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Articles from Environmental Health Perspectives (February 1, 2003)

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A human dendritic cell-based method to identify CD[4.sup.+] T-cell epitopes in potential protein allergens. (Mini-Monograph). Harding, Fiona 4427
A luxury tax on energy. (Conservation). Black, Harvey 661
Aggressive behavior and serum testosterone concentration during the maturation process of male mice: the effects of fetal exposure to bisphenol A: (Research). Kubo, Chiharu 3579
Animal models to detect allergenicity to foods and genetically modified products: workshop summary. (Mini-Monograph). Bondy, Genevieve 1892
Assessment of the allergic potential of food protein extracts and proteins on oral application using the Brown Norway rat model. (mini-monograph). Penninks, Andre H. 6239
Assessment of the inherent allergenic potential of proteins in mice. (Mini-Monograph). Dearman, Rebecca J. 4763
Bisphenol aggression: effects shown in mice. (Science Selections). Josephson, Julian 443
Calendar. (Announcements). 2434
Cancer in Beluga from the St. Lawrence Estuary. (Correspondence). Kingsley, Michael C.S. 1038
Cancer in Beluga: response. (Correspondence). Lipscomb, Thomas P. 1690
Chronic Lyme disease: it's not all in our heads. (Correspondence). Morgenstern, Robert G. 182
Chronic Lyme disease: psychogenic fantasy or somatic infection? (Correspondence). Mervine, Phyllis 1313
Chronic Lyme disease: Sigal and Hassett's response. (Correspondence). Hassett, Afton L. 372
Double jeopardy? (Environmental Justice). Taylor, David A. 762
Drug use down on the farm. (The Beat). Dooley, Erin E. 118
Dust busters gather. (NIEHS News). Burgees, Carla 1191
Effects of concentrated ambient particles on heart rate and blood pressure in pulmonary hypertensive rats. (Research Articles). Chan, Chang-Chuan 3921
Effects of transplacental exposure to environmental pollutants on birth outcomes in a multiethnic population. (Children's Health). Whyatt, Robin M. 6872
Ethical perspectives for public and environmental health: fostering autonomy and the right to know. (Commentary). Dossetor, John B. 5290
Fellowships, grants, & awards. (Announcements). 2711
Food allergy: an overview. (Mini-Monograph). Kagan, Rhoda Sheryl 3556
Genetic susceptibility: a higher risk of congestive heart failure in blacks: genetics may be responsible. (Headliners: NIEHS-supported research). Phelps, Jerry 451
Give me shelter: the global housing crisis. (Focus). Brown, Valerie J. 4417
Greenbacks for Brownfields. (The Beat). Dooley, Erin E. 117
Growing pains for environmental justice movement. (NIEHS News). Wakefield, Julie 1835
Habitat International Coalition. (ephnet). Dooley, Erin E. 369
Hair and toenail arsenic concentrations of residents living in areas with high environmental arsenic concentrations. (Environmental Medicine). Drummer, Olaf H. 7221
High-tech habitats. (Innovative Technologies). Tenebaun, David J. 548
Identification of antigenic epitopes on human allergens: studies with HLA transgenic mice. (Mini-Monograph). David, Chella S. 5346
Life near the fast lane: an increased risk of birth problems. (Science Selections). Hood, Ernie 550
Maternal blood lead concentration, diet during pregnancy, and anthropometry predict neonatal blood lead in a socioeconomically disadvantaged population. (Children's Health). Samelson, Renee 7992
Mechanisms of phthalate ester toxicity in the female reproductive system. Davis, Barbara J. 7000
Modification of immune function through exposure to dietary aflatoxin in Gambian children. (Children's Health). Wild, Christopher P. 4732
Mold insurance: crafting coverage for a spreading problem. (Spheres of Influence). Barrett, Julia R. 2493
Nonmurine animal models of food allergy. (Mini-Monograph). Frick, Oscar L. 6792
Nursing and environmental health roundtable. (NIEHS Extramural Update). 389
Perchloroethylene-contaminated drinking water and the risk of breast cancer: additional results from Cape Cod, Massachusetts, USA. (Research). Ozonoff, David 8891
Personal P[M.sub.2.5] exposure and markers of oxidative stress in blood. (Research). Loft, Steffen 6459
Prevalence of non-insulin-dependent diabetes mellitus and related vascular diseases in southwestern arseniasis-endemic and nonendemic areas in Taiwan. (Research). Chang, Louis W. 6353
Residential proximity to traffic and adverse birth outcomes in Los Angeles County, California, 1994-1996. (Children's Health). Ritz, Beate 13300
Reversing urban decay: brownfield redevelopment and environmental health. (Guest Editorial). Greenberg, Michael R. 1341
Risk of non-Hodgkin's lymphoma and prediagnostic serum organochlorines: [beta]-hexachlorocyclohexane, chlordane/heptachlor-related compounds, dieldrin, and hexachlorobenzene. (Research). Rothman, Nathaniel 5433
Shanghai says bye-bye to bikes. (The Beat). Dooley, Erin E. 134
Size in the city: New York pollution may lower birth weight. (Science Selections). Wakefield, Julie 498
Smoke-free dorms a success. (The Beat). Dooley, Erin E. 135
Solar flair. (Innovations). Manuel, John S. 2380
Sound Science, Junk Policy: Environmental Health Policy and the Decision-Making Process. Lucier, George W. 1072
The high cost of improper removal of lead-based paint from housing: a case report. (Commentary). Pavur, Nancy 2137
U.K. FoneBak. (The Beat). Dooley, Erin E. 128
U.S. drivers learn to share. (The Beat). Dooley, Erin E. 111
Urinary levels of trichloroacetic acid, a disinfection by-product in chlorinated drinking water, in a human reference population. (Research). Ashley, David L. 3812
Vampire appliances. (Energy). Spivey, Angela 650

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