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Articles from Environmental Health Perspectives (January 1, 2006)

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A case for revisiting the safety of pesticides: a closer look at neurodevelopment. Colborn, Theo 9960
A case study of tire crumb use on playgrounds: risk analysis and communication when major clinical knowledge gaps exist. Rose, Cecile 2536
Action for indoor air. Dooley. Erin E. 129
Allergen labeling takes effect. Dahl, Richard 702
Anogenital distance and phthalate exposure: Swan et al. respond. Sullivam Shannon 1161
Arsenic in U.S. rice. Dooley, Erin E. 121
Beach bug bingo: toward better prediction of swimming-related health effects. Bazilchuk, Nancy 467
Bisphenol a and risk assessment. Politch, Joseph A. 1034
Bisphenol a: vom Saal and Hughes respond. Hughes, Claude 1016
Blood lead concentrations in children and method of water fluoridation in the United States, 1988-1994. Malvitz, Dolores M. 5700
Blood lead in children: Laidlaw et al. respond. Johnson, David L. 528
Breastfeeding: nature's MRE. Barrett, Julia R. 591
Calendar. Calendar 3779
CDC: environmental concerns after Hurricane Katrina NIEHS: Natural Disaster Response. Dooley, Erin E. 593
COEPs Contribute to Hurricane Relief. Tillett, Tanya 1325
Comparison of indoor mercury vapor in common areas of residential buildings with outdoor levels in a community where mercury is used for cultural purposes. Stern, Alan H. 4795
Effects of organochlorine contaminants on loggerhead sea turtle immunity: comparison of a correlative field study and in vitro exposure experiments. Peden-Adams, Margie M. 7926
Environmental genomics: an opportunity for the NIEHS. Schwartz, David A. 974
Environmental health and Hurricane Katrina. Baldwin, Grant 1622
Environmental Health Sciences Core Center Grants. 7053
Errata. Correction Notice 252
Estrogen-like properties of fluorotelomer alcohols as revealed by MCF-7 breast cancer cell proliferation. De Coen, Wim 6365
Evidence of spatially extensive resistance to PCBs in an anadromous fish of the Hudson River. Wirgin, Isaac 8683
Exploring the roots of diabetes: bisphenol a may promote insulin resistance. Washam, Cynthia 515
Exposure, postexposure, and density-mediated effects of atrazine on amphibians: breaking down net effects into their parts. Palmer, Brent D. 4957
Fine particulate air pollution and mortality in nine California counties: results from CALFINE. Lipsett, Michael 6638
Gene expression analysis of the hepatotoxicant methapyrilene in primary rat hepatocytes: an interlaboratory study. Suter, Laura 9886
Green plan for rebuilding NOLA. Dooley, Erin E. 116
Handbook of Urban Health: Populations, Methods, and Practice. Kjellstrom, Tord 674
Home endotoxin exposure and wheeze in infants: correction for bias due to exposure measurement error. Spiegelman, Donna 6699
Hypothesis Decay? Blood lead-fluoridation link not confirmed. Tibbetts, John 538
In Katrina's wake. Manuel, John 5083
In vitro immune toxicity of depleted uranium: effects on murine macrophages, CD[4.sup.+] T cells, and gene expression profiles. Sayler, Gary S. 9034
Increased risk of paroxysmal atrial fibrillation episodes associated with acute increases in ambient air pollution. Dockery, Douglas W. 4688
Inhalation of ultrafine particles alters blood leukocyte expression of adhesion molecules in humans. Utell, Mark L. 9972
Lead disrupts T cell function. Tillett, Tanya 307
Liver library. Dooley. Erin E. 107
Looking forward. Burkhart, James G. 317
Louisiana's wetlands: a lesson in nature appreciation. Tibbetts, John 2886
Managing chemicals together. Dooley, Erin E. 120
Manganese in drinking water: higher doses may hamper intellectual function. Sharma, Dinesh C. 493
Meaner MRSAs. Potera, Carol 420
Mortality among workers exposed to polychlorinated biphenyls (PCBs) in an electrical capacitor manufacturing plant in Indiana: an update. Whelan, Elizabeth 9257
Nanodatabase unveiled. Dooley. Erin E. 108
New books. 422
NIEHS responds to Katrina. Twombly, Renee 1678
Perinatal environmental tobacco smoke exposure in rhesus monkeys: critical periods and regional selectivity for effects on brain cell development and lipid peroxidation. Seidler, Frederic J. 7207
Prevalence and implementation of IAQ programs in U.S. schools. Somers, Jennifer L. 6321
Raising the bar for levees. Lougheed, Tim 2216
Rapidly measured indicators of recreational water quality are predictive of swimming-associated gastrointestinal illness. Dufour, Alfred P. 6367
Recent applications of DNA microarray technology to toxicology and ecotoxicology. Lettieri, Teresa 7410
Reproductive disruption in wild longear sunfish (Lepomis megalotis) exposed to kraft mill effluent. Cheek, Ann Oliver 6535
Serum cadmium levels in pancreatic cancer patients from the East Nile Delta region of Egypt. Blake, Diane A. 8537
Sources of blood lead in children. Jacobs, David E. 1353
The estrogenic effect of bisphenol a disrupts pancreatic [beta]-cell function in vivo and induces insulin resistance. Nadal, Angel 6167
The human population: accepting species limits. Salmony, Steven Earl 772
Tiffany G. Bredfeldt, University of Arizona: recipient of the 2005 Karen Wetterhahn memorial award. 338
Use of the land snail helix aspersa as sentinel organism for monitoring ecotoxicologic effects of urban pollution: an integrated approach. Piva, Francesco 9224
Validity of anogenital distance as a marker of in utero phthalate exposure. Renner, Gerald 1004
Water manganese exposure and children's intellectual function in Araihazar, Bangladesh. Graziano, Joseph H. 7175
X-rays get in synch. Stemp-Morlock, Graeme 435

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