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Articles from Environmental Health Perspectives (July 1, 2010)

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(Bi)sulfite oxidation by copper, zinc-superoxide dismutase: sulfite-derived, radical-initiated protein radical formation. Ranguelova, Kalina; Bonini, Marcelo G.; Mason, Ronald P. Report 5353
2010. Calendar 2649
A comparison of vascular effects from complex and individual air pollutants indicates a role for monoxide gases and volatile hydrocarbons. Campen, Matthew J.; Lund, Amie K.; Doyle-Eisele, Melanie L.; McDonald, Jacob D.; Knuckles, Travis L. Report 6672
A repeat call for the banning of asbestos. Birnbaum, Linda S.; Schroeder, Jane C.; Tilson, Hugh A. Editorial 1282
A worn-out welcome: renewed call for a global ban on asbestos. Haynes, Rebecca Clay Report 3840
Active and passive surveillance and phylogenetic analysis of Borrelia burgdorferi elucidate the process of Lyme disease risk emergence in Canada. Ogden, Nicholas H.; Bouchard, Catherine; Kurtenbach, Klaus; Margos, Gabriele; Lindsay, Robbin L.; Tr Report 6288
Acute adverse effects of fine particulate air pollution on ventricular repolarization. Liao, Duanping; Shaffer, Michele L.; Rodriguez-Colon, Sol; He, Fan; Li, Xian; Wolbrette, Deborah L.; Report 7710
Airborne endotoxin concentrations in homes burning biomass fuel. Semple, Sean; Devakumar, Delan; Fullerton, Duncan G.; Thorne, Peter S.; Metwali, Nervana; Costello, Report 4891
Airborne endotoxin in homes burning biomass fuels. Brief article 222
An integrated imaging approach to the study of oxidative stress generation by mitochondrial dysfunction in living cells. Cheng, Wan-Yun; Tong, Haiyan; Miller, Evan W.; Chang, Christopher J.; Remington, James; Zucker, Robe Report 6175
Arsenic inhibits myogenic differentiation and muscle regeneration. Yen, Yuan-Peng; Tsai, Keh-Sung; Chen, Ya-Wen; Huang, Chun-Fa; Yang, Rong-Sen; Liu, Shing-Hwa Report 6118
Arsenic inhibits myogenic differentiation. Brief article 193
Arsenic metabolism by human gut microbiota upon in vitro digestion of contaminated soils. Van de Wiele, Tom; Gallawa, Christina M.; Kubachka, Kevin M.; Creed, John T.; Basta, Nicholas; Dayto Report 7428
Arsenic metabolism by human gut microbiota. Brief article 189
Arsenite-induced inactivation of p53 by mot-2. Brief article 205
Association between residences in U.S. northern latitudes and rheumatoid arthritis: a spatial analysis of the Nurses' Health Study. Vieira, Veronica M.; Hart, Jaime E.; Webster, Thomas F.; Weinberg, Janice; Puett, Robin; Laden, Fran Report 5306
Biofilm dispersing agent rejuvenates older antibiotics: a human being is a whole world to a mitochondrion, just the way our planet is to us. But we're much more dependent on our mitochondria than the earth is on us. Potera, Carol Report 871
Black carbon exposures, blood pressure, and interactions with single nucleotide polymorphisms in microRNA processing genes. Wilker, Elissa H.; Baccarelli, Andrea; Suh, Helen; Vokonas, Pantel; Wright, Robert O.; Schwartz, Joe Report 7323
Black carbon, blood pressure, and miRNA-related SNPs. Brief article 183
Childhood incident asthma and traffic-related air pollution at home and school. McConnell, Rob; Islam, Talat; Shankardass, Ketan; Jerrett, Michael; Lurmann, Fred; Gilliland, Frank; Report 8146
Childhood incident asthma and traffic-related air pollution. Brief article 206
Chrysotile asbestos and mesothelioma. Lemen, Richard A. Letter to the editor 719
Climate variability and hemorrhagic fever with renal syndrome tansmission in northeastern China. Zhang, Wen-Yi; Guo, Wei-Dong; Fang, Li-Qun; Li, Chang-Ping; Bi, Peng; Glass, Gregory E.; Jiang, Jia- Report 6008
Climate variability and HFRS in China. Brief article 134
Common genetic variation, residential proximity to traffic exposure, and left ventricular mass: the Multi-Ethnic Study of Atherosclerosis. Van Hee, Victor C.; Adar, Sara D.; Szpiro, Adam A.; Barr, Graham R.; Roux, Ana Diez; Bluemke, David Report 8293
Concurrent environmental exposures and puberty in girls. Brief article 181
Current and future applications of toxicogenomics: results summary of a survey from the HESI genomics state of science subcommittee. Pettit, Syril; Ann des Etages, Shelley; Mylecraine, Louis; Snyder, Ronald; Fostel, Jennifer; Dunn, R Report 5749
