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Articles from Environmental Health Perspectives (September 1, 2011)

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Additivity of pyrethroid actions on sodium influx in cerebrocortical neurons in primary culture. Cao, Zhengyu; Shafer, Timothy J.; Crofton, Kevin M.; Gennings, Chris; Murray, Thomas F. Report 6029
Additivity of pyrethroids on [Na.sup.+] influx. Brief article 170
Air pollution and cardiorespiratory events in infants. Brief article 141
Air pollution and stillbirth. Brief article 159
Air pollution and stillbirth: a population-based case-control study in Taiwan. Hwang, Bing-Fang; Lee, Yungling Leo; Jaakkola, Jouni J.K. Report 5847
Air pollution during pregnancy and size at birth. Brief article 172
Ambient air pollution and apnea and bradycardia in high-risk infants on home monitors. Peel, Jennifer L.; Klein, Mitchel; Flanders, W. Dana; Mulholland, James A.; Freed, Gary; Tolbert, Pa Report 7875
Ambient air pollution and infant health: home monitors make cardiorespiratory connections. Betts, Kellyn S. 445
Atrazine and cancer in the Agricultural Health Study. Brief article 174
Atrazine and cancer incidence among pesticide applicators in the Agricultural Health Study (1994-2007). Freeman, Laura E. Beane; Rusiecki, Jennifer A.; Hoppin, Jane A.; Lubin, Jay H.; Koutros, Stella; And Clinical report 9086
Bitumen and PAH exposure among ancient Chumash Indians. Brief article 168
Clarification. Correction notice 129
Climate change & infectious disease is the future here? Cooney, Catherine M. Report 3898
Climate change impacts indoor environment. Potera, Carol Report 1038
Comparison of serum bisphenol A concentrations in mice exposed to bisphenol A through the diet versus oral bolus exposure. Sieli, Paizlee T.; Jasarevic, Eldin; Warzak, Denise A.; Mao, Jiude; Ellersieck, Mark R.; Liao, Chuny Report 7324
Could the health decline of prehistoric California Indians be related to exposure to polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs) from natural bitumen? Warmlander, Sebastian K.T.S.; Sholts, Sabrina B.; Erlandson, Jon M.; Gjerdrum, Thor; Westerholm, Rog Report 5526
Creatinine, diet, micronutrients, and arsenic methylation in West Bengal, India. Basu, Arin; Mitra, Soma; Chung, Joyce; Mazumder, D.N. Guha; Ghosh, Nilima; Kalman, David; von Ehrens Report 7104
Diet, micronutrients, and arsenic methylation. Brief article 174
Dietary intervention and DEHP reduction. Risotto, Stephen P. Report 491
Dietary intervention and DEHP reduction: Rudel et al. respond. Rudel, Ruthann; Ackerman, Janet; Dodson, Robin Letter to the editor 860
Dioxin exposure and age of pubertal onset among Russian boys. Korrick, Susan A.; Lee, Mary M.; Williams, Paige L.; Sergeyev, Oleg; Burns, Jane S.; Patterson, Dona Report 7355
Dioxins and male pubertal onset. Brief article 129
Drinking water salinity and maternal health in coastal Bangladesh: implications of climate change. Khan, Aneire Ehmar; Ireson, Andrew; Kovats, Sari; Mojumder, Sontosh Kumar; Khusru, Amirul; Rahman, A Report 5398
Environmental factors develop different patterns of immune disease. Blasco, Luis M. Letter to the editor 447
Estimating water supply arsenic levels in the New England bladder cancer study. Nuckols, John R.; Freeman, Laura E. Beane; Lubin, Jay H.; Airola, Matthew S.; Baris, Dalsu; Ayotte, Report 8282
Estimating water supply arsenic levels. Brief article 153
Estrogen activity in plastic products: Yang et al. respond. Yang, Chun Z.; Bittner, George D.; Yaniger, Stuart I.; Klein, Daniel J.; Jordan, V. Craig Report 1177
Exploring the potential of Frankia. Dooley, Erin E. 350
Exposure to PBDEs in the office environment: evaluating the relationships between dust, handwipes, and serum. Watkins, Deborah J.; McClean, Michael D.; Fraser, Alicia J.; Weinberg, Janice; Stapleton, Heather M. Report 7069
Fields and forests in flames: vegetation smoke & human health. Weinhold, Bob Report 5425
Fields and forests in flames: vegetation smoke and human health. Brief article 104
Genetic susceptibility to PCB-induced developmental toxicity. Brief article 178
Halogenated bisphenols are PPAR ligands. Brief article 170
