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Articles from Environmental Health Perspectives (February 1, 2006)

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A case-crossover study of wintertime ambient air pollution and infant bronchiolitis. Kaufman, Joel 6514
A randomized controlled trial assessing infectious disease risks from bathing in fresh recreational waters in relation to the concentration of Escherichia coli, intestinal enterococci, Clostridium perfringens, and somatic coliphages. Botzenhart, Konrad 9927
A toxicologic review of quantum dots: toxicity depends on physicochemical and environmental factors. Hardman, Ron 9114
Apparent half-lives of hepta- to decabrominated diphenyl ethers in human serum as determined in occupationally exposed workers. Jakobsson, Kristina 6763
Assessing the measurement precision of various arsenic forms and arsenic exposure in the National Human Exposure Assessment Survey (NHEXAS). Clayton, C. Andrew 9687
Assessing the reliability and credibility of industry science and scientists. Conrad, James W., Jr. 3526
Back-door cigarette marketing? Dooley, Erin E. 134
Blood mercury reporting in NHANES: identifying Asian, Pacific Islander, Native American, and multiracial groups. Hernandez, German T. 4001
Breast milk dioxins in Hong Kong and Pearl River Delta. Nelson, Edmund A.S. 9590
Calendar. Calendar 3979
Cancer in persons working in dry cleaning in the Nordic countries. Johansen, Kristina 8163
Cloud banks: airlines save halon. Burton, Adrian 613
Decreased melatonin production linked to light exposure. Tillett, Tanya 365
Dermal exposure to jet fuel JP-8 significantly contributes to the production of urinary naphthols in fuel-cell maintenance workers. Nylander-French, Leena A. 4106
DERT WETP Katrina response. 408
Effects of developmental exposure to 2,2',4,4',5-pentabromodiphenyl ether (PBDE-99) on sex steroids, sexual development, and sexually dimorphic behavior in rats. Talsness, Chris E. 9123
Effects of lead on IQ in children. Ernhart, Claire B. 978
Effects of multiday exposure to ozone on airway inflammation as determined using sputum induction. Balmes, John 4921
Elemental mercury spills. Baughman, Thomas A. 5927
Endocrine disruption and flame-retardant chemicals: PBDE-99 effects on rat sexual development. Hood, Ernie 614
Environmental health sciences and the community. Collman, Gwen W. 749
Errata. Correction notice 342
Expanding the medicine chest. Szpir, Michael 377
Exposure to fumonisins and the occurrence of neural tube defects along the Texas-Mexico border. Hendricks, Katherine A. 5899
Flu vaccine production gets a shot in the arm. Hood, Ernie 1584
Genetic and genomic analyses of xenopus. 864
Human breast milk contamination with phthalates and alterations of endogenous reproductive hormones in infants three months of age. Skakkebaek, Niels E. 7789
In my skin. Dooley, Erin E. 106
Lead and IQ in children: Lanphear et al. respond. Dietrich, Kim N. 1386
Making progress on breast cancer. Claudio, Luz 1401
Marine toxin hinders cognitive development. Potera, Carol 719
Measuring potential dermal transfer of a pesticide to children in a child care center. Akland, Gerry G. 6680
Mentored Quantitative Research Development Award (K25). 1303
Mentored Research Scientist Development Award (K01). 632
Molecular Medicine: An Introductory Text, 3rd Edition. Kang, Y. James 591
Mortality from ischemic heart disease and diabetes mellitus (type 2) in four U.S. wheat-producing states: a hypothesis-generating study. Schreinemachers, Dina M. 8789
National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke. Dooley, Erin E. 431
New books. 484
New evidence on variations of human body burden of methylmercury from fish consumption. Anderson, Robin 5590
New guidelines for pediatric asthma. 121
New thinking on neurodevelopment. Szpir, Michael 5494
Norton Nelson's legacy: the science of environmental health. Lippmann, Morton 1280
OP pesticides in children's bodies: the effects of a conventional versus organic diet. Barrett, Julia R. 593
Organic diets significantly lower children's dietary exposure to organophosphorus pesticides. Bravo, Roberto 4299
Own private Kyoto. 100
PD gene and oxidative stress. Phillips, Melissa Lee 571
Personality traits in miners with past occupational elemental mercury exposure. Osredkar, Josko 8656
Pesticides and Parkinson's disease--is there a link? Levy, Leonard S. 10490
Phosphine toxicity: ethical questions. Anderson, Elizabeth L. 1121
Phosphine toxicity: McDaniel et al. Respond. Malone, Ruth E. 1164
Phthalates not in plastic food packaging. Enneking, Patricia A. 575
Preface: recent findings in mercury health effects. Horvat, Milena 994
Prenatal methylmercury exposure and developmental outcomes: review of the evidence and discussion of future directions. Spurgeon, Anne 8398
Prenatal phthalate exposure and anogenital distance in male infants. Swan, Shanna H. 865
Pressed for hard facts: multiple tetrachloroethylene--cancer links go unconfirmed. Black, Harvey 504
Proteomic evaluation of neonatal exposure to 2,2',4,4',5-pentabromodiphenyl ether. Stigson, Michael 5718
Proteomic insights into brain development: neurotoxic effects of PBDE-99 in mice. Schmidt, Charles W. 468
Radio frequency nonionizing radiation in a community exposed to radio and television broadcasting. Reif, John S. 5795
Sheep reared on sewage sludge-treated pasture: flawed conclusions. Evans, Tim 567
Sheep reared on sewage sludge-treated pasture: sharpe responds. Sharpe, Richard 603
Software for sorting satellite images. 111
Survival analysis to estimate association between short-term mortality and air pollution. Dartigues, Jean-Francois 6503
The healing quiet. Dooley, Erin E. 128
The influence of large-scale airborne particle decline and traffic-related exposure on children's lung function. Kramer, Ursula 8684
The roles of serum selenium and selenoproteins on mercury toxicity in environmental and occupational exposure. Chai, Zhifang 5602

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