DDT in malaria control: Roberts and Tren respond. Roberts, Donald; Tren, Richard Letter to the editor 908
Dietary intake is associated with phthalate body burden in a nationally representative sample. Colacino, Justin A.; Harris, T. Robert; Schecter, Arnold Report 7166
Dietary intake predicts phthalate body burden. Brief article 173
Emergence of Lyme disease in Canada. Brief article 203
Endotoxin from biomass burning: an underestimated health hazard? Black, Harvey Report 421
Exposure to asbestos-containing vermiculite ore and respiratory symptoms among individuals who were children while the mine was active in Libby, Montana. Vinikoor, Lisa C.; Larson, Theodore C.; F. Bateson, Thomas; Birnbaum, Linda Report 7152
First combined analysis from INTERPHONE inconclusive. Betts, Kellyn S. Report 1227
Free radical formation by SOD and (bi)sulfite. Brief article 220
From roadways to wheeze: child asthma associated with traffic exposures at home and at school. Barrett, Julia R. Report 482
Gene--traffic interactions and left ventricular mass. Brief article 170
Imaging of mitochondrial oxidative stress. Brief article 234
Investigation of relationships between urinary biomarkers of phytoestrogens, phthalates, and phenols and pubertal stages in girls. Wolff, Mary S.; Teitelbaum, Susan L.; Pinney, Susan M.; Windham, Gayle; Liao, Laura; Biro, Frank; Ku Clinical report 9470
Low-level mercury can enhance procoagulant activity of erythrocytes: a new contributing factor for mercury-related thrombotic disease. Lim, Kyung-Min; Kim, Sujin; Noh, Ji-Yoon; Kim, Keunyoung; Jang, Won-Hee; Bae, Ok-Nam; Chung, Seung-M Report 6120
Meeting report: pharmaceuticals in water--an interdisciplinary approach to a public health challenge. Rodriguez-Mozaz, Sara; Weinberg, Howard S. Report 5543
Mito-conundrum: unraveling environmental effects on mitochondria. Schmidt, Charles W. Report 3419
Mitochondrial mix: combined approach to visualizing oxidative stress in real time. Spivey, Angela Report 502
More iodine or less perchlorate? Renner, Rebecca Report 1266
Mot-2--mediated cross talk between nuclear factor-KB and p53 is involved is arsenite-induced tumorigenesis of human embryo lung fibroblast cells. Li, Yuan; Xu, Yuan; Ling, Min; Yang,Ye; Wang, Shoulin; Li, Zhong; Zhou, Jianwei; Wang, Xinru; Liu, Q Report 5000
P[M.sub.2.5] negatively affects ventricular repolarization. Brief article 227
PCBs and intestinal barrier dysfunction. Brief article 197
Pharmaceuticals in water: an interdisciplinary approach. Brief article 203
Phosphorylation of p65 is required for zinc oxide nanoparticle-induced interleukin 8 expression in human bronchial epithelial cells. Wu, Weidong; Samet, James M.; Peden, David B.; Bromberg, Philip A. Report 5951
Phthalates and the intelligence of children. Brief article 188
Polychlorinated biphenyls disrupt intestinal integrity via NADPH oxidase-induced alterations of tight junction protein expression. Choi, Yean Jung; Seelbach, Melissa J.; Pu, Hong; Eum, Sung Yong; Chen, Lei; Zhang, Bei; Hennig, Bern Report 4739
Procoagulant activation of erythrocytes by mercury. Brief article 162
Regulation of zinc oxide-induced IL-8 expression. Brief article 193
Relationship between Environmental phthalate exposure and the intelligence of school-age children. Cho, Soo-Churl; Bhang, Soo-Young; Hong, Yun-Chul; Shin, Min-Sup; Kim, Boong-Nyun; Kim, Jae-Won; Yoo, Report 7734
Respiratory symptoms in Libby, Montana. Brief article 210
Science in Democracy: Expertise, Institutions, and Representation. Brown, Mark B. 818
Spatial analysis of RA. Brief article 191
State of the science for toxicogenomics. Brief article 163
The beat. Dooley, Erin E. 660
The case for a global ban on asbestos. Brief article 230
The case for a global ban on asbestos. LaDou, Joseph; Castleman, Barry; Frank, Arthur; Gochfeld, Michael; Greenberg, Morris; Huff, James; J Report 6680
The role of DDT in Malaria Control. Herren, Hans Rudolf; Mbogo, Charles Letter to the editor 846
Tracking the deer tick: emerging Lyme disease threat in Canada. Tillett, Tanya Report 462
Traffic-related air pollution and childhood asthma. Cetta, Francesco; Sala, Marco; Camatini, Marina; Bolzacchini, Ezio Letter to the editor 839
Vascular toxicity of air pollutants. Brief article 214

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