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Articles from Environmental Health Perspectives (April 1, 2007)

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A changing climate of litigation. Dahl, Richard 2176
A modified effect on asthma: ozone and secondhand smoke outweigh genetic influence. Potera, Carol 334
A new venue for the Director's Perspective. Schwartz, David A. 954
Air pollution and mortality in Chile: susceptibility among the elderly. Cakmak, Sabit; Dales, Robert E.; Vidal, Claudia Blanco 4811
Airline rules stir up controversy. Dooley, Erin E. 115
Ambient and microenvironmental particles and exhaled nitric oxide before and after a group bus trip. Adar, Sara Dubowsky; Adamkiewicz, Gary; Gold, Diane R.; Schwartz, Joel; Coull, Brent A.; Suh, Helen 7686
Antimicrobial nanoparticles to be regulated. 86
Arsenic and fluoride exposure in drinking water: children's IQ and growth in Shanyin county, Shanxi province, China. Wang, San-Xiang; Wang, Zheng-Hui; Cheng, Xiao-Tian; Li, Jun; Sang, Zhi-Ping; Zhang, Xiang-Dong; Han, 6272
Asbestos found in Korean subways. 118
Biodiesel exhaust: the need for health effects research. Swanson, Kimberly J.; Madden, Michael C.; Ghio, Andrew J. 4339
Case report: potential arsenic toxicosis secondary to herbal kelp supplement. Amster, Eric; Tiwary, Asheesh; Schenker, Marc B. 3447
Children's health centers: Past, Present, and Future. Spivey, Angela 1952
China top C[O.sub.2] producer by 2010. Dooley, Erin E. 107
Climate change: healthy solutions. Epstein, Paul R. 1002
Climate Institute. Dooley, Erin E. 432
Cyclooxygenase-2 induction by arsenite through the IKK[beta]/NF[kappa]B pathway exerts an antiapoptotic effect in mouse epidermal Cl41 cells. Ouyang, Weiming; Zhang, Dongyun; Ma, Qian; Li, Jingxia; Huang, Chuanshu 5064
Door of perception: NIEHS portal shows way to better disaster response. Schmidt, Charles W. 375
Dose-response relationship of prenatal mercury exposure and IQ: an integrative analysis of epidemiologic data. Axelrad, Daniel A.; Bellinger, David C.; Ryan, Louise M.; Woodruff, Tracey J. 8190
Driven to extremes: health effects of climate change. Tibbetts, John 4629
Elevated blood lead concentrations and vitamin D deficiency in winter and summer in young urban children. Kemp, Francis W.; Neti, Prasad V.S.V.; Howell, Roger W.; Wenger, Peter; Louria, Donald B.; Bogden, J 7068
Fetal lead exposure and infant mental development index. Ronchetti, Roberto 587
Genetic polymorphisms influencing arsenic metabolism: evidence from Argentina. Engstrom, Karin Schlawicke; Broberg, Karin; Concha, Gabriela; Nermell, Barbro; Warholm, Margareta; V 8049
Global map of malaria risk. Dooley, Erin E. 104
Health effects of exposure to natural arsenic in groundwater and coal in China: an overview of occurrence. Yu, Guangqian; Sun, Dianjun; Zheng, Yan 8243
Healthy Home, healthy community. Tillett, Tanya 772
Hormesis and its place in nonmonotonic dose-response relationships: some scientific reality checks. Mushak, Paul 8155
Human Genes and the Environment Research Training Program. Shreffler, Carol 360
Identification of genes implicated in methapyrilene-induced hepatotoxicity by comparing differential gene expression in target and nontarget tissue. Auman, J. Todd; Chou, Jeff; Gerrish, Kevin; Huang, Qihong; Jayadev, Supriya; Blanchard, Kerry; Paule 6977
In utero exposure to environmental tobacco smoke potentiates adult responses to allergen in BALB/c mice. Penn, Arthur L.; Rouse, Rodney L.; Horohov, David W.; Kearney, Michael T.; Paulsen, Daniel B.; Lomax 8450
Infant mental development index: Hu et al. respond. Hu, Howard; Tellez-Rojo, Martha Maria; Lamadrid-Figueroa, Hector; Mercado-Garcia, Adriana; Hernandez 973
Lymphohematopoietic malignancies in uranium miners: Kulich et al. respond. Kulich, Michal; Rericha, Vladimir; Rericha, Robert; Shore, David L.; Sandler, Dale P. 954
Mammary gland development as a sensitive end point after acute prenatal exposure to an atrazine metabolite mixture in female Long-Evans rats. Enoch, Rolondo R.; Stanko, Jason P.; Greiner, Sara N.; Youngblood, Geri L.; Rayner, Jennifer L.; Fen 8241