Health impacts of forest fire smoke. Brief article 151
Impact of an improved stove on exposure biomarkers. Brief article 126
Impact of the improved Patsari biomass stove on urinary polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbon biomarkers and carbon monoxide exposures in rural Mexican women. Riojas-Rodriguez, Horacio; Schilmann, Astrid; Marron-Mares, Adriana Teresa; Masera, Omar; Li, Zheng; Report 7437
In utero and lactational exposure to PCBs in mice: adult offspring show altered learning and memory depending on CYP1a2 and AhR genotypes. Curran, Christine P.; Nebert, Daniel W; Genter, Mary Beth; Patel, Krishna V.; Schaefer, Tori L.; Ske Report 6782
In vitro detection of estrogen activity in plastic products using a sensitive bioassay: failure to acknowledge limitations. Kelce, William R.; Borgert, Christopher J. Letter to the editor 909
Life imprints: living in a contaminated world. Brief article 128
Life imprints: living in a contaminated world. Crews, David; Gore, Andrea C. Report 3834
Nitrogen dioxide and daily mortality. Brief article 166
Occupational exposure to asbestos and ovarian cancer: a meta-analysis. Camargo, M. Constanza; Stayner, Leslie T.; Straif, Kurt; Reina, Margarita; Al-Alem, Umaima; Demers, Report 8235
Ovarian cancer and asbestos exposure. Brief article 146
PBDEs in the office environment. Brief article 161
Peroxisome proliferator-activated receptor [gamma] is a target for halogenated analogs of bisphenol A. Riu, Anne; Grimaldi, Marina; Maire, Albane le; Bey, Gilbert; Phillips, Kevin; Boulahtouf, Abdelhay; Report 5796
Prenatal exposure to BPA and sexually selected traits in male mice. Holtcamp, Wendee Report 1296
Residential exposure to outdoor air pollution during pregnancy and anthropometric measures at birth in a multicenter cohort in Spain. Estarlich, Marisa; Ballester, Ferran; Aguilera, Inmaculada; Fernandez-Somoano, Ana; Lertxundi, Aitan Report 7210
Scorecard rates emission reductions of hybrid vehicles. Holzman, David C. Report 1047
Secondhand smoke and inflammatory markers in nonsmoking truckers. Brief article 124
Secondhand smoke exposure and inflammatory markers in nonsmokers in the trucking industry. Chiu, Yueh-Hsiu Mathilda; Spiegelman, Donna; Dockery, Douglas W.; Garshick, Eric; Hammond, Katharine Report 8341
Serum bisphenol a concentrations in diet-exposed mice. Brief article 133
Short-term effects of nitrogen dioxide on mortality and susceptibility factors in 10 Italian cities: the EpiAir Study. Chiusolo, Monica; Cadum, Ennio; Stafoggia, Massimo; Galassi, Claudia; Berti, Giovanna; Faustini, Ann Report 8210
Smoking, COPD, and 3-nitrotyrosine levels of plasma proteins. Jin, Hongjun; Webb-Robertson, Bobbie-Jo; Peterson, Elena S.; Tan, Ruimin; Bigelow, Diana J.; Scholan Report 7778
Smoking, COPD, and nitrotyrosine. Brief article 164
Social disparities in Nitrate-Contaminated Drinking Water in California's San Joaquin Valley. Balazs, Carolina; Morello-Frosch, Rachel; Hubbard, Alan; Ray, Isha Report 7990
Social disparities in nitrate-contaminated water. Brief article 132
Teen hearing loss linked to SHS. Dooley, Erin E. Brief article 106
Testing the dose addition hypothesis: the impact of pyrethroid insecticide mixtures on neurons. Freeman, Kris S. 447
The polluters: the making of our chemically altered environment. Howard, Gregory J. Book review 1045
Thirdhand smoke in review: research needs and recommendations. Tillett, Tanya 430
Thirdhand tobacco smoke. Brief article 158
Thirdhand tobacco smoke: emerging evidence and arguments for a multidisciplinary research agenda. Matt, Georg E; Quintana, Penelope J.E.; Destaillats, Hugo; Gundel, Lara A.; Sleiman, Mohamad; Singer Report 8899
Three measures of forest fire smoke exposure and their associations with respiratory and cardiovascular health outcomes in a population-based cohort. Henderson, Sarah B.; Brauer, Michael; MacNab, Ying C.; Kennedy, Susan M. Report 6717
U.S. Forest Service examines fire retardant policy. Dooley, Erin E. Brief article 114
Warm reception? Halogenated BPA flame retardants and PPAR[gamma] activation. Barrett, Julia R. 482
Water salinity and maternal health in Bangladesh. Brief article 164

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