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Articles from Environmental Health Perspectives (February 1, 2011)

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2010 reviewers of the year. 199
A case-control study of occupational exposure to trichloroethylene and non-hodgkin lymphoma. Purdue, Mark P.; Bakke, Berit; Stewart, Patricia; Roos, Anneclaire J. De; Schenk, Maryjean; Lynch, C Report 8338
A second look at sea lice. Taylor, David A. Report 749
A53MT polymorphisms and gene expression. Brief article 189
Acrolein and neuro disorders. Weinhold, Bob Report 808
Arsenic-associated oxidative stress, inflammation, and immune disruption in human placenta and cord blood. Ahmed, Sultan; Khoda, Sultana Mahabbat-e; Rekha, Rokeya Sultana; Gardner, Renee M.; Ameer, Syeda She Report 7540
Arsenic-induced inflammation in placenta. Brief article 206
Avoiding health pitfalls of home energy-efficiency retrofits. Manuel, John 3112
Beastly beauty products: exposure to inorganic mercury in skin-lightening creams. Washam, Cynthia Report 465
Cardiovascular effects of nickel nanoparticles. Brief article 157
Chemical contamination of U.S. butter. Brief article 202
Climate change and human health in China. Kan, Haidong Editorial 1306
Contamination of U.S. butter with polybrominated diphenyl ethers from wrapping paper. Schecter, Arnold; Smith, Sarah; Colacino, Justin; Malik, Noor; Opel, Matthias; Paepke, Olaf; Birnbau Report 5456
Disruption of thyroid hormone receptor-mediated transcription and thyroid hormone-induced Purkinje cell dendrite arborization by polybrominated diphenyl ethers. Ibhazehiebo, Kingsley; Iwasaki, Toshiharu; Kimura-Kuroda, Junko; Miyazaki, Wataru; Shimokawa, Noriak Report 5632
Does the smoke ever really clear? Thirdhand smoke exposure raises new concerns. Burton, Adrian Report 3592
Electrocardiographic ST-segment depression and exposure to traffic-related aerosols in elderly subjects with coronary artery disease. Delfino, Ralph J.; Gillen, Daniel L.; Tjoa, Thomas; Staimer, Norbert; Polidori, Andrea; Arhami, Moha Report 8246
Elimination half-lives of persistent chemicals. Brief article 153
Factors associated with pregnancy outcomes. Brief article 192
Fish consumption and mercury exposure among Louisiana recreational anglers. Lincoln, Rebecca A.; Shine, James P.; Chesney, Edward J.; Vorhees, Donna J.; Grandjean, Philippe; Se Report 8060
Fish intake and MeHg exposure in Louisiana anglers. Brief article 152
Genetic, biochemical, and environmental factors associated with pregnancy outcomes in newborns from the Czech Republic. Rossner, Pavel, Jr.; Tabashidze, Nana; Dostal, Miroslav; Novakova, Zuzana; Chvatalova, Irena; Spatov Report 8346
Global estimate of SHS burden. Lubick, Naomi 1466
Greening through IT: Information Technology for Environmental Sustainability. Blevis, Eli Book review 1320
Heat effects are unique: mortality risk depends on heat wave, community characteristics. Tillett, Tanya Report 375
Heat waves and U.S. mortality risk. Brief article 151
Heat waves in the United States: mortality risk during heat waves and effect modification by heat wave characteristics in 43 U.S. communities. Anderson, G. Brooke; Bell, Michelle L. Report 7494
Home characteristics and microbe levels. Brief article 147
Home characteristics as predictors of bacterial and fungal microbial biomarkers in house dust. Sordillo, Joanne E.; Alwis, Udeni K.; Hoffman, Elaine; Gold, Diane R.; Milton, Donald K. Report 8342
In vivo measurement of brain GABA concentrations by magnetic resonance spectroscopy in smelters occupationally exposed to manganese. Dydak, Ulrike; Jiang, Yue-Ming; Long, Li-Ling; Zhu, He; Chen, Jian; Li, Wen-Mei; Edden, Richard A.E. Report 6874
Intrinsic human elimination half-lives of polychlorinated biphenyls derived from thetemporal evolution of cross-sectional biomonitoring data from the United Kingdom. Ritter, Roland; Scheringer, Martin; MacLeod, Matthew; Moeckel, Claudia; Jones, Kevin C.; Hungerbuhle Report 7368
Long-term inhalation exposure to nickel nanoparticles exacerbated atherosclerosis in a susceptible mouse model. Kang, Gi Soo; Gillespie, Patricia Anne; Gunnison, Albert; Moreira, Andre Luis; Tchou-Wong, Kam-Meng; Report 5538
Magnetic resonance spectroscopy of GABA in occupational Mn exposure. Brief article 149
Mercury-containing products in New York city. Brief article 172
Occupational benzene exposure and lymphoma subtypes. Brief article 161
Occupational benzene exposure and the risk of lymphoma subtypes: a meta-analysis of cohort studies incorporating three study quality dimensions. Vlaanderen, Jelle; Lan, Qing; Kromhout, Hans; Rothman, Nathaniel; Vermeulen, Roel Report 11316
Parabens and markers of male reproductive health. Brief article 157
PBDEs and thyroid hormone-mediated neuronal development. Brief article 118
Polymorphisms in arsenic(+III oxidation state) methyltransferase (AS3MT) predict gene expression of AS3MT as well as arsenic metabolism. Engstrom, Karin; Vahter, Marie; Mlakar, Simona Jurkovic; Concha, Gabriela; Nermell, Barbro; Raqib, R Report 8134
Population-based inorganic mercury biomonitoring and the identification of skin care products as a source of exposure in New York City. McKelvey, Wendy; Jeffery, Nancy; Clark, Nancy Report 7876
Prenatal organochlorine compound exposure, rapid weight gain, and overweight in infancy. Mendez, Michelle A.; Garcia-Esteban, Raquel; Guxens, Monica; Vrijheid, Martine; Kogevinas, Manolis; Report 8861
Prenatal organochlorines and growth. Brief article 184
Product biomonitoring and responsible reporting. Jung, Paul Editorial 1672
Scented Products Emit a Bouquet of VOCs. Correction notice 176
ST-segment depression and air pollution. Brief article 120
The beat. Dooley, Erin E. 645
The dichloroacetate dilemma. Brief article 181
The dichloroacetate dilemma: environmental hazard versus therapeutic goldmine--both or neither? Stacpoole, Peter W. 5204
The Indian Ocean dipole and cholera in Bangladesh. Brief article 135
The Indian Ocean Dipole and cholera incidence in Bangladesh: a time-series analysis. Hashizume, Masahiro; Faruque, A.S.G.; Terao, Toru; Yunus, Md; Streatfield, Kim; Yamamoto, Taro; Moji Report 5818
Thyroid hormone understanding branches out: insights into PBDE impacts on brain development. Betts, Kellyn S. 456
Trichloroethylene exposure and non-Hodgkin lymphoma. Brief article 143
Urinary concentrations of parabens and serum hormone levels, semen quality parameters, and sperm DNA damage. Meeker, John D.; Yang, Tiffany; Ye, Xiaoyun; Calafat, Antonia M.; Hause, Russ Report 8279

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