Methodology and measurement in the behavioral and social sciences R01). 3257
Methylmercury and IQ: dose-response estimate of prenatal effect. Brown, Valerie J. 477
Mining for glyceollins. Mead, M. Nathaniel 692
Mortality among pesticide applicators exposed to chlorpyrifos in the Agricultural Health Study. Lee, Won Jin; Alavanja, Michael C.R.; Hoppin, Jane A.; Rusiecki, Jennifer A.; Kamel, Freya; Blair, A 8835
New books. 493
New voice for the environment. Bazilchuk, Nancy 468
Ontogenetic alterations in molecular and structural correlates of dendritic growth after developmental exposure to polychlorinated biphenyls. Lein, Pamela J.; Yang, Dongren; Bachstetter, Adam D.; Tilson, Hugh A.; Harry, G. Jean; Mervis, Ronal 8091
Ozone and semen quality. Bonde, Jens Peter 425
Ozone and semen quality: Berhane and Sokol respond. Berhane, Kiros; Sokol, Rebecca 688
Parental smoking modifies the relation between genetic variation in tumor necrosis factor-[alpha] (TNF) and childhood asthma. Wu, Hao; Romieu, Isabelle; Sienra-Monge, Juan-Jose; del Rio-Navarro, Blanca Estela; Anderson, Daniel 8393
Peril of the shallows? Elevated arsenic in kelp supplements. Washam, Cynthia 447
Perinatal bisphenol a exposure increases estrogen sensitivity of the mammary gland in diverse mouse strains. Wadia, Perinaaz R.; Vandenberg, Laura N.; Schaeberle, Cheryl M.; Rubin, Beverly S.; Sonnenschein, Ca 7163
Proton magnetic resonance spectroscopic evidence of glial effects of cumulative lead exposure in the adult human hippocampus. Weisskopf, Marc G.; Hu, Howard; Sparrow, David; Lenkinski, Robert E.; Wright, Robert O. 5476
Pulmonary biomarkers based on alterations in protein expression after exposure to arsenic. Lantz, R. Clark; Lynch, Brandon J.; Boitano, Scott; Poplin, Gerald S.; Littau, Sally; Tsaprailis, Ge 7320
Ragweed subpollen particles reach deep into lungs. Phelps, Jerry 366
Red tide chokehold. Potera, Carol 775
Risk of lymphohematopoietic malignancies in uranium miners. Mohner, Matthias 693
Smoking during pregnancy affects speech-processing ability in newborn infants. Key, Alexandra P.F.; Ferguson, Melissa; Molfese, Dennis L.; Peach, Kelley; Lehman, Casey; Molfese, V 7354
Solar thrill: using the sun to cool vaccines. Burton, Adrian 1560
The Navajo people and uranium mining. Miller, Alexandra C. 642
The NIEHS Environmental Health Sciences Data Resource Portal: placing advanced technologies in service to vulnerable communities. Pezzoli, Keith; Tukey, Robert; Sarabia, Hiram; Zaslavsky, Ilya; Miranda, Marie Lynn; Suk, William A. 6980
The sting of climate change. 102
Toxic legacy. Barrett, Julia R. 447
Unventilated indoor coal-fired stoves in Guizhou province, China: cellular and genetic damage in villagers exposed to arsenic in food and air. Zhang, Aihua; Feng, Hong; Yang, Guanghong; Pan, Xueli; Jiang, Xianyao; Huang, Xiaoxin; Dong, Xuexin; 7728
Unventilated indoor coal-fired stoves in Guizhou province, China: reduction of arsenic exposure through behavior changes resulting from mitigation and health education in populations with arsenicosis. An, Dong; Li, Dasheng; Liang, Yin; Jing, Zhengjin 5254
Up-regulation of tissue factor in human pulmonary artery endothelial cells after ultrafine particle exposure. Karoly, Edward D.; Li, Zhuowei; Dailey, Lisa A.; Hyseni, Xhevahire; Huang, Yuh-Chin T. 6666
Urinary arsenic metabolites in children and adults exposed to arsenic in drinking water in Inner Mongolia, China. Sun, Guifan; Xu, Yuanyuan; Li, Xin; Jin, Yaping; Li, Bing; Sun, Xiance 6789
Using nutrition for intervention and prevention against environmental chemical toxicity and associated diseases. Hennig, Bernhard; Ettinger, Adrienne S.; Jandacek, Ronald J.; Koo, Sung; McClain, Craig; Seifried, H 3519
Vermiculite, respiratory disease, and asbestos exposure in Libby, Montana: update of a cohort mortality study. Sullivan, Patricia A. 9065

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