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Articles from Environmental Health Perspectives (March 1, 2011)

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A distribution-based multiple imputation method for handling bivariate pesticide data with values below the limit of detection. Chen, Haiying; Quandt, Sara A.; Grzywacz, Joseph G.; Arcury, Thomas A. Clinical report 6162
A whale tale: using blubber biopsies to characterize Pacific Ocean pollutant trends. Spivey, Angela 456
Alberta's oil sands: hard evidence, missing data, new promises. Weinhold, Bob 4299
Ambient particulate matter air pollution and venous thromboembolism in the Women's Health Initiative Hormone Therapy trials. Shih, Regina A.; Griffin, Beth Ann; Salkowski, Nicholas; Jewell, Adria; Eibner, Christine; Bird, Chl Report 8392
Arctic oil drilling plans raise environmental health concerns. Schmidt, Charles W. 1458
Are particulate matter exposures associated with risk of type 2 diabetes? Puett, Robin C.; Hart, Jaime E.; Schwartz, Joel; Hu, Frank B.; Liese, Angela D.; Laden, Francine Clinical report 8346
Arsenic and lung and bladder cancer. Brief article 192
Benzene and neural tube defects. Brief article 160
Biomarker and contaminant analyses of skin biopsies from Pacific sperm whales. Report 120
Bisphenol A, triclosan, and immune parameters. Report 202
Blood pressure in relation to concentrations of PCB congeners and chlorinated pesticides. Goncharov, Alexey; Pavuk, Marian; Foushee, Herman R.; Carpenter, David O. Report 7539
Brain magnetic resonance spectroscopy and lead. Brief article 143
Chemical-induced immunotoxicity. Report 204
Children's health and global climate change. Brief article 172
Climate change and children's health: protecting and preparing our youngest. Tillett, Tanya 466
Climate change impacts on health. Brief article 170
Consequences of feminization in wild fish. Report 148
Cycling: de Hartog et al. respond. Hartog, Jeroen Johan de; Boogaard, Hanna; Hock, Gerard; Nijland, Hans Letter to the editor 943
Cycling: health benefits and risks. Panis, Luc Int Letter to the editor 902
Diesel particulate matter induces receptor for advanced glycation end-products (RAGE) expression in pulmonary epithelial cells, and RAGE signaling influences NF-[kappa]B-mediated inflammation. Reynolds, Paul R.; Wasley, Karisa M.; Allison, Camille H. Report 5331
Diesel particulate matter-induced pulmonary inflammation. Report 144
Dioxin emissions and human exposure in China: a brief history of policy and research. Zhao, Bin; Zheng, Minghui; Jiang, Guibin 1506
Distribution-based multiple imputation method. Report 135
Dose imprecision and resistance. Brief article 170
Dose imprecision and resistance: free-choice medicated feeds in industrial food animal production in the United States. Love, David C.; Davis, Meghan F.; Bassett, Anna; Gunther, Andrew; Nachman, Keeve E. Report 5472
Engineered nanoparticles in consumer products: understanding a new ingredient. Kessler, Rebecca 5343
Exploring indirect sources of human exposure to perfluoroalkyl carboxylates (PFCAs): evaluating uptake, elimination, and biotransformation of polyfluoroalkyl phosphate esters (PAPs) in the rat. D'eon, Jessica C.; Mabury, Scott A. Report 7857
Fate and complex pathogenic effects of dioxins and polychlorinated biphenyls in obese subjects before and after drastic weight loss. Kim, Min-Ji; Marchand, Philippe; Henegar, Corneliu; Antignac, Jean-Philippe; Alili, Rohia; Poitou, C Report 6839
Gene expression alterations in immune system pathways in the thymus after exposure to immunosuppressive chemicals. Frawley, Rachel; White, Kimber, Jr.; Brown, Ronnetta; Musgrove, Deborah; Walker, Nigel; Germolec, Do Report 7183
