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Articles from Environmental Health Perspectives (July 1, 2000)

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An Eruption of Silicosis. Wakefield, Julie 640
Analysis of Hydroxylated Metabolites of PCBs (OH-PCBs) and Other Chlorinated Phenolic Compounds in Whole Blood from Canadian Inuit. Norstrom, Ross J. 6937
Arsenic Again. Josephson, Julian 770
Arsenic-Induced Skin Lesions among Atacameno People in Northern Chile Despite Good Nutrition and Centuries of Exposure. Moore, Lee E. 5238
Asbestos at Home. Dooley, Erin E. 158
Assessing Risk in Russia. Clay, Rebecca 557
Baking the Bugs Out. Dooley, Erin E. 150
Blue Babies and Nitrate-Contaminated Well Water. Anderson, Henry 4516
Bridging the Gap in Border Health. Booker, Susan M. 1381
Chronic Arsenic Exposure and Risk of Infant Mortality in Two Areas of Chile. Gibb, Herman 7608
Co-Editor in Chief Lucier Retires. Thigpen, Kimberly G. 976
Estradiol-Type Activity of Coumestrol in Mature and Immature Ovariectomized Rat Uterotrophic Assays. Ashby, John 3697
Estrogenic Activity Assessment of Environmental Chemicals Using in Vitro Assays: Identification of Two New Estrogenic Compounds. Wahli, Walter 8341
Excretion of Hexachlorobenzene and Metabolites in Feces in a Highly Exposed Human Population. Sunyer, Jordi 4112
Fecundability and Parental Exposure to Ambient Sulfur Dioxide. Sram, Radim J. 9348
Fellowships, Grants, & Awards. 3171
Global Language or Global Problems. Greene, Lindsey A. 373
Grading Lead in Schools. Hood, Ernie 400
Leashing Leishmaniasis. Dooley, Erin E. 157
Lipid Lather Removes Metals. Frazer, Lance 2439
Long-Term Pyrene Exposure of Grass Shrimp, Palaemonetes pugio, Affects Molting and Reproduction of Exposed Males and Offspring of Exposed Females. McLachlan, John A. 6299
Methods of Exposure Assessment: Lead-Contaminated Dust in Philadelphia Schools. Hooven, Marijane K. 4315
Microcystic Cyanobacteria Extract Induces Cytoskeletal Disruption and Intracellular Glutathione Alteration in Hepatocytes. Ong, Choon-Nam 4912
New Grounds for Drinking Coffee. Greene, Lindsey A. 722
NIEHS Strategic Plan 2000. 763
Occurrence of Tris(4-chlorophenyl)methane, Tris(4-chlorophenyl)methanol, and Some Other Persistent Organochlorines in Japanese Human Adipose Tissue. Watanabe, Shaw 5629
Parting Thoughts. Lucier, George W. 1076
Prawns and Ponds. Dooley, Erin E. 103
Risk of Internal Cancers from Arsenic in Drinking Water. Chen, Chien-Jen 8744
Studying Lead in Tijuana Tots. Medlin, Jennifer 660
Taking Protests to the Bank. Holton, W. Conard 335
The Color of Cancer. Dooley, Erin E. 112
Tobacco Dangers Start on the Farm. Dooley, Erin E. 198
Toxic Evaluation of Organic Extracts from Airborne Particulate Matter in Puerto Rico. Jimenez, Braulio D. 6409
Trusting in a Better Future. Holton, W. Conard 1800
Udall Center for Studies in Public Policy. Chepesiuk, Ron 466
Use of Health Information Systems in the Russian Federation in the Assessment of Environmental Health Effects. Lebedeva, Natalia V. 6903
Vinyl Chloride: Still a Cause for Concern. Mangelsdorf, Inge 12565
Women's Environmental Health. Duff, Katherine E. 467

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