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Articles from Environmental Health Perspectives (December 1, 2010)

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A break in the continuum: analyzing the gap in particle exposure research. Tillett, Tanya Report 400
A closer look at climate change skepticism. Schmidt, Charles W. 2916
A review of advocate-scientist collaboration in federally funded environmental breast cancer research centers. Baralt, Lori B.; McCormick, Sabrina Report 9852
Altered cardiac repolarization in association with air pollution and air temperature among myocardial infarction survivors. Hampel, Regina; Schneider, Alexandra; Bruske, Irene; Zareba, Wojciech; Cyrys, Josef; Ruckerl, Regina Clinical report 7987
Another mechanism behind cadmium toxicity: impaired NAT-Dependent pathway alters chemical biotransformation. Haynes, Rebecca Clay Report 306
Association between lead and cadmium and reproductive hormones in peripubertal U.S. girls. Gollenberg, Audra L.; Hediger, Mary L.; Lee, Peter A.; Himes, John H.; Louis, Germaine M. Buck Report 7855
Attention deficit/hyperactivity disorder: a focused overview for Children's environmental health researchers. Aguiar, Andrea; Eubig, Paul A.; Schantz, Susan L. Disease/Disorder overview 9110
Blood and urine cadmium, blood pressure, and hypertension: a systematic review and meta-analysis. Gallagher, Carolyn M.; Meliker, Jaymie R. Report 11201
Brominated and Chlorinated Flame Retardants: the San Antonio Statement. Birnbaum, Linda S.; Bergman, Ake Report 1906
Cadmium alters the biotransformation of carcinogenic aromatic amines by arylamine N-acetyltransferase xenobiotic-metabolizing enzymes: molecular, cellular, and in vivo studies. Ragunathan, Nilusha; Dairou, Julien; Sanfins, Elodie; Busi, Florent; Noll, Christophe; Janel, Nathal Report 6339
Cadmium confusion: do consumers need protection? Mead, M. Nathaniel 4576
Clearer picture of ground-level ozone formation. Dooley, Erin E. 626
Determinants of the proinflammatory action of ambient particulate matter in immortalized murine macrophages. Guastadisegni, Cecilia; Kelly, Frank J.; Cassee, Flemming R.; Gerlofs-Nijland, Miriam E.; Janssen, N Clinical report 7454
Do metals meddle with puberty in girls? Lead, cadmium, and altered hormone levels. Betts, Kellyn S. 464
Do noxious neighbors spread disease? Weinhold, Bob 1021
Endocrine profiling and prioritization of environmental chemicals using ToxCast data. Reif, David M.; Martin, Matthew T.; Tan, Shirlee W.; Houck, Keith A.; Judson, Richard S.; Richard, A Report 6488
Erratum. Correction notice 135
Exposure to polyfluoroalkyl chemicals and attention deficit/hyperactivity disorder in U.S. children 12-15 years of age. Hoffman, Kate; Webster, Thomas F.; Weisskopf, Marc G.; Weinberg, Janice; Vieira, Veronica M. Report 6498
In-home coal and wood use and lung cancer risk: a pooled analysis of the International Lung Cancer Consortium. Hosgood, H. Dean, III; Boffetta, Paolo; Greenland, Sander; Lee, Yuan-Chin Amy; McLaughlin, John; Seo Report 5902
Lead and PCBs as risk factors for attention deficit/hyperactivity disorder. Eubig, Paul A.; Aguiar, Andrea; Schantz, Susan L. Report 17649
Light at night and breast cancer risk worldwide. Spivey, Angela 1161
Metal oxide nanoparticles induce unique inflammatory footprints in the lung: important implications for nanoparticle testing. Cho, Wan-Seob; Duffin, Rodger; Poland, Craig A.; Howie, Sarah E.M.; MacNee, William; Bradley, Mark; Report 6893
Mind the gap. Smith, Kirk R.; Peel, Jennifer L. Report 3508
Organophosphate pesticide exposure and attention in young Mexican-American children: the CHAMACOS study. Marks, Amy R.; Harley, Kim; Bradman, Asa; Kogut, Katherine; Barr, Dana Boyd; Johnson, Caroline; Cald Report 8562
Parallel outcomes: comparing effects of environmental contaminant exposures with ADHD in children. Barrett, Julia R. 502
PBDE flame retardants and thyroid hormones during pregnancy. Goodman, Julie E.; Kerper, Laura E.; Johnson, Giffe T.; Harbison, Raymond D.; Cordero, Rocio; Lee, R Report 788
PBDE flame retardants and thyroid hormones: Chevrier et al. respond. Chevrier, Jonathan; Harley, Kim G.; Bradman, Asa; Eskenazi, Brenda; Gharbi, Myriam 1142
Polychlorinated biphenyls, lead, and mercury are associated with liver disease in American adults: NHANES 2003-2004. Cave, Matt; Appana, Savitri; Patel, Mihir; Falkner, Keith Cameron; McClain, Craig J.; Brock, Guy Report 9435
PON1 and neurodevelopment in Children from the CHAMACOS study exposed to organophosphate pesticides in utero. Eskenazi, Brenda; Huen, Karen; Marks, Amy; Harley, Kim G.; Bradman, Asa; Barr, Dana Boyd; Holland, N Report 9179
Protective role of interleukin-10 in ozone-induced pulmonary inflammation. Backus, Gillian S.; Howden, Reuben; Fostel, Jennifer; Bauer, Alison K.; Cho, Hye-Youn; Marzec, Jacqu Report 6227
San Antonio Statement on brominated and Chlorinated Flame Retardants. DiGangi, Joseph; Blum, Arlene; Bergman, Ake; de Wit, Cynthia A.; Lucas, Donald; Mortimer, David; Sch 3241
Transboundary Risk Governance. Kristie L.; Ebi Book review 891
Transformation of silver nanoparticles in sewage sludge. Potera, Carol 978
Variability over 1 week in the urinary concentrations of metabolites of diethyl Phthalate and Di(2-Ethylhexyl) Phthalate among eight adults: an observational study. Preau James L., Jr.; Wong, Lee-Yang; Silva, Manori J.; Needham, Larry L.; Calafat, Antonia M. Report 7377
Vascular effects of ultrafine particles in persons with type 2 diabetes. Stewart, Judith C.; Chalupa, David C.; Devlin, Robert B.; Frasier, Lauren M.; Huang, Li-Shan; Little Report 6569
XRCC1 deficiency sensitizes human lung epithelial cells to genotoxicity by crocidolite asbestos and Libby amphibole. Pietruska, Jodie R.; Johnston, Tatiana; Zhitkovich, Anatoly; Kane, Agnes B. Report 6236

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