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Articles from Environmental Health Perspectives (March 1, 2010)

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2010. Calendar 2644
Adibi. Correction notice 88
Air pollution, traffic, and heart rate variability in coronary artery disease patients. Brief article 235
Americas' dengue escalation is real--and shifting. Weinhold, Bob Report 630
An assessment of potential exposure and risk from estrogens in drinking water. Caldwell, Daniel J.; Mastrocco, Frank; Nowak, Edward; Johnston, James; Yekel, Harry; Pfeiffer, Danie 8082
AOD-[PM.sub.2.5] association: Paciorek and Liu respond. Paciorek, Christopher J.; Liu, Yang Report 1392
Are current or future mesothelioma epidemics in Hong Kong the tragic legacy of uncontrolled use of asbestos in the past? Tse, Lap Ah; Yu, Ignatius Tak-sun; Goggins, William; Clements, Mark; Wang, Xiao Rong; Au, Joseph Siu Report 4624
Association of intrauterine and early-life exposures with diagnosis of uterine leiomyomata by 35 Years of age in the Sister Study. D'Aloisio, Aimee A.; Baird, Donna D.; DeRoo, Lisa A.; Sandler, Dale P. Report 7741
Association of low-dose exposure to persistent organic pollutants with global DNA hypomethylation in healthy Koreans. Kim, Keon-Yeop; Kim, Dong-Sun; Lee, Sung-Kook; Lee, In-Kyu; Kang, Jung-Ho; Chang, Yoon-Seok; Jacobs, Report 5733
Bacterial pathogens present in cigarettes. Brief article 185
Barrier capacity of human placenta for nanosized materials. Wick,Peter; Malek, Antoine; Manser, Pius; Meili, Danielle; Maeder-Althaus, Xenia; Diener, Liliane; D Report 5426
Better burning, better breathing: improving health with cleaner cook stoves. Adler, Tina Report 2829
Better burning, better breathing: improving health with cleaner cook stoves. Brief article 83
Cadmium increases human fetal germ cell apoptosis. Angenard, Gaelle; Muczynski, Vincent; Coffigny, Herve; Pairault, Catherine; Duquenne, Clotilde; Fryd Report 6516
China completes first national pollution census. Dooley, Erin E. Brief article 100
Communities warm up to woodstove changeout programs. Dooley, Erin E. Brief article 101
Constituents of [PM.sub.2.5] air pollution and mortality. Brief article 274
Early-life exposures and uterine fibroids in the Sister Study. Brief article 196
Effects of para-Nonylphenol on cytokine secretion in human placenta. Report 192
Endocrine damper? Flame retardants linked to male hormone, sperm count changes. Betts, Kellyn S. Report 567
Environmental levels of para-nonylphenol are able to affect cytokine secretion in human placenta. Bechi, Nicoletta; letta, Francesca; Romagnoli, Roberta; Jantra, Silke; Cencini, Marco; Galassi, Gian Report 5970
EPA releases utilities' plans for coal ash impoundment safety. Dooley, Erin E. Brief article 114
EPA's ground-level ozone standard redux. Weinhold, Bob Report 869
Estimated exposure to estrogens in drinking water. Brief article 235
Evaluation of silver nanoparticle toxicity in skin in vivo and keratinocytes in vitro. Samberg, Meghan E.; Oldenburg, Steven J.; Monteiro-Riviere, Nancy A. Report 6634
Exploring a potential link between BPA and heart disease. Lubick, Naomi Report 627
Formaldehyde exposure among children: a potential building block of asthma. Tillett, Tanya Report 367
Formaldehyde exposure and asthma in children. Brief article 193
Formaldehyde Exposure and Asthma in Children: A Systematic Review. Report 5286
From one womb to another: early estrogenic exposures and later fibroid risk. Mead, M. Nathaniel Report 532
GSTM1/GSTT1 polymorphisms and associations between mercury and birth weight. Brief article 181
House dust concentrations of organophosphate flame retardants in relation to hormone levels and semen quality parameters. Meeker, John D.; Stapleton, Heather M. Report 7065
Human pathogens abundant in the bacterial metagenome of cigarettes. Sapkota, Amy R.; Berger, Sibel; Vogel, Timothy M. Report 6049
In vitro effects of cadmium on human fetal gonads. Brief article 237
Interaction between GSTM1/GSTT1 polymorphism and blood mercury on birth weight. Lee, Bo-Eun; Hong, Yun-Chul; Park, Hyesook; Ha, Mina; Koo, Bon Sang; Chang, Namsoo; Roh, Young-Man; Report 7917
