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Articles from Environmental Health Perspectives (September 1, 2005)

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[delta]-aminolevulinic acid dehydratase polymorphism and risk of brain tumors in adults. Inskip, Peter D. 3789
Acquisition of androgen independence by human prostate epithelial cells during arsenic-induced malignant transformation. Waalkes, Michael P. 6039
Africa afire. Dooley, Erin E. 104
Aging and the environment: a research framework. Zenick, Harold 7097
Air pollution in space and time: birth outcomes are complicated by exposure variations. Weinhold, Bob 594
Arsenic and prostate cancer: acquiring androgen independence. Tibbetts, John 502
Arsenic: a roadblock to potential animal waste management solutions. Silbergeld, Ellen K. 2054
Assessing susceptibility from early-life exposure to carcinogens. Woodruff, Tracey J. 10793
Baseline micronuclei frequency in children: estimates from meta- and pooled analyses. Bonassi, Stefano 4355
Blood lead and IQ in older children. Carpenter, David O. 367
Breaking the code: predicting where disease will strike. Lougheed, Tim 2326
Calendar. Calendar 3821
Comparison of study controls. Tohyama, Chiharu 847
Correlating agricultural use of organophosphates with outdoor air concentrations: a particular concern for children. Gunier, Robert 7789
Cultivating environmental leadership in the Midwest. Tillett, Tanya 658
Design of a microsphere-based high-throughput gene expression assay to determine estrogenic potential. Daston, George P. 7879
Developmental pesticide models of the Parkinson disease phenotype. Richfield, Eric K. 6758
Dietary intake and arsenic methylation in a U.S. population. Smith, Allan H. 10157
Dwelling on differences in health. Medlin, Jennifer 2594
Early environmental origins of neurodegenerative disease in later life. Droller, Daniel 5035
Empowering indigenous peoples. Kessler, Rebecca 629
Fetal environment and schizophrenia. Susser, Ezra S. 4149
Fine particulate matter national ambient air quality standards: public health impact on populations in the northeastern United States. Graham, John J. 9204
Green farming equipment. Stemp, Graeme 518
Herbal answers for deadly diseases. Dooley, Erin E. 98
IARC carcinogen update. Siemiatycki, Jack 1081
Indoor- and outdoor-generated particles and children with Asthma. Moshammer, Hanns 518
Indoor- and outdoor-generated particles: Koenig et al. respond. Liu, Sally 500
Innate immunity to NIAID Category B protozoa. 1018
Keeping afloat: a strategy for small island nations. Schmidt, Charles W. 2744
Local variations in CO and particulate air pollution and adverse birth outcomes in Los Angeles County, California, USA. Ritz, Beate 16468
Meeting report: summary of IARC Monographs on formaldehyde, 2-butoxyethanol, and 1-tert-butoxy-2-propanol. El Ghissassi, Fatiha 5009
Meth's pollution epidemic. Potera, Carol 671
Methylmercury contamination of laboratory animal diets. Gelein, Robert 2456
Microwaves from GSM mobile telephones affect 53BP1 and [gamma]-H2AX foci in human lymphocytes from hypersensitive and healthy persons. Belyaev, Igor Y. 7664
Millennium Ecosystem Assessment. Dooley, Erin E. 596
Nanotech to the rescue? Dooley, Erin E. 130
Neurodegenerative diseases: an overview of environmental risk factors. Sonawane, Babasaheb R. 9238
New Books. 441
Pesticide exposure alters follicle-stimulating hormone levels in Mexican agricultural workers. Cebrian, Mariano E. 4162
Pharmacokinetic and pharmacodynamic factors that can affect sensitivity to neurotoxic sequelae in elderly individuals. Sonawane, Babasaheb 7572
Physiologic and symptomatic responses to low-level substances in individuals with and without chemical sensitivities: a randomized controlled blinded pilot booth study. Fox, Roy A. 6593
Population equation: balancing what we need with what we have. Dahl, Richard 5277
Prescription for a Healthy Nation: A New Approach to Improving Our Lives by Fixing Our Everyday World. Rull, Rudolph 720
Rocking the cradle: phthalate exposure in NICU infants. Barrett, Julia R. 577
Science education: the future begins today! O'Fallon, Liam 484
Smoking ends up on cutting-room floor. Dooley, Erin E. 128
Study controls: Ashby responds. Ashby, John 542
Tattoos: safe symbols? McGovern, Victoria 476
Testing the dose-response specification in epidemiology: public health and policy consequences for lead. Rothenberg, Jesse C. 7207
The development and use of an innovative laboratory method for measuring arsenic in drinking water from western Bangladesh. Sarkar, Bibudhendra 10049
The future of environmental medicine in environmental health perspectives: where should we be headed? Hu, Howard 3280
The NAS perchlorate review: questions remain about the perchlorate RfD. Rice, Deborah 3168
The power of pachyderm poo. Dooley, Erin E. 119
The role of early life environmental risk factors in Parkinson disease: what is the evidence? Logroscino, Giancarlo 6945
Timeless protein plays a role in coupling cell cycle and circadian rhythm. Phelps, Jerry 406
Tools for zebrafish research. 2120
Training the next generation. Schwartz, David A. 917
Use of di(2-ethylhexyl) phthalate--containing medical products and urinary levels of mono(2-ethylhexyl) phthalate in neonatal intensive care unit infants. Hu, Howard 4627
Using moving total mortality counts to obtain improved estimates for the effect of air pollution on mortality. Roberts, Steven 7316
Watching mines in eastern Europe. Dooley, Erin E. 133
When lead goes to your head: genotype may link exposure and meningioma. Szpir, Michael 458

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