet Survey 6373
Maternal pregnancy levels of trans-nonachlor and oxychlordane and prevalence of cryptorchidism and hypospadias in boys. Trabert, Britton; Longnecker, Matthew P.; Brock, John W.; Klebanoff, MarkA.; McGlynn, Katherine A. Report 5870
Measuring the success of community science. Brief article 193
Measuring the success of community science: the northern California household exposure study. Brown, Phil; Brody, Julia Green; Morello-Frosch, Rachel; Tovar, Jessica; Zota, Ami R.; Rudel, Ruthan 6813
Mining label data: assessing the presence of ortho-phthalates in pharmaceuticals and dietary supplements. Tillett, Tanya 388
Overt and latent cardiac effects of ozone inhalation in rats: evidence for autonomic modulation and increased myocardial vulnerability. Farraj, Aimen K.; Hazari, Mehdi S.; Winsett, Darrell W.; Kulukuiualani, Anthony; Carll, Alex P.; Hay Report 7386
Overt and latent cardiac effects of ozone. Brief article 263
Pesticides and Parkinson disease. Brief article 232
Phenols, phthalates, and birth size. Brief article 196
Phthalates and pregnancy loss. Brief article 172
Phthalates in medications and supplements. Brief article 207
Prenatal concentrations of polychlorinated biphenyls, DDE, and DDT and overweight in children: a prospective birth cohort study. Vaivi, Damaskini; Mendez, Michelle A.; Martinez, David; Grimalt, Joan O.; Torrent, Maties; Sunyer, J Report 8081
Prenatal organochlorines and childhood overweight. Brief article 220
Public health nurses and climate change. Brief article 188
Public health nurses' knowledge and attitudes regarding climate change. Polivka, Barbara J.; Chaudry, Rosemary V.; Crawford, John Mac 5092
Reducing personal exposure to particular air pollution improves cardiovascular Health in Patients with coronary heart disease. Langrish, Jeremy P.; Li, Xi; Wang, Shengfeng; Lee, Matthew M.Y.; Barnes, Gareth D.; Miller, Mark R.; Report 6518
Residential built environment and birth outcomes. Brief article 225
The beat. Dooiey, Erin E. Report 754
The emerging science of BMAA: do cyanobacteria contribute to neurodegenerative disease? Holtcamp, Wendee Report 5775
The future is now. Tilson, Hugh A.; Schroeder, Jane C.; Booker, Susan M. Editorial 761
Uterine fibroids in black women. Brief article 235

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