Issues in using human variability distributions to estimate low-dose risk. Crump, Kenny S.; Chiu, Weihsueh A.; Subramaniam, Ravi P. Report 7552
Issues in using human variability distributions to estimate low-dose risk. Brief article 208
Long-term exposure to constituents of fine particulate air pollution and mortality: results from the California Teachers Study. Ostro, Bart; Lipsett, Michael; Reynolds, Peggy; Goldberg, Debbie; Hertz, Andrew; Garcia, Cynthia; He 8621
Lung Cancer Risk in Painters: A Meta-Analysis. Report 12075
Lung cancer risk in painters: a meta-analysis. Brief article 214
Mesothelioma time trends and asbestos use in Hong Kong. Report 216
Methodologic issues in using land cover data to characterize living environments of geocoded addresses. Zandbergen, Paul A. 1097
Microwaves and DNA repair foci in human stem cells. Brief article 226
Microwaves from mobile phones inhibit 53BP1 focus formation in human stem cells more strongly than in differentiated cells: possible mechanistic link to cancer risk. Markova, Eva; Malmgren, Lars O.G.; Belyaev, Igor Y. Report 7344
New MPH program a first for India. Burton, Adrian 764
OP flame retardants and endocrine markers in men. Brief article 182
Outbreak Investigations Around the World: case studies in infectious disease field epidemiology. Dworkin, Mark S. Report 727
Particulate soup: identifying the most toxic constituents of [PM.sub.2.5]. Haynes, Rebecca Clay 432
PBDEs and HBCD in U.S. food samples. Brief article 170
Peroxisome proliferator-activated receptor-[gamma] mediates bisphenol A inhibition of FSH-stimulated IGF-1, aromatase, and estradiol in human granulosa cells. Kwintkiewicz, Jakub; Nishi, Yoshihiro; Yanase, Toshihiko; Giudice, Linda C. Report 6505
Persistent organic pollutants and DNA hypomethylation in healthy Koreans. Report 199
Placental barrier capacity for nanoparticles. Brief article 165
Polybrominated diphenyl ethers (PBDEs) and hexabromocyclodecane (HBCD) in composite U.S. food samples. Schecter, Arnold; Haffner, Darrah; Colacino, Justin; Patel, Keyur; Papke, Olaf; Opel, Matthias; Birn Report 7904
PPAR[gamma] mediates BPA effects in human granulosa cells. Report 210
Probabilistic modeling of dietary arsenic exposure and dose and evaluation with 2003-2004 NHANES data. Xue, Jianping; Zartarian, Valerie; Wang, Sheng-Wei; Liu, Shi V.; Georgopoulos, Panos Report 6404
Probabilistic modeling of dietary arsenic exposure and dose. Brief article 222
Rating the sustainability of roads. Dooley, Erin E. Brief article 87
Reduction in heart rate variability with traffic and air pollution in patients with coronary artery disease. Zanobetti, Antonella; Gold, Diane R.; Stone, Peter H.; Sun, Helen H.; Schwartz, Joel; Coull, Brent A Clinical report 8090
Relationship between tap water hardness, magnesium, and calcium concentration and mortality due to ischemic heart disease or stroke in the Netherlands. Leurs, Lina J.; Schouten, Leo J.; Mons, Margreet N.; Goldbohm, R. Alexandra; Brandt, Piet A. van den Report 9957
Silicosis trends in South African gold miners. Report 218
Silver nanoparticle toxicity in keratinocytes and skin. Report 213
Synthetic biology: environmental health implications of a new field. Brief article 87
Synthetic biology: environmental health implications of a new field. Schmidt, Charles W. 3430
Tap water hardness and cardiovascular mortality in the Netherlands. Report 206
Three decades of silicosis: disease trends at autopsy in South African gold miners. Nelson, Gill; Girdler-Brown, Brendan; Ndlovu, Ntombizodwa; Murray,Jill 7396
TSCA reform under way in congress. Birnbaum, Linda S. Editorial 1152
Using land cover data to characterize living environments of geocoded addresses: Estes et al. respond. Estes, Maurice G., Jr.; Al-Hamdan, Mohammad Z.; Crosson, William; Estes, Sue M.; Quattrochi, Dale; K 331
What can affect AOD-[PM.sub.2.5] association? Kumar, Naresh 1254
What Cd means to CVD. Dooley, Erin E. Brief article 121

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