Global climate change and children's health: threats and strategies for prevention. Sheffield, Perry E.; Landrigan, Philip J. Report 9428
Hidden Costs of Energy: Unpriced Consequences of Energy Production and Use. Auffhammer, Maximilian Book review 772
Maternal exposure to ambient levels of benzene and neural tube defects among offspring: Texas, 1999-2004. Lupo, Philip J.; Symanski, Elaine; Waller, D. Kim; Chan, Wenyaw; Langlois, Peter H.; Canfield, Mark Report 6124
Methods for timing of vulnerability. Brief article 188
New food safety law brings opportunities amid hurdles. Taylor, David A. 713
Not just for workers: maternal exposure to ambient benzene linked to spina bifida in infants. Barrett, Julia R. Clinical report 476
Pacific Ocean-wide profile of CYP1A1 expression, stable carbon and nitrogen isotope ratios, and organic contaminant burden in sperm whale skin biopsies. Godard-Codding, Celine A.J.; Clark, Rebecca; Fossi, Maria Cristina; Marsili, Letizia; Maltese, Silvi Report 7081
Particulate matter and venous thromboembolism in women. Report 185
Particulate matter exposures and diabetes. Report 127
Pharmacokinetics of the polyfluoroalkyl phosphates. Report 146
Polychlorinated biphenyl levels and blood pressure. Report 162
POPs in obese individuals during weight loss. Brief article 172
Proton magnetic resonance spectroscopy in adults with childhood lead exposure. Cecil, Kim M.; Dietrich, Kim N.; Altaye, Mekibib; Egelhoff, John C.; Lindquist, Diana M.; Brubaker, Report 7573
RDX binds to the [GABA.sub.A] receptor-convulsant site and blocks [GABA.sub.A] receptor-mediated currents in the amygdala: a mechanism for RDX-induced seizures. Williams, Larry R.; Aroniadou-Anderjaska, Vassiliki; Qashu, Felicia; Finne, Huckelberry; Pidoplichko Report 6476
RDX blocks GABA currents. Report 161
Road RAGE? The role of diesel particulate matter in lung inflammation. Betts, Kellyn S. 442
SOT at 50: a proud legacy, a vibrant future. Birnbaum, Linda S. Editorial 1157
Statistical methods to study timing of vulnerability with sparsely sampled data on environmental toxicants. Sanchez, Brisa Ney; Hu, Howard; Litman, Heather J.; Tellez-Rojo, Martha Maria Report 8121
The beat. Dooley, Erin E. 812
The consequences of feminization in breeding groups of wild fish. Harris, Catherine A.; Hamilton, Patrick B.; Runnalls, Tamsin J.; Vinciotti, Veronica; Henshaw, Alan; Report 6595
The impact of bisphenol A and triclosan on immune parameters in the U.S. population, NHANES 2003-2006. Clayton, Erin M. Rees; Todd, Megan; Dowd, Jennifer Beam; Aiello, Allison E. Report 8318
U.S. lives: longer but sicker? Freeman, Kris S. 835
Uncertainties associated with quantifying climate change impacts on human health: a case study for diarrhea. Kolstad, Erik W.; Johansson, Kjell Arne Report 6631
Use of in vitro HTS-derived concentration-response data as biological descriptors improves the accuracy of QSAR models of in vivo toxicity. Sedykh, Alexander; Zhu, Hao; Tang, Hao; Zhang, Llying; Richard, Ann; Rusyn, Ivan; Tropsha, Alexander Report 6146
Utility of recent studies to assess the National Research Council 2001 estimates of cancer risk from ingested arsenic. Gibb, Herman; Haver, Cary; Gaylor, David; Ramasamy, Santhini; Lee, Janice S.; Lobdell, Danelle; Wade Report 9139
Vascular and cardiac impairments in rats inhaling ozone and diesel exhaust particles. Kodavanti, Urmila P.; Thomas, Ronald; Ledbetter, Allen D.; Schladweiler, Mette C.; Shannahan, Jonath Report 7082
Vascular responses to exhaust particles and ozone. Brief article 235

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