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Articles from Environmental Health Perspectives (July 1, 2011)

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[PM.sub.2.5] affects cardiac arrhythmia. Report 196
A retrospective assessment of occupational exposure to elemental carbon in the U.S. trucking industry. Davis, Mary E.; Hart, Jaime E.; Laden, Francine; Garshick, Eric; Smith, Thoman J. Report 6549
A shift in policy? Learning from China's environmental challenges and successes. Mead, M. Nathaniel 425
Acute effects of fine particulate air pollution on cardiac arrhythmia: the APACR study. He, Fan; Shaffer, Michele L.; Rodriguez-Colon, Sol; Yanosky, Jeff D.; Bixler, Edward; Cascio, Wayne Report 7575
ADHD, lead, and PCBs: appropriate comparison studies. Brondum, Jack Report 921
ADHD, lead, and PCBs: Eubig et al. Respond. Eubig, Paul A.; Aguiar, Andrea; Schantz, Susan L. Report 630
Air pollutants act on glutamatergic neurons. Brief article 136
Air pollution and DNA methylation. Brief article 192
Air pollution and infant mortality. Brief article 171
Air pollution and low birth weight. Brief article 189
Ambient air pollution and lipoprotein-associated phospholipase [A.sub.2] in survivors of myocardial infarction. Bruske, Irene; Hampel, Regina; Baumgartner, Zita; Ruckerl, Regina; Greven, Sonja; Koenig, Wolfgang; Report 6566
Ambient air pollution and lipoprotein-associated phospholipase [A.sub.2]. Brief article 208
Anogenital distance and semen quality. Brief article 201
Atrazine exposure and birth outcomes. Brief article 176
Bioavailability of cadmium in inexpensive jewelry. Weidenhamer, Jeffrey D.; Miller, Jennifer; Guinn, Daphne; Pearson, Janna 5625
Bioavailability of cadmium in jewelry. Brief article 217
Can cigarette alternatives deliver a safer fix? Washam, Cynthia Report 1709
Cancer Risk Assessment: Chemical Carcinogenesis, Hazard Evaluation, and Risk Quantification. Harbison, Raymond D. Report 965
Chemical aftermath: contamination and cleanup following the Tohoku earthquake and tsunami. Bird, Winifred A.; Grossman, Elizabeth 8680
Concentrations of pesticides in carpet dust. Brief article 141
Cumulative lead exposure and cardiac conductivity. Report 162
Determinants of agricultural pesticide concentrations in carpet dust. Gunier, Robert B.; Ward, Mary H.; Airola, Matthew; Bell, Erin M.; Colt, Joanne; Nishioka, Marcia; Me Report 7813
Diesel exhaust and stress. Report 209
Dietary intervention to reduce BPA and DEHP. Report 164
Does air pollution trigger infant mortality in Western Europe? A case-crossover study. Scheers, Hans; Mwalili, Samuel M.; Faes, Christel; Fierens, Frans; Nemery, Benoit; Nawrot, Tim S. Report 6784
Environmental health research implications of methylmercury. Tsuda, Toshihide 828
Environmental lessons from China. Brief article 111
Environmental lessons from China: finding promising policies in unlikely places. Remais, Justin V.; Zhang, Junfeng Report 3403
Evaluation criteria for publishing in top-tier journals in environmental health sciences and toxicology. Lee, Byung-Mu Report 3942
Evaluation criteria for publishing. Brief article 132
Food packaging and bisphenol a and bis (2-ethyhexyl) phthalate exposure: findings from a dietary intervention. Rudel, Ruthann A.; Gray, Janet M.; Engel, Connie L.; Rawsthorne, Teresa W.; Dodson, Robin E.; Ackerm Report 7386
Gate wait for better air. Potera, Carol 777
Global prevention of environmental and occupational cancer. Landrigan, Philip J.; Espina, Carolina; Neira, Maria Editorial 1373
Glutamatergic neurons in rodent models respond to nanoscale particulate urban air pollutants in vivo and in vitro. Morgan, Todd E.; Davis, David A.; Iwata, Nahoko; Tanner, Jeremy A.; Snyder, David; Ning, Zhi; Kam, W Report 6430
Historical exposure to diesel in the trucking industry. Brief article 131
Home energy-efficiency retrofits. Stephens, Brent; Carter, Ellison M.; Gall, Elliott T.; Earnest, C. Matt; Walsh, Elizabeth A.; Hun, D 1092
I-131 Dose response for incident thyroid cancers in Ukraine related to the Chornobyl accident. Brenner, Alina V.; Tronko, Mykola D.; Hatch, Maureen; Bogdanova, Tetyana I.; Oliynik, Valery A.; Lub Report 8295
Inhalable metal-rich air particles and histone H3K4 dimethylation and H3K9 acetylation in a cross-sectional study of steel workers. Cantone, Laura; Nordio, Francesco; Hou, Lifang; Apostoli, Pietro; Bonzini, Matteo; Tarantini, Letizi Report 7815
Metal-rich air particles and histone modifications. Brief article 172
Methane found in well water near fracking sites. Holzman, David C. 659
Methylmercury: Grandjean et al. Respond. Grandjean, Philippe; Satoh, Hiroshi; Murata, Katsuyuki; Eto, Komyo Brief article 182
Most plastic products release estrogenic chemicals: a potential health problem that can be solved. Yang, Chun Z.; Yaniger, Stuart I.; Jordan, V. Craig; Klein, Daniel J.; Bittner, George D. Report 7647
Neurotoxicity of brominated flame retardants: (in)direct effects of parent and hydroxylated polybrominated diphenyl ethers on the (developing) nervous system. Dingemans, Milou M.L.; van den Berg, Martin; Westerink, Remco H.S. Report 10315
Neurotoxicity of PBDEs and OH-PBDEs. Brief article 135
Occupational solvent exposure and brain function. Brief article 166
Occupational solvent exposure and brain function: An fMRI study. Tang, Cheuk Ying; Carpenter, David M.; Eaves, Emily L.; Ng, Johnny; Ganeshalingam, Nimalya; Weisel, Report 6680
Particulate matter-induced health effects: who is susceptible? Inoue, Ken-ichiro; Takano, Hirohisa 736
PCBs and IVF outcomes. Brief article 155
PCBs may impede IVF success: failed embryo implantation linked to exposure. Barrett, Julia R. 480
Phosphorus recovery: new approaches to extending the life cycle. Lougheed, Tim Conference news 2561
Plastic products release chemicals with estrogenic activity. Brief article 183
Plastics and food sources: dietary intervention to reduce BPA and DEHP. Betts, Kellyn S. Report 551
Prolonged exposure to particulate pollution, genes associated with glutathione pathways, and DNA methylation in a cohort of older men. Madrigano, Jaime; Baccarelli, Andrea; Mittleman, Murray A.; Wright, Robert O.; Sparrow, David; Vokon Report 7474
Prospective cohort study of lead exposure and electrocardiographic conduction disturbances in the department of veterans affairs normative aging study. Eum, Ki-Do; Nie, Linda H.; Schwartz, Joel; Vokonas, Pantel S.; Sparrow, David; Hu, Howard; Weisskopf Report 6834
Role for trpa1 in diesel-induced arrhythmia risk. Brief article 190
Serum concentrations of polychlorinated biphenyls in relation to in vitro fertilization outcomes. Meeker, John D.; Maity, Arnab; Missmer, Stacey A.; Williams, Paige L.; Mahalingaiah, Shruthi; Ehrlic Report 8863
Shorter anogenital distance predicts poorer semen quality in young men in Rochester, New York. Mendiola, Jaime; Stahlhut, Richard W.; Jorgensen, Niels; Liu, Fan; Swan, Shanna H. Report 6407
Sickness response symptoms among healthy volunteers after controlled exposures to diesel exhaust and psychological stress. Laumbach, Robert J.; Kipen, Howard M.; Kelly-McNeil, Kathie; Zhang, Junfeng; Zhang, Lin; Lioy, Paul Report 6177
The beat. Dooley, Erin E. 725
The international collaboration on air pollution and pregnancy outcomes: initial results. Parker, Jennifer D.; Rich, David Q.; Glinianaia, Svetlana V.; Leem, Jong Han; Wartenberg, Daniel; Be Report 6956
Thyroid cancer after Chornobyl: increased risk persists two decades after radioiodine exposure. Brown, Valerie J. Report 406
Thyroid cancers in Ukraine after the Chornobyl accident. Brief article 215
TRPA1 and sympathetic activation contribute to increased risk of triggered cardiac arrhythmias in hypertensive rats exposed to diesel exhaust. Hazari, Mehdi S.; Haykal-Coates, Najwa; Winsett, Darrell W.; Todd Krantz, Q.; King, Charly; Costa, D Report 6412
Urinary biomarkers of prenatal atrazine exposure and adverse birth outcomes in the PELAGIE birth cohort. Chevrier, Cecile; Limon, Gwendolina; Monfort, Christine; Rouget, Florence; Garlantezec, Ronan; Petit Report 9682
Variability in urinary BPA levels. Brief article 155
Variability of urinary concentrations of bisphenol A in spot samples, first morning voids, and 24-hour collections. Ye, Xiaoyun; Wong, Lee-Yang; Bishop, Amber M.; Calafat, Antonia M. Report 